Richard Spencer thoughts?

This guy is a fucking cuck, claiming ownership of the alt right, clearly doesn't get it

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He's too racist for my tea

this is so gay

You can't have that haircut with a fat neck like that.

>claiming ownership of the alt right
he doesn't do that

he's okay.

i have literally never heard of him

Pretty gud.

Looks like shit.

He looks like the lead singer of a blackgaze band

Illuminati confirmed.

People like Rachel Maddow portray him as the leader and its so fucking annoying. how is it helping at all? he just wants more fame


He was alt right ebfor you were alt right fuck off new fag.

He coined the name alt right.

Better than anyone else at the moment.

Most people who complain appear to be either shills, or insecure faggots.

Then do something about it, bitch.

fuck im such a noob on Cred Forums, don't know how to reply to someones comment

RP is a pretty cool guy. Presents white nationalism in an infinitely better manner than say David Duke.

not to purity spiral or anything but every single time he goes on a podcast everything just becomes so incredibly low energy
>no, no, of course you're right Richard, we're not going to actually gas the kikes, it's hyperbole
>yes Richard, gays do have a place in white society
etc etc

> Implicitly white

But Richard Spencer literally created the term alt-right back in 2009-2010. Too bad he is a faggot otherwise he is OK

>literally coined the term
>has been spearheading it since 2010
what makes you a fucking authority?

How does he feel about white hispanics?

That is such a bad picture of him.

I don't know who the fuck that guy is but from what I can tell...

... at least he has an identity unlike all you newfags.

Then lurk more.

Either go out and gas the kikes, or shut the fuck up.

Bitching about someone while you do notihing is the least European trait going.

>claiming ownership
But he isn't. He is merely one prominent figure.

every RS fanboy getting butthurt making strawman arguments

the reason why the alt-right is so effective is because the MSM can't define it, they don't have a focal point to attack, hence why theve chosen a frog and look like idiots.

is that real?

he is the only one of you faggots who has staked his name and personal safety on his beliefs.

He invented the term, you mouth-breather.

>claiming ownership of the alt right

He coined the term, he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. The ideas are another whole thing, they predate this generation by hundreds of years.

How much time does this faggot spend on /fa/?

Jared Taylor is the undisputed champion

Fair, I didn't know he deserves so much credit. But how is he helping standing next to that gay logo and defining what the alt-right is to the media?

ITT, we summon Richard Spencer. We all know damn well that he probably shills for Hill on here everyday. He's a CTR agent and needs to be taken out as soon as possible.

this is the dude who gives out free handjobs down by the Lincoln tunnel?

Because he is the only one doing it.

If you only shitpost on Cred Forums, don't complain about the outside world.

No enemies on the alt-right, you fucking autist faggots.

Judging by his appearance, none.

anyone who claims to be the leader of anything need to be shot

that isn't how it works

also that guy looks like a fucking faggot

This has to be the absolute worst logo I've seen in a very long while...

Fucking horrendous. Reminds me of those "minimal merchant" threads where people would make merchants out of like 3 angled lines

But the alti right is more or less defined

Pic related if you don't hold most of those views you are not alt-right

t. biophobic leaf

I stopped reading/watching his shit when he came out shilling for the EU under the pretense of "reform"

he was for the fucking EU!! Then he is scum

Underrated post

He is bisexual (even though he has a wife and kid nowdays) has written several articles praising homoerotisism and trying to portray faggotry as an integral part of Western civilisation and is a friend of the repugnant faggot Milo Yiannopoulos.

stop being autistic björk.

what do you think will get accomplished by screaming sieg heil and gas the kikes 24/7?

is that ALL you are about?

He's a fucking faggot, the Phalanx was the faggiest shit in the history of the Right, and he deserves to be thrown in the bog.

what a fag

lol, edgy as fuck

Back to your containment subreddit memeing tard

>claiming ownership of the alt right
How can you claim ownership of something that doesn't exist?

hes has explicitly said on several occasions that he is not the leader


Yes. Gavin always does this shit.

Pretty based for a faggot, but he wants to obliterate the cultural diversity of Western Europe into a generic "whiteness." He's an enemy of ethno-nationalists everywhere, because he only cares about the "ethno-," and not the "-nationalist." This puts him above the entirety of the Left, but he's still interested in a totalizing plan that destroys Western Civilization's identity. This is why he's so ardently supportive of the European Union.

Hes a self proclaimed leader shill faggot, he owned a website called the alternative right. Nigger.

That guy is the world fashy haircut champion.

I'm just saying, the alt-right isn't going to achieve democratically, not as long as women and non-whites are allowed a say anyhow, this is pretty much the underlying theme of the movement
so why does he feel the need to cuck on the important issues and try to appeal to normalfags all the fucking time
effectively it's not going to get us anywhere and it just makes us look soft to the radicals that may be interested in joining
I can't tell you how many "nordfronts" and "resistance movements" have come and gone in just this country over the years, because they're going about it democratically, they're getting dressed up in suits and standing outside of supermarkets with fliers but it doesn't. work.
the jews' claws are too deeply ingrained in to western culture at this point

until we start forming right wing death squads nothing will change

he's also noticeably much further to the left than most of the people on the actual alt-right.

A generic whiteness is pretty much a good idea for America, especially at this point, but I agree it's not for Europe.

>Coined the term

Its a broad way of saying anything not traditional right. He leeched onto Cred Forumss arguments and dank may mays to revitalize his failed career, and website. None of these people taking credit and being the media face for this political "movement" know what the fuck theyre talking about, theyre all reddit tier faggots pretending to get the joke, except maybe milo who actually browses Cred Forums.

Who cares? Cred Forums isn't alt-right. Cred Forums is Cred Forums.

Got owned by Roland Martin.
Trying to take Cred Forums echo chamber speech into real world dialogue will have you sounding/looking like a FOOL. Alt right speech isn't based in anything factual when it comes to blacks. Jews on the other on.

Cred Forums is being considered apart of the alt right, and apparently we have leaders like this gay looking sweater model.

>He claims he's the leader of the alt right


I generally like him, but he tends to act like race is the only important issue, he's also a bit up his own ass sometimes.


Ah yes, my tadpole minions.

Surrender to the path of least resistance.

How people use their money is how people live their lives, raise their children and vote for policy- i mean politicians.

It's all going according to plan my children.

Pic related, his name is shekels and he's the money loving frog who laughs at poor people.


He registered that website over 3 years ago faggot, the first mention of an "Alternative-right" was in an article about how the right-wing is rising in 2008.
Richard just jumped on it and was successful with the term.

Doing what exactly? What the fuck do any of these people do for us?

>has written several articles praising homoerotisism and trying to portray faggotry as an integral part of Western civilisation
Source? or are you just talking about that tweet where he fucked up his grammar and accidentally started the "implicit" meme?

Which is bad because the guy is just a boring old faggot just like jared Taylor and David duke.

Taylor and duke have been doing basically the same thing as Richard spencer for 20 years and they've only managed to get fringe followings.

They aren't fun. The way they do things doesn't make people want to join in.

What is effective and powerful about "the alt right" is that it makes people want to join in because it is fun and funny.

The things Richard spencer talks about and the way he talks about them are the opposite of that.

He's a big liability. The so-called alt right would be much more effective without him claiming to be a representative and creating a logo as though it's a company or organisation.

>Makes thread on the alt-right
>Richard Spencer doesn't
You couldn't make this shit up.
He's an ethnic nationalist and is far better than almost all the other faggots claiming to speak for the alt-right. Also he did coin the word.
I bet you are from reddit and think the alt-right right is about free speech.

He's doing something instead of being contained on boards like this one while the demographic clock ticks toward fucking zero.

He's uncompromisingly pro white in the REAL WORLD. If this civilization collapses, a bunch of anti-racist, feminist, pseudo-marxists aren't going to magically see the light. A lot of low-information average joes will go with the liberals, too.

Best to try to do something rather than lay down and die. He speaks in memes right now because that's his audience. Trump also acts like a buffoon all the fucking time, but you know what? I know that he does it because that's what it takes to get attention right now. We don't live in a perfect world, guys, so wake the fuck up.

>tfw you'll never go with Richard on wild Japanese adventure.

Enough said

Im more then aware of his website, as should all of Cred Forums before you blindly follow a leader like this faggot. I dont think you understand whats going on. But this guy is taking credit, and lumping Cred Forums in with everything he says and does, and apparently hes a leader for the alt right. Im still going to laugh at the situation, but hopefully Cred Forums doesnt buy into this alt right bullshit. We shouldnt be adopting terms we dont set ourselves.

I like him.

>This guy is a fucking cuck, claiming ownership of the alt right

As was said, Spencer coined the term. He also has explained quite thoroughly that "Alt-Right" as he defines it does not encompass the entirety of white nationalist movements. But after Hillary's speech it became a blanket term to identify anyone who isn't a cuckservative on the Right. Spencer repeatedly refutes any claims of being the "leader" of the AR but considering how long he's worked to legitimize the movement it's understandable why he is treats it so personally.

Most people who openly oppose RS either resent him as some sort of elitist or think NPI's brand of WN and philosophy isn't representative of their take on it.

People like Matthew Heimbach and Natt Danelaw have a personal vendetta with Spencer and people like Greg Johnson, b/c the former two are die-hard christians and their die-hard religious beliefs have been the source of a lot of unnecessary drama. Heimbach in particular seemed more interested in getting in the spotlight and causing drama than establishing respectability. Natt fundamentally opposes Pan-europeanism, which RS supports.

pretty much what the redcoat says.
Other than Spencer the closest thing to a figure head we have for the alt-right is Jared Taylor and he does the head shake and hand to the throat thing if anyone brings up the JQ.

That's not an article.

Nice fashy haircut.

Nor is he saying it's integral, he's just saying it exists in the west and will continue, are you saying he's promoting homosexuality just because he's not screaming "gas all the fags sex wars now"

dude you dont even know, literally EVERYWHERE he goes asian chicks manage to sniff him out and start coming on to him.

>Milofags and Sarcuckians are mad that Spencer is alt-right

Richard Spencer has already said the new wave of the alt-right happened completely independently of him.

He's speaking the truth. Homosexuality has been around for a long time, and it isn't exactly going away. That's a statement of fact and nothing more. Not an endorsement.

At any rate, homosexuality is not very harmful as long as its public acceptability remains very low. Would we be better off without it? Yes, but there's no good way to stamp it out.

Heimbach is our version of Rohm, he makes sure the street fights are won but the long knives are still being polished.

>>Natt thinks he can be a die hard Christcuck and white nationalist at the same time
>He also opposes pan-Europeanism
Wtf? Who is this faggot? Literally trying to crash it with no survivors.

He talks in memes because we give him credit, and make him famous. We dont need people like him, Cred Forums is a large board, with people across the world. You really want representatives and "leadership" getting slapped around by the mainstream media? We get away with this shit because the memes are funny, and its always been about the luls. Theres nothing funny about this guy, and I see nothing positive coming from his presence on CNN. Just my opinion.

I finally found someone better than me...

he's a faggot closet case and has no idea what he is talking about

"alt-right" is a retarded clinton buzzword to try and nail jello to the wall

At least milo is a good troll.

>tfw kike mutilated me and stole my foreskin


He just asked if you had anything else besides that tweet. I swear you people read comments like you pay back loans.

Hey at least he did not fall for the circumcision jew

I can't listen to any of his appearances because of his fucking effeminate voice.
Same with Greg Johnson.
No surprise that they always peddle moderate rhetoric.

>just because he's not screaming "gas all the fags sex wars now"

But he did the exact opposite by praising and normalising sodomy. He is also pushing the fallacy that sodomy was accepted in ancient societies which is extrmely offensive to me as a Greek.

Men having anal sex with other men is not culture. It's like saying that people who eat their own shit have been a part of European society and culture for millennia

looks like something a faggot teenager wrote

>Matthew Heimbach
Isn't he that overweight LARPing attention whore?
The dude's a straight up asperger.

Yeah sorry I don't have the time to check hundreds of articles from his journal or an obscure blog. His pro faggotry attitude is nicely condensed in those 140 characters though.

When are they going to start giving away private islands? WHERE ARE MY REPARATIONS?

Listened to him on a podcast (cant remember which one), he was talking about the GOP convention where he drank all night with Milo and Milo's friends. Then chuckled and signed, alot.
Seemed disturbing, wtf went down there? I think RS partying with known druggy faggot and his fag friends probably did drugs, got drunk, and had gangbang gay sex with the other GOP elite.

so sad.

Any good goy can find many excerpts of RS coyly chuckling about his really fun rated "M" time at the GOP convention after parties.

Well, it isn't about the luls for me. It's fine that it is for you, but I thought that this board was about finding truth, not entertaining oneself until it all ends.

>Heimbach is our version of Rohm, he makes sure the street fights are won but the long knives are still being polished.

His pettiness and constant heckling really made me lose all respect for the guy. Like Duke, he'd rather continue to be a caricature of what the Left constantly tries to demonize us as than grow our movement and solidify ourselves as a political force rather.

The constant purity spiraling we engage in only continues to undermine our chances of being more than just a bunch of keyboard warriors posting dank memes and fashy podcasts.

You complete overestimate the power of this board.
People need an aspirational figure. It's all about proving you are batter than someone else which is why poor and middle class college educated fags are always so quick to signal how progressive they.
Like it or not we live in a superficial world.

He's not promoting anything, he simply stated it exists. Like this user said I'm not blindly following him based on what /ol/ has told me, I've been following him for the last 2 years, he's said multiple times on Radix, and other far right sources that he doesn't wish to co-opt himself as the leader of the alt-right. I respect his representation solely for the fact that he can present himself well and speak like an educated adult, once you make yourself presentable people will listen to you, and once people listen to us the sooner we can wake up more whites.

Richard spencer tried to create a website that happened to be called in 2008 where he talked about white supremacy .

He remained literally-who tier for years after that.

Milo independently started using the phrase alt-right to refer to people who are belligerent and trolley and meme-y online against feminism and other liberal diseases.

Spencer tried to piggyback off this and claim relevancy because he happened to register the website name first.

He's nobody.

Talking about white supremacy is not going to help trump get elected you fucking retard.

Boring faggots like jared Taylor and David duke have already been doing that for a long time. It appeals to certain people but has a narrow appeal which is why they only have fringe audiences.

There are a shitload of men who are disgruntled by the left wing and contemporary left wing media's culture of hypersensitivity, blaming white men for everything, complaining about rape culture then hypocritically saying nothing about Arab Muslims, rampant immigration from Middle East and Africa, forced acceptance of transsexuals, etc.

The alt right, as characterised by milo yianopolis , appeals to these people and makes them want to join in.

Of these men a small fraction strongly want , without memeing, an all-white country to be formed on American soil. These are who spencer appeals to.
For the rest, his schtick doesn't appeal.

He is not an energising guy. He's a younger David duke, someone who would have only gotten a fringe following.

Rather than trying to piggy back and take so much credit in order to self-promote, he should just stay quiet and stop being a liability to the alt right.

Nowt wrong with having preferences for hot beverages m8

*They are
If I was on reddit my opinion would have disregarded for those mistakes.

Milos debut album cover

I like him. How is someone who goes on Fox radio advocating for a white ethnostate a cuck?

WTF is respectability?
Lets say I started a RWDS with 100 men, we cleared out an entire side of town from diversity, then more joined the cause. Sending as many non whites south to Mexico before we die in glory or MAGA.

Would all you faggots talk shit about a man who actually accomplished something for a cause you claim to care about?


Who is this guy? Is he the one that man-lady on msnbc was talking about?

Well your opinion is disregarded here because your "anonymous".

So scary, hack me with them scary digits plz.


He literally said that men having anal sex and fisting each others assholes is part of European culture. This is proposterous.

Anyway I don't even dislike him he is based on most stuff and he is well preesenting articulate well read etc.

What this nerd said, people like Jared and Richard and sadly Milo do is get your normies into the movement so they can later become autistic LARPers like Heimbach and Duke.

>Fuck the jews
>Chooses a minimalist logo

Spencer's decent, but this had better change.

>Wtf? Who is this faggot? Literally trying to crash it with no survivors.

He was one of the hosts of Radio Free Skyrim, used to be one of the smaller podcasts on TRS. Personally, I saw him as one of those people who gets too swept up in his own emotions and rhetoric to be an asset. Real "crabs in a bucket" mentality. But again, that's just my take.

People who constantly look to "purge" so called detractors or undesirables often do so because they don't have anything of their own to stand on.


Exactly. You get it.

What makes the alt-right effective is that it is funny and makes people want to join in.

Richard spencer is anti-fun.
Low energy.
He's making attempts at using memes to piggyback on Cred Forums and and Cred Forums's Twitter and Reddit counterparts' achievements.

It will harm the alt-right's effectiveness of the media spotlight is shone in this boring, unpalatable man talking about how much he wants an all-white nation to be built in Maine or whatever Then claim he is a spokesperson for the alt-right.

>He literally said that men having anal sex and fisting each others assholes is part of European culture.

It's a happy merchant though

>namefag being an authority on anything

He started it. He can own it, for good or bad.


Flattered @ the idea of being an authority.

Stay out of Detroit if you know what's good for ya.

Unless, you know, you got them dank memes.

It's because he IS the leader. Maddow did her expose like 4 fucking years ago on him.

Who gives a shit. We're Cred Forums.

Let the White Nationalists re-brand if they want. None of our business.

>He's making attempts at using memes to piggyback on Cred Forums and and Cred Forums's Twitter and Reddit counterparts' achievements
Richard barely cares about Cred Forums, the only pepes and memes he sees are whats leaked to him from TheRightStuff;s forums and whatever pops up on his twitter feed.
The overtone window in 2016 being pushed towards the right wasn't done by Cred Forums alone, you know that right?
It was pushed rightward by multiple people within a network of far-right travelers helping push their message, not only Cred Forums.

Hes spot on, whats the problem here?

>Lets say I started a RWDS with 100 men, we cleared out an entire side of town from diversity, then more joined the cause. Sending as many non whites south to Mexico before we die in glory or MAGA.

Because until you go out and do just that, it's LARPing. There's a reason 60% of all the neo-nazi gangs and remaining KKK are FBI informants.

Otherwise, go back to playing hearts of iron and your Turner Diaries fanfiction.

>Milo independently
No he reported on a group who called themselves alt-right(most likely because of Richard)
>He's nobody.
Says you milo loving faggot
>Talking about white supremacy is not going to help trump get elected you fucking retard.
Kek, what?
>Boring faggots like jared Taylor and David duke have already been doing that for a long time. It appeals to certain people but has a narrow appeal which is why they only have fringe audiences.
I believe that's changing.
>The alt right, as characterised by milo yianopolis , appeals to these people and makes them want to join in.
They have men's right groups. The only reason milo calls himself alt-right is because those groups failed and aren't taboo enough to get him free publicity. We don't have any groups.
>Of these men a small fraction strongly want , without memeing, an all-white country to be formed on American soil. These are who spencer appeals to.
So? Milo was the one to subvert the Cred Forums movement
>For the rest, his schtick doesn't appeal.
Fuck off then.
>He is not an energising guy. He's a younger David duke, someone who would have only gotten a fringe following.
The only reason milo got attention was because he was gay. That's why we need people like Spencer.
>piggy back
Wrong way around.

Or a faggot jew

The Alt Right is literally Richard Spencer and his buddies.

The media have just tried to roll all of us under the same banner to make it easier for attack pieces.

It's like calling Al Qeada "ISIS" etc.

That was my point retard.

Implicit pyramid scheme


If we want to win we've got to go mainstream. He successfully treads the line of putting the alt-right's position so that he's interviewed at all, yet the alt-right doesn't hate him that much. Plus he's a smart guy, really. Listen to any number of podcasts and interviews and discussions, he's always insightful. The alt-right is lucky to have him for a face-man. And btw he explicitly disavows being the leader, but he's kind of acting leader - he organizes conferences, talks to the media (well), talks to 'the troops' all the time - he's as much leader as there is. And whatever he's doing, he's doing a good job.

The Alt-right is a white nationalist movement, nigger lover.

That was milo. Spencer wasn't involved. There's an article in the daily Stormer about it.

>no one itt mentions kevin macdonald

It is a bit gay imo - but got a better one? He said he was going for a 'Duran Duran' look.

Come up with a better one pol - I don't doubt Cred Forums can.

I don't know what you're talking about. Milo takes membership fees for the Phalanx® network? You do realize that Spencer charges $10,000/year for an actual, unironic, real alt-right gold membership? You even get a portion of the fees from any friends you recruit, so you can MAKE MONEY BACK!

It should be implied. He's spoken at events with Spencer.

Honestly never heard of him.

Good writer, I use The Culture of Critique as a stand for my anime figures sometimes.
The dude is honestly 10/10

Kill him


He doesn't claim ownership, just likes to say he couned the term because it's his lame claim to fame.

Anyway he's the best ideologue the alt right has. My only concern with him is that his idea of a breakup of the US into ethnostates is completely delusional.

Way to dispel what he said..



That's the problem with decentralization. It's the same way Anonymous was hijacked by SJW fags a few years back.

Anyone can step forward and claim leadership. But since everyone's anonymous and it's decentralized, nobody can come forward and disprove it, since there exists no hierarchy to begin with.

That's 50% bullshit buddy.

Normies need leaders. Without normies, you remain weak. I guess you don't give a shit about actually winning society back. You'd prefer to just sit around fucking making memes for the next 50 years of your life than actually winning and being able to go back into public again, and enjoy your fucking life.


He kind of comes off as kind of smug, but will come in useful bringing the gas lit normie NPR listeners who will hear is voice and be attracted to his intellectual sounding tone. Still better mascot than the jewish faggot Milo. For leaders of the Alt-right I still prefer Anglin, Mike Enoch or Hyde. Although I think there are way funnier guys in the alt-right that could write a way better sketch comedy show than Hyde, but he's the only one who's had the balls to do it thus far.

Defend Spencer all you like, but Natt is the leader of the alt-right.

Stormer's a pretty good site though, you should check out Andrew Anglin's opinion. If you don't believe me, you can believe him.

He's a (imo) salty, now working class guy who is entertainingly vehement in his hatred for the brown invaders in Denmark. He lives near a refugee center. He's on several podcasts, and also has a pair of them on 'Atavistic Intelligence', another alt-right podcast. Here:

But let me not put him down, he's surprisingly educated for a now factory worker. His big point is that we've talked too long, it's time to take action. Intellectuals can get side-tracked too easily.

well done

wtf you just changed my weekend forever

Apparently coined the term "altright"


some other stuff by him


This is complete bullshit

>Milo independently started using the phrase alt-right to refer to people who are belligerent and trolley and meme-y online against feminism and other liberal diseases.

No, Milo started using it when the meme "cuckservative" trended on twitter and got a lot of media attention, that's when the "alt-right" first got media attention. Milo was piggybacking off of MPC and TRS, and Cred Forums too.

You honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

>He is not an energising guy
Maybe, but where do you think the "energy" of the alt-right is coming from? It's Cred Forums, TRS and the Dailystormer. It's the racists. Milo is just latching on to it as an already established media personality.


He describe it as utopian in an interview and compared it to the left and communism. It's aspirational and not meant to be realistic.
Dispel what?
Your page doesn't even talk about Spencer.

Are you the leader of National Action or something and sore because you haven't gotten any fame yet? Don't worry, your time will probably come.

You have a point, so do all other people here.

I'm 50% in support of the chaos mode of what we do here, and I'm ALSO 50% in support of serious, strong leaders that actually go out into the world and gain respect of the masses and normies and say things in public

Spencer is definitely low energy, Taylor is decent, and Duke is ugly unfortunately (LEL) - the thing is, at least they go out and do stuff. Spencer is attractive and seems normal so the average person will actually LISTEN to him. If he worked harder and actually learned how to do leadership, he could make a huge influence just like Milo has done. He could be the next Milo. I don't know how he would, but it's possible. The possibility is there. It's just a matter of taking advantage. And doing what HAS to be done to get the message out.

I don't want to dilute our message whatever it is, and I don't want to just be sell outs. However, someone like Spencer or someone similar to him could theoretically be the next Milo, except instead of just "HURR HURR I'M GAY AND OFFENSIVE" they could actually go deeper into the most realistic aspects of what we want.

Spencer actually explicitly supports the white race, and Western Europe, and therefor he is doing what Milo is too much of a faggot to do. Is he low energy? Maybe. Maybe we haven't found a way to make this issue high energy yet. Leaders though, are not a bad thing, and should not just be entirely written off. Neither side should.

If Natt was the leader of the alt-right it would have been shut down due to infighting by now :^)

nice meme.

>What makes the alt-right effective is that it is funny and makes people want to join in.

Yes, but that has nothing to do with being moderate or extreme, it's to do with habitus and style. It's actually largely to do with Cred Forums that the alt-right has taken off and Cred Forums is racist as fuck.

I listened to him on the last TRS podcast, he's an all right guy, and he is honest. While he is one of us I think ge is interested in "playing it safe" and views everything from a realpolitik perspective, he wants to form the Alt Right into a true movement akin to the other past movements. I don't think he buys into racialist issues or jewish power though. Too hard to say what he believes really.
I challenge anyone who derides Duke to read his works, the man has a vast knowledge of forgotten or hidden history vital to understanding American politics and our current cultural and societal state. I never would have known about Franz Boas or Stanley Levinson or the views of Sigmund Freud if it wasn't for Duke.

>Natt is the leader of the LARP-right.
>Going to the Daily FBI Informant

The BEST goy starter pack

wtf i hate japanese girls now

-27 HP

You insult my intelligence!? I USE A USERNAME, and that automatically makes me the boss of the Internet.

and about a few hundred other proxies, usernames and presidents.

Musonius Rufus interviewed him recently. It was alright.

But my source is irrefutable. :^)

That's the joke.

His Jewish heritage helps

>racism is bad

obviously we aren't trying to attract niggers or lefties

David Duke approves of Anglin. If Anglin is a shill then everyone is a shill. Fuck off divide and conquer disinfo agent kike

I didnt say that


He's such an autist, it's amazing.

Anglin isn't perfect but he doesn't try to be more than he is. He's good at the one singular thing he does.

Shut the fuck up. Cred Forums is not alt-right, you have no claim. You don't even know what alt-right is.

You actually make a damn good point about Duke. The guy is kind of weird in a way that makes him almost impossible to trust. I almost just wish he would drop the whole "I'm not racist at all" thing. It's just like, dude come on. Admit it. I'm not saying you have to be full blown 1488 or anything, it would just help if you stopped pretending to be one of them. You aren't. You're one of us. Embrace it man.

Anyway I'll have to read some of the literature Duke has written. I appreciate that tip because he actually does seem to be incredibly intelligent, just doesn't really talk about it out loud.

He's probably more interested in playing the part of a bohemian intellectual than accomplish a political project. I'd guess that's why he feels the need to take asinine posistions that counter the altright consensus and his russian apologia. He'd be perfectly happy to spend his whole life just drinking cocktails with brimelow and taki.

Nobody's saying it is. We're just talking about it, not about how Cred Forums is it.

He was banned from England and most of Europe - what do you want from the guy?

And what's the consensus?

Anglin is very open about his style. Say provocative shock value stuff use memes and gorilla warfare to make an impact and spread propaganda. Everyone who doesn't realise that is either a retard or a shill.


I'm not ragging on the guy, I just think he's cute.
No homo.

If you buy a Phalanx membership he'll suck your dick. And then you can make money back by sucking off your friends!!!!

Duke is a politician in a state with a large subset of minorities, namely blacks with some Asians and Native Americans as well.

I agree with you, he needs to be honest but he is running for the state senate.

But yeah, read Duke's "My Awakening", you can find it online easily. Really informed and researched information into communism and jewish involvement.

I hear good things about 'My Awakening' - apparently, like even Hitler, he wasn't born an anti-semite (Duke sure is one now, though). I haven't read it myself but guess I should, because it's consistently praised. It's just hard to touch anything by /David Duke/, even now that I'm alt-right, so soiled is his name in my mind for not much reason.

can we murder him?

you have a pretty degenerate mind, stay off the pornography dude

Things like brexit and a broader anti eu sentiment. If you listen to the most recent daily shoah, you see several instances where the hosts challenge him, and he concedes his points aren't so realistic. It really shows what I'm trying to get across here.

Huh, so you're saying he doesn't really care if he changes anything if it allows him to keep getting attention?

underrated post

When did he get owned by Roland Martin?

You mean the video where a nigger chimped out on him for 15 minutes?

this list is garbage tier. FTN had a good one a while back. The 7 principles of the Alt right

He's saying you keep pushing your point of view because you never know what you might achieve, especially if your numbers grow.

>David Duke approves of Anglin

And Duke is a clown trying to piggyback off of Trumps candidacy for his own election. He knows exactly what he's doing would only cause trouble for Trump and draw attention to himself.

Duke is right about a lot of things, but the man is an atrocious speaker and has no political savy.

Anglin is literally controlled opposition.

There's nothing that would make Schlomo happier than to have a US Golden Dawn to false-flag and scapegoat voters into making us EU 2.0

Sounds like the archetypical ideal of the marxist revolutionary. I mean that in the classical sense, what they had hoped for. - But it's true that the left was always a massive failure to actually get the support of workers. Nobody likes to be a house nigger of a marxist "intellectual".

Is that bad?

True I agree with you on that. But him being discussed allows for us to introduce stuff like to more people. I just don't see him being bad for the movement

Yes, basically. He would have been totally ignored beyond a few paleocon think tanks, had twitter shitposters not spammed journalists with merchants and pepes.

I hope he goes bald in the next two years.

Praise kek.


I honestly never thought about him in that sort of light, the thing about it is it's entirely likely, at least it sounds like it to me. What's your take on the alt-right, or whatever you want to call it's effect on Trump's campaign?

No of course not, absolutely not. I'm a fan of Spencer, I think he's great for the movement.

pic related

We don't need leaders or spokesmen. We just need to grind down our opponents ideas with memes and flood society with our own.

Then you'd be exactly like the "skinhead neo-nazis" we had in the 90s in Germany. Despised as violent losers by normies, crushed by state power and achieving nothing, because the political battle is lost. Violence is only useful in a very narrow context, the way antifa uses it: to intimidate people. But even then I think it does more harm than good. Any time antifa commits a crime, torches a car, beats someone up, the AfD gains more voters.

Chimping out is for niggers. Claim the system for yourself or get owned by the system.

>Anglin is controlled opposition

Speaking of the AFD How did they do? Didn't catch the results of the election

return to ylilauta

I'd guess brimelow and vdare influence coulter, sessions, and bannon. I doubt anyone of them are going full into stuff like archeofuturism or the new european right, and frankly, we're better off without it.

22% in East Germany and 14% in the leftist shithole of Berlin. Think of your worst democrat hellhole, put it on steroids and mix it with unironic communism and you got Berlin. Yeah, even there AfD got some 14%.

It's from 0% btw, it was their first election cycle.

>frankly, we're better off without it.
Fear of alienating the voter-base if they went too deep?

IDK alot of what radix and counter currents publish is basically intellectual masturbation. Who cares about how to reimplement feudalism in the 21st century or nonsense about hitler and reincarnation?


>"A lot of people tend to overlook Barack Obama's Faustian qualities."

>Jared "jews are white" Taylor


Cred Forums came up with a better, simpler logo. Cna't find it tho.


These guys know.

You can't be a White Nationalist unless you are Christian.

No go get ovened, kike.

wow going by this list i am really not alt-right

i guess these people are really pissed at how the alt right banner is being co-opted by memes and basically anti-establishment repubs

Allāhu Eckbar, Islam is the heart and soul of true White Nationalism.

>claiming ownership of the alt right
he doesn't. He only claims to have coined the term "Alt-right"

>This guy is a fucking cuck
He's been doing this before Cred Forums existed, he's been jailed and banned from countries for his politics and even banned from some stores in the US in which the owner knows who he is. Citation of cucking please.

Start here:

>when you wear the Waffen SS uniform

>being this literally retarded to be a """white nationalist""" and be a member of the universalist, anti-tribal kike on a stick religion which is at the heart of the beginning of the french revolution and socialism

I want nothing to do with you. ZERO.

>when you have to take a cyanide pill to preserve your legacy as a hero because you insulted the student council's leadership

So what, we just become absorbed into the Republicans and nothing changes? I could give a fuck about "political davvy", charisma is good for the masses but means dick in reality. Duke is who we are, he started his redpill by reading anti-communist flyers, ones from George Lincoln Rockwell discussing the jewish involvement.
The ADL and associated government agencies (the ADL and FBI have often worked together) to ruin him, Trump may be "our man", but he was never a vocal supporter of anything regarding the "alt right" prior to this election.

You know nothing of Christendom, I suggest you look into what the Greek and Russian Orthodoxy preaches instead of this pseudo-marxist """""pope""""" we have currently says!

>mfw I see a Turk masquerading as a European online

The term Alternative Right existed before Spencer adopted it. I don't see why we should accept some retarded faggot trying to coopt Cred Forums and imageboard culture into his dead-end political movement. Many in the socalled "alt-right" aren't even on the right, some of their actual political beliefs are leftist in nature. Cred Forums is above this, Cred Forums is not of any specific political orientation, nor of any specific ethnicity. Cred Forums is where the politically incorrect thrive, and gather to make fun of the established powers, no matter who those in the establishment might be.

he looks like jonah hills genetically superior brother

Alt-right political theory is pathetic, some of the memes are funny though.

the dude coined the term, retard

Care to extrapolate?

The Right is fucked because all it does is in-fight over trivial bullshit while the Left rallies together completely unrelated movements all the time.

yeah this list helps confirm it

i believe in:

- laissez-faire government outside of a few key areas, such as healthcare, where i approve of state-run/purchased services and heavy regulation
- the dismantling of monopolies to maintain market competetiveness
- flat tax, guaranteed basic income and apart from the basic income and NHS, total abolition of the welfare state
- low level, points based immigration policy, capped at something around 0.25% of the population per year
- heavily assimilationist/integrationalist immigration policy (speak english or GTFO)
- equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome
- non-interventionist foreign policy

Should we care to correct this record though? Let this cuck be our scapegoat and the strawman for the left to attack.

I defend a hoppean natural order, but I despise libertarians who think it can be achieved without violence, so I advocate for authoritarian means against leftists in general until we can have a private law society.

Still, "alt-righters" do not take into account the fact that a political structure (law and economics) is as much a part of societal organization as does culture. I have no problem with ethnical isolationism (i in fact endorse exclusionary private societies with no kinds of degeneration), but alt-righters think they can first make a cultural revolution and then choose what kind of system they want. Many seem to endorse representative democracy, which is a very naive political belief, and even more seem to endorse national socialism, believing that it can work if you remove jews, muslims and blacks. But this is not true.

it all adds up f4m

Its fucking nothing though, only a step away from Republican or libertarian platforms, too watered down to have an influence or stand apart. It also leaves too many left out.

you faggots trying to develop a "core philosophy" for the "alt-right" are playing right into establishment hands.

By confining yourselves to one set of ideas you make it easier for others to attack you.

Every person who comes forward trying to define the "alt-right" should be shunned, by the "alt-right" themselves.

The only reason the "alt-right" has had any influence is because it's an amorphous mass of ideas that can't be targeted directly. Each "member" must cultivate the ideas and philosophy on their own, and must be able to hold their own in an intellectual arena.

>want to grow my hair out for an undercut
>get ordered to cut hair because it's sticking straight up even at 2cm
>forever a skinhead

Dammit, I'm not going to have another chance to grow it out until next summer.

Here's your alternative.

pic related, its your alternative.

See this retard for instance:

He thinks economic principles somehow don't apply to healthcare.
He believes in basic income, a heavily degenerate and family-destructive policy that only left-libertarians endorse.
He thinks the country needs an immigration policy, instead of leaving to private owners what kind of people they want to invite to their property.
He thinks immigrants should assimilate, which is quite the contrary, you don't want others ethnical groups to mingle with your own, they should stay in their own places unless invited.
He thinks there needs to be equality of opportunity (might aswell tax inheritances in 100%).

Yeah the logo is fucking faggy, it should be a greek statue or something

He came up with the term you cuckshitfag

Just enough that every normo has to admit that he's a handsome and cute boij and they wanna lickety lick his cock

The logo is gay and stupid, but that one press thingy caused like 50 msm alti-right articles to be made and thus spread the ideas.

retarded pic, shove it up your ass.
I like vox day's better

enoguh said about what, faggot? Are you going to round up every homo just to show how fucking puritan you are? Suck a dick, based faggots are fine

>- heavily assimilationist/integrationalist immigration policy (speak english or GTFO)

That's where you fail the test big time. The only ones "assimilating" are the Britcuck natives as it's the case in EVERY historical moment when the native population is replaced by foreign invaders.

Same here, bro.

>retarded pic, shove it up your ass.

I'm convinced it's a false flag, especially the holocaust denial part is written to scare away normies that would agree with the other points.

the main thing i have a problem with is the idea of complete racial separatism

i understand the concept of preserving culture, and not wanting radical shifts in the political/social structure of a country due to mass immigration

i don't understand why you would seek to totally isolate a country's gene pool, especially if you're filtering only the best from other countries, and you have zero tolerance for those who migrate but won't integrate

surely if someone wants to join the country, share its values and adopt its culture, they're making the country stronger by being there, not weaker?

if you could trade 100 white meth addicts for 100 black neurosurgeons (stay woke sleepy ben), why wouldn't you?

Evidently, the MSM is hyping him. Really makes you think.


This guy, David Duke, and Dailystormer idiots aren't too bright are they?

Supposedly Trump has white supremacist leanings and logically the best course of action is to lay low and let Trump do his thing. But what do they do instead? Do everything they can to latch onto fame and in the process give easy ammo to Democrats.

Is this sort of self-defeating behavior endemic in the white supremacist communities?

they should use this as logo instead

You wouldn't happen to be him, would you?

you should see the sikhs here

they hate islam
they have a lower crime rate than the national average
they voted brexit at a higher rate than every other minority ethnic group

Because that isn't reality.

>when you're best girl

Should I go to NPI

I am half norwegian half spanish with 1/8th mayan indian

>they hate islam
>they have a lower crime rate than the national

That proves my point, Sikhs hate Islam because that's what they do in India because of their historical rivalry with them, not because that's what native Brits do.

lol how many of these litmus tests are you guys gonna put out? ha ahaaaha you're all vying for the lead

give us one reason hes racist

If you look white people will accept you, either way check it out because it's a neat experience nonetheless

Bitch how bout you go outside and declare that you want whites to remain a majority in their own home countries

Let's see you do that

Until you can, don't moan about the people who take the full heat even if you don't fully agree with everything

That's not Anzio.


His wife is a mongoloid that clams she Eurasian.

tfw i got 6 out of 7

I look pretty white, its my understanding its kind of open to anybody, but its a primarily white thing.

People say I look italian or european spanish.

If you look identifiably white then yes, yes you should

AmRen is based
NPI is based
TRS is based
Heartiste is extra based
Vdare is based
Fash the nation is breddy based
Daily Shoah too obsessed with JQ

i see healthcare as something people should be guaranteed, though i don't mind having some fees in there to stop people being wasteful

why would minimum income destroy families? surely it's the opposite, taking the pressure off a parent who decides to rear children instead of remaining a wageslave career cuck who has no time for having kids

your idea for immigration policy assumes all land is private and that the borders are controlled by private individuals (an obviously retarded policy)

ok, equality of opportunity doesn't mean everyone starts off equal, just that if a poor kid wants to be a doctor, he should be able to if he works hard and is smart enough

care to elaborate?

what wouldn't prove your point lol

>ethnic group agrees with native population
it's because they're born that way

>ethnic group disagrees with native population
it's because they're different

It looks like logo for a clothing company in the 80s/90s

shit tier post

kc tier

He has a wife?

post pic pls

It shouldn't be some faggy letters like a corporation

Which part did you disagree with?

NPI isn't full sperglord purist on that shit nor should you be, when you start drawing lines within europeans you end up with silly divide&conquer when about 0,5% of people are even acknowledging that their kids will be a hated minority in their own country

that last point. My goal is to eventually establish a white ethnic super state. People make countries great. Not land.

Nigga suck my dick, how many people even know half of those? all of those are prob right up their alley, plus I posted a QT. That post was literally 9/10

The alt-light serve as useful cover and an entry point for people to discover us. No need to fight them.

>> You can ever be too obsessed with the JQ

I know all of those, I'm listening to FTN right now in my Summer of 88 shirt getting ready for bed.

>liking incompetent retarded pizza girl

To add to these:

Vox Day and individual authors like Rockwell, William Pierce and Kevin Macdonald.

>not liking your women to be incompetent and retarded
>hating on pizza
It's almost like don't want a good wife.

I've been deep into the "alt-right" for about 4 years and I have never heard of this faggot.

STAY FAR AWAY, he is likely cointelpro

>wanting a wife that couldnt even win a battle
just admit that you arent white

That list is literally an ebin meme made by someone who tries to sound really high&mighty but who doesn't really grasp what's going on. Read vox day's instead, the guy is a literal 170IQ god

Oh yes you can, when you bring out the jew every 5sec even in unrelated topics it's too shitposty

Which one didn't you agree with ?

Give us 1 reason why being racist is wrong and why you should give power to that word and go into defense-mode when you get called it

As the far right coalesces in a recognizable political block, as it has been, it will need a face. Certain individuals will be deemed leaders (whether the individuals want to or not) by outsiders.These leaders will be the eloquent, outspoken members of the far right naturally. Richard Spencer is one such person. He's a leader on the alt-right. You don't have to like it any more than Republicans had to unanimously like Bush or Ryan.
Just be glad it isn't fucking Milo.

Now that's fucking retarded

he seems chill, i feel like he is bi, but he seems okay

a very palatable alt-right which is needed

Absolutely, I just mean Vox Day for probably the best definition I've seen so far

>I've been deep into the "alt-right" for about 4 years and I have never heard of this faggot.
Yeah buddy you must be /deep/ as fuck when you don't know that's the guy who came up with the word

>wanting a wife that could win a battle
Sorry I'm not a cuck like you, I'd rather protect my wife than have her fuck my ass with a strap-on every night.

>it will need a face
No, it will not.
You're falling right into Saul Alinsky's trap you fucking idiot.

Until we seize complete power we have to remain nebulous and subversive.

>Arguing about anime
>being into anime
You people are worse than leftoids desu famalam

posted elsewhere but basically i'm not racist, even if i agree that mass immigration is damaging to a nation

i think if someone wants to serve the country, learn the language and abide by its laws, they should be allowed in, regardless of race, so long as the annual cap isn't exceeded.

what is greg johnson's beef with spencer?

Of all the alt right guys, I like Greg Johnson the most (even though he calls himself new right, not alt right.) Dazzling intellect

Yeah I hadn't used the term until recently.
The "alt-right" is considered to be a cross between the "manosphere" anonymous culture and various forms of nationalism.

it really doesn;t matter if this guy came up with the word, the media is labelling it as EVERYTHING PROBLEMATIC ANTIWOMAN AND ANTI BLACK and so it must remain without a leader that they can skewer and knock down.

don't take it too seriously bruh, cartoons are cartoons and nothing else.

Really? I only knew she was Russian. Well you know, whites are a mix of: original European hunter-gatherer, steppe Asian, and Middle Eastern. And only then did we turn white, so we're pretty self-standing. But you can see Asian eyes in of course, Finns, but even in eg Iceland's Bjork.

Paid retard to infiltrate.

>insulting anime on Cred Forums


He thinks spencer was being an attention whore when spencer went to hungary knowing that he 'd be arrested.

And as long as they're sterilized - I'd agree with that.

you're missing the point you weeaboo faggot autist, he's talking about people who live the degenerate otaku lifestyle.

All four are non-arguments.

1. People need a lot of things, the same logic you apply to other sectors apply to healthcare aswell. Monopolizing it reduces quality and raise prices. This is not only logically correct but also empirically so. Having public healthcare doesn't mean you're going to get it no matter what, it means the resources will be applied inefficiently because of the lack of price-formation mechanisms (market competition).

2. Subsidizing vacancy produces more vacancy, it reduces stimulus to work. Where do you think you can take from to provide basic income? Can you even begin to understand the economic and sociological implications of a basic income? The only thing that can reduce wageslavery is a raise in per capita investment, which is the opposite of redistributive taxation.

3. All land should be either private or communitarian, your perspective is very narrow. You think countries can limit imigration throught democratic measures but states, cities, counties, neighborhoods and streets can't. It's a matter of degree. Leaving a one-size-fits-all policy to the federal government is retarded.

No, that's literally what it means, you're just afraid of following the principle you proposed to the core. This is the same socialistic type of utopia Rousseau envisioned. If you want to give equality of opportunity, you might aswell abolish families, because some families are more stable than others and that gives a better starting point for others. You might aswell tax inheritances in 100% for the same reason. Accumulating capital for the provision of your children? For what reason? If the state is going to tax it to hell you might aswell waste it.

The things alt-righters defend are the exact things that destroy western traditional culture, they are the opposite of conservatism and traditionalism.

I suggest you read chapter 9 of Democracy: The God That Failed.

>posted elsewhere but basically i'm not racist, even if i agree that mass immigration is damaging to a nation

if you as much as acknowledge that there are racial differences then you're already a vicious racist by mainstream standards

I agree with the cap thing btw, the difficulty is where do you put that cap

No longer an anime board, suck a dick weebs
Go get your dick wet with 3d pic related instead

No you dumb leaf. This is going to happen. It's not under our control. I'm not telling you "hey guys we need to pick a face," I am telling you that THE REST OF THE WORLD will pick our faces for us.
The alt right exists. Certain political websites, youtube personalities, etc are focal points for the alt right viewpoint to be expounded upon and disseminated. The people who run these sites and make these videos and podcasts and blogs will be recognized by the outside as leaders of the alt right BECAUSE their name is slapped on this shit. It's just going to happen and no amount of screeching about how we should be a decentralized anonymous blob is going to stop the world from picking out central figures that spread the message.

Richard Spencer is not ideal, but he is fine. He's on board with most of the main points. He's not a subversive. He's not a coal-burning faggot. He nominally attractive. He's not a geriatric. He's softer spoken with regards to racial terms and this is okay. He still wants them gone.
He has normie appeal. He has the eloquence to bring normies in without losing the substance and core message when he does it. If you want success for the movement, then you want normies. You cannot succeed as a marginal group.

his Alt-right plate form is based off her li da marxist of mongolia and inferior tibet.

li da was borderline nationalistic with his ideology but never was real nationalism.

(Do-do-do daba do-do, do-do-do daba do-do)

"Richard Spencer!"


Pre-marital sex is degenerate as fuck Salmo,
I'd much rather find a nice Christian girl (which I'm currently in the search for) and make 1,488 children with her.

>what is greg johnson's beef with spencer?

I wasn't implying Johnson and Spencer had beef but that Natt and Heimbach go after both of them.

Heimbach in particular likes to spread rumors of a "gay mafia" pulling the strings behind NPI because he was banned from attending all future conferences after he crashed an event he wasn't even invited to over Jack Donovan being a guest speaker.

eh? His alt-right approach is inspired by his wife, you say, who in turn was following 'Li Da'? Plz to tell more. Anyway, the guy is fully capable of thinking on his own, for my part it's a pleasure to hear his insights. I know I sound fawning, but I have only a little brain and am perhaps easily impressed.

Salmo isn't a finnish name

>I'd much rather find a nice Christian girl (which I'm currently in the search for) and make 1,488 children with her.
1st off that doesn't exist, christian girls are the biggest whores because sex is still naughty for them which means they're more likely to do it just because it's still transgressive
2nd off you won't get shit when you're hugging waifu pillows you fat weeb, I bet your fat is above 15% too

>Go get your dick wet with 3d pic related instead

Ha ha ha