CNN News here, could I ask you all a question?

CNN News here, could I ask you all a question?

How did this mediocre youtube "comedian"become the new face of the alt-right? What about him attracts you as a white supremacist?

Could you maybe give me an idea of the appeal?

>What about him attracts you as a white supremacist?
I liked that time he shot up a black church and got away with it

Who leads the Jewish cabal? Who led it in the 1960's? Nobody. We're the same way.

>How did this mediocre youtube "comedian"become the new face of the alt-right?

I think you mean the Alt-Write (TM) bookstore

they have nice coffee and some nice indie books

He paid the price with the blood of his enemies

He's behind lots of the shootings. For some reason the cops don't do shit about it. White privilege i guess.

The same way we got news channels across the country talking about the latent threat of a cartoon frog.

Alt-write? is that some sort of indie bookstore?

you fucks will believe anything
and don't do shit for following up and checking on sources.

news like everything else is a farce

Sam is just capitilizing on a situation like a good capitalist should.

Alt right = right wingers with computers

This seems to be a popular delusion here on 4 Chan. Why is Samuel Hyde so idolized?

yeah i cant believe he was able to frame that faggot with the bowl cut. the mans a genius

Nononono that was Dolan Roof!

Sam Hyde gassed a mall full of blacks....


He has committed like over 25 terrorist attacks but he gets away with it every time.

He's not.

You're being played.

You're only hearing what you want to hear anyways.

Cred Forums is not one person.

no one likes sam

he starts threads here all the time to shill his youtube channel and shitty tv show.

once in a while his youtube videos are mildly humorous, but other than that he's terrible

he just makes references to memes online in his shows to try to get viewers. but he has no original ideas and most of the shit he says online that is mildly amusing is by his assistant

>had to link video because otherwise nobody knows wtf you're talking about
>literally who

I like him because of his kill count. He's got over 60 dead Hebrews confirmed and something like 5-600 wetbacks. We haven't seen anything like this since Ben "pull a trigger on every nigger" Garrison who's many names don't do his actions justice so it's pretty exciting.

Both Ben and Sam make their living by pretending to be artists to the larger society. The parallels are endless. You can phone me for an interview if you want.

>Alt right = right wingers with computers

>Alt right = anonymous right wingers with computers

Right wingers expressing their true beliefs without fear of reprisal from the rabid leftist horde


Alt right doesbt exist

Because he(peace be upon him) followed the path of our prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) and kills infidels in the name of Allah(peace be upon him).

I think it really stems from his prowess.
Example:He rails bimbos at the white house.. wait.
Or it could come from his ability to garner very large donations from special interests in exchange for certain government positions...wait.
I think it may really come down to the ability to land an election no matter how unpopular he is....wait no thats someone else.
Also she won't win. She's not strong enough.

I'm not a white supremacist I just hate liberals and like to make them butthurt over stupid shit

You're a blockhead Joe


He's a meme. You have to pretend he's funny

I learned about MDE from my disabled and fat Mexican friend. MDE and Hyde are funny. His fans aren't white supremacists, I don't get why you people have to make him out to be. I say this as a journalist myself.

Have fun roleplaying, CNN News here-guy.


lmao tru

Lol not everyone on Cred Forums is White, or a Racist. I'm asian, and if you look at the "Flags" you can see people from all over the world post here.

Also I know this is bait and not really CNN, but still, this post is as bad as Shillary herself, lumping us all up into a basket of racists.


Cred Forums is not alt right

Cred Forums is a board of peace

>not everyone on Cred Forums is a racist

Democrats are the real racists.

MSNBC News here. Don't respond to OP, he's a faggot.

So tell me, Cred Forums, as incestuous NEETS, what attracts you to Pepe?

CNN News here don't listen to this offensive reporter.

Please direct all your questions to me.

More like ctrl alt delete.Am I right fellas?
Shuttin this whole sideshow down.
Nah wut I mean?

Alt right does not exist, only oppurtunists trying to cash in on a media fad.

You wanna bring it? Anytime, let's go!

Next Trump rally, I'll be there. Fresh white Reeboks kickin' your ass.

case in point, obviously this reporter suffers from some kind of mental disorder

>see pic related

نسيان هؤلاء الكفار يا صديقي، أنا مراسل من قناة الجزيرة ، يرجى توجيه جميع الأسئلة لي إن شاء الله