Violent leftist attacks patriots, gets killed

The police is investigating: A young man was assaulted in an event organized by the Resistance Movement in the middle of Helsinki - died a week later
A fathers post about his dead son, Jimi, started circulating in social media this Saturday. The police confirms that they have recorded an assault that happened a week ago in the Station Square in Helsinki, which lead to the subsequent death of the victim. The suspected assault happened in a street event of the Resistance Movement. The victim died in Friday evening at 22:00 in Meilahti hospital.
According to inspector Pekka Seppälä from Helsinki Police, the police have "recorded an assault, which led to the subsequent death of the victim".
The father of the victim reported the crime on Monday.
"At this phase we do not take a stand on whether there was a causal relationship" Seppälä adds.

Here's the video, at the end he's lying in a puddle of blood

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Good. Antifa are nation wrecking scum who support the globalists.

The day of the rope came early for him.

I love this. May he rot in hell.

Leftist cuck spitted at the SVL protester who then pushed him back. Drug abusing leftist then fell and hit his head. He was hospitalized and released week after. He died next day after release. Pick related, the cuck himself. Left is the picture media uses(10yrs old) right was his current FB picture.

Are you on a working holiday or something cunt? You've been posting on here for a while.

Guernsey is a wonderful place. Just look at that flag, take away the little bit of gold in the middle and it'd be a true blue Cross of St. George.

Representing England and Genoa, respectively.

Also, to add coriner hasnt released statement other that he died on internal bleeding in his head. Cause of that isn't proven to connect on the head injury. Might be caused from mix of concussion and drug abuse after the release.

I saw it on the newspaper

>He fought against neo-nazis and got killed!
>picture of a 10 year old kid

I've been browsing Cred Forums for a couple years, I was mostly just lurking before

Always brightens the day when antifa gets rekt

>they will call this cold blooded murder

I know that look. I've known several people like that growing up, and they're all either junkies, institutionalized or dead.

I actually almost went there last time I was in France, really regret not going. Looks pretty comfy tbqh

lel jewnalism

So wait. Is it the guy mouthing off at 1:49 mark who is dead ten seconds later? How come he is wearing different clothes?

They are painting the organization as neo-nazis who are killing everyone who opposes their view. They are also making an appeal of banning "racist organisations and gatherings".

What was the woman saying?

Also, in general, how cucked is your country? What's the situation in terms of the left-right balance, and if to the left, what kind of resistance is being put up?

If you come you should check out Sark too, theyre like an island of Amish everyone rides horses drawn buggies or bikes because cars are illegal. Not a single shitskin too

No they were unable to film the commie and his friends attack them they only got the aftermath, before that they were met by a bunch of unrelated SJWs

drugged leftie scum. disgusting.

Jesus that's an autistic face.

You can tell from one glance that it wasn't a huge loss.

Typical insufferable-cunt face

Finland user claimed to know him

The more you kill the more the left respects you.
Islam is proof.

Probably not real antifa.
Just a stoner and heavy drug user leftist gotten used to the idea that it is safe to let your deranged tantrums escalate to pushing and shoving with normal people and even cops in Finland.
It is not safe to do that with a neonazi.

got anything that can show he started it?
Any source, video, evidence, witnesses?

Lügenpresse halt die Fresse.

Can anyone find that episode?

How can you be Neo-Nazis?!!! (National Socialists, the guy says.) How can you be like this!!?! You should be ashamed!!! (etc.)

She verbally whipped herself into a frenzy and started to go off the rails.

jesus fucking christ you just said the exact same thing five times ion five subsequent sentences. You literally have one iota of information here and you've padded it out like a fifth grade assignment. fuck you OP you're by far the biggest faggot ever to piss on this board


He admitted to police when questioned in hospital that he spat at the protesters.

Guernsey? What?


Literally never heard of it.

It was available yesterday, now it's not.

Jimi Karttunen - Poliisit S03E11

It's weird seeing dinduism applied to a white person


they could play his own music at his funeral Karttunen - Poliisit S03E11.mp4

Used to be that no one gave a shit. When white trash died, no one really made a lot of trouble about it because they knew nothing of value was lost.

The only reason they do it now is because the right is rising again and they are desperately looking for ammunition against it.

Great, is that in the article posted above?

Thanks guys!

Anti-Fascist Action League

Few articles state he spat at the ground, others he spat towards protesters, while protesters claim he spat on them. Damage control is on full power so they are doing their best to cover even provocation. Main defensive point is, that he was released from hospital after being there 6days and inspected throughly then next day he died.

5$ says he od'd

Any chance he didn't even die directly from the consequences of the attack?
Like, say he fell in a junkie stupor and hit his head?

Yes, coroner hasnt connected the head injury of Friday for his internal bleeding of week after. Its only suspected. Even police say causation not to be sure.

Wait what, he had internal bleeding? What part of the body exactly? That is in direct contradiction of being pushed and hitting his head at the protest.

Idiot probably got in another fight or hell, even ruptured some organ from the sheer force of being a scumbag.

The "leftie" was a known drug addict with some severe issues concerning his mental healt. He has been known to chimp out without any reason and attacking the ppl unprovoked. Do not trust the finnish MSM on this lads.

Oh and apparently he also hated kikes (not a bad thing).


I actually know few antifas who knew this guy. In their minds the junkie was practically executed.

The real truth doesn't matter, only the one that the MSM and the left side manages to shove down your throat while getting away with it.

In his brain. It's 100% sure the push was not what directly killed him. It's suspected that it was the main cause of it though. IE.
>get released from hospital as stable
>take drugs like degenerate
>brain cant take it, bloodvessel ruptures

>Pekka Seppala
sounds like a One Piece villain

Also, story update. they say "suspect ran to him 10meters then flykicked him to the chest"

Is this something the people are aware of and only the media is trying to paint a different picture or are people falling for it?

>Peter Smith

Kek, JCVD is in Finland?

Media and the left are painting a saint out of him. Druggie claims arent idiotproof, but they don't get refuted either. They also use 10y/o picture of him, because he was unpresentable. They also didn't report about his actions between release from hospital and his death at all, like they usually do in sob stories.

Media is trying to paint a different picture and some of the ppl are actually falling for it. The leftists on the other hand might have a good picture of what truly happened BUT because they are the warriors of good and this junkie was fighting the ebil nazziz and shit, they do not care. The leftist violence is just so much better and justified.

Not too long a go a finn got robbed and murdered by 2 Iraqis. You can probably guess how the media reacted.

Pekka sounds much cooler than Peter.
Peter is a faggot name.


who do you want to side with

>cucky faggot that wants more refugees and dies after treatment

obviously makes one process the data

No referral to the fact that this junkie started the whole shit.

>be antifa
>go outside
>get killed

Finns are naturally sheeps, majority here believes whatever bullshit MSM tells them
I tried telling my parents about this, didn't believe me, saw a facebook post about him being a junkie and then their reaction was "oops, guess user was right"

Rémi ?

If the news paper articles have comment sections let the normies know that he was a useless degenerate junkie

They don't. Discussion on "sensitive" topics is always discouraged here.

One less.

Bro, do you think that the media would allow ppl like us to actually comment the articles they produce, expecially in cases like "gud liddle boy murdered by ebil nazi"

comments are disabled and when they're not, comments go through "moderation" = shut up, don't let facts ruin good propaganda

>the police have "recorded an assault, which led to the subsequent death of the victim".
Doesn't this mean the opposite?
Or did the police omit the fact he started it?

Spurdo is getting naughty lately

What did he man by this?

>10 meter flying kick
Deadly asian martial arts.

Amazing how the kike media rigs these stories worldwide. I does not matter which white country they're trying to destroy.

Good. Looks like the cunt deserved it

How can someone's life be such a wreck that someone shoving them becomes fatal?

He believed Jews are cold and wanted to provide them with traditional heating? It's proof that he was a caring angel. The angel also seemed to like McDonald's so he was also a cosmopolitan at heart. Probably Happy Meal every time. Such an innocent soul.

Assault and the death causing internal bleeding on his head havent yet been proven. It is only suspected causation. Finland doesn't have provocation in its law, and self defense doesn't excist in practice.

innocent little boy was murdered by nazi! we need to ban all the hate! (read: opposing opinions)

Who the fuck wrote this. Its all over the fucking place. This asshat should be banned from English.

So he OD'd like the degenerate junkie lefty cuck he was and now they're lying about that too?

Global holocaust when?

Ban karate!

Holy shit the shilling thats going on now. News papers shoutin : HE STOOD UP TO THE EBIL NAZIIIIS. Nazi this nazi that and people bringing candles to the scene of this brave junkies struggle. My leftie """""friends""""(cant even call them that anymore) having a field day and parading around when finally the ebil nazis kill someone.. So what about the man who got killed by the refugees ?... WHAT?? DO YOU MEAN THE JUNKIE DESERVED TO DIE??? IT WAS THE NAZZZZZZZIES... Sweden level here we come

>having a field day and parading around when finally the ebil nazis kill someone
This seems oddly familiar..

>Violent leftist attacks patriots, gets killed
Demented junkie attacks hooligans, gets killed

I dont believe you recycle this liberal propaganda like it is something good

>inspector Pekka

>be antifa junkie cuck
>get pushed
>lose balance because you're a fucking junkie
>fall on the ground with your head
>die like the junkie cuck you are


Atleast in viro when our kike media writes bullshit all the commentators call their shit out.

i feel bad for you lads.

They already did...

i find it extra funny that the shedevil says that after it was exactly the aid of nazi germany that stopped the soviets from covering Finland under the iron curtain all hose years ago, but i cant be suprised, women learn NO history anymore, and even if they did they would not understand how important learning for it is.

>Also, in general, how cucked is your country? What's the situation in terms of the left-right balance, and if to the left, what kind of resistance is being put up?

I would say Finland is one of the least cucked western countries. The majority opposes immigration and most foreigners think that Finland is a cold and hostile place.

Anyone can ID the killer as seen in this photo from the incident?

We have the same media moguls as in Sweden like Bonnier.

In the video a screeching leftist woman spits in a guy's face. This guy reportedly spit in a guy's face

Why do all leftists spit? Fucking diseased pigs, are they carrying an alien parasite?

>Implying her grandfather was not a RED SCUM that managed to avoid getting shot.

Soon brothers!

Well we can try but the comments are usually disabled from crimes.. Just quess why :^)

It's an island off of Normandy's coast.

The French army used it as a stepping stone to invade England for Saxon Beatdown 2: Norman Boogaloo.

Stop fucking lying. our government is full of cucks eager to turn us into the next Sweden. The country and it's citizens aren't what they were decades ago.

not only for crimes, but for immigration and basically everything that they know they lied about

How do we know it was even him?

>Finland doesn't have provocation in its law, and self defense doesn't excist in practice.

What the fuck? Never going there. That means if you kill someone that's robbing your home, you can go to prison for murder?

Bullshit. They made it very hard to get asylum in Finland.

It's not that simple. These Finns here are very young so they don't usually know how stuff really works. You are allowed to defend yourself but there's no legal reason to kill anyone.

In your case you could argue that he/she was threathening your life so it wouldn't be a murder.

Yes they did. But that was after letting 30 000 of them in. We don't even kick out people who get a denied asylum application. Don't lie about Finland here dude.

It's just so scary, I've heard of women going to prison for beating up a man that was trying to rob/rape them or whatever. Some first world countries are very stupid and it just's scary to think you could get totally schlonged like that.

Shit, I don't even know Canada's stance on self-defense.

Such a coincidence.

lol they beat the pussy out of him didn't they

Holy fuck you are stupid. 1. Most of those 30k have already left 2. And yes we kick out everyone who gets denied. That is most of the Iraqis etc. Finnair even opened a new route to Baghdad or somewhere for these charters :D

Sorry but shouldn't a young idiot like you be in school?

Do you have any proof of that he actually tried to do that? Of course if it's word against word and she's the only one who commited a crime...

>if you kill someone that's robbing your home, you can go to prison for murder?
If you smash armed robbers hand, w/baseball bat, you goto jail.

We have legal term "excessive self-defence", paraphrasing:
>If the force used for self-defence causes damages (to attacker) greater than that what would've been lost to the crime, is the "defender" held guilty of offence
Or some such.

Potentially the assailant is charged for ATTEMPTENT crime (since you stopped them), while you get criminal record and have to pay the assailant for caused damages.

women use the force against rapists here

>be antifa
>go outside

Finnish people are so fucking hideous

Boring. Nothing even happened.

I saying I read an article about a woman who went to prison for sending an attempted thief to the hospital. It was something along those lines, European country IIRC. It was a news article so yeah, it happened.

haha. Yeah it was something like that, except the woman overpowered the thief and waited for police to arrive. She then got arrested and imprisoned for violence or something.

I know I'm being vague but it was a while ago.

That's just crazy. When fantasies become legal realities, people who are unprepared for the worst just get victimized, the the OP i replied to just above. And those who are prepared get sent to prison.

>the the OP i replied to just above.

I meant to say "like in the video of the person I replied to above". Been awake for too long.

You are basically referring to some of the cases displayed on the news where it appears that you cannot defend yourself and the actual facts haven't been brought up. I've had a chat about this topic with certain police officers and there have been lots of cases where people have walked free after killing men in self-defense. It's these narcs and junkies committing violence to each other that get these heavy-handed sentences.

And yeah, our self-defense laws are not as strong as in US but you are still allowed to defend yourself and if you make a good enough case, you will not get convicted.

>t. beady eyes, dirty teeth and thirsty for ARYAN blood

At first I was like, 'cool! they're speaking svedish instead of finnish, I can understand.

Then I realized that the only relevant part was the 2 seconds at the end, guy laying on the ground with people around him, no talking, the end. Can't even really see the guy, got his hoodie covering him.

Your middle-low class is also quite hideous.

That's pretty fucked up. Why are you yuuuropoors so cucked? Here parents teach their kids to defend themselves and it's culturally a good thing. If I killed someone trying to rape or rob me, the local media and government would give me a fucking medal and a banquet.

I really can't understand how you moron yuuros passed such laws. Do you honestly feel the person defending themself is morally wrong? How the fuck are you that retarded? I hope the muslims rape you all. Here in GLORIOUS FREEDOMLAND I have no fewer than five weapons in a ten foot area of myself, all of which are illegal in yuurope.

Maybe when the muslims take your nations, you can come here as refugees and populate south dakota and wyoming.

>Oh and apparently he also hated kikes (not a bad thing)
That's only not a bad thing if it's for the right reasons. Leftie scum only hate on Jews because of Israel's attitude towards filthy Mudshits.

What the fuck are you talking about? We have no protocol regarding what to do with the ones who get denied. Soini the fat fuck couldnt negotiate a deal with Iraq or Somalia, so now we can't haul them back.

Ja nyt vitun elämäm_kulu mene itse sinne kouluun. Opi vähän asioista ennen kuin rupeat ilamisemaan mieltäsi niistä.

Ministry of Truth is hard at work

onya Winston

He died after returning from the hospital and he had a cerebral hemorrage.

He was a junkie and OD'd

tfw antifa trash die

>violence is okay when white-niggers do it

pic related

>I really can't understand how you moron yuuros passed such laws

Because in the lawmaker's minds (who live in gated neighborhoods with private polices, then get escorted in their armored vehicles by a team of ex-military marine bodyguards into a build with 10 layers of physical protection, from body scanners to 10 foot thick reinforced cement walls) you don't need to defend yourself, that's what the police is for! They think this is how encounters with criminals go:
They're completely disconnect from reality and they make laws based on how you should act in a perfect society as opposed to how you need to act in an imperfect one. fantasies become legal realities and good people get double schlonged by criminals and govt.

man cuckolds used to have real power to go out and be retarded in peoples faces in public now everytime they do it in europe from belgium to finland they are just getting the absolute reality beat into them

forgot to post pic related

Fucking media.
I actually first thought that the guy was a 10-year-old because of this picture used everywhere.
Kinda reminds me of the one with the shirtless photo of a black guy vs. him holding gun.

Finns are cute :3


checked holy


You have this much blowover cuckoldry from Sweden? How hopeless.

Is Finland COPS like the show it is in America? I bet people put up a decent fight since cops don't carry guns.


They know they can't argue, and they're afraid of being challenged in case they lose the argument and eventually power, so they spit and assault.

They're cowards, as well as stupid and just downright evil.