What is a Cred Forums approved way of smoking a ciggie?

What is a Cred Forums approved way of smoking a ciggie?
If I have learned anything from cinema and tv it is that huffing a fag can convey a range of emotions, depending on your posture, facial expression and the way you hold it. I want to show people who pass me by that I am brooding, deep in thought. Perhaps contemplating the impending race war. Or maybe just figuring out what to do for dinner that night. It doesn't matter, but that the stranger sees me and is awarded a sense of mystery.

1. grasp cigarette between first finger and thumb
2. shove cigarette up your asshole, or a friend's asshole if yours is already filled with filipino cock
3. smoke crack instead, for a better buzz with less addiction potential

t. buttmad cigarette slave

with your mouth. while the cig is on fire.

why fuck would you want to smoke.....
its not 1950 any more , smoking doesnt make you look smart-cool, not anymore

these days its looked down upon for many negatives , stop trying to be edgy

atleast that is what i can gather from what ive seen - heard

This. Crack rules. Yahweh rules.

The coolest characters always have a smoke in hand. When something tough is going on. When shit hits the fan. When they are plotting their next course of action. As far as I can see it is some sort of mnemonic aid, not to mention a pussy magnet

I go out & hack a dart when I'm feeling stressed.

Smoke about 1/3 to 1/2 a pack a day. Fucking kill me.

>right foot sole bent knee 45 degrees to a wall and your back to it
>index finger from first knuckle counting from palm making a triangle and going over the thumb knuckle
>eyebrows slightly downward
>gaze roughly 15 degrees over horizon or off into space
>you do not look at people as they pass
>don't hang it out of your mouth to speak
>maybe try and waft it away with a bit of wrist action every now and then

through a muslims lips


Smoking is fedora tier

Yeah i just dump dinosaur gas from my car. Cigarettes are vegetables bro

Wtf I love cigs now

You don't smoke tobacco at all.

smoking is and always be badass and it has nothing to do with your opinion or fashion. it's fundamental.

You smell like shit

To not. Smoking is degenerate, not just for your health, but also the health of those around you. It is also a massive time waste. If you take 5 minutes for a fag break and smoke 20 a day, that's an hour wasted.


Extra hour to Fap to Henati

I just apply liquid nicotine on my wrist, you get the same benefits with minimal harm.

>What is a Cred Forums approved way of smoking a ciggie?
Not in public.

t. cig shill

Victory smoke after winning the race war... then we ban all cigarettes the next day.

>Smoking is degenerate behavior.

Literally sucking cancer's dick.

>he fell for smoking gives you cancer jewish meme

As a smoker I'll red pill you. No one notices or cares. Non-smokers just look at you in disgust and pity, most people hate smokers. Smokers don't really notice you, you're just having a cigarette, you might remind them they haven't had one for a while, that's it.
It ain't the movies user, you don't look any cooler trying to smoke like a boss than you would trying to drink soda like a model.

Smoking cigarettes is retarded don't fall for that drug addiction

don't smoke. It's a kike tool to keep you enslaved

Like Kaiser Soze.

>What is a Cred Forums approved way of smoking a ciggie?

not at all because why die at 65 when whores are cheap and viagra is cheaper?


>most people hate smokers.

yeah you guys are pretty much lepers, I don't want nothing to do with investing time in people who are going to die before anything good starts happening

seriously why not just kill yourself instead of giving jews more money first? you could leave that money to your family , not burden the tax base with medical procedures that are pointless because you are going to drop dead in your 60s

maybe a little longer but not by much, majority of smokers go in their 60s

why would I waste time developing a relationship with a slow suicide?

fucking depressing

As opposed to dieing in your 70s? I can understand smokers but I highly advice against it.

I used to smoke but since i stopped i feel 100 times more fit. Can run farther and dont lose my breath so fast. No cough... all those are valid reasons.

10 years extra shitty life for people who mostly already see life as shitty isnt, so much..

Not even being ironic.
Ciggies killed my cardio performance for a solid 4 months.

Not bloody worth it.

How long has it been since you stopped smoking? I quit about a year ago after having been a smoker (10-15 a day) for 15 years, but I can't say my general fitness has improved much.

why? when I see smokers I see them as weak human beings who have no willpower nor strength to quit despite whole world knowihg how useless time and money consuming bullshit thing it is to do. besides u stink and ruin everything around you for non smokers. not a single badass thing about it.