Any minute now

Any minute now

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>he says something completely retarded again
>it goes back to 30 again
You know it's going to happen.

the graph doesn't represent reality.

Tomorrow CNN has to release a poll that is like Trump +5, and ABC is going to be nails on a fucking chalkboard and to a Clinton +1.

>Plot twist: Backed into a corner, Hillary does cocaine and rekts Trump in the debates.

>that little blip downward was supposed to be the beginning of the huge artificial crash from the birther issue

Lol no wonder CNN was so pissed

It's like a stock chart.

Yeah because now the fake crash would be absolutely inexplicable. It's bizarre what a state we're in that we have to be told the narrative so that we believe the bullshit.

>he thinks political graphs are accurate.

he already did he called an explosion a bomb and sent his condolences to the families of people who are still alive

the fall of august is due to khan

>she strokes out in the last debate and smashes her head on the podium and shits her pants
>trump wins with 100%

the Kahn fuck up was like 7 weeks ago and he still hasn't recovered

one more fuck up and he's done imo, not enough time left to recover now

pray he can stay sensible lads and STFU


>she doesn't already
She's been sick for years the shit she's on is way heavier.

When can we expect the next poll numbers to come out?

You're retarded. Stop talking about politics

Monday is a big day for polling typically. Start of the news cycle, work week, etc

What happened in august?

He has this election wrapped up IF he doesn't majorly fuck up again.

I think he knows this.

>that fucking DROP
trump is kill

trumpkins on SUICIDE WATCH

>MSM trying so hard that they shrink the graph to the point where 0.9% looks like an actual lead.

It's just too fucking funny tbqhfamilam

I seriously can't wait for the new polls to come in. It's like Christmas eve.
I hope they have ones that are polled after the "collapse" on 9/11.

They just run another ABC push poll.

This. Except this time around it will be in the debates.

At the DNC a dead muzzie veteran father attacked Trump about muh american values, so Trump retaliated by implying that the muzzies wife who was there was not allowed to speak.
Then for weeks after that the media was qvetching about Trump attacking dead veteran's parents.

Dad of dead MoH-soldier lashes out at Trump at DNC.
Trump defends himself which apparently is a big no-no in America.
Trump drops like a rock and has to work like crazy to get to his previous position in the polls.

>she does this
>the next scenes are like taken out of a mde skit with her having a stroke and having weird eyes

He called out a sandnigger plant and they went hard with "muh islamophobia"

the media had to down trump from his winning polling
to do this they hyped the instance where he called out Khizr Khan (a law expert knowledgeable about islam and the law, who helps wealthy middle easteners immigrate) for not letting his veiled wife say one word at the convention. Khan tried to use his fallen son as a way to further his agenda, and when Trump criticized him he whined about "we are a gold star family muh gold star what have you done for the country?".
They also tried to hype other things like Trump kicking out a baby that would not stop crying from one of his speeches. And things. The lack of caution when dealing with veteran affiliates was probably the easiest to attack though.

I don't think so, Trump and his team have been saying or dropping hints that he isn't practicing for the debate, but I can almost guarantee he'll be almost completely on script. It's a total red herring, making out like he's going to be body slamming her the whole time when really the best thing for him would be to make Clinton look like the angry, vindictive cunt as he keeps his cool.



No way

Even if that happens democrats will vote for a corpse.

smells like tzatziki

sauce on that +5 poll?

every single time Trump passes Clinton in that graph, trumps support then radically declines.

Why? if anything Trump has been appealing to a more moderate demographic recently, he does multiple rallies a day, all with thousands upon thousands of supporters in stadiums across the country while Hillary sits in a small public school gym with a green screen and wavering support.

Quite frankly, There is no to little evidence to support why a drop of that magnitude would happen frequently given that Trump didn't say anything or do anything to cause a drop in support.

With a non-bias poll, it should stay relatively consistent, sure, climbs and declines are fine, especially after something like Clintons health.

However, jumps and losses such as the ones on display, numerous times, always showing that when Trump gets a significant lead, he suddenly drops in support is simply ludicrous.

We simply don't know how many people are actually in Hillarys pocket, we already know Hillary already uses government travelling arrangements paid by taxpayers and has Obama campaigning for her.

Hillary is gonna destroy Drumpf in the debates.

Muh experience vs muh ignorance

>she's gonna win folks

trumps edging the american people like someone edging themself to completion. he gets everyone all hyped and ready to cum, then pulss back and does something controversial so hillary can jump on it and rise again only for trump to continue the cycle and completely sshit on her.

figuratively the election is going to be the biggest orgasm americas ever had

Then it'll drop again just like every other time.

when I edge myself too long my orgasm gets weaker
still feels good though


So if the general election is prolonged masturbation, what is the equivalent to sex in politics? A crusade, thermonuclear war or something smaller like an invasion of some measly non-country?

It's gonna go down like this. Trump is the likeable underdog (Billy madison) hillary is the corrupt businessman asshole (eric)

Clinton was at like 284 a few weeks ago

Trump's rise and fall in the polls has always been intentional. If he goes into the election with too small a lead in the polls there's a danger that this will energize people to vote Clinton only to keep him out of office

can you imagine trump on coke shieet

The moment Trump is ahead a new "scandal" will appear and he will drop in numbers.
>Nigger wearing white makeup and kkk costume kills a big
>Shillary supporter wearing MAGA hat beats a Mexican/black
>CNN pushes something out of context again

The fight is far from over brothers, we must preserve. Crooked hillary won't hesitate to stoop to new low levels

I think he just goes super sayan then.

Fuck California.




(sorry im autistic)

the wizard will drop this week.

Hillary you must leave this planet now and take Kaine with you got it?

Greek sauce?

mfw every time Trump's approval rating goes above hillary's, the mainstream media "Adjusts it" to make it look like hillary is in the lead.

mfw even AFTER they adjust it, Trump's numbers STILL climb above hillaries.

mfw hillaries numbers have been "Corrected" so much, that she actually has a NEGATIVE approval raating, and Trumps approval is over 100%

But neither are likable people

And the dems are the cum sock.

Don't most elections end with the winner widening his lead towards the end

Not necessarily.

There's also the trend that whoever's ahead on Labor Day wins, but it looks like Trump could easily destroy that.

lmao dude she's fucking dying

like seriously you can't overtake defeat a useless dying woman

if he can't do it now, he'll never do it

>and sent his condolences to the families of people who are still alive
And you can't do this why?

Lol ok

You can do it because it's nice but if Trump does it he's the devil. It's totally not like the dems have a double standard or anything though



>over 6 million views of Trump getting his hair messed up.

Jesus Cred Forums, this is really going to happen isn't it?

you must have gotten extra shekels for that post kike

Every time Trump starts winning they announce that they are changing their polling methodology.

Actually Hillary has plummeted in the polls but the media doesn't want you to know. Bernie won the primary but it was rigged. They want you to believe their out ahead (hillary) but she's not

How many shekels did ctr pay you for this post?

>still believing the CTR meme
You mean, you aren't more afraid of the JIDF, MIDF, RIDF, NIDF, or the Berniebros? Aren't you afraid they'll steal our Good Boy Points?

More like digits for Hillary does speed and this happens