Can you save this marriage, pol?

Can you save this marriage, pol?

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If she cares so little about him that she would do that over a presidential vote he should leave her.

She is a massive bitch retard and there is no partnership. Any woman giving me that ultimatum would be gone so fast she would be wondering where the house is and why its suddenly cold and dark.

Did you kill her?

> TFW "Please women tell your men you won't fuck them if they vote for Trump. WE'RE DESPERATE!" is an actual media narrative right now.

Her last name is hyphenated. First sign this marriage was doomed from the beginning

this, this is ridiculous

This is the excuse she was looking for. She'll get more money if she can claim emotional distress during divorce.

>implying she wouldn't be the one getting the house/kids/50% of your income from the divorce

Here's the link to the story btw:

I have a French girlfriend

I voted Brexit and told her. She was pissed off but we're still together and that was a vote that made her scared she couldn't study and work here any more

He loves Strange and She loves Hillary

Can this marriage be saved?

They never should have gotten married to begin with if their political views are that different. He got pussy struck and now hes fucked say goodbye to half your shit.

>Any woman giving me that ultimatum would be gone so fast she would be wondering where the house is and why its suddenly cold and dark.

1,000x this. I would destroy that bitch.

This, besides if she's a liberal woman she'll almost certainly cheat on him anyway.

My gf is a hillary supporter, granted she goes to a NWO tier university, and has no knowledge of politics outside of WaPo and NYT. She also interned at some major newspapers.

I am full holohoax gas the kikes infront of her. I just tell her how it is, and she can kick and scream all she wants. I really don't care. She likes a man with a strong dominating view and will submit to it 100% of the time.

I give it a few more months before she cracks, she is already talking about how insane her shitlib friends are.

Moral of the story, if you want your relationship to last, hold nothing back.

This female is useless airhead. Drop her ASAP (literally tell her to start packing because you will vote for Trump). If she does not yield and drop her shit change the locks and impregnate 2 18 y cuties while redpilling them.

If they were married in a no fault divorce state, she would get 50%.


>this is what the simpsons have become

First post best post

This. Don't fall into a pussy trance, otherwise you'll wake up in a world of stupid.

Top posting there Paddy


"Later, bitch."

eh my gf is a cuckservative (family is fucking loaded man) and we tend to get into huge fights about politics then make up and cuddle while watching news

how torn does a society have to be that people with different opinions cannot even TALK to each other anymore

No, he's too good for her.

Divide and conquer.

Do not let it happen, push YOUR agenda and stay united against dividers.

goddamn so close




>if you vote for a president pushing for less diversity I'm moving to a country with less diversity
>women logic

She probably has regular meetings with Tyrone already.

>Telling people who you will vote/voted for

Honest question: will Canadians build a wall to stop the illegal immigration of leftists?

This is not what the Simpsons was supposed to be.

It's literally less expensive and higher odds of success to murder your wife rather than divorce her, and that's before kids get involved.

Of course murder is wrong so don't do that :^)

Leftists are mostly virtue signalling attention whores who can't survive outside their bubble. They're not going to do shit, especially in the face of Trump's sweet maternity program and childcare deductibles.

Why Canada?

Why not move to Mexico?

Is there some factor that makes one choice more attractive than the other or something?

>mfw people get married who literally don't fucking love each other.
Is this really how normies live their entire lives? I hear so many horror stories from my parent's friends and people I know about the bitterness that inevitably comes from shallow relationships.
In some ways it must be more lonely than being single your entire life. You basically cohabit with a prostitute who has no genuine love for you.
Jesus, I always thought that everyone had someone and would experience love at some point, but now I wonder if even one in a thousand people ever fall in real love, not meme love.

Does anyone even watch that garbage anymore?

That was pathetically desperate.

haven't read the article yet, but I wonder which one is being the giant bitch about it and won't stop talking about politics, thus ruining the marriage?
It couldn't possibly be the independent woman, could it??

I agree. If I ever received an ultimatum on something so trivial, I'd kick her to the curb.

$10 says she's getting banged on the side by a negro male.

It's clearly a power play by the ugly bitch, he has to realize he has no choice but to vote trump, she's not leaving him because of that, but this is what she chose to exist on. If he listened to her and didn't vote trump she would hate him even more for being a pussy and probably cheap on him and leave him.

>using marriage as a bargaining chip for something so trivial in a marriage
>that fucking face

Fuck this.

Compromise and vote for Johnson.

But if her choice is Stein it's beyond hope.

Sweden it's time to stop compromising. You've compromised your nation's future away.

your ass would be gone so fast...

>He votes for Trump
>She votes for Hillary
>Votes cancel each other out
>Both realize both votes doesn't contribute for the other to win
>Marriage is saved for awhile longer until another dumb argument


Holy kike.

women have done this forever

In fact there is an Ancient Greek comedy writer that wrote a whole play about women boycotting sex with their men until they make peace with each other and end a war


RIP sweden
those who survive can flee to usa and we will keep those who are fit and send the others back.

you can crash in cali if you want.

Thank god my gf is a trump supporter. She gets pissy enough because I'm avidly pro-gun, it'd all be ogre if she was #MentallyHill

>getting married in the USA were the women take everything in the divorce
burgers are seriously retarded

>where the house is
I take it you hitched it to the transit van and drove to the next lay-by?

just go full redpill man i hope you are, and if she thinks youre wrong (and you cant back it up in that time in place) just tell her you really don't care what she thinks, and you will never change.

Cred Forums is always right

she's already cheating on him, you can tell by her facial expression. its already over

>give to women the vote
>give up the vote to women


I'm glad im a legal Mexican, so I have an excuse for not reproducing

>Implying she'd be left alive.

>just go full redpill man i hope you are, and if she thinks youre wrong (and you cant back it up in that time in place) just tell her you really don't care what she thinks, and you will never change.
I do this but she doesn't care. I think she doesn't really think that I'd leaver her over politics. And she's right about that tbqh

Sweden... jesus. You'll never get it, will you? This is why you are where you are today.

>risking prison time because you were too dumb to marry a dumb bitch

>getting married
wew lad

"Okay honey I'll vote for whoever you want."

ironically tyrone is an irish name and OP is irish

I'd start packing her bags for her, see what she thinks about that.

this is just sad


Redpill. If you fail then nothing of value was lost. Solomon too betrayed God for women. It gets you no where. Nothing of value lost.

also Stossel is clearly a German name kek


He was a jew, he would betray anyone, if he benefits.

ah the old irish divorce method of tying your ex in a sack and leaving her in a bog

>Bill and Hilly within a 30 mile radius of each other
>Much less in the same bed

wow very realistic


I also like the picture they chose.
>Really? LOL Men!
>Why did I marry her

>yfw the Simpsons was good 25 years ago

>sridhar pappu

the eternal streetshitter strikes again

Was the Simpsons always like this?


Words from a real man. Never hold back anything, you are the superior being, never forget this. Females just can't handle a patrician logos.
Women fears and respect only strong minds. You are a cuck? sorry but you deserved it in a way or another.

make marital rape legal again!

>made Trump look more white
I've never seen a character in the show with a Caucasian skin tone that. I stopped watching years ago, but those first few seasons were fantastic.

It's always been liberal but its never been as bad as it is now. From the very beginning the creator was anti-nuclear power which is why he made Homer a retard and work as a safety inspector at a nuclear plant to give the viewer the idea that it's unsafe.

It's a shit test.

There are two ways you can pass it:
- Don't take her seriously. "Yeah sure honey, you are certainly going to do that".
- Double down on it. "Well you clearly don't love me if our marriage depends on some political decision. We should just skip the waiting part and divorce right now."

Either way, it's best to contact a lawyer. Just in case.

He must be quite a cuck for getting married to this woman in the first place. If someone threatens divorce you might as well just divorce them immediately.

>His wife doesn't adopt his political views
He's the fuckup here. Women are made to be controlled.

>can you save it?
Sure, with the proper motivations for the couple
>Should I?
Nope, he'd be much better off without her. Let him find a nice conservative QT

Know and accept the second, say the first while secretly doing the last. Also hide all your money.

If you have to split the house, destroy the house. Invite people from Craigslist to come rip out all the copper pipes and wires from the walls. Donate the doors and anything else to Habitate for Humanity and take the tax write-off. Make for damn sure she doesn't get to just live her life without you in that house. Selling it for less means she gets less to. Fuck her over to the max.

Not even slightly pandering, full blown sledgehammer.

he was a goy, she was a girl. can I get any more obvious?

but nuclear power is unsafe, and the waste never goes away and poisons everything.

They had shit like this in the papers leading up to the Brexit vote.

I'm pretty sure it is just psyops to manipulate the female vote.

It's never too late to start redeming your mistakes.

>getting married
>current year + 1

Why are we still doing this, remind me again?

Daily reminder that the only real purpose is to fuc as many 21 year old 3.14 qts while travelling around the world risking your life doing crazy shit and meeting people

>He tried to laugh it off
Should have kept laughing tbqfh.

LOL she would dump him only to prove that her pretended opinions are important for her.
This marriage needs to be shut down

>Being bullied by a woman
This is something that only happens to libshits, but they project it onto everybody because they assume that it is universal.
Women will follow if you lead. If you allow them to push you around AT ALL they will never respect you.


>getting married in France where paternity testing is illegal because it might turn out negative
frogs don't have much room to talk

He should leave her first tbqhwy.

should i off myself if i want a relationship at eye-level ?

Not taking your husbands name is a red flag, Thomas has no one to blame but himself.

Also Thomas is an oncologist, clearly he had a died-in-the-wool compulsion to help people and save lives. Kerry is a dentist, the most wealthy class of medical practitioners behind plastic surgeons. I think it's clear who's the better person here.

>>mfw people get married who literally don't fucking love each other.

Yes. I didn't catch onto this until about a year ago (I'm 25 now). It's the fucking strangest thing.

I think people have this idea of "Well, we've been together for a 6-12 months, it's time to move in together." Then "Well, we've been living together for 6-12 months, it's time to get married."

Everyone I know from high school got hitched within 6-18ish months of knowing their future spouse. It's laughable to think marriage is the right choice when most high school relationships last longer than that.

Dumb cunt, we don't fucking want you here. There's enough roasties here that exodused from the us.

No. He is fucked. Also this Pussy is great and all but if you're gonna attach yourself to a pussy you damn well better make sure you have a few basic things in common at least, like income, religious/spiritual beliefs, political beliefs, and sexual compatibility.

Fabulous idea, Sven

>watching american cartoons

>Delete your bank account.
I feel sorry for this half man.


>americans think they can just move to another country at the drop of a hat
>being this fucking ignorant about immigration across the world
If she would divorce him over a political opinion, she obviously doesn't love him, so he should just break it off now.

Europe is kill and I'm glad HA HA

>no link


Did you guys fuck up the lyrics on purpose just to trigger me?

her form is pretty good

In a separate interview later that afternoon, Dr. Maguire seemed unaware of her husband’s stance. She sounded confident that Dr. Stossel had been dissuaded from his support by friends, as well as her quasi-threat to leave him. When told by this reporter of her husband’s intent to go through with voting for Mr. Trump, she seemed shocked, if not angry.

“That is news to me,” Dr. Maguire said. “And I’ll be calling my attorney.”

After a pause, she went on: “I don’t think he will vote for him. But if he does, I hope he never tells me about it. For someone who is so reasonable in every other part of his life, and who expects people to have expertise, it doesn’t really link with the Tom Stossel that I know.

“I would just be disgusted on every level,” she continued. “And also a little fearful. Disgusted on the marriage level, but fearful for our society.”

Why do all liberal american women crave Canadian cock so much?

>but fearful for our society.”


>relationship at eye level

If this means you're a manlet, then yeah, offing yourself is pretty much the only option.

>“And also a little fearful. Disgusted on the marriage level, but fearful for our society.”
>Strong independent female Doctor

pick one.

You can't be a pussy bitch and strong at the same time. Either one or both of these is a lie.

I can save the marriage. Both of them should write-in Jeb!


I hope you learned your lesson.

Lie to her. Problem solved.

Let her go, with the proviso that is she DOES leave then she HAS to move to Canada.

There's lots of Trump supporters who are hotties and he can certainly do better.

You can only be brave when you're afraid, m8

Is he ignoring the fact you now have to pay £120 for apple brand headphones instead of buying some Chink ones for £2?

Bitch obviously doesn't care and is probably already fucking some other dick on the side.

Marriage is only savable if the dude says "You should go ahead and pack your bags now and beat the rush because MAGA bitch, suck my dick or leave"

Nice bluff call.


Your transphobia is disgusting.

This. She clearly places no value on the marriage and will likely end up divorcing him anyway.

>marrying an (((educated))) woman
That's where he fucked up.

Jeb surge!