Explain this image, Cred Forums

Explain this image, Cred Forums...
If Hitler didn't want to exterminate Jews, why does this image exist?

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If it was done by Hitler wouldn't it say "Juden"
This is written with a backwards swastika so it definitely wasn't done by a Nazi

Probably this was done by Soviet troops to an SS soldier
Which is why it says "SS"

That's a German in the photo you fucking imbecile. Jews did that to the German guards after their "liberation".

> Anonymous (ID: VhXFfcVl) 09/18/16(Sun)18:25:13 No.89388813▶
>File: 16 - 1 iuoi.jpg (48 KB, 426x473)
>That's a German in the photo you fucking imbecile. Jews did that to the German guards after their "liberation".

He didn't say that the guy was jew.

>If Hitler wasn't killing Jews why is there this picture of a dead non-Jew

That would be what we call a non-sequitur

So either
A: OP is insinuating Pic Related is a Juden; or
B: OP is too retarded to make a coherent thought

We gave him the benefit of not being a total retard.
So you are saying, we are wrong...
and OP is 100% Retarded.

Explain this to me user...

What could make an entire country hate a people this much? Think about that. Now do some reading. Germany did exist before this you know. What was it like before this. Hmmm.

In no way to condone this kind of thing...but you are going to have to start figuring out why this happened and how much of it is real.

Jews were eating cake in a time of German depression

your argumentation could be used to defend the armenian genocide as well.

As long as he's not denying it it's a step up, Cenk.

>Anonymous (ID: lDvYD5FF) 09/18/16(Sun)17:27:58 No.89389195
>> Anonymous (ID: VhXFfcVl) 09/18/16(Sun)18:25:13 No.89388813▶
>>File: 16 - 1 iuoi.jpg (48 KB, 426x473)
>>That's a German in the photo you fucking imbecile. Jews did that to the German guards after their "liberation".
>He didn't say that the guy was jew.

Learn how to proofread your posts.

End yourself, newfag.

You're missing the point OP is trying to make. He's asking what merits a Nazi to be treated like that if they weren't about killing jews.
It's like said. Probably Russian who did that after the liberation. I doubt jews did this.



>El cadáver del alemán SS-Standartenführer y Camp comandante Franz Ziereis...
>The corpse of German SS-Standartenführer and camp commandant Franz Ziereis...
Looks like that was the SS Camp Commandant, killed by the freed prisoners. That was common when the camps were liberated, they just lined the guards up and executed them without trial. Here's a picture of him before they let the animals have him.

The same reason liberals yell at people for being A WHITE MALE.

Lying propaganda combined with small minds makes fanatical murderers.

They even fucked up the rotation of the Hakenkreuz.

Wasting manpower during wartime. Heresy and subversive anti-imperial activity.

Shoot the commander.

Because jews declared war on Germany in 1933.

Eisenhowers Rhine Meadows Death Camps: A Deliberate Policy Of Extermination:


>You kill your enemies they win.

Hey rabbi, whatcha doin?

>What could make an entire country hate a people this much?

You display complete ignorance of human history. Hitler used your manifest destiny to justify lebensraum expansion.

This. My great grandfather killed jews but only after they had been "liberated" and tried to kill him. He killed two jews with a ducking brick and his bare hands. Never told anybody until my dad asked him if he thought the holocaust was fake. Too bad he didn't keep the brick. Fucking jews, I get a raging boner just thinking about it

It's an art project. Also, please provide a direct link between Hitlers intentions and this crooked pinata.

Good question.

Keep asking them.

>Official United States statistics conclude there were just over 3,000 deaths in the Rheinwiesenlager while German figures state them to be 4,537. American academic R. J. Rummel believes the figure is around 6,000.[8]
That's a huge discrepancy. How is the one million people estimation explained?

That's a jew killed by Germans, that's why it says ''Heil Hitler''

oy vey that image is one six millionth of a holocaust!

You realize that pic is the desecration the jews did with the body of the officer that led Matheusen, right?


What I don't understand was why the fuck would they attempt to exterminate an entire race when they could've put them in prison camps (which they did) and forced them to do work?

Surely that many people could've gotten a lot done, so my current theory is that Germany was low on food during the war and couldn't feed its prisoners and why so many people got sick and died.

>It's just tanned Austria
>Opinion discarded

They're probably counting all of the German soldier POWs killed by the Allies after the war in any location. Additionally the Allies killed several million German civilians after the war.

Yeah - it's like they had some grudge or a score to settle. But as we all know, these were holiday camps. These jews are barbarians indeed.

It's a German guard killed by a Hauptsturmführer.

Have you ever watched video of Jews performing manual labour? My guess is that the Nazis rounded them up and put them in work camps expecting them to actually work like Germans do, but the kikes were too lazy to even produce their own food, and starved.

How do you know its a Jew?
Swastika on ass
It is a German guard tortured to death by soviet troops.

>it is 1943
>the war has been stalling for some time now
>your propaganda minister has proclaimed total war

>MEIN FÜHFER, we lack critical labour resources and our fuel reserves are depleting! We need a solution quick.
>Yes.. We shall use the rest of our fuel to burn our remaining labourers to ashes.


Ballpoint pens were invented in 1888 you retard

When you really look into it the lie is flawed at its base.

The next time Hollywood tries to cash in on the holocaust is when I believe that Cred Forums will make it as common as denying the holocaust as 9/11 Conspiracy.

soviets killed one german and put on him nazi signs to blame nazis. You know nothing about propaganda Berger


>Jews holocausted germans

You stormniggers are taking holocaust denial to a whole new level.

I still don't know whether you retards are being sarcastic or not. Nobody could be this stupid.

not an argument
it's clearly a humiliated SS soldier, soviets did this.

obviously to put the most sacred nazi symbol in his ass it's an insult for nazis. Soviets did this, soviets were authentic communist savages.

Try following the archive link.


It's self-explanatory.

Red Army Communist Soviets were mostly jews.

The commissars were mostly Jews.

Absolute bs. Jews were in the administration, not the army, and if they were, Stalin would have purged them by 1945.


I'd rather have a concise answer explaining how the conclusion was made if possible. Thanks for the link though.
That picture of the woman being hung seems to me as a bad photoshop forgery, so I always wonder the same thing: what proof is there that it was faked by Soviets?
How do you know it wasn't shopped by someone who wanted you to think the Soviets did so?

the armenian WHAT?
that wasn't what happened!!!