The one drop rule is real

The one drop rule is real

>64% European
>Looks like a regular light skinned nigger

>Racemixing Not Even Once

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Well this is no fair
European is an awfully broad term these days
Even Turkey is counted in some times

Wait a moment,what is that tool/webpage? seems interesting


Who's this mongrel qt ?

She is like 13 you pedo monkey. Also she is hideous. Poor girl it's not her fault she is a mongrel

I fucking want to hurt Swedish cucks.

There's nothing wrong with hot mongrel girls turk rapebaby.

Yeah right because mongrelisation worked so great for Brasil...

Implying you wouldn't bust a nut inside a hot mongrel girl.

>Implying you wouldn't bleach this.

Only 5% of Brazilians live in favelas
Please educatr yourself

Kill yourself autistic thirsty beta virgin

Thank God I'll be dead in 20 years. I won't have to witness the beginning of the end of civilization.

That European is properly south European as a 67% north Euro mutt would look way worse.

>dat benin/togo

why? What Sven told you is true. Turks are sometimes considered European. Its messed up.

white +native = black?

And 40% of Brasilians are literal subhuman brown violent mutts

Our run of the mill jigaboos aren't pure
negro to begin with. So she looks like the archetypical american mulatto because she is. Pure africans look straight ape.

White + non White = Nigger

r u tellin me
that you wouldn't be bros with this good lookin bloke?
wtf pham

Not saying I wouldn't. But I would sure as hell not care for it

Are we greekboy ?

she got 3.4% nigger in her.

besides her skin and eyes she does not have nigger features.

She looks like a native mixed with a Spaniard.

Does anyone have any sources on the one drop rule, or diagrams?

Ibe drop rule is very muxh real, im 8% big and i thouggt i was 20%.

Niggers are monkeys dont let kikes tell you otherwise.

why are you posting such disgusting jpgs Huemonkey?

Kill yourself nigger


she is beautiful. she is 30% native american. she has great hair.and her nose can be a huge italian honker. still does not negate the fact she is fine. looks like a college dorm. she has her whole life ahead of her and she will get far based on her bella faccia.

fuck off

Print this and mail it out with your Christmas cards, everybody!

>degenerate fuck

Being 8% non human because of kikes is bad enough.

I still look white, but im 75/25 White-Lebanese

He is not wrong.
Also butthurt mongrel spotted.
Subhuman get of this board.

>t. Jamal
She is far from beautiful m8

You're an 8% big guy.

>she is beautiful

This isn't FaceBook you stupid nigger. You are anonymous nobody will give you likes and praise you for being so open minded and progressive.

The proportions of those faces are so off, they are really unsettling.

76% euro 7% middle east 8% native 8% african JUST

reminder that this white and based motherfucker has a black dad and a white mom.

Nice, """white""" from outside of Europe are real retards, they only think with their dick and don't care about the fatherland.

Lioks 100% nig


Kill yourself turkcroach

Let me sprinkle shit ib your vabilla icecream


Nigger keep twitch streamers out of this.

6'5 and a total BEAST dude, i think its about time we start letting black men fuck our women

You can't create a healthy and successful society by busting a nut. You eventually need to find a worthy woman, form a family and have children in a positive environment.
I know your mongrel mentally only cares about your next fix, like a monkey that can't think beyond his next meal.
>HUEHUEHUE gibe dat pussy

Stormcucks are so easy to trigger, have a few more...

bet you aren't even 6'5 fucking manlet

If she had children with a European how do you think he children would come out?

Why did DeNigro mary a nigger? Out of all the types of people in the world, what the fuck.


>50% """"""""""""""white""""""""""""""

That guy is ATLEAST 6'5

> mongrels look like mongrels

>southern European

And while we were away colonizing you couldn't even keep the fucking fatherland the way it should be. The second the war breaks out I'm taking to first flight to europe to clean up the mess you fucking made. You fucking nigger lover

I dont trust 23andme tests anymore. Ran by a google jew's wife. I'd put good money on the idea they fake racial results out of some progressive desire

Like this

What kind of retard made this image lel



20%+ nig is way too much, im 8% and 20% lookblike complete niggers.

thats fake, but cool you will get replies and you's so

racemixing is by far the biggest issue with niggers, because of how genetically and phenotypically different than whites they are. Even quadroons and octoroons look incredibly unwhite, whereas someone with a little bit of arab or indian or chink blood in them will still look white if they're still like 50%, 75%, or 87% white.

In other words, just a single drop of nigger blood really does fuck up the gene pool.

You have to go back, Paco.

His two older boys have a lot of resemblance to him, all things considered.

Same eyes and nose, general facial structure.


So why do American mixed blacks insist on identifying solely with the black part and not just that but sometimes the worst of American black culture in general? Also pretending like they're not white at all? What's the point? If you must make your racial makeup your identity, at least try not to turn it into a millstone on your neck.

>i was just trolling guys
Here is you pity reply and a banana, now fuck off.

why do hue monkeys pretend that the only black people on earth are non ratchet black women when they are literally like .0001% of the black population?

90% of the Black population is webm related

Shut up Greece you are just trying to look white 36% is not *a drop* you fucking Turk.

She's super cute

I would make her cunny feel good

They are niggers.
I dont want anytging to do with nob castizos, too genetically different.


Worst thing is that you might mix a nigger up to having a light skin, but then you end up with these fake "white" people, who may look white, but have no intelligence.

free shit

why do you think that white lady pretended to be black?

Because the nigger genes almost always end up expressing themselves more than the white genes.

Mulattos look black. Oh, their skin is a little bit lighter, okay. They still have black eyes and black nappy hair and broad nigger noses and all this shit. They're black, for all intents and purposes.

They can profit from the institutions and culture designed to uplift blacks. They become the leaders of the gibsmedat coalition because they are more intelligent than full negroes. It's like the uruk-hai in the lord of the rings.

>unzips dick

he's a turbo manlet

I'm 1.9m m8, I have english and german ancestry which mean you can got fuck yourself niger dick sucker, kill yourself Tsipras

Race mixers breed retards, this explain that.


>Brazilians actually find this attractive.

Because they effectively can't identify with their white halves.

There's very few white cultural practices that haven't been mongrelised and abandoned, or are taken for granted.

The problem with you guys claiming that "Culture is White" is that there's nothing for anyone to grab onto.

It's one of the reasons I'm glad to live in an area with such strong regional culture. I get to celebrate my heritage not only because I'm of Mexican descent, but because I'm of Texan descent, and because I live in a region with heavy German influence. I get to be proud of all these things.

Can any white Americans say that -THEY- have genuine culture they can celebrate and hold and observe, without it being swallowed up by being the 'default', taken-for-granted culture? There's very little regional culture in most of the USA anymore except amongst minorities and small towns because everyone moves to the city.

It seems to be the same case with East Asians who have a drop of nigger blood in them. They look 100% nigger instead of part nigger.

It's not the best I've ever seen or my preference but I definitely find that attractive too.

How could you not?

>blue hair

Why do girls do this? It always looks fucking terrible.


Butthurt mongrel.

>M-muh race is getting washed out thread
You whites are funny.

Wtf it's almost 200 bucks

I just don't like dark skin at all. Also tattoos are disgusting and there is such a thing as having too big of an arse or tits, which she does. I think you would have to be a nigger yourself to find her attractive.

genetic fitness doesn't mean what most people think it does, its why intentional eugenics is necessary to lift man up from his animal roots

Have some more Cred Forums have some more
the future race is the mongrel race, embrace it.

>this same Greece shitposter with the same pics everytime

You always post these threads and in threads like this and ALWAYS shit up any thread with even the hint of discussion relating to pedophilia, you do nothing but shitpost.

The tits are good.

The ass isn't.

The tattoos are a red flag.

>This pic
It's just like eggs!

You could do something with that ONCE, there's a "not even once" joke waiting to come out, I'm just too lazy

Yeah the problem is the price, and the waiting time.

I don't like tattoos, didn't even notice that until you mentioned it.

I'm definitely not a nigger, but I just can't believe any straight guy wouldn't find her at least pretty attractive.


This is so fucking accurate

Well, I am straight, but that does not mean I would fuck anything that came along.

I'm gonna be real honest:

The story of Lancelot is -ALREADY- a cuck story. He is canonically a bull to Arthur's cuckold relationship with Guinevere.


Not anything but she's obviously not some ugly fucking pig. Would in a heartbeat if I didn't get diseases.


She seems ugly to me.

enjoy the 10-15 point IQ loss

why on earth you are still posting about blacks, go insult turks or something

I see nothing wrong with this picture, just a normal fucking family. Their daughter is pretty cute too.

What's wrong with you?

That's nigger speak

23 and me is a meme.

You can upload the data to gedmatch and get completely different results with each admixture analysis method.

>3.6% sub-saharan nigger
Wew lad I would've guessed at least half.


>partiu culto

Well, at least its church and not some degenate swing party.

To any idiot American who thinks mixing with mestizos will make them white, please refer to this pic.

You are just going to waste all the white genes trying to make a Pocahontas lookalike.

I'm very interested in getting tested and quantifying my disgusting mutt level. So OP's pic is from 23andMe but I see other, different, ones like and . What are those? Could someone recommend one of the available tests, maybe a knowledgeable user knows about the differences between them? gracias in advance



There is something wrong with you Americans. See your comment here The boy looks psychotic and none of them look anything like their father, he might as well be raising another man's children.

This, no race mixing.

We all have different tastes user, theres nothing wrong with that

please come to canada

The boy just looks bad because of the pic I'm sure, with a better expression it would be fine.

you again friccking beaner

I can only imagine what went on in the liberal cuck photographers head that led to him to photoshop her face.


I will never get this, you look at any favela and it looks like its abrigating the most poor in the world, but then you look at their rooftops and it cable TV everywhere.

unzips cock

The only nigger property she got is skin that doesn't burn easy. Seems beneficial.

Oh no, it's the blue dress phenomenon all over again.

Is every single poster from canada a nigger/brown "person"?


Boys just look shitty until they hit their growth spurt, man. I teach high schoolers. Most boys don't get over their awkwardness until they're around 17 or even until they're 20.

its a meme you dip

>mfw mulatto
>mfw 130 iq and studying Comp Sci at a top Uni
>mfw butthurt whites upset that their race is dying out

who else wuz kang?

fuck that picture

64% European
100% qt
So, why is racemixing bad?

It's a boring sunday night so I'll just shitpost to annoy the shit out of stormcucks for my personal satisfaction.

You forgot the weird skull shape giant nigger lips weird nose and 15 IQ points defficiency.

>The average African IQ is estimated at 79.

>Human intelligence is highly heritable.

Cute girl. I'd have said an arab parent or maybe even grandparent.


It creates Americans.

What happened to you, Sweden? Who hurt you?

Are his pinkies unusually small or are mine unusually long?

If you're going to post this stuff post better quality for fucks sake.

>her nose can be a huge italian honker
WTF are u on about m8?

Those are small. I have small hands and my pinkies aren't like that.

There was a study done by one of these DNA testing groups. They found that the Euro-American genome was almost 99% European.

We've been here with the Natives and the Nogs for hundreds of years and we've remained amazingly pure.

>see a sweet girl like this
>she goes to federal college
>suddenly she returns looking like a cross between Joker and King Kong

tfw @antesdepoisdafe ruined federal college for me

Why do neckbeards have such low standards?

I'd rather post faveladas

"black dad" more like mulatto. And you can still see the black, as much you can in the girl in the original post.

A lot of the blacks you show to sell black man/white woman mixes are New World mulatto black and white woman.

Full black and white woman looks almost 100% black. Look at Seal's kids with that German model. As her white genes couldn't make those kids white looking and she was supposed to be a top tier white woman.

Great place to find out if you're one of gods chosen

no, I'm pure bred European and I can't wait to throw it all away and racemix with some spicy asian, latina, mulatto, or coloured african queen. The fact that you guys think your racial heritage and tradition is worth anything in 2016 is hilarious and just so cute! Hood blacks are the strawman everyone loves to make fun of here on Cred Forums but at the same time people like you have the same "WHER U FROM" mentality as if it matters. I just can't get enough of it, never stop, never surrender. I believe in you guys.

To be fair, if you were Jeb, would YOU want your kids to look like you?


There is nothing wrong with this pic. Lmao you are projecting hard

Levant Arabs/Iranians are the only non-whites that don't outright destroy you genetically. Getting an Asian in your family line will pretty much destroy it, your sons will have very hard lives.


She looks like she'd be a great romp m8


You are sick in the head. Also nobody cares about your weird cuck fantasies. Go away subhuman trash

Just Google DNA testing, there are lots of labs out there. I fell for the 23n me meme, it's way overpriced and ran by kikes. But it's still super cool to know

the 3% black still comes out but that European admixture could be mislabeled since Albanians such could have a lot of African admixture from the neolithic or bronze age.

Damn, she looks weird. Looks Hispanic. Maybe some Gypsy. Snookie is part gypsy, it appears. Who knows?

Dubya had two good looking daughters, the potential was there.

Jeb was 6'4" and in a rich political family. He could've gotten a decent white girl if he had an ounce of confidence.

You're not supposed to green text the last line retard

>Northwest Russia

Are the favelas a good place to pick up chicks, given that one makes it out alive?

Would you greekboy ?

Destruction of a biologically distinct genotype seems like a waste, especially one that is a global minority.

But the white dude bleached that. Daughter is a considerable upgrade over the mother.

Son looks retarded, not that's he half black... he just looks like doofus.

>He could've gotten a decent white girl if he had an ounce of confidence.
Or an even hotter black, Latina, or East-Asian woman.


kek, they'd probably look worse if they looked like the dad desu.

The kid actually looks like his dad

>Talking about one drop rule


Wow! It's the worst aesthetics from all races!

Or you know he could marry a regular White woman instead of that gorilla and have normal kids instead of those hideous mongrels.

Avetage nigger iq is 75 average indian iq is 85
25% difference between euro and nig, 8% nig has iq score drop of 2 points, 8% indian has iq drop of 1 point
Im left with 97iq racial average

Got hit with shit rng rolls still decent to have society.

So many Elliot Rodgers clones in one thread

Hideous mongrels

He fell in love with his high school sweetheart that he met during an exchange program in Mexico.

There is no purer love than what he and his wife have, man.

Who the fuck cares about racial purity? That kind of romance and love is from a bygone era, and should be preserved.


>a black man with a wig

do me a fucking favor and stop this shit.

The kids look like him except they have dark skin and hair,
Plus the girl looks white enough

>ms paint is my only argument
kill yourself

>Plus the girl looks white enough
What? She doesn't look white at all.

Elliot was a decent looking guy, he just had a psychotic mental state from his Jew father, and likely other reasons.

I don't think so

>Who the fuck cares about racial purity
>American flag

That explains a lot.

Mixed guy reporting in.

I'm just glad I wasn't born with ugly curly nigger hair or an African nose.

Still like being mixed thoigh. I look ambiguous.

calm down. White dudes can bleach colored girls because they can remain fertile until they die.

They can make more white people and more mixed people.

White women should stick to white to make more white people.

The Eurasian genes can be passed down by white males extremely efficiently through polygyny or just cumming into colored chicks and then dumping them.

Then who do the mixed-race people marry and mate with? Do mixed-race prefer other mixed-race, or do they just go to Whites to marry and mate with? I am genuinely curious. Since The Powers That Be are pushing race-mixing, just curious what race the mixed-racers prefer.

Moar my hue friend

Mongrels of Cred Forums unite

honestly it's better when its just a quarter of one race and 3/4 another, half and half can look a little ratchet.

Heritable diseases are also recessive and more common in homogeneous populations. That girl is probably healthier in general and has a better immune system than the average white or black.

Good for you

>Are the favelas a good place to pick up chicks

What do you think? Even a dead average White American is a walking god in the favelas. Tell them you love them and they'll let you do anything you want, as often as you want.

Even the slim hope of a ticket out of that shithole makes rough anal look like the deal of a lifetime.

muh heritage

>eternal Argentine is scheming as usual

hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehe xd

>36% non-white
>36% = 1%?????

>Greek Education

I went on a date with a columbian chick who looked like that. What a bitch. Fucking crazy cunt man. I just wanted to fuck her. I did, and now she is just spamming my phone like "Why we no hang out?" Her English is awful. Sex was good, but not worth the hassle.

>White dudes can bleach colored girls

Keep your weird cuck fantasies to yourself. Also implying mongrels aren't as bad as full blown nigs.

5% live in favelas, but 100% of them are such a waste of sperm and egg that they may as well be honorary niggers.

my grandparents didn't fight for this bullshit

I am against race mixing, genetic groups should stick to their own.



Not true. Bad genes simply die.

The Han Chinese are very homogeneous and very healthy.

Diverse populations can lose immunities to diseases like the plague and such.



I really give no fucks about racial purity. I live in a heavily racemixed state, and we are one of the most prosperous regions in the nation without being degenerate.

Jeb was never going to marry anyone else, man.

For god's sake, his high school major was LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES.

If she didn't come to the United States, he was going to move to Mexico to be with her.

That kinda love is valuable.


I as a mulatto prefer Caucasian women over anything else. Most black women are ugly and most of the time act ghetto.



We hate Che Guevara down here except for edgy leftist faggots who should GTFO back to Cuba.

You guys realize that due to climate change and hotter weather, white skin will need to get breeded out genetically.

Think of it as an evolution. White skin under hot scorching weather conditions is just asking for trouble in the future.


What's the best place to get one of these tests done?



Literally retarded


Thanks for answering.


Nice facebook meme you giant faggot. I love how this thread triggers all the trash. Niggers leftucks jews mongrels race traitors redditors. Pure gold I will be posting it more often.

Not actually true, it also has health problems, for instance organ transplants become a thousand times harder when dealing with mixed populations.


Can't go one day without seeing someone try too hard to be edgy around here.

They came out looking Middle Eastern and Central Asian.

What sort of admixture does his wife have?

Anyhow, George H Bush had like 4 or 5 sons and 2 or 3 of them married white women.

But the one called George is the half Mexican one.


Then how else will white genes survive in the future you fucking retard?


>actually becomes kang

>ends up stabbed to death by an angry mob

Wow! BTFO'd. I love Selena Gomez now.

Why are you posting pictures of Irishmen?


You niggers are useless.

George H has full North Europoid grandsons, too.


"Climate change" will not change the amount of UV radiation reaching the earth's atmosphere you retarded mognoloid. I better hope you are trolling I am literally shaking because of your stupidity right now.

I think he's referring to how that 3.6% nigger is enough to make her look like an almost full nigress.

Sun burns are caused by ultraviolet light, not temperature.

No problem.


You can see the dysgenic effect in action over time



Based British and Irish Northwestern European.

This could literally be mine.

Who is the man in the overlay?

>not posting superior Mexican waifu

pretty sad man

How much money does shilling pay?

>amazing tits aren't hey

valeu cara

>this bullshit

Actually it was proved by science that breeding with your 3rd or 4th rate cousins produce a healthier offspring than breeding with foreigners...

Kill yourself cuck




Do you guys really think the UV levels are not gonna reach extreme highs in the future?


boner fell

>tfw when jewish, russian, and mongol.
I'm gonna get the dna test to be sure.

>Tfw blond Aryan male

>Want to blanda with black and mixed women

Sorry fellows. It's one of the deepest instincts. I have a primal urge to breed with qt dusky women.





maybe even a little armenian


welcome to the juden dystopia


So all us beans, man Whats gonna happen to all of us?

Eventually those European genes or those Injun genes are gonna be rubbed out, whic do you guys think will be the first to go?


>Not realizing skin color is a result of genetics over the course of thousands of years
>Not realizing that eventually shitskins in Sweden will eventually become white because of this

100% white reporting in
daily reminder that we are the only ones the founding father gave liberty to




>be 100% white man
>marry brown but passable mexican woman
>sons come out like they're from iraq
damn those brown and black genes can seriously fuck up a genome

That's fucking moronic. Black skin in blacks evolved because their primate line evolved in the equator.

Organisms in the equator are darker than other places because of humanity. It's summer almost 365 days a year. There is a rainy season and a dry season. When it rains, it's still hot as fuck.

Organisms outside of the equator are lighter because it's less humid, less sunny, less hot. The skin has to have less melanin for vitamin D.

Melanin = radiation shield.

Mushrooms in chernobyl mutated and get jet black or ultra greenish-brown to shield their cells from radiation.

If we survived a nuclear apocalypse we wouldn't turn black, we'd probably turn into green martians.


My actual cousin.

Wew. She went to my alma mater.

Let's see some more Tejana QTs!

you know thats not a drop, right buddy?


she doesn't look like a nigger

her brown skin comes from her 29.7% East Asian & Native American

Most African Americans too

Take that shit too Cred Forums mother fucker!

Enoch Powell was a British conservative MP who warned about the effects of mass immigration in the 60's and got booted out of his party as a result.


Post moar norbro

>Thinking White European is just skin colour

the second a beautiful brown girls gives you space you will fall from your pedestals


Yes, it is real.

Will not fucking race-mix, ever.


I meant humidity.



True that

Also reminder that racemixing and miscegenation were banned in America just 60 years ago.

ty user




youre gonna be even more upset when we kill you

stop posting ugly tramps... hoodrats.

If you're gonna post colored ladies, post some classy ones.


She looks like a fucking nigger in my perspective as chink who lives with other chinks.




No par of their dna communicate correctly.
This planet want species to divide, not reunite.
You are punished harshly if you try.

>My actual cousin.
Wow seriously? Did you know her before she was shot?


>ayyyy sit down right here whyte boi


The Mestizo girl without black genes snuck in just look Central Asian... Turkic. Some still look Mediterranean. Some of the chicks you post may not even be mixed... they're just everyday common Mediterranean phenotype chicks.

Just because they have a tan doesn't mean they're mestizo.

If whites are the best race, why are their genes so easily subverted when racemixing occurs? Why don't half black half white kids ever look white? Are white genes so weak that they're incapable of preserving their traits in mixed offspring?


She's attractive due to her blue eyes and soft blond hair and light skin and thinner features.

She's a living testament to white aesthetic Supremecy.

Anyone who can't see this is literally insane.

ugly face

Barely knew her. Saw her once or twice. I was in like the 6th grade when she got murdered, so she's pretty much before my time.

What specifically isn't true?

It's a fact that I carry genes for multiple recessive heritable diseases and if I have children with someone with some of those same genes they are likely to be expressed in a sick child. We only know about the most extreme cases of these bad genes, they are found because they are backtraced from identifiable diseases, likely there are many more.

It's a fact that "Individuals with more diverse MHCs have an increased chance of survival under selection via infectious diseases."

>Organ transplants
nothing to do with your actual health


Yo ass too, Brutetious?

Where can I get one of these ancestry test done?


0.1% unassigned.

Hi Tyrone.



Yeah, nobody is scared of the global frying meme anymore.
Sorry, shylock.




Looks like an average Greek to me.

It would be better if that actually finished the tits dropping afterwords.


Central asians didn't colonize south america, spaniards did... if someone has slightly brown skin in south america, 99 out a hundred times they have native ancestry somewhere along the line. And most natives can be traced back to either polynesians or east russians.

Not the prettiest face. Looks bitchy. Bitchy faces look better on full white girls.

This one looks friendlier and more sexually attractive, even though her face is "blacker." Bigger eyes... more neotany.



Yeah you caught me I get paid to post personal opinions and be a pedophile on Cred Forums.

That MHC one hits home painfully.

I'm from a founding family in a small Texas city, and because of the lack of general mobility for 150 years, I am fairly inbred like most other hispanics from old families down here.

I've got all sorts of autoimmune issues because my own body's too retarded to recognize its MHCs as its own.

Take a biology class and learn about dominant/recessive genes, retard.

Some genetic diseases are dominant traits, and they're bad things.


God that's incredible. I grew up in corpus christi, walked pass her statue by the beach all the time.

Why are you trying to subvert whites? Just stay in mulatto brazil

You fucking nigger





cute traps are okay

What do you mean?




Fuc off leaf

Kingsville here, but my Dad's family has roots in Corpus Christi.

It's not that unusual. She's Quintanilla and Hernandez, and those are both SUPER deep families that have been around for more than a century just like the Montalvos and King Ranch Garcias.

Thats not how it works you dumb fucking monkey

The habitable world will just shrink a little..Whites have 4 places as large as America full of whites.


Your state is mulatto, stop bothering gringos.




Assuming the common migrational common ancestors of Caucasoid was brown entering europe from the east, their range of melanin levels were probably just enough to not die of Rickets but to have it occasionally happen, so that lighter and lighter skin became available until becoming the modern white man.

Somolians and other sub-saharans probably wouldn't make it though, I heard they have autism rates at insane levels in northern europe.

They can't trace their lineage to Polynesias. I think only a tiny bit of isolated hunter-gatherer tribes could have been related to Austronesian or Polynesian in South America. Maybe in the Amazon, not sure.

The North American, Central American, and North South American Indians... the ones link to pyramids originate from Central Asia.

And those Siberians are Central Asian in ancestry... duh.

These are the eys of a serial killer.
His hobby is maiming animals and collecting pictures from girls he knows but can't talk to.



If I was white I'd tell you to go have buttsex with Trudeau, but since I'm not, I won't

10/10, man. What's her ethnic makeup?