David Rockerfeller: 100

>David Rockerfeller: 100
>Robert Mugabe: 92
>Fidel Castro: 90
>Elizabeth II: 90
>Noam Chomsky: 87
>George Soros: 86
>Raul Castro: 85
>Ayatollah Khomeni: 77

Soon the world will be free from evil.

They have kids and replacements.

Implying they don't have little kikelets in place ready to take their place as puppet masters
Only ovens and showers can cleanse this earth m8

There will always be a Lich King

>implying they won't find a cure to aging in five years max


Often the kids are spoiled, incompetent screw-ups.
Additionally when there's big money there are big inheritance legal battles.

Didn't the Queen support Brexit?

Well I hope they wont get anything done like their parents did.

These aren't normal rich kids. The 0.01% is a different caste from the 1%


Plus Soros and Chomsky don't have replacements.

Whoever replaces Mugabe would have to do a pretty special job at being worse.

Raul Castro only has three children, all girls, all better than Fidel and Raul in terms of what they stand for.

As for Khomeni, I've got nothing.
Iran is shit and will always be shit.
It died in 1979.

Yeah but they've grown up with anime and video games.
Perhaps Japan has changed their minds on how the World should be.
They changed my mind.

scratch that, Raul has a son.


the system is already in place, although if you actually wiped out all the elite families their work would be somewhat destabalized, since the "aristocracy" would be gone

no user, there will always be more.

there are new generations of younger men and women building their powerbases as we speak, and it is they who will rule the world from the shadows in the years to come.

Rockerfeller was 24 when WW2 broke out, think of that shit.

Most WW2 veterans are younger than that.

>assuming that there aren't replacements just waiting to get in

Because you're a normal person and an idiot who can't think outside of his own perspective. Their kids are rubbing noses with world leaders and living in multiple million dollar apartments. They undoubtedly grew up with a vastly different upbringing than yours.

There's a reason inbreeding is so popular among them, you know

Impossible! No way they could have escaped watching anime, listening to classical music and just enjoying the peacefulness of cool Fall Weather!
Rockefeller started WW2 cause he was bored.
With all the entertainment around, it's impossible for them to get bored!

Soro's spawn, "Alex" lives in Jew York and he's a fagget.

Kek @ soros family line




Khomeini had kids. Dont known how many but read about two that turned out normal. A son that became an engineer and a daughter that was a teacher and later became involved in local politics (for their liberal party to boot). So yeah, the modern world isn't some sort of viking saga where grudges and ancestral achievements from a hundred years ago are still actuall.



At least there's hope that offspring will be more sane than their fathers.

You forgor Putin.

Putin is the Holy Savior of the White Race

don't you make fun of my dictators son like that ever again

Is this sarcasm or are you actually a moron? I can't tell anymore.

khomeni was dead a long time ago.

you're thinking of khameni.

no he ain't... he isn't as villainous as (((they)) want you to believe however

Putin gave all the cheap housing/buildings to gentiles after taking them from the Zionists and has said that Israel is a one-bomb solution. He's not an enemy of America, just of Washington.

Putin did nothing wrong.

Slavs are Aryan. They are just as capable as Western Europeans if not more.

Soros Junior blocked me on social media

He is afraid of the frog

I did spam him with this image however

What's wrong with the queen? I always thought she was even-keeled and anti-degenerate.

[spoiler]Although her offspring are a real shitshow[\spoiler]

Most of those clowns are just fences for rotschilds

>implying they don't live off virgin blood and won't be here forever

She owns like half of Canada and sometimes takes native kids away to some dungeon for blood extraction.
Also isn't Harry a Nazi?
Pretty sure browses Cred Forums