Trump General - Revenge of the Oldfags Edition

>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16
>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero


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Cheeky Trumplad attends 1pm meet-up for canvassing. There are ZERO. That's right Z-E-R-O volunteers there.... in the battleground state of OHIO!

Share and retweet the fuck outta this.


They are getting desperate.
Pic very related.

It's going to be a landslide, A LANDSLIDE

This is amazing

>Only +3 in RI




She's trying to get her average donation down to compete with Bernie. All the Hollywood millionaires donating really raised the average I guess.


>No ground game in Ohio
>Event rallies can't even fill out the tiny stadiums and theaters they're scheduled at
>Going down in all of the polls, even the biased ones

>Fleeing from reporters, can't even give a press conference longer than a few minutes
>Look like a complete fraud when you are forced to answer questions
>Continue to pay CTR shills in this losing internet battle, spending the last of your wealth
>Everyone hates you
>Terminal illness at risk of claiming life soon

>the only one who showed up is a Trump supporter
holy fucking shit


Western Civilization will continue. We will MAGA and then unfuck the world.

Can someone else take over making threads because these thread editions involving "us oldfags huh" and "anonymoose" are getting really fucking gay

So I saw a Hillary sticker for the first time ever, in downtown Columbus, OH, today.

Don't forget to link the article about her ripping off her poorest donors when you post that.

“We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending Islamic State. Now there can be no doubts about that.” – Russian Foreign Ministry


>There are baby boomers who just want a woman president, no matter what.

Can't they just wait until Ivanka runs in 2024

Trump might win in a landslide if he just hints at a debate that "maybe Ivanka can run in 2024" even jokingly



Me too

She doesn't know whats happening.

>The Shill


Sadly they're not wrong. Trump winning is more important than ever.

No, Hans. The dubs were with you all along.

She should run in 2020
he will be 74...


we got the furry vote now, reddit

God I wish that was a US newspaper headline

>a spark.
You already know this person gets off to cuck porn.

BOVINE EXCREMENT ALERT - Hillary Clinton: There Will Be PhD Theses About Sexism Against Me Written For Years To Come.


>we have things to do
>doesn't look like it

Why the fuck did they publish this piece of trash?

Don't fuck with Ben Carson. He's saving lives while you're shitting on him because he used le maymay worng.

KEK and they don't understand pepe...these people are fucking retarded



Car looks like angry PEPE she will crash and burn. RIP


Can someone explain why she did that? I saw some gifs already of it and thought it was scary as hell. What happened there?

Search it in google and the first wikipedia result is the reason why.

Its not a direct quote, but searching it brings up a point why she would say it.

Hillary's fucked

Updated based on yesterday's polls

>Surely THIS will finish him.


Florida here (Ocala) Keep hearing shillery radio commercials that focus on MUH KEEEEEEDZ

No ads for Trump yet, but every other car seems to have a Trump sticket on it.

I have only seen 1 shillery yard sign while driving in gainesville and one shillery sticker over top of a bernout one (kek) last month.

Everything else has been overwhelmingly Trump.

Does anybody know any example of "genotypes"? How can you tell the genetic make-up of somebody?

Katy Perry tweeted a pepe unironically


>implying the average twitter user wouldn't be overwhelmed with emotion and extend to a state of ecstasy on finding out it's Ben Carson's birthday

Hillary's Body Double…It's All In The Nose!
They Are Gambling People Won't Notice



>he will be 74
and exactly what does that have to do with anything? the guy is in better shape and has more energy than you, i bet. more than most people do in their 40s at the very least. you people keep comparing trump to other human beings. thats a mistake

Kek, the only things written about her will be how one woman managed to fuck everything up in such a short period of actual power.

When she saw the balloons falling it reminder of the latest polls

wew pence


retweet calling her a white supremacist

Why did she have a seizure kek

i remember that ad. he named the jews

She was probably told to act surprised when the ballons came down but she doesn't understand human emotions so fucked it up

she's severely autistic.

She's basically what happens when someone like us sells their soul to the devil.

I know I was. I miss hearing from Ben.


Just think.

This is most likely the most important election in he history of the world.

This election very well might decide the outcome of human civilization.

And we are winning.

Those people seemed nice. Kinda seems like a douche.

Reminder that Don Jr. knows about Kek.

She's with us!

She has severe brain damage.

Also there is a Cred Forums post in Pepe's eyes

And the picture with her and Hillary. Destroy them all in one swoop.

git educated


Some say it was her medical condition. I think it's just a sociopath overreacting.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Carson.
We'll turn our country around, fast!

>cars like that
>in America
"Kleinwagenfahrer" (compact car driver) is a casual insult even here in Cuckmany

We're almost woke enough for another wave of rat-catching

Just got on, senpaitachi. Anything good happen today?

Any updates on the bombings? Confirmed muslim?

>Tfw no one will answer this and I'll have to wait for NTNN in 6 hours

It really does sort of sound like he's saying 'president', though. Can't blame her when the average burger speaks in a way that sounds like their mouth is full of marshmallows.


good thing you guys aren't old enough to vote.

They're exclusively cuckmobiles here as well.

That rack, 10/10.

Holy moly, she really is unhinged

What dimension am I living in anymore man

HANG ON. HANG ON. HANG ON. HANG ON. HANG ON. Fact checking is suddenly not important – CNN Cuts off fact checker when talking about Hillary’s birtherism on Obama in 07

>Enter Coffee with Ivanka donation contest
>Now afraid I might win and overload with spaghetti

We're very close to getting her to admit herself into prison though, thinking it's president.

What he says makes perfect sense but namedropping Cheney probably wasn't a good idea.

Landslide imminent. Even the communists are voting Trump.

Does she have a glass eyeball?

Someone capable of that much evil in their lifetime lacks a basic understanding of conventional human emotion in the traditional sense. All of her expressions are overblown because they have been learned but are not understood.

this is straight up out of a dreamworks/pixar movie where the characters make that stupid fucking face constantly

>he's a tits guy

Jesus fuck

>le make it happen face
Footage from the Haitian town hall that reporters fled after Clinton started looking bad. This is an alternate stream from the one in the OP of the former president of the Haitian senate detailing how the Clintons tried to bribe him. The OP link is the full event but this one is interruption free.

>hillary news article just under the pepe


What does she say?

Holy cock

Terry Clifford?

"Lets make it happen!"


>mfw even Amazing Atheist endorses Trump now

Yeah, I understand he wants to emulate the active part of Cheney's vice presidency, just not a good role model for the most part though.

White identity politics wins again.

Let's make it happen





Trump will use this in the first debate. Haiti is heartbreaking. Those evil cunts.

It's from all the seizures.

Damn, she's looking more like Jeb! every day.

Holy kek. Lets do it then, bitch.

Is that supposed to be Milo?
Is this tied to Hiloli?
Lot of degeneracy lately

Who dis? The Minnesota life Attack was an isis agent. Ny and Nj don't have any confirmed suspects (that we laymen know of) but they say the Nj and Ny bombs were from the same person. Also, a note on the pressure cooker had Arabic writing.

She's a real life DERP

bring back derp memes of her and spread them

Anybody have some Pence heads?

That's Scavino's Periscope.

>only +3
Hopefully my state will unfuck itself his year
It's not worth much but it adds to the landslide and would be funny to see a Democratic state become a swing state

Many such cases.

what's wrong with her face?

He shills some furry comic on his podcast every week.

Im pretty sure Milo shitposts ITT

these people work to elect a criminal. theres nothing nice about them. fuck off with your feelings, this is war

Holy shit! It probably is

>Dat Rustbelt


Fuck Milo.

Only one I have handy.

J... just because it has Arabic writing on it doe... does not mean it was terrorism or agents of islam. Right wing terrorists are the real threat.


Was debating between a mail-in ballot there and registering in New York. Glad I made the right choice.

I don't know but you can watch the vine on the tweet, this is a screenshot of part of it. Her eyes are all over the place and she's fucking scary looking.

She seems to overreact with her facial expressions. It's really unnerving.

Well, he looked really hot dressed as that cop

I hope you convinced your family to Pokemon GO to the polls.

>what's wrong with her face?
Can't wait for Third Reich Mike to answer the call to war and cleanse Milwaukee

Fuck off Innadesert

>Revenge of the Oldfags



Is anyone else worried that despite surging in polls, Donald has under a 30%-something chance of winning? This does not bode well. I hope he continues to turn it around.

PATHETIC! CNN knows Terrorist Attacks will help TRUMP, are now DOWNPLAYING the FOUR BOMBS in NJ and the BOMBING in NYC. Their reporters are actively Tweeting and downplaying everything going on!

I think part of the problem is that she's a female in her late 60's. I would not want my grandmother doing this kind of thing, either. Talking points and Trump memes aside, an elderly woman literally does not have the stamina for this kind of thing.

>snow leopard
So he's a paki?

Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!"

He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010.

Side effect of her parkinson's meds:



>let's make it happen

That's a hell of a headline

>under a 30% chance of winning
>posts a picture saying he has 38.7% chance of winning

He had literally like 4% a month ago. Give it time, Nate Sulfide is still (((adjusting)))


>Listening to Nate Aluminum

jesus fucking christ

This drunkard has gone off the rails

That fucking cunt better be fucking lucid on November 8. I want her to know how bad she got rekt.

Debate Rules Being Set by Hillary Donors…

>"Trump only has a 98% chance of winning. That means there is 2% of him losing. I can't take it anymore."

Very Lovecraftian

>Nate Chromium
I wouldn't be too worried

There is no way that's actually Ben garrison that drew that. I refuse to believe.

Eat poop and perish, flamboyant homosexual.

"Vote for Trump"

~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

living in her head rent free
The Emperor is teasing the Sleepy Doctor. I wonder when the birthday tweet will go out.

What happened to Pepe?

aww thats fucking sad

>News Alert: Law enforcement source says NY and NJ explosive devices from "same person."

>in a shocking result, Trump has carried the state of Pennsylvania. Polls had Clinton up by 2% before the election

how do you react

Even worse than Jeb!

It's outlandish to be honest. She should be home playing with her grandchildren (while not contagious).

That's not surprising. Insider user said her Parkinsons was "the worst kept secret in D.C."

No, n-not rigged at all

I shill for CTR for pennies and getting tired of this shit.

What do?

>Checking in countries whos opinions don't matter
I think we're long due to gas the horses and lose the hounds for an old fashioned fox hunt.

The end of Nate Fiberboard's career will be a tremendous boon to science when he disintegrates into subatomic particles not known before.

rare putin pepe

>a note on the pressure cooker had Arabic writing.

Do you have a sauce for that?

Don't the Japanese have a term for eyes like her's? Starts with an "s"

He didn't. It was some guy named "Flesh cube" or something similar.

why do you faggots from fl always say 'zomg orlando here!!!!' noone gives a fuck about your shithole

How long did it take you into the campaign to realize that Trump is an ubermensch? Probably around the time of the second debate I'd say.

One is better than none, thanks user

So he is just going around to different countries and claiming Trump isn't welcome there. Who does this guy think he is?

If they stack the odds in her favor and she gets soft ball questions and Trump can't defend himself because of the "rules" it won't look good for her and more people will believe that things are rigged.


I doubt they can but I would love them to get this man to ask Hillary about it during the town hall debate

Quit and join the Trump train.

321 here. FL is a huge state with different cities that think differently.

>associating aluminum with some weak delusional cuck

Holy FUCK!

Ben has truly been BLESSED by KEK.


Trusting a cuck that changes the odds of success day to day. I really don't understand why anybody thinks this guy is smart.

This has been my experience in Tampa. Despite the radio and TV ads that Clinton is running non-stop I have to talk to 7 people before I find someone who actually supports Clinton

Trump used to own one. I feel obliged to reply.
So here is one. I don't have any exploitables or templates if that's what you were looking for.

Guys I'm worried here. I live in Santander Spain, a typically Republican area, and all I see are Vicente Fox signs. Not a single Trump sign.

Can Trump even win without Spain? Should we just give up now?

guys look at the phone. it doesnt quite match with what's going on in the video. holy fucking shit. was this faked too?


She mad

Could he really win Oregon?

This is my fight song!
Take back my life song!

You are now hearing Hillary Clinton's theme song in your head. That may not seem like a big deal, but subconsciously, it will persuade you to vote for her.

Cute Hillary pictures have the same effect. This is scientifically proven.


Behead those who insult Aluminum.


>In another new wrinkle, a hand-written letter, a portion of which is in Arabic, was found inside a plastic bag that held the second device, sources said.

>Cops were interviewing two men who claim to have spotted a potential person of interest in the case, sources said.

>The witnesses were dining at the Krush bar and grill on 32nd Street about a half-hour before the 8:30 p.m. Saturday explosion when they saw an Arab-looking man who was carrying a suitcase and appeared out of place, sources said.

Really makes you think

I have a cowboy pence but its tiny. Im on my tablet.

I don't know. Google reverse image search doesn't come up with anything either.

Thanks, though.

Who got it?

let's make it happen!

That's Nate Plastic for you.

FBI Director Comey Knowingly Lied To Congress When He Said Hillary Had “Probably” Been Hacked. He DEFINITELY Knew Then She HAD BEEN HACKED.


Mechanical turk pays the same purported rates, and it is more ethical.

>blue last 2 elections
good luck jose

>tfw this is not impossible

>That faggot is in my country

>but its tiny
I've seen smaller, champ. That's a very respectable sized cowboy pence.

That really made me cringe, hard

Ayo! Holup.
If she's only +3 using the 012 turn out modles, does that mean trump is actually carrying the state?

Not terrorism.

>You are now hearing Hillary Clinton's theme song in your head.
Which is?

>Buzzfeed accidentally normalizes trump supporters

yeah its about that time that i really started paying attention to the elections, but honestly as soon as i watched his announcement speech, i was sure he was going to win. idk why, i didnt even know him. but i loved him instantly

Thanks, based NTNN.

bro you might as well just put on your caps lock. you're halfway there already

NC, MI, and WI are currently red.
The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if CT and MRI went red as well.

webm with audio when?

The magic Negro isn't running this time. Now they have an old woman with a huge enthusiasm gap.


Just goes to show: the only people voting for Hillary are the same women who voted for Bill in the 90s and their husbands who are being dragged along with them.


Yea no that's not possible friendo.

>that shirt
>those shorts
>that cap
>the fucking shoes

What the fuck


Doubtful, they do mail in voting. But not impossible.

Slow and steady! I am confident that Congress choose a true conservative to represent them when this happens.

This woke doctor is goat

This essentially. We're a rather divided state most of the time, but it looks like we'll do a good job over all this time around.

I don't type the headlines.

>Liberals tomorrow: Look! Another right wing website normalizing hatred and bigotry! I'll never use it again!

Wow lol

>pepe on the far right

>want alcohol
>don't have alcohol
>it's Sunday and my state has laws written by genuine fucking faggots
>can get something from the microbrewery though
>drive over there
>even though they're supposed to be open
>only other choice is watered down 3.2% ABV piss water at Walmart or a gas station

Hillary’s Sicko Relationship… With the Fed

>boomer transplants
let me guess your from up north also?

Pepe is pronounced 'Pepay'

>"reproductive rights"
Is the right to have an abortion THAT important?

I'm not against abortion, I'd rather people do it with practitioners than with coat hangers. But THAT's your issue?


I live in San Francisco, bluest county in bluest state. I have seen maybe 3 total. TONS of Obama stickers with Bernie stickers. No H though

Crock Pots amirite?
>Cook a 12 bean soup with some pork chops. >Blow up a bunch of people
(Muzzie) Niggers ruin everything

more than likely

fuck off newfag its pronounced 'peep' like 'meem'

I didn't even see the gotcha moment, more or less 2

no drugs
no alcohol
no cigarettes

+ no naps

I like Carson more every time he comes up.

Secretary of _____ Carson?

>not buying alcohol on Mondays so you're set for the week

kys desu



Oregon has been a solid blue state since 1988. If we could just pass a law that legalized the murder of California transplants here, we would be a red state.

>Parkinson's can cause pneumonia


How many pepes have you sent today?


Didn't expect New Mexico to go red this year.

>Is the right to have an abortion THAT important?
its important, user, but not for the reason these people think. without abortion, thered be millions more of hoodrat niggers running around. its also important that itd be tax-funded, because niggers are poor. i dont like giving my taxes to niggers, but this is a legitimately good use of it if we dont want to become minorities

Still accurate.

>no naps
>no siesta
you're taking it too far user
I'm spanish, I literally cannot live without siesta. Is in our DNA.

Are you in cucked Utah?

I saw a Shillary sign on one of the painted ladies

Gotta say, SF is just ripe for redpilling with the total breakdown that's happening there.

Nope California.

Surgeon General Carson


You can't have a stew that large. Nobody needs a stew that large. Who can finish all that stew?

Molyneux names the jew




>le blue PA maymay

Stop posting Reuters polls, they are garbage.

They have Trump losing NC and Georgia .


Sorry my white friend but that is from Trump himself.




even worse, fuck of back to where you came from

t. southerner

If Nate Silver is saying 38%, Trump is that likely to win the entire Electoral College.

Surgeon General Carson. He's not fit to manage a bureaucracy. The stereotypes about the highest performing surgeons are all true.

Same for General Flynn. He is eligible for Joint Chiefs Chair, but not SecDef.

the entire video is a anti-semitic rant

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” when asked about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton describing Republican nominee Donald Trump’s supporters as irredeemable and deplorable, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said he would not have used that word.


>using the keep calm meme wrong
>the most normie meme of today used wrong

Literally only fags would care about this.


ron, go donate the fucking dollar you fucking kike

>The stereotypes about the highest performing surgeons are all true

What are the stereotypes?

>tfw take naps
>drink alcohol
>smoke cigarettes
>drink coffee
>take large bites

fite me sckub

Kaine said he felt sorry for that portion of Trump voters and said Clinton would sway them.

Zyklon B Carson named the jew
He is based.

I can't wait for Pence to destroy that weird little dude in the VP debates.

Also, the murder of Portland faggots.

I have a bottle of ramazzotti in my hand desu

sam hyde needs to go door to door

That's her theme song?

Kaine is a cut throat, so Pence may have to pimp slap him.

David Duke is really doing robocalls?
Fuck that bastard. He is sabotaging.

I know this suffering, fellow alconon.

Dr. Ben Carson > Dr. David Duke

She used it at least at the DNC and when she got the delegates needed to become the nominee. There might have been more times

i find myself smiling like this now whenever i've realized i've done something really smart

>take large bites

Sorry but I'm not going to fight you old man Kasich.

>he changed the stamps
Is this your second batch or have you sent more since the truck stamps?


If he hadn't stopped him he probably would have eaten the butter cow already

gg that's like a dream come true!

Considering that that portion of Trump supporters is us, that's as likely as having a trillion dollars in my ear.

Pence will absolutely take him down but do it in that nice, comfy, cozy way he has. Kaine's going to look like a sperging faggot with apoplexy.

where the fuck is the new bread?

in the oven

where does this meme come from?

Nobody would speak that way.

as a portlander

please kill us all spare noone not even me

>Nobody would speak that way.
oh user. i work around doctors. they might not speak that way, but they think that way.

I think it's sufficient to say, arrogance and self-superiority are not the best qualities in bureaucratic management. Bongo tried to put a high exec in at VA and he's had his ass handed to him.

Compared to Bongo's fat, cigarette smoking disaster of a SG, Carson would actually be an role model.

Had it for a while now. At least a good number of them realize that furries are a benign growth that can only survive on a white host culture. Or Japanese to a lesser extent.

I need my vices. Im not diamond don.
I figured I was good to go since the microbrewery is open 7 days a week.
Worse. Minnesota.
I've got some Vermouth but that's it and I'm not that desperate yet.

Press F for trumpgen. Its been real, fellas.

Vote Trump!



Why there are so few memes from the apprentice?

>inb4 triple split

>that pic
disciples of kek

Need new bread nao OP

>page 9

wew lad

We've got this in the fucking bag

the jap kike who owns Cred Forums should allow trump generals to have 600 replies

but he is working for the kikes he won't do that


it appears we are all too lazy to make a new thread

RIP trumpgen


>voted Obama
Lost cause, also
>not showing the licence plate

My finger is on the button, should i make a new thread?


gotta pay that medical bill some how





He's got it

But if they were smart, they wouldn't talk like that when being interrogated.

Besides, why would a doctor have a God complex? They aren't even creative. It's just performance. You're about as talented as an electrician or an actor.






The best part is her expression changes to one of shock at the end when she realizes what he said was "prison" and not "president"

wew lad

Hillary is a mess

>too drunk to selfie


of fucking course you niggers did it


I said I had it.


It's like I'm really back on /gsg/.




The only theses you'll be getting written about in are the ones pertaining to how badly a politician with a sure path to victory could fuck it all up within the span of a single election

>Besides, why would a doctor have a God complex?
because they save lives, so thay think they have power over life and death

Okay people, use this

Post number goes to the same thread as the original one, I was advertising his thread

I did not ask for this feel