Why are Trump supporters so scared and angry pol?

Why are Trump supporters so scared and angry pol?

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Cus they stupid

A call to ban all brazilians from Cred Forums




I like the distinction he makes


Wew lad

>Muh western culture
>Muh heritage

Because liberals are turning America into Brazil

they deserved it

we will NOT stand down in the face of racism in our society

there will be NO tolerance for the intolerant


>A writer who put a kid orgy in a book thinks his opinion has any weight

>live in 98% white state of Maine
>decide to tell others how harmless it is to live around niggers spics and Muslims

why do liberals do this shit

Oh look a rich white person who doesn't know how other people fear living in neighborhoods with minority criminals.

Can't wait to throw all these quotes at celebrities back at them when trump not only wins in November, but sweeps the board.

"STEPHEN KING BTFO". Will be the first thing I write.

The celebrity worship in our country really is fascinating. Like if someone writes horror books, or can throw a ball, or run fast or sing they become some kind of authority on politics. Why would anyone give a fuck what Steven King thinks about anything besides writing fiction

Literally how

its a game
Cred Forums has always been a bastion of libertarianism
libertairians hate nothing more than the patriot act

they want it gone

with Hillary in office they'll vote to extend it during her term

if trump gets in the house and the senate have more of a likelyhood of repealling it. becuase they don't want trump to have that much power.
some republicans and all democrats don't want him in office, and if he gets in office thats one thing they could likely do.

personally this is my hope currently.

Trump wins
patriot act nullified

things can go back to 1984 in the original timeline

or he'll be assassinated.

because they don't understand the true problem buttfucking our society, the capital neoliberal jew.


watch that in its entirity for the true redpill. economic marxism and labor unions that force government to restrict immigration and labor outsourcing is the only fix for america.

because he's a great mind?

Fucking fag

I loved his dark tower series.

Damn it I was going to read more of his books too. Thank you pirate bay.


i forgot about that.

too bad it didn't make the movie


You're god damn right.

That old kike is just shitting his pants now that Nationalism is on the rise.

This from the second-most racist/anti-nigger author ever, after his hero H.P. Lovecraft.

Yes, keep insulting the electorate... I'm sure it will work...

nice meme

>famous liberal cucks desperate to come up with the most edgy and creative way to insult Trump with empty rhetoric


Tell me why this hack of an author's opinion matters. His novels suck and his dialogue is awful.

>Why are Trump supporters so scared and angry pol?
Because for the last 8 years we've had a president who does nothing but tell his cultist worshippers that white people are the devil and that black people should be allowed to kill people in broad daylight without fear of retaliation

G8 B8 M8

>He's never seen Portland

For making shit up.

>Separates minorities,liberals and the educated people into different categories

What did he mean by this?

>Stephen King
You know he used to be like us? He was very redpilled about the liberal arts shit and universities and the shit they teach.
>not everything needs a political meaning, sometimes a story is just a story
What in the mother of fuck happened to him?
Is he just trying to remain relevant? He's literally become his own worst enemy, the one thing he despised the most, how does he not see that?
>t. Stephen King fan

How are liberals even going to cope with Donald Trump being President? They've spent the entire year convincing themselves that he is literally Hitler and his election would mean the end of the world. They've built this doomsday scenario for themselves and it's going to happen. What are they gonna do then? Will they be acting like it's the end of the world?

>society is falling apart
>why are you so scared and angry

I'm a beaner though.
I just don't want a gun grabber in office.

He got really pissed at GWB and never came out of it.

it's really rich seeing Stephen King talk about Trump being racist, King wasn't so nice to black people in a lot of his books

>no tolerance
>for the intolerant
>your lack of tolerance makes you intolerant, thus negating your right to tolerance

Are you really that retarded? What Facebook page for you pull that slogan off of? Violence against anyone is unconscionable, regardless of whether or not they believe in the same things you do. Your inability to emphasize with those you disagree with, coupled with your dogmatic, narrow-minded view, do nothing but cripple your potential for personal growth. Please grow up, leave Cred Forums, and return to reddit.

It's just that one favela traveco that just contracted zika and has been shitposting all day in Cred Forums. Fucking MST commie niggers have been butthurt as fuck since the impeachment and have been doing their best to pretend their marxist buttholes still matter.

Don't worry, he'll die of dengue or crack OD pretty soon.

Because liberals take anything that's not their opinions as "scared and angry" so they can belittle and dehumanize people whose opinions they don't share, since they're too insecure in their believes to ever defend them against rational challenges.

Why don't you ever reply to you own thread OP?

My wife and I are gooks.

Why does everyone insist that i am white because i support Cred Forums?

is there any course of action i can take to garner victim points with the media (it happens alot) from this strange brand of racism?

or do i lose my minority points once i support Trump?

light skinned Argentine if you were wondering.(i know i know...don't meme me too hard)

Fucking seconded. I cannot understand how the fuck celebrity endorsement has an effect on people. Steven King voiced his political opinion? Whoop de fucking do. He and I live in COMPLETELY different worlds. They in no way intersect and they never will. There is not only the huge income gap, there is a generation gap as well. Why the fuck would his political opinions take me into consideration?

Endorsement - or disavowment - should mean nothing to the average person with the will and the means to do even the most modest of political research.

Volta pro nordeste pedir bolsa senpaiília, vai pedir casa pro MST e pegar dengue fudendo um traveco favelado.

Praise Kek! Allahu Kekbar!

How can the man who wrote Secret Window be so blue pilled

Prove I'm white, Stephen King you fucking hack.

Well, 70% of Felons are Democrats, and they constantly riot and attack people...
I think only a stupid person would not be afraid of a bunch of criminals who hate them.

do it
free me from this hellhole

At least he's American. J.K. Rowling has been shooting her mouth off on Twitter about drumpf=hitler and #blm for a year now. I think this election introduced a lot of washed up attention whores to the wonders, and easiness, of virtue signalling on social media.

they are angry because their gfs cucked them for Jamal, and they are too scared to do anything about it

Rip in piss, (((stephen kuck)))

>lives in gated mansion in whitest state
>thinks he can lecture people on dealing with shitskins

Has he completely left reality?


As long as you're a legal citizen of the United States you have literally nothing to fear from a Trump presidency.

At best some lolbertarian could argue that his protectionist economic proposals (which would have to go through Congress) will harm the economy.

>lives in a gated mansion in whitest state
>Has he completely left reality?
You answered your own question goy.


Mestizos just begging to be genocided
Keep poking the lion, beaner scum, see what happens

Stephen King is obviously a fucking moron.

Notice how King says "white" like it's an insult. What a fucking cuck

The Dark Tower was a kick to the balls, he fucked that ending to some "let the reader decide" bullshit.

After the libtard got run over his books have been shit (except for that JFK one)

>All these people claiming their not scared

>constantly post about white genocide and cultural marxism destroying the country

Yeah, but look who he's running against.


Stephen King is a television movie teir bafoon. He is no Stanley Kubrick.


Is that pic true, OP?

Every time one of these pathetic hollywood cucks comes out to try and stump i always love it. They are the ones who are scared and angry. Look at how Bill Maher was on his most recent show. He talked shit about people in Flint saying "I understand the crisis in Flint, but on the other hand.... if you dont want your kids poisoned maybe do a little research." all because Trump spoke in Flint and people were happy to see him.

>scared and angry
>i wonder why

This, when a white person uses white as an insult you know they are shit.

So why do people keep accusing Trump to be some sort of idiot? The man's fucking brilliant with how he saves money and stealing valuable press time. Many politicians have spent much more than he has when it comes to elections. I am pretty sure that Trump is much more intelligent than most of these intellectuals just from this election.

Was about to post this.
It's literally in every country the same with leftist parties and demographics, only the dumbest, poorest and immigrants vote for them.

Because they aren't living in the leftist fantasy-land in which Mexicans, Muslims, and Niggers are oppressed, well-adjusted non-violent peoples.

Ok. I kind of like that picture.

>An author who wrote a book about overcooked meatballs that eat time


Liberals seem a lot more angry and a lot more scared this election.

We're having the time of our fucking lives.

Of course she supports refugees and BLM. She doesn't have to deal with the aftermath. Has anybody asked her how many wizards Trump has killed?

Nice argument "they are white".

The mans a fool.

Interesting clearly you broke the programming.
Unfortunately I only know a dozen or so people who have such a mindset.

If you graduated from king up to almost anything else, you'd see how medoicre his writing really is in comparison. And i would estimate that about 90% of his "ideas" are lifted wholesale from the twilight zone or just other books. Also he has a hard-on for jk rowling, so i bet he's suddenly become such a political activist just to get into her filthy cunt. Also his writing has plummeted in quality recently. There was a black teenage character in one of his most recent novels who was a super genius and "joked" with the main character, an old white man whose lawn he mowed, by calling his "massuh" while he worked. King, like every liberal in america, is COMPLETELY out of touch with reality. Something has seeped into our water or some shit.

Why do leftists get their political and social views from entertainers?


>Steven King
>having a correct opinion

He is the Gnome Chompsky of book writers.

Stick to book writing you old cuck


those same people made him a multi millionaire

Plebs have been putting the opinions of the elite above the voices of their own countrymen for hundreds of years now, this isn't anything new.

It. The clown book.

That's how I feel. The new "Gods" are celebrities and sports stars


You mean indoctrinated by liberal professors? College teaches people what to think not how to think or question.

All this projecting

also praise

>those fucking 7" platform shoes

Even if that is true, do you honestly think he would give a shit if Europe dies?
He knows what's going to happen to us, makes him smile every times he goes to bed.
A bright future for mankind would drive him in a depression none of his pathetic writing skills could properly express.
He should be hanged.

Lena Dunham is going to eat herself onto TLC.

this is why i dont like my own race

well most of them, there was this cool guy that stood up for that guy getting beat up in the middle of that first video and he looked indio as fuck

>Trumps fans are white, scared and angry

What does their skincolor have to do with this?
Why is this obvious racism against whites accepted in society? Just imagine the roles reversed:
>Hillary supporters are black, angry and scared
It would make headlines for days.

Where were you when being white suddenly ment you are worse than the devil?

They're literally using it as a slur now to silence opposition. If you're a white male your opinion doesn't count. Way to piss off the single demographic responsible for the construction and defence of the west.


Shit like this really does make me self-conscious. I believe that King--while he's a hack writer--is probably much smarter than I am. I feel that my opinion is wrong by default.

He is a pornographer, to solve the "it" problem in his book the kids have a gangbang (minors)


Dude, King is a lifelong drug abuser and a wet-brained alcoholic who beat his wife for years. He's no smarter than Cher is. He's just dedicated and probably autistic. He doesn't know anything more than you do.

Nah, his books suck. The Dark Tower series was a steaming pile of shit and he writes atrocious dialogue.

He doesn't have to be wrong, he could easily be lying to you.


after they defeated the spider alien the first time, our gang of plucky 12 year olds ran a train on their only female member

it was somehow something they needed to do to get them out of the sewers again

iirc the fat kid had the biggest dick

>was a teenager in the 1980s.
>grew up on Stephen King novels
>his novels were fun for teenage kids who liked a good ghost story.
>his novels were always based in white Americana stemming from his working class New Englander white identity.
>he became a billionaire author.
>he is now a total liberal.
>tfw when your teenage heroes turn out to be globalist cucks.

because we don't want our country to become brazil 2.0


I used to be a huge Green Day fan growing up and now Billie-Joe is literally calling me a fascist.

>Manlet boots


Trump has spoken about implementing internet censorship like we've never seen in an effort to combat duh terroris

We're never scared like Bonecrusher, nigger.

>so as long as minorities vote

funny because Trump is the republican with most black supporters since Nixon in 1960

You think that is bad. You should read the child sex scene in lasher. Dude is tied to a bed by his daughter while his 8 y/o mulatto slave grandchildren rape him.

>Donald Trump is a Carnival man.
>looks like he jumped out of a Dr. Seuss book



marxists are so fucking retarded
>getting a machine to do a worker's job means a reduction in the overall job market
>well never mind the fact that someone had to create and produce that innovation (ie. machines, computers, cars etc.) thus creating different jobs offsetting the loss
which totally defeats the argument that capitalism cannibalizes itself by reducing the consumers ability to buy goods and eventually we'll have a communist revolution

>when the system fails some people will say "well the system just wasnt pure enough"
>well the soviet union wasnt a pure enough communist system
>well with USSR/PRNK failures that was just a trail we'll learn from the mistakes of it
>This time capitalism failed because its always gonna fail forever and ever and we have to abandon it
the second part i agree with, capitalism does always fail. There is no business that succeeds indefinitely, all business eventually fail. That does not mean, however, that no utility came from that business while it was succeeding.
The difference is when capitalism fails, the individuals caught with their pants down get fucked (not so much if we're talking corporate socialism like TARP bailouts but thats socailism not capitalism). When communism fails, people die by the thousands and millions.

>The russia was a backwards country that advanced quickly
It did so with the stocking of capital and the elimation of 10's of millions of citizens thus driving up capital per capita (capital/citizens) ratio making the country seem artificially wealthy without actually generating any wealth
also russia post wwII grew slowest vs their capitalist counterparts. think east vs west berlin.

King has bad judgement.


>The celebrity worship in our country really is fascinating. Like if someone writes horror books, or can throw a ball, or run fast or sing they become some kind of authority on politics. Why would anyone give a fuck what Donald Trump thinks about anything besides spouting fiction


Image saved. Based. Will be buying all his books. 1408 was a story of his, wasn't it? Best. Movie. Ever. Misery? Green Mile? The Shining!?

guy literally writes fiction stories..

I guess it takes a clown to know one?

Why are Mexicans so physically ugly and have so many children OP? It just is.

Writing is more difficult than maths. There are probably more maths books than fiction ones


Thanks for confirming you're not actually Canadian, shitskin.

here's a free (you) just for you bud, enjoy

>math book
>mathematic book

because they don't live in libcuck territory where niggers don't exist. Those who do live in nice suburbs do so knowing that they are safe from them. Liberals are born into nice suburbs and never get to understand why they should fear anyone.

he's ok i guess. if you ask me he just has a knack for writing horror that gets under your average person's skin in just the right way, that's about it

>Pepe save us from the shills


>employers pay you less money than the value of what you produce
no fucking shit, but I'm also only capable of producing at that output level because of the capital provided by the employer. that capital that the employer risked failure and total loss of by starting their business. So both sides are better off than had the transaction never occurred.

>rich people did nothing to earn their money
they risked capital. his argument is that of the bad toupee fallacy, "all toupees are bad because ive never seen a good toupee" thats the point of a toupee is to not be seen. hes saying "all capitalists are successful rich because ive never seen a failure of a rich person" well yes all capital owners are successful because those who risked their capital and failed are not rich

>the lower half dont have access to mass produced food that use machines, GMOs, and pesticides produced by capitalists; dont have access to the modern medical breakthroughs developed overwhelmingly by capitalists.
>theres no moral or ethical justification for this
i'll take a crack at it. If those capitalists, whom weve already established risked their own capital to amass their wealth, had not risked that capital, none of those life saving innovations would have ever existed. Thus the poor have no inherent right to access these innovations, except by the charity of those who risked that capital, as they rightfully own it.

>jewbal warming

>endless war is a part of capitalism
this has literally never been explained to be by a communist or socialist other than that capitalism is the boogyman that they attach everything they dont like about the world

>millions accept bernie as a socialist
millions more accept Trump and Hillary so whats your point

marxism is bullshit that uses no logical or mathematical basis in any of its models of the world and has been outright laughed at by economists, the people who actually study the economy, literally since das kapital was published

King is afflicted with the ivory tower syndrome.

Steven King what a faggot.

Steven lives in a city which is 95% white, in a state that is whiter.

What the people of the Northeast don't understand is this.

Imagine going to the schools, malls, stores, hospitals, government buildings that you grew up in and all of the sudden everywhere you look is packs of short, dirty Mexican men with tattoos up and down their bodies walking along with their fat, extremely ugly troll-of-a wives and 3-5 children in tow. Then imagine groups of negroes stink eyeing you any time you go out in public. Then imagine every couple of days you would hear of someone getting shot, or somebody being stabbed, or a body found, etc, etc. Then imagine that happening on a scale so grand it effects tens of thousands of towns and cities.

Then imaging some cuck faggot writer from Bangor Maine acting like white people are the problem. FUCK OFF and take your shitty turd people with you, you are assisting in the complete destruction of civilization you fucking tard. Once its gone its gone, just like every country in lower North, Central and South America, and Africa.

No hard feelings though, there's no way you could know if the yids hide it from you.

almost forgot about that!

anne rice has always been a bit of a perv. cry to heaven, immortal cancer sex, vampires chowing down on period blood, etc

You said "maths", only poo-in-loos say that in Canada.

Read this. Its what every one of you know as fact but are not articulate enough to say.

>Trump supporters are scared and angry
Right, because it's not all the anti-Trump people who constantly say how they're so afraid and inciting violence.

after a point you're so rich that you can sink a billion dollars into something without risking your standard of living in the slightest

they could quite easily maintain a marvelous standard of living just by sitting on their asses. but this does not satisfy them

no, the super wealthy are by and large junkies. and as junkies will steal from their own dying mothers to get their fix, so too will money junkies plunder their host societies without compunction or concern for the long term negative effects of their excesses

only an idiot would entrust any sort of responsibility to a smack addict. yet wealth junkies have been trusted with the stewardship of the human race

lmao stephen king is a fucking hack

IDK why does Stephen King write weird fantasy novels where the hero fucks fatties and kills a toddler at no benefit to the story?

Wtf I hate Stephen King now

You nailed it.

And a pity too. Stephen King used to write books like The Stand or Christine or even The Dead Zone which were quintessentially white Americana.

tfw your teenage heroes turn into cucks.

Feels bad man.

Please exit the country stage right with your terrible illiteracies and piss poor grammar. I don't care wtf you say is Canadian. Our people are chosen as news anchors because we have no accent. I don't speak like a moron and neither should you.

Good post.

Don't think that way… there are a lot of incredibly intelligent people who take a totally opposite view to King.

I believe it has more to do with personal psychology than 'intelligence'

A lot of extremely intelligent people have different interests than you do swell.

I've felt the same way at times, but I see what is happening better now.

Elites are smart, they want a borderless world, becauae it IS good for them… they don't deal with the bad side of it as much as the rest of us

It's a question of interests rather than smarts

A good articulation of our position.

I reject you notion of them as junkies, a junkie takes everything they can get and produces nothing, a capitalist is an integral part in production by assuming asymmetrical risk

moreover how do you address the fact that without these "junkies" the innovations they discovered and created would not exist?
if they were not allowed to risk capital the poor would in fact have the same or less access to lifesaving medicine/foods as they do today, as the innovations that brought about these medicines and food production capabilities simply would not exist

* it is not to say that a capitalist doesnt take all they can, simply that they at least provide some service to the society that the junkie clearly does not