Jewgle is at it again


>Type "American inventors" into google search

>press enter

>get pic related

The whole list has a total of around 20 white people even if you count white women as well.

Did strong people of color truly build America?

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>smashing peanuts with a rock is an invention

So I must have been a fucking genius, when I messed with my food on a stroller

>tfw iconic inventors are excluded to include niggers that no one has heard of.

Also, the niggers on there have invented water pistols and hair straightening gels- meanwhile Edison is near the end.

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wake me up inside, last time jewgle triggered me this hard was with the "white female with white man" research

>autism help
Damn how autistic are you ? assburger level or mild

George Washington Carver did not even invent peanut butter

Even when you google who did it shows his name but the caption says he did not invent it

What did Google mean by this?

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Google has fucking lost it.

Jesus fucking christ, the other tabs.

Here's your (you).

The first people executed in the day of the rope will be Google executives

>He was widely recognized and praised in the white community for his many achievements and talents. In 1941, Time magazine dubbed Carver a "Black Leonardo"

Sounds like a decent lad to me

>Hot Asian Teen

mfw it's true

but them tabs, bro

In Jewgle's defense (it hurts me to type that), most people will search that because they are thinking of Carver but can't remember his name.

It's okay to poke away at Jewgle's flaws but please don't misinform while doing so! Then we are no better than they.

>all these redditers getting triggered by the tabs and not realising dumb tabs are a meme
lurk more

dem tabs

I thought it was a trigger until i saw the 'how to screenshot' tab

If you add that OP actually responded in the thread, i call legit autism, because it's not a '1 post by this ID' bait thread, kek

Glad I switched to Bing and never looked back


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>It's true

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>those bookmarks and tabs
you're doing gods work user, bravo

Straight up ran out, had to make some up.

Credit should be given where credit's due, but seriously:

>Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – July 27, 1963) was an African- American inventor and community leader.[1] He worked on the development of a chemical for hair-straightening.


I've invented a billion new uses for the most mundane words, and I've also managed to piss people off by pretending to be urinating in public.

holly fuck its true damit jewogle why you are so jewish


Someone's new

just because you got the patent for something doesn't mean you invented the original concept

It's true. At least Edison in the centre of the pictures.


Why havent you switched to duckduckgo yet?

>Company that is being run by engineers who couldn't possibly give a shit
>And legions upon legions of diversity SJW hires because of HR goons
Does this shit surprise any of you people at this point?

those tabs!!!

Google showing up black inventors is bad now?
They were inventors who deserve credit for their work, deal with it.

This is the ultimate evidence they rig their 'special results' for political effect.

No scientific historian in the world (other than the feminist activist ones) would give this much importance to Marie Curie.

Shes' in this list so women don't feel bad.

Did the same the other day. Fuck jewgle, everyone should make the switch

Why is Alexander Graham Bell portrayed as a black man?

It's more likely for Google to index "African American inventors" than to index "American inventors" because "inventors" already implies "of American descent"

ITT: people who have not programmed AI before

The problem is you search famous inventors. None of those nigggers are famous or well-known

somewhat related

guys from the daily shoah talking about black history/inventions

17 mins in

Why is that nigger appropriating my nuts?

That's a pretty good invention. I bet you can use those things for holding your weed or something like that. Who would know?

The thingy that automatically parses the text to get you answers is still just a stupid machine, is what it means.

How is this not all over Twitter ?

Or maybe it's just farming the results on the Internet, what with the first result including a mention of Marie Curie (give the text under it a better look).

Those lists are curated.


Pisses me off the most

Sorry, I should have been clearer in my response.

The Google list for "most influence investors", that banner that comes up - is a human curated list, so it's not just farming internet results.

Edison was a dbag though so he kind of deserves it. Tesla should be #1 on that list though.

Oh God, I'm having a bad day.

"most influential inventors"*

>Hot Asian Teen Porn
>Autism Help

fucken lol

This is a problem with algorithms rather than google. When it searches for the word "american" is doesn't see it as the country, but as ... american ...., which means it'll see african american in its results.


how do they come up with this shit?

> To the Mursi women, modifying their appearances through the insertion of the lip-plate symbolises the pride and grace associated with being a woman. More importantly, the lip-plate serves as a mark of the Mursi ethnic identity and holds great significance in the Mursi culture.

them tabs tho

at least they're not pretending that Maya Anjelou deserves to be up there.


American education often attributes it's origin to self induced disfigurement to avoid being captured and enslaved.

But this is probably a massive lie. What probably happened is they discovered piercing and people that pulled off the largest piercing without dying were considered the best.

Bessie Blount Griffin and Marie Van Brittan Brown sure do look alike, I guess it's true what they say; black people do all look alike.

>thomas edison
he just stole patents

It's not really that much stupider than some of the stuff that we do in the west. I mean, waxing for example? Come on.

>Madame C.J. Walker

> Walker made her fortune by developing and marketing a line of beauty and hair products for black women throughMadame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company, the successful business she founded.


Wasn't Alexander Graham Bell Scottish?

Illogical superstition very easily arrives in primitive cultures, because excessive correlation is mistaken for causation (I.E your wife dies after you cut down a tree, must have pissed off the gods).

So you get shit like this, bizarre destructive behaviors based on superstition or some form of symbolic mysticism.

Abbos are the worst, eating blood and cum for "magic" and cannibalizing every second child to bolster their "strength".


>radioactivity isn't influential.

only in english google

Some links for educational purposes just in case this becomes a big deal

I wonder why the Spanish one is different from the English one

Marie Curie: Discovered Radioactivity

She also discovered dying by radiation.

Shitty crop to highlight differences

shut it down! no jews behind here!

Well I mean there is that legend of the ultra rich play boy who, at a time where radiation was "know" but not understood and people thought it was magic healing aura (due to hot springs) drank irradiated water until his jaw fell off.

That's the same sort of stuff the west was doing up until not all that long ago, is what I'm trying to say.

Reminder to use duckduckgo

Please. These people are so insignificant compared to these three men. I wouldn't be able to communicate with any of you fine gentlemen on our Mongolian basket weaving forum if not for them.

your fucking tabs m8. Cheeky

Because Spanish people will never ever believe that blacks contributed that much to American technology.

The tabs joke is fucking old and stale.

Its also the only reason you made this thread.


it happens because of the term "african american" is more common than "black"

"don't be evil". Yeah, right.

Does anyone have more blatant examples of google social engineering?

I only fill up my tabs and bookmarks full of retarded shit to stay anonymous. I guess you would like to show everyone on this Chinese cartoon discussion site what you actually look at.