French actress comes out in favor of migrants

Adèle Exarchopoulos, star of the erotic lesbian film Blue is the Warmest Colour has posted this on her instagram urging donations for a pro-refugee organization even though she is the exact type of rapemeat the muslim migrants most desire.

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which of the dykes is her?

The brunette one.

If I had to guess, I would go with Blue-hair, it is the warmest color.

Which means it's the non-dyed submissive clubbing cheater in the movie.

The blue hair is not her.
The blue hair was actually the most recent Bond girl.

That movie was premium fap material though. As for that woman, I believe it was mentioned in the movie that Adèle is an Arab name.

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Well she's dating a French nignog "rapper" so it's no surprise

What a surprise. From the picture you posted, I was convinced she was a conservative.

the one on the right




She was hot in Bond but I would never watch this liberal lefty lesbian shite. Nude or not

When I bought my new 4k TV to use with Netflix the first thing I did was queue up a 4k demo on YouTube.
The second thing I did was fap to this movie.
Sequel when?

>me on the left

Its absolutely embarassing that I had some ancestors from normandy
let alone saying "french ancestors"

me on the left

>inviting unchecked tens of thousands of people to your country from a region of the world that has festivals to this day about setting homosexuals on fire and throwing them off buildings
Fascinating watching people commit suicide in real time.

Down's syndrome is so sexy.

Oh yeah, a random actress hated by the whole country represents a nation.

Calm down Laszlo

Lesbian should be banned from using dildos or strap ons. They made a choice to disavow the phallus, they should live with the consequences.

You never hear about gay guys needing fleshlights to get off.

women are our downfall I'm telling ya'

It's a great film.


What are they even doing?

Are they helping eachother with their stretching?

>french girl is into coalburning


Is not difficult to see why she supports immigrants

Well, Adéle is originally Germanic(it basically means Noble in our language in case you didn't notice fellow cheesefucker)

> lives in a wealthy, ethnically homogeneous, low-crime enclave
> can afford own security, at least when out of her home
> can afford to never associate with anyone even remotely likely to attack her
> advocates that the rest of us just shut up while she and her like import millions of savages into our midst

I hope she gets pinned down and gang-raped by a horde of muzzies. Let's see how much she favors immigration then.

I was about to mention "why so lewd" but then picture was deleted, thankfully.


French actors and actress are some of the worst obnoxious circlejerkers on this earth

Fuck, how could I have overlooked that. I'm pretty sure the movie made that claim though.

>implying its not her fantasy

Unfortunately, yes. Although Depardieu became so utterly obnoxious that he accidentally became based.

The director of the movie was some Tunisian guy so he probably was like "WE WUZ GURMUNZ AN SHIT KAFIR"

This is probably the kind of whore that will social signal how tolerant she is up until the moment some Somalian fugee finally cuts open her throat.

not only because of that , but the way france is becoming progressive
when will you frenchmen get your balls and kick out all the shiteaters?

Literally who ? Seriously never heard of her

She sucked some colonial's dick and scissored in front of his camera so she then won a Palme d'or because porn is very progressive if you call it filme d'art. Say hello to a career in pretentious shit films


Adele Exarchopoulos

last movie : éperdument

Look at the size of this guy's fucking hands... fucking mits. Don't crush Putins head with those things.

Also, isn't this the fucking guy who reportedly told his doctor he was known to consume 14 bottles of wine in one day. FUCKING HOW?

French people* you meant

Well he has his own vineyard, so supply is not the problem. According to himself, it's important to start with light wines during breakfast, steadily building up over the course of a day. I can tell from experience that this is right, you should never start with red, always with white, preferably champagne or lambrusco to wake up the digestive system. Later on you should switch (Depardieu uses wodka cocktails and light pastis for this, but g&t also works) regularly to avoid falling asleep, which will happen if you only drink heavy red wines like bordeaux.

For accuracy, I should mention that I never drank more than 4-5 bottles an evening, with maybe half a case of beer and some cocktails, and even that on very rare occasions. 14 bottles is way out of my league and should only be attempted by experts.

really made me reconsider my stance on the issue

what did she mean by this?


oh wow a greek leftist alert the president

look at me
i am the german now


I don't know why, but some countries, Greece unfortunately being one of them, just have a population that is leftist by default. Spain, Germany, Ireland and Scotland have the same. Also, they're mostly not the 'normal' type of leftists, like we have in NL, but the really militant, almost Antifa-type of leftists.