Hi Guys, does anybody know whats going on with Cher . I'm getting kind of worried. I Hope she's OK

Its Really Fun To Write Like This

When you bury people wherever everything is a burial ground

Last grasp at relevance.

Seriously, when's the last time anyone has cared about cher?

she's the one staring into the mind of the abomination, she's the only one who can stop

She's 70 years old, probably suffering from Alzheimer's or some shit

She hates Nazi Frogs

She is honestly obsessed with Nazi Frogs

A joke cartoon written on a cambodian finger puppet image board as satire, has earned the ire of a (((((celebrity))))) who is a millionaire several times over.

Sounds like mainstream media tries to do a Marina Joyce, but they're a month behind the internet.

The joke of Pepe isn't even in itself Nazi or Cred Forums in spirit. Pepe is literally just a character people from wherever and whenever have used as a canvas for memetics.
It's like Wojak, but Wojak has always and still embodies a more soulful, melancholic side of the site and broader internet culture.
Whereas Pepe has only recently evolved into the mischievous, batshit crazy, "just wanna watch the world burn" side a lot of people who browse Cred Forums.

I'm with her...and Hillary too. LOL

Cher has to be controlled opposition for the GOP. Nobody can be this stupid otherwise.

I know it.

It makes her obsession with the Nazi Frogs that much more pathetic

mfw every time she goes outside she has to see her husbands murderers

>poo poo
>pee pee

I'd never heard of Cher until last week. Trying to use Cred Forums to revive her career.

Seriously though it was a tranny until someone corrected the record. But come on, look at him/her looks totally like a trap.


Are you her relative Edmund Sarkisian ?

My mom.

Goddamn her tweets remind of those cummies copy pastas with the little emoji pictures

Step aside boys