How do we fix Australia?

How do we fix Australia?

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ban marmite

Shut up 7th and most irrelevant State.

Remove unemployment payments for anyone unless they are physically unable to work.

Let the NEETs work or starve

From where do NEET's get their money?

I think this is simply a problem that has never existed before. When in history could people be afforded the opportunity to sit at home and live their life through a virtual world? Fix nihilism and fix Australia. This place is depressing as fuck.

Strategic nuclear bombings

As in, turn the entire country to glass and return it to the emus

Holy shit no wonder they are all here shit posting.

None of them want to fucking work.

Based Aussies.


>implying marmite isn't master yeast spread

Vegemite cucks get out.


It would help if there were any jobs.

Being able to work and having job opportunities is two different things. The media always forget to talk about the all time high unemployment rates. But we need more "refugees" to fill the non-existing jobs that evil WHITE MALES refuse to take, right?

Also, bring the industry and production that Boomers sent to China for a quick profit back to Australia.

Revive the car industry and make it clear to people that if you buy non-Australian made products that you're a shitcunt who needs to be glassed.

(Optionally, also put all Boomers on a big raft and push them out to sea)

>When in history could people be afforded the opportunity to sit at home and live their life through a virtual world?

If you really make yourself think about it, it's kind of amazing.
Future generations will study this part of history and be forever bemused.


Or employers won't even look at them because they don't have a degree and years of experience.

I think that's more likely.

Nigga I looked at those hiring requirements. It's virtually impossible to be applicable for an entry level job below the age of 22, at which point a lot of people have most likely given up already.

I can very much see why many just do not give a shit anymore.

tax 90% of inheritence going to any NEET

Loser NEET detected. You're a fucking drain on society, neck yourself ASAP.

>'I should be able to sit around doing nothing of worth while others provide for me to not starve.'
Yeah, nah. Get fucked.

I'm 22 and still haven't found a part time or casual job, it's hard to find a entry level job with bumfuck all experience.

I'm just trying to get a specialised education so maybe I can get a decent full time job.

A big box of fire

build a wall

>Loser NEET detected. You're a fucking drain on society, neck yourself ASAP.

He's a Mountain Jew

They have all their Jew gold hidden away.

Just genocide the boomers its more humane to the rest of us.

holy fuck can any of you NEETs actually get upskilled? I don't mean university or any of that lefty shite, I mean an actual trade or skill.

I have a fuckton of driver jobs that I could give to Australians but non of you cunts are qualified.
Been hiring Slav and Chink immigrants instead.

tl;dr, any Cucktorians willing to get a HC/MC truck license give me a (You) and I'll give you a throwaway email to contact me on.
Guarantee you $25 an hour mostly sitting on your ass waiting to get loaded/unloaded at the container terminals.

>Remove unemployment payments for anyone unless they are physically unable to work.
I don't get this meme. As far as I know, the govt is coming down hard on people who receive welfare, making sure they """"deserve"""" it.

My mothers hand got mangled in a freak accident at work when she was a teenager, still worked hard, and now that she's in her late 40's, she wanted to start taking it easy and just stay on the disability pension. She almost lost it a few years back because now they're even finding excuses for disabled people to find work, which makes no sense because there's all these NEET's receiving welfare without an issue.

US has the same problem.

Real entry level jobs just aren't as widespread or rewarding. Few train on the job anymore, significant raises are rare, and employer loyalty doesn't exist. Sure you can crack down on welfare but ultimately something has be either done with wages or cost of living.

Even if we somehow put the globalism genie back in the bottle you still have massive downward pressure on wages from technology and debt.

Create actual job growth? I'm sat here employed but not in the industry I want to work in.

I work 2 jobs at the moment and I wish I was a neet sometimes

>tfw trying as hard as I can to work but everything keeps going to shit cause I'm too mentally ill to function


>first year uni
>apply for jobs that require no work experience
>they're all taken by Asians
>most jobs require 3+ years experience, even for unskilled shit like being a waiter
>give up looking by second year
>"wah, why is no one working"

And I can't even get centerlink, meanwhile my room mate gets $500 a fortnight and $1000 a semester to buy video games with

no replies


We build a wall

>I would tell you it’s hard to get a job but to be honest I don’t even try. Centerlink pays my rent and that’s all I need.
wow m8, how do I get a free flat in aus?

This is bullshit meant to distract everyone from the fact that australians cant get jobs due to 457 visas and high immigration. We are literally exporting our jobs to 3rd world shotskins, right here, in our own country.

Every shopping centre now uses pajeets to collect the trolleys. Tonnes of food chains in westfields all have asians working in them who barely speak the fucking language. 7/11 got done for the indian visa student underpayment rort.

This is nothing but a distraction to take your gaze of the real issue, which is the devaluation of our wages through immigration.

Yeaaah that's kind of what I keep hearing.

Meanwhile there are thousands of people here that keep themselves alive through simply working one or two unskilled jobs.

> mfw someone shows me apartments that cost like 500 a (((fortnight))
>mfw needing to explain we just don't HAVE fortnight-based renting here

they already did mate
i needed to start going to uni to keep getting the neet dollars
making me not a neet anymore

they dont let you just chill on job seeker anymore

Work is an antiquated notion. A modern resource based society has no need for it.

The only reason you aren't getting centrelink is if you're family is wealthy. There's literally no other way you can miss out on it as an Australian citizen.

Lock the NEETs in a room with a rope and throw away the key.

But I already make $26/hr flipping burgers im only not A NEET fuck you

yeah no cunts actually want to work for their money.

pretty indicative of this shit generation ey?

fucking giving up a job where you can clear 4 figures a week (with overtime) to immigrants.

Currently a NEET with some pretty decent programming skills. How hard is it to get a programming job in this country?

What's the point of being a wagecuck?

>Manchild thinks making a substantial amount of money working a fulfilling job is a bad thing.


i remember my last job employment services interview a few years ago

she asked if i wanted a job and i said no
she said ok and
that was the end of that, still kept getting paid

i worked from 13 - 18 tho fuck that noise


>580,000 young australians are able to work

Hmm. Funny how there's no mention of how many jobs are actually available nationwide.


Rly makes me think.

>I already make $26/hr flipping burgers
really doubt that bud.

not hard at all cunt, just be a contractor or go work for a APS agency

>fullfiling job
not really, maybe if you are one of the... say, 5% lucky?

This, there's plenty of good paying work out there. You just have to get qualified and look for it, instead of expecting it to get dumped in your lap

>parents decide I'm not living the NEET life on their dime anymore
>get piss easy qualification in security
>ask security company for job
>start a week later, pulling in a bit over $1000p/week
It's literally that easy

>in this country
Programming is all portfolio. Go look for programming projects online. Grind them HARD.

>Annex NZ.
>Send all long-term unemployed, refugees and degenerates there.
You're welcome.

>mfw sitting at home at 3 AM on a tuesday watching wageslaves fight each other trying to prove their lives are meaningful and going to that telemarketer job tomorrow is totally worth their time

True and false.

Jobs like petrol station attendants, supermarkets, retail , etc are all optimized for young workers.

However, since there are thousands of people graduating with worthless uni degrees every year (who also can't find work in their desired fields), they stick around in those shitty jobs.

Immigration exacerbates the problem - not create it. .

Just like the US, I'd wager
>IT Jobs
You don't have the experience we're looking for - don't mind the fact that nearly all IT jobs are contracting jobs and only get you a year or two, tops.
>Service Industry
You're a massive pile of shit on legs. We'll pay you garbage and remind you constantly that you're replaceable by literally anyone and everyone. Step out of line and we'll fuck you.
You'll never get rich. Hope you like working 90 hours a week for shit pay. Maybe you'll even get lucky and be able to give blowjobs to the higher-ups and they'll toss you a bone every now and again.
Hahaha, you stupid sack of shit. Fuck you, the truck you drove our shit in on, the company you work for, and by the way - you're late by ten minutes so we're not paying you for this.
Hope you like niggers!
You don't have the experience, but we'll graciously allow you to work for no pay for a year. How do you live on an intern job? Fuck you, that's how!

I'll hire one Australian if they are willing to come to Canada, live in my basement and do all my shitposting for me.

>Revive the car industry and make it clear to people that if you buy non-Australian made products that you're a shitcunt who needs to be glassed.

Holden and fords problem was they were still manufacturing large saloons and basing their future on it when every single indication showed the market was buying small cars, hatchbacks and 4wds/SUVs. They would have and should have died long ago. I jave no problem with subsidising a car industry but we didnt even make anything people apart from government fleet buyers wanted, much less something the rest of the world wanted.

They should have made a 3 series sized sedan or coupe with RWD on a toyota budget. They would have made bank.

Yeah no worries mate just keep playing games all night and sleep all day. Real productive human bean.

I bet your folks are proud, and you go great with girls.

>annex NZ
>replace the employers of Jim's Mowing with sheep

>needing human interaction and companionship in 2016

I must be.

I'm sitting here jacking off, playing vidya all day, and these niggas think there is anything better in life.
They're truly pathetic

>Just get a job

>Graduated from one of the best schools in my city
>Studying (STEM)
>need part time job because shits expensive
>live in a city with near 4 million people and the only jobs available for young well educated students are callcenter positions and box carrier at minimum wage

Calm down there, D'quan.

Casual minimum rate is 25 for 21+ year olds, ronald makes up the rest for me. Plus my store asks how many hours I want to work each week.

Just make sure you don't make another feels thread on /r9k/.

legit kek

Why won't they give you centrelink, you're living independently so you should be able to get the same as your room mate

Its not just the shit jobs. There is no reason jobs like chefs, it workers or electricians should be on the 457 visa list. The last free trade agreement we signed with china said chinese electricians are allowed to come work here with little restriction.

We are being fucked in the arse and sold down the river, having our wages driven down by 3rd world hoards and our hluses being bid up by chinese foreign investors, and we are blaming the people who arent even offered the jobs in the first place.

>that pic
>this triggers the nzcuck

>Casual minimum rate is 25 for 21+ year olds

wait, what? I'm only getting $21
Am I getting boned

How many NEETs we got here? NEETS report in

Australia is an interesting place to grow up man. Apathy and being content with not much is just so ingrained in our culture this kind of thing was inevitable.

reminder to all wagecucks

Govt won't support that here in the US anyway, if you live NEET life it means you live in your car or are sponging off family, friends, or girlfriend. Sometimes I wish I could too, sick of endlessly working for little gain.

Fuck working to pay 50% tax to pay the retirement benefits of the baby boomers who have no super and got to retire at a reasonable age.

Fuck working for some corporate fuck or shit hole bank working for people who are half as competent as you where they promote people based on time of service rather than merit.

Fuck spending the majority of your waking hours slaving away in some fuckhole office building where everyone is a passive aggressive cunt anyway.

Fuck all those dumb fucks that complain all day about how much they hate their jobs yet are so indoctrinated into the productivity model of our culturely baron society that they also complain about the people unwilling to hate their lives in the same way.

And fuck any kiwi cunt who wants to tell us how to live our lives.

I already am able to sit around and do nothing, is it fair? Probably not.

enjoy no sick leave and annual leave.
as a casual what do you work? probably 2 graveyard shifts a week and still living at your parents'.

I hate working but i hate being a poor as fuck neet even more. Ive done both, id much rather work and buy nice things, do nice things.

>26 an hour
>21 an hour is "getting boned"
>AUS to USD conversion
>$19.61 and $15.84 respectively
>I work as a general manager for a local business and only make $12 an hour and am constantly reminded how lucky I am
>Before that I worked IT and made $15 an hour and was convinced I was fucking rich

Just fuck my shit up f a m, I'm quitting.

Conscription into military ought to motivate them to work

>You get an occupation
>You participate in an occupation

Pick one NEET cunts

Nah 457s should be expanded, no fucking shitstain need wants to do any of the work these people do. You all want to be self employed millionaires. Good luck though

>japan w0oO

fuck off weeb

>Casual minimum rate is 25 for 21+ year olds

$21 is the minimum casual rate for anyone over 20, you're full of shit and get payed fuck all

Fucking whiney neets here make no mistake

Yeah I worked for a bunch of years and can afford to spend the next few years unemployed. I'm trying to find a way out of working ever again through invention/innovation.

I have a memedegree that is spain only and a job. In spain. With zero connections. Get good crackas.

Yeah but you don't pay $3.50 for a bottle of tap water or pay $550 a week for a studio apartment.

no shit i am good with drugs and internet
everything else can and will fuck off permanently
greta i fucked sluts in high school and got a few preg now fuck off whores i am done

time to worship myself forever

literally where is this? surely hyperbole.

>mfw I work a security job where I 'monitor camera feeds' for a factory at night to make sure cunts don't break in
>mfw I get paid $30p/hour(22.63Ameribucks) to sit in my ass and read books/shitpost all night
>mfw I'm actually at work now

>tfw quit my sysdev job to be a full-time poker player

Was a bit nerve racking to begin with, had some downswings while I was building my bankroll, but right now I can live comfortably just from regularly playing MTTs.

Gonna escape this country and the ridiculous taxation they impose on poker players soon.

>sept 15, 2014
Any Follow-up on that one? Any word on how long he could keep that up before it all went to total shit?

>580,000 NEETs
>600,000 Nzers in Australia

We should be thanking the NEETs for giving all our Maori employment.

>Haha xD

I make $30k as a casual which is basically poverty line

you can't fix something that never worked

ayy how you want your crime ratings senpai?

Flip the magnetic poles.

yeah thank me m80 I hire heaps of Maoris to unpack our shipping containers.

not exactly the reliable sort in terms of showing up, but they'll lift boxes way over the weight on the OHS guidelines so fuck it.

Security as in security guard?

I think Australia should have 1 year compulsory service for sure.

how can i get a job in international shipping?

Wait about 500-1000 years for the country to mature. We are a bunch of insular, ignorant, fat bogans.

Don't lie. You can get an inner city 1 bedroom for 400 in melbourne. Sydney prob a bit more but not much. Go out to the 'burbs if you want a 4 bedroom for 350/week.

I'd like to work, but I'm on and off sick. It's also pretty obvious on my resume that I haven't worked in a few years, so employers probably think I took off time to have a baby. If I do get an interview I can't really tell them about how sick I am or I took the time off because I had to get surgery.

Even my JSP tells me I'd be better off on disability, but I haven't been able to get a diagnosis yet.

No problem with that because that means you can legally kill the trash of society.

Though the problem with our current society is that it is against the law to purge the shit of society. That is why neets feel so hopeless because you're told to tolerate the trash of society like niggers, spics, yellow niggers, sandniggers, and kikes. You shouldn't ever tolerate them and purging them is "wrong" because they're "human". They're not human. When someone makes fun of you you smack them and there should be no repercussions.

I'm pretty sure he means a job as a security blanket.

Nope. Anywhere within 30km of Sydney CBD.

strap kids to computers to shitpost for national service, sounds good

It triggers everyone m8

Australia will be an Islamic shithole within 1000 years, you mong.
They have 20 kids per family. How many kids do you have?

Sure sounds like someone is a bit self-hating. Why not get some immigrants in to bring some culture to this place that clearly lacks it?

I do live in the burbs. I live an hour from the CBD in sydney and I am paying $500 a week for a 3 bedroom house.

Gotta tell yeah, love travelling 3 hours a day for work. So great.

pls don't make me leave house

i am not made for society you should respect my wise hermit lifestyle

Just did my first interview today, it was like an MDE skit
>candle retailer, I can't be picky
>invited to a group interview, "business casual"
>come in my dress pants, square toes and shirt
>everyone there is in black jeans, interviewer in all black including fedora
>only other man there is in tattered black skinny jeans and white sneakers, he had fucking makeup on
I felt like an unemployed and angry Clint Eastwood straight out of the fifties

Over a million job seekers and less than 100k jobs

>hurr get a job

>tfw 28
>only HS education
>only worked 1.5 years in my entire life


Haha you must be foolish. I'm as true blue as they come, never been shy to box on. If you really think you can be paying that way round Sydney, you're off your rocker. Few K is stock standard anywhere cooee of the coat hanger.

btw aussies what's Home & Away like these days? any new beach qts? interesting storylines?

should have worn a fedora

Oh! I almost forgot how it costs me $80 a week to get the train to work per week.

And the best thing

>no jobs yet hundreds of thousands of people willing to work
>lets import millions of uneducated aggressive africans and arabs because (((our economy))) demands it

Cheers m8. I know a lot of Maori who have moved over the ditch to work in labour jobs and they literally think it's a holiday/dream job. I guess whatever makes them happy.

Fuck off m8 the job has already been taken by Tawhiti.

get a job as a warehouse storeman/forkie at an international freight forwarder.

if you have the brains you'll be at warehouse manager in no time; if you prefer office work you can get there too.

you can get some tafe qualifications while you're at it, might even be able to get your workplace to fund it, google that shit.

Hill disclosure.

Crane driver. Been off work 3 months to help my mrs with our freshly minted son.

Fuck it. I paid nearly 50k in tax last year. Ima take however the fuck long i want off.


Mate. I have been living in Sydney for all 30 years of my life. Living out of home for 12. That is the price you pay to live here.

I was living the dream and then joined the army. Have to say it has been a great change of pace going from zero to 18 hour work days. neet life fucks with your self esteem even if it is comfy mode as fuck. Traded one form of welfare for another, except now I only disgust half the people I meet when I tell them what I do.

>allowing yourself to get fucked in the ass this hard
Top kek mate.

1.5 years as a bull prepper isn't anything to be proud of

>tfw already got a degree but going back to do a science degree to then do medicine

thanks for funding my future wagecucks


Government will give you $220++ week if you're unemployed but having somewhere to live. You have to do follow certain procedures, go to training courses, show what jobs you applied for etc. It's literally easier to get a job so I dunno why people bother.

I don't know how people can do shit like that, buy a cheap house in Ballarat or wherever and travel hours both ways. I wake up at 7 am to get to work and still want to fucking kill myself

They live, we sleep.

Yeah because we Australians are lazy and don't want to do the worst jobs for tue worst pay in tye wordt conditions..

>Not living near leftist scum and pink hair gender warriors
>fucking in the ass

Damn. You got me.

To all australians itt


The problem with society is because of your fucking globalist,Jewish,greedy,war mongering,sjw country

If I had my choice (and if there was work) I would be moving to nowra or bega.

Also, its kinda hard saving for a house deposit when 60% of your wage goes to rent.

I wonder if you will be able to get benefits while in the re-education camps...

>paying $500 a week, renting a three bedroom
You're doing it wrong.

I want to get into the office side of freight forwarding.

So am I best to start in the warehouse side?

I have a meme IT Degree which I will happily leave off my resume

Give them an incentive to work.

What's wrong Mohammed, was your visa application denied?

Or people get Youth Allowance by "studying". People can literally apply to study a new tafe degree every semester then go to orientation and never go to classes or do any of the work. Not as much work.

Du älskar bruna kukar

>we don't want to do the shitty jobs so shitskins need to do them

It's a meme and a lie.
Have you ever actually worked in the bottom of the barrel sector before?
Most people there are still white.

>dad worked at a construction company
>most workers were german
>every now and than they hired arabs or african guys but those always quit after a few days/weeks or a month and got replaced with new ones
>german co-workers stayed there till they reached 70

And people would LOVE to work for garbage/cleaning companies. Those actually pay fairly well. But literally nothing is open besides obvious scams.
>we pay you 1 dollar a hour - take it or fuck off because if you don't want to do it we'll get some jobless welfare receiver to do it with the office forcing him to do it for that much unless he wants to lose most of his benefits

There's not even enough jobs as it is. The problem with Government is that they put the job shortage on the individual, as if it's the individual's choice to not work. Instead of making the economy better and making sure there's plenty of jobs, the Government just wants to blame everyone and let them die.

Stop trying to control the lives of others.
Stop trying to control your own life.
Withdraw your senses.
Call off the search.
Dwell within.

Stop giving jobs to Pajeet and Jackie Chan.

I'd head down the Mornington peninsula or maybe north NSW coast. Probably a falsehood but i associate country Australia with meth and meth crime (i.e. burglaries)

i am sure there's people that actually do that but i am sure they are in the extreme minority. and yet, they will ruin it for the majority. just like everything in this nanny state.

oh what's that, you can't handle your piss and you keep bashing cunts on the weekend, well here's a lockout for your whole city.


t. Pajeet

>I'd head down the Mornington peninsula
I live on the Mornington Peninsula, it's great... for now.

We don't need this one, Mal. Deploy the organic matter reclamation squad.

I just joined the Army - didn't have the money for tertiary education but the Army's always looking for more bodies in uniform if said bodies meet the entry standards

Fuck off mate. I would do fucking anything if it meant i didnt have to be on centrelink.

office side is easy but you'll be getting paid fuck all if you go the traineeship route. if you have an IT degree you should wedge your way in (on the IT side, especially if your name is Pajeet)

mostly people that get into the office side do a traineeship (you should be able to find it on google if you search "international freight forwarding traineeship").

this is an industry that rewards those who wait and have brains. if you have these you'll be earning good money in a few years.

Meh. My guess is that NEETS want to work but either can't because they are mentally retarded like me, or won't because they have nothing invested in society.

just remove neetbucks so we resort to forming gangs
Would be pretty fun

>half as competent as you

jesus christ the fucking delusion is real with this post

this millennial generation are pretty fucking lazy and self entitled though. but every generation has their cunts.

I'm currently living off of taxpayer dime and I'm fucking ashamed. I churn out applications like it's nothing, apply to literally everything I'm qualified for and some jobs that I'm not, but in most cases I don't even get responses. And it ashames me that my entire existence is dependent on taxpayer money. Work might suck, yeah, but it's infinitely better than to love with this fucking shame. Fuck. Someone give hire and/or kill me please.

I was never a sporty guy, I would fail the beep test and whatever other stamina shit they have.

I'm investing it all in tertiary education, with hopefully a big payoff.

But good on you joining the army, don't go full metal jacket.

NSW with MR, fuckin'

So what the government plan while sold Melbourne port to the Chinese?
Use the money to stimulate the job sector, or the gov just pocket the money and being neet?

like over half of our budget goes to welfare

In retail casual employees 21 and over are entitled to just under $25 minimum.

There's a pay calculator there.

>NEETs for gangs
>overpowered and removed in under a day because their fingers are to fat to fit inside trigger guards

Make single motherhood illegal so that women have to get a provider before having kids and thus incentivize employment.

this is a spot on meme frog cartoon though

you might think its cool to have a job and three houses but think about how boring their lives must be

you literally work your guts out to pay off all that shit and to try and pull a wife and then you have kids and she leaves you

men have finally woken up to all this shit

whether its because of the internet, porn or whatever, men are rightfully choosing to opt out of the kike's game.

I just got my forklift ticket and am trying to do this now.

>Every job asks for minimum 2 years experience
>Every job asks for rf acanning experience

>Just get a warehouse job user.
>Every job

>Medium Rigid
I have enough Patels doing this work.
HC/MC are for the real truck drivers.

>What percentage of the federal budget is spent on welfare?

>It comes to about $235 billion, the bulk of which is SNAP (formerly food stamps) and about one-third of Medicaid. That's 12 percent of all federal welfare spending and about 6 percent of the whole federal budget.

>>NEETs for gangs
Of course
What the fuck do you think gangs are made up of?
You didn't really think this through

Connections bruv and luck really that's it. Godspeed
Ah yeah and effort lol

>1 person can do the job on a farm of 1000 people 200 years ago
>he should be compensated for the work of 1000 people

Pick one friend

It's actually the Jews that want people being NEETs you moron

A placid society with enough bread and circuses doesn't question things

It's who you know not what you know you idiot. Fucking morons on Cred Forums

>it's both

what the fuck am i thinking of then

i definitely saw a chart where our welfare payments were ridiculously high

>people with jobs
>having time to question things

you have it all wrong, kid.

if you can't make headway as a full time storeman, start as a casual storeman.

we sometimes hire them to do our hand pack/unpacks of shipping containers.
literally anyone can get this job, but if you have it on the CV plus forkie license you'll be in.

Yeah, staying at home all day on the internet doesn't lend it's self to questioning????

probably something about normie subsidies like childcare

How the fuck is that what not I said you dickhead. Neck yourself cunt.

>its both

You're so stupid. I'm from The North Shore Sydney, I know what I'm talking about.

i have no idea what to do, desu. planning to neck myself before my next birthday.

MR was offered at Campbell Page because "theres a lot of MR jobs going" -- i.e. Lie. After the course was finished all that is available is HR+.

I'm going to ask to get into a HR course ASAP.

hard to say
nuking will only make them stronger

it really is about who you know in the business world.

even getting a job in a trade, it's important to have contacts. that is why so many dumb cunts have jobs out there.

Fuck up you gronk. Sick of you shit cunts with your worthless NEET lifestyles. Pull your fucking head out.

>planning to neck myself
don't be a pussy

Do criminals count as NEETs? Generally, they're still working for their money, that work is just illegal

Looking for forklift driving jobs on seek. Anything specific i should be searching for?

The worst part about the unemployment situation here is that there is almost no reward once you do get a basic job.

I can choose to be NEET or I can kiss ass and beg for some lowlife position that will drain my time but still leave me with a wage that cant buy true independence.

Whats the point of being employed if you still have to live with your parents or share a house with a bunch of people you can barely trust.

If im working full time, i want to feel like im earning real money and improving my position in life.

Most Australians on here don't realize we're not in the same boat as America; they keep voting in Liberals with the expectation that they'll be friendly to business (sell our public assets) and that will somehow be good for the country.... not a bright lot.

WE need Labor to come in with some big government projects commie style.... also Scott Morrison sucks balls.

Heh get a job

>Do criminals count as NEETs?
"A NEET or neet is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training"

Technically they are employed by the government you fucking idiot.

Must be a New South Welshman thing.
In my experience in Cucktoria, every Pajeet has their MR license, but only the Ruskies, Chinks and select few Anglos have their MC license.

I got Aspergers, I get denied so many jobs because of my social awkwardness in interviews, I am willing to work and want to work but no one gives me a chance because of my retardation, not even mcdonalds takes me in

I study though so technically not a NEET

>but if you have it on the CV plus forkie license you'll be in.

LOL I got MR license and LF license and at a Storeman position got told I was too intelligent for the job. Next interview I'm going to have to act like a fuckin retard I think.

get a short term loan to pad out your mortgage deposit, then get the mortgage, pay your shit down and know that your 'rent' is actually paying off your own house

Some criminals do have jobs inside the jails, doubt all of them do.

>Voting labor
>Expecting them to not flood australia with third world immigrants and reffos

Labor isnt the blue collar workers party it used to be.

What we need to do is to remember that we don't have a two party system and dump Libs and Labor because they're complete shit.

maybe bikie gangs, you dumb cunt

I'm talking about youth gangs

a lot of you cunts don't really have a clue, do you...

oh well i forget where i am sometimes

The government took my right to land, and to self-surficiency; and replaced it with the requirement to have a job and a mortgage (which translates to death-pledge because you're more likely to die than pay one off). Fuck them; they owe me; give me land and the capacity to be self-sufficient. You owe me; the colonial who set this place up.

If you want freight forwarding the below key words should be all you need

"freight forwarding warehouse storeman"

my old man has aspergers and he made a million at 26

it's no excuse

That is a complete lie. You can work at walmart, start a minimal wage, and even if you do nothing but show up get a 50 cent raise every year. They blow through management in a manner that is awe inspiring and working your way up is as easy as smiling. If you work at target you'll get even larger raises every year. If you don't want to do that, you can find a job at any packaging plant and start making minimum wage with all the over time you want. If you live close enough and are hired by the company and not temp they will promote you to machine operator within months and you will make more than livable wage. Even on minimum wage there is enough overtime in the US that you could get by alone.

It's closer to it than the libs and Turnbull with his off shore bank accounts.

I know for a fact that im included in this number but its a load of shit.

I had been looking for a job for 12 months before finally getting one, turns out its hard to get a job when they ask "whyd you quit" and all you can say is "oh you know i got crippling depression and didnt leave the house for 2 years" and then when i finally got a job it was with a shit company that was literally underpaying every employee and just doing dodgy shit. 6 months on they went bankrupt and own everyone $2kAU and now im back at square one.

the thing is with this stats they bullshit it all they can.

for one most of these "jobs" arent full time, you wont be able to live off these jobs they only get you 3-4 days work on average. this happened with my last job, the first 4-5 months were 3-4 days a week.

then again i bet this is a aus wide thing, like WA and SA have far to many sparkies, to the point were some companies advertising 2 jobs get over 200 applicants.. good luck being a sparky here.

on the funny side, any cunt who does work for the dole is like a real life 4channer. i mean you meet these cunts and they arent normal people, there is a reason they are all there.

another funny note is that 90% of the people i bet at work for the dole didnt have a father figure. ranging from single mother, too dad used to bash me as a kid.



How much have you made at 26 or [current] age?

The only reason why you're so fucking awkward is because you have not practiced enough you lazy cunt. To get my shitty job at a cafe I had to apply to over a 100 fucking places and I have social anxiety so shut the fuck up and put some fucking effort into it fatso. Sick of people whining 'I can't get a job'.

NEETs are literally the fucking dregs of society and are part of the cancer slowly killing the first world.

Kek, yeah you gotta play it down at interviews for blue collar positions. they're basically looking to see if you're a decent bloke.
try to act like their you're their mate.

Fucking disgusting NEETS!
Every respectable aussie must do the right thing and hang a couple of these on the day of the rope.

how do you survive without money exactly?

i'm not an engineer though

These fucks are ruining our great country. Just feed em to the fucking Emu's.

You have autism, jump of the bridge make your life spectacular for once

tell me the secret of getting a HC/MC truck licence without any experience in trucks..

i honestly want a truck job but i dont know were to start.

This is the attitude that NEETs really have, but they react to criticism with instant aggression, as their fat bogan single mothers taught them to through years of mishandling and shitty parenting. All the NEETs I see in threads like this try to paint this picture of superiority and contentedness, but this is what they are really hiding.

For shame, Australia

I really worry about this country becoming more racist in the future. I see signs that we're becoming divided as a people. We all need to come together, new Australians and old, as one people. I would hate for us to be torn apart on notions of race or politics, that's just wrong.

If you are a straight white male there is 0% chance that you will get a job if you don't already know someone who works there.

>how do you survive without money exactly?
by not buying drugs, cigarettes or alcohol

feed troll....


for those of you that want the actual numbers. It's quite a retarded budget we have

Cheers bloke.

Nah sorry m8, the chinks and the poo in loos took them all. And they have the fucking cheek to say these kids are lazy for not having one when the government is replacing the workforce.

>You have autism, jump of the bridge make your life spectacular for once
Why so salty, wagecuck?

Fuck off Melbourne.


Had a bad day at cuckversity. Literally seething at everyone around me. Also stinking perth train doesn't help :^(

you would be salty too if you knew your hard earned money was going to neets and dole bludgers

cunt... cunt, that's america.

I am confused as to just how angry I should be right now

All the NEETs ITT
>Waaaaahhhhhh I don't want to grow up, life's too hard!
Yet you probably think you're redpilled. Classic.

North Shore Sydney born and raised. Nothing like it in Australia, it's the true Aussie lifestyle.


NEETs actually piss me off more than immigrants.

I'm Japanese, we don't get immigrants, rather our country is dying a slow death because autistic fucks like you masturbate to anime and live in your moms house all day. Please fucking kill yourself. You are just as bad for a country as niggers and muslims.

I don't want Australia, which is beautiful, to suffer the same fate as Japan.

Please, please, for your country and family, kill yourself

Lib/lab is a scam. Both will sell you down the river and tell you theyre doing you a favour.

hello wagecucks

thankyou for your donations

ok ok , but where do you get the money to eat ?

580.000 NEETs on a population of 20M?

What the fuck Australia.

Don't want to defend neets but think of this way. What's better feeding neets or giving more money to Abos?

>apply for picker/packer/warehouse job
>get a fucking phone call
>holy shit this is it
>go to interview
>guy says he likes me and ive pretty much got the job, i start monday
>holy shit its happening
>get to work
>"ok guys we hired 3 of you but we only need 2"
>"one of you will be on production instead"
>its a job right w/e i cant be picky
>production is literally get a 1tonne bag of blood and bone and sorting it into 5kg 10kg 20kg bags for 8 hours a day
i quit after 3 days

now i dont know if anyone else had worked with 8 tonnes of blood and bone a day but let me tell you.. that shit gets air bone and the taste DOES NOT leave your mouth.

for 2 weeks after i quit i still had it it my mouth.

What mad it worse was, turns out the "full time" positions weren't. they were only fulltime during peak season (3-4months a year) and i was just randomly skipped over on the forkie job even though out of the 3 i had the most experience. in fact i was not picked because i was the strongest/tallest. the other 2 cunts had only just gotten the licence and one had the course in 2 weeks. I'd never felt so fucking fucking over in my life.

really not hard, m8, google is you're friend.

far as I can remember you need to pay some fees and take some driving sessions & tests thru companies which are authorised by the state to do so.

If Russian cunts can come over here and do it why can't you?

remove neetbux

What does slaving your life away have to do with growing up?
I don't see why you guys have such a big problem with anons living comfortably.
Cut out the victim complex

tell me magic man, howd you get that extra $330

M8 Perth is the true Aussie lifestyle. Literally want to koon punch every cunt on the street

fuck off cassidyboon ya cunt

Only half of 10 percent of it.
That's about $2.50 a year to the bludgers.

More of it goes to job seek/provider infrastructure they privatised to the united states.

The rest goes to old people, families below the poverty line and free medical for everyone.

I've been trying every freight forwarding traineeship place and company I can contact, I'm still making my way through the phone book though.

I'm happy to have the low pay of the traineeship, it's just finding somewhere to take me on .. is .. probably like everyone else, the big hurdle. I have a stable work history for the last 4 years so I assume that isn't going against me. But I'm also 30+ so in that regard I am up shit creek

thanks though for the input, what you said is consistent with what I've researched myself which is good in a way


Why would they bother?

Fucking stupid media

Everyone under 30 is basically fucked with no future of any work whatsoever

I've been to Perth for work. Believe me, it is not the true Aussie lifestyle. I enjoyed touring your wineries though, boat trip on the river was lovely.

Japan back at it again

Why should we "fix" people who volunteered to give up their guns without a fight? Be like fixing Germans. They are shits that fucked Europe.

Hey Justin


>Needing money to eat
We just all eat at home dickhead


Let it burn.

Nuke yourself Melbourne scum.

>group interview

i did one at masters last month just before they annouced shutdown

Was funny as fuck.

Where do you think? He's a welfare dole bludger.

Learn welding theres a lot of those jobs in australia.

holy fucking shit that is literally exactly what our education sector is for you fgucking absolute cunt.

>what is a tafe?

Keep telling yourself that. I bet you're an awkward coward in real life. Not that it's your fault though.

I'll never understand NEETs.
I was unemployed for almost 2 years, and I nearly turned insane. The first month was great, just lying in bed watching movies or playing video games, but it quickly lost its luster. No challenge or sense of accomplishment or personal development. Just existing.

Sure, I've worked some years in a job I hate, but it gave me the money and experience to get where I am today.
Now I've got a career working with things I like, and I still have time for hobbies and other shit.
Why subject yourself to a meaningless existence?

Hi bud, if you really got the heart set on a traineeship in freight forwarding then try this mob below;

Had a few good employees through them, they specialise in the freight forwarding/warehouse industries.

>They are shits that fucked Europe.

Immigrants fucked Europe
and the EU
and jews

Pay them if they post on Cred Forums, so that they are technically working. Problem solved.

Why don't we just pay the NEETs to kill the Abos?

The government wouldn't even need to pay them - private enterprise will do it. The government just needs to stop protecting them with laws designed for people.

>mfw i can weld (self taught so a bit ruff)
>mfw no welding jobs anyway because everything is dying
Theres literally no work man

M8, I'm not a neet, I'm a sparky that works in manufacturing. Chances are I'll be out of a job in 2-3 years because for some fucking reason the shitheads in this country can't run a prifitable manufacturing facility to save their lives.

Can I move?

Seriously. That is more than twice my pay and I think I could be a little more sane.

Can I bring weed? It's the only thing that helps at this point.

Hi, friend,
I have decided to live my life watching anime and playing video games. I will never get a gf so my race will die with me ;). So I'm going to need 20% of your money to pay for tendies and anime figures. Thank you


I'm from The North Shore, Sydney. We live the true Aussie lifestyle up here. We work hard, we surf and chase pretty blonde girls. Private school education. This is the lucky country, to deny it to new Australians who wish to come here and soak up the warm sun of Aussie culture is garbage.


tell me more about how I'm supposed to live

It's K brother. My brother and I are also fucked in the head. In fact most everyone is.

But abbos are the original neets

We'll just become another welfare state when nobody can find any work in 5-10 years and introduce universal basic income.

That's because the jew has broken your brain.
You're so goy that you have no imagination left.
literally 932 positions open right now

This, senpai.

Growing up means becoming responsible for your own life.
Grow up

link to the video.

you had a fucking job

and you fucking quit

Like seriously cunt, keep the job you have and look for a better one while you work


Cheers, been to see them already, they seemed friendly in person but have yet to send me to an interview anywhere

>Growing up means becoming responsible for your own life.
I am responsible for my own life. I live alone because my parents are dead

Sydney is just Diet Melbourne these days but somehow more expensive.

Nuke yourself Sydney scum.

Don't work in manufacturing then, that's the nature of the beast. Get in some domestic rooves.

lol alot of people quit jobs my age because they bought into the uni/college tafe meme and never get off it.

>Twice my pay

You haven't seen how much things cost here. Have fun paying $7 for a cup of coffee and $4.50 for a 600ml bottle of Coke.

pls respond

>need a bunch of shit
>white card that costs alot of money

Yeah nah

Manufacturing is a dying sector anyway.

You don't know the first thing about The North Shore, about Mosman. My neighbours are surgeons, businessmen and family men. I live the true Aussie lifestyle, not what you think it is, being a drunk dependent on the dole. It's bloody pathetic and I've had an absolute gut full.

Because theres no jobs. If you get rejected in every application for X years, you start getting used to NEET life.
You become unemployable because noone gave you a chance back when you still gave a fuck.
I got rejected from fast food joints in my teens. I graduated with useless papers from universities who only care that you pay their fees. The despair got to me and ive had spotty jobs or no work and im not too far off 30.

I study though which is good enough for me, it's the fact I grew up and live in a small town with very limited jobs, I have to take a 1 hour and 10 minute bus ride to get to TAFE (doing accounting btw)

where does turnbull think he is going to get all these cunts to be part of the "ideas boom" when he can't even look after our education facilities

the mining industry can't keep us going for much longer. china has already told us to fuck off in no uncertain terms.

It's your choice. Just don't kid yourself into thinking you're not shutting yourself off from the world because you can't handle it.

keep going
you are probably one of the few in this thread that are being proactive

Taking next boat to Australia

Is there a guide on how to get a job? I would work if I could. But I don't know if I can get a job when my resume is a blank page. Should I lie and put fake experience or something? I don't know. What requirements are there to join the military? Maybe I should go to uni. How do you get into uni without an HSC?

25 year old here whos actually worked on and off for 10 years but never enough to get anywhere near full time.

Basically we're fucked

>Employer sends generic email saying someone more suitable got the job
So according to their logic there will always be someone more suitable WHY fucking bother interviewing me then?

What im meant to extatic to get some shitty traineeship with illegal low pay then they can turf me out after its over or after 2 weeks like they've already done.

Shits fucked

Are you a doctor pajeet?

why the fuck are you buying coke and cofee

If you dont pay taxes you dont vote.
Politicians pay is equal to minimum wage.
Pay every coon one million dollars and simultaneously shut down ever department dealing with them, within 10 years they will all be ether dead or have worked out this whole concept of owning shit themselves.

Problems solved over 2 terms of government as NEETS and welfare bludgers can no longer vote for more "gimmedats"

So setting goals for personal development in a career is now a jewish conspiracy?
Tell that to all the artists and artisans throughout the ages, even before the jews existed. Do you think the glorious empires of old were created by useless NEETs? Hell, the decline of the Roman empire could very well be because of decadent shits like yourself.
I think the ultimate jewery here is NEETdom.

>not going to the doctor and claiming you're depressed and have social anxiety

Kek. It's so easy. Just make sure you look like shit, sound like a sad cunt and ask for a medical certificate at the end. You don't even have to look for work.

My specialties are in shit bantz, virtue signalling, race baiting and thread derailments. I also have significant experience in leafpost, huehuehuepost, burgerpost, and swedenpost but am familiar with many more proxies.

My terms are free piss, free food, and somewhere to sleep.

Everything you need to know is in here

China already owns over half the country.

Within 10 years we will probably be annexed when our national debt is so high we'll just become another fucking state.

The man from Chinkcastle mate

>tfw on 80k and browse 4chin 6+ hrs a day

Mate. You need to make a fucking decision for yourself. That's what being a man is all about.

> asking for job advice on an egyptian papyrus painting website.

dude your like 16.

i have already said i want to kill myself and my life is horrible.

One doctor is on my side shes awesome.

Asked her about medical weed and she said its not here yet and its a fair way off.

Fucking nsw

china doesn't want any more of our coal

they probably will end up fully taking over australia though
they already sort of have

>getting a job in an industry that will be automated in 30 years

Happy to employ a white immigrant for a change. Don't bring drugs though, our border force will fuck you. about $20 a gram where I am now.

keep trying my bro. the industry in general is in a down-swing but you'll get there.

>don't buy frivolous shite and you'll be ok.

>being proud of this

i dont know which is worse; normies on good money that still come here or neets...

What makes you think im Justin?

>tfw social worker is a qt liberal
>"no pressure user, whenever you're ready to look for work"

>Is there a guide on how to get a job?

Probably no useful ones. But it's a great learning experience to make your own. It'll be frustrating but you will learn a lot.

>I would work if I could. But I don't know if I can get a job when my resume is a blank page.

Sounds cliched but consider volunteering. Depends where you live but eg in Melbourne over summer there are all sorts of festivals. You might get work for a day, a weekend, 2 weeks.

You'll build contacts, and get some self esteem

>Should I lie and put fake experience or something?

So long as you don't get caught out on it. Personally I don't but then again maybe I should

>How do you get into uni without an HSC?

Once you're old enough I think there's an adult entry pathway. Just research what you're going to do first though. Thoroughly. Don't believe anything in their brochures- they are trying to sell you a product.

Good luck.

Fuck being a wage slave

What's the fucking point in making a life for yourself, hitler lost! the world is run by globalist rats! Europeans are fucked, Why bother raising a family when they'll just drown in a sea of piss

I hate that there is not a single fucking city on earth left that has a majority white population

Unfortunately I missed dying in ww2, so I'm waiting until ww3 or a european civil war to go kill myself

>A bunch of cooked stats that dont show underemployment or anything like that
Wew gotta keep things looking good for foreign investors mate!
They literally already have.

And they have such a great record with workers rights and wealth distribution.

Should redpill her
with ya deck

> not getting a job because 30 YEARS from now ity might be threatened

you cunts will just take any excuse you can pluck out of your ass. Stop being a bludger and work towards the betterment of our country you cunt. My grandad didn't get shot by some germanic cunt for this

>not making as much money as you can and investing it soundly so you can be self sufficient at 50.


Same at 30. They really push the magically "duty to work", "virtue of work" line everywhere but the truth is, once you've had to live with yourself for not being able to work for so long, their idea of "duty" gets pretty butt blasted. Couple that with realising the conditions for love are strictly tied to money and entertainment then you just lost two idols for the price one. Sure you could be a hypocrite and act the part but that is incredibly taxing for what was already very little social reward.

>Unfortunately I missed dying in ww2, so I'm waiting until ww3 or a european civil war to go kill myself
i had a vivid dream i got crushed by a ww2 tank

good times

You had a screen of liking the article with a smiley symbol and this guy who also liked the post is in your friends list. Furthermore, Justin did post a comfy meme on fb.

Fucking NEETS.
Don't you realise to get the job you want you must work for free then very little til your mid 20s at which point you will earn a living wage plus a bit more?
Of course you don't bc you've been gifted everything your entire lives.
Cry me a dam you losers.

r.i.p australia
you were too young

Fuck off, we're full.

Lol its happening gradually.

There are like 3million+ young fellas out of work.

All we can do is sit at home because there is no way to make money or do anything here at all really.

Im hoping by the time weed is legal i can just get ultra dab rekt and not care

You're a fucking drop kick. Get a job. World War 2 was fucking shit house you fuck wit, why the fuck would you want to shit yourself to death in a New Guinea ditch?

Shouldn't you be getting ready for bed in a couple hours?

>Mate. You need to make a fucking decision for yourself. That's what being a man is all about.

You're right, but the thing is that decisions are based on information. I lack information. I don't really know what my options are.

>> asking for job advice on an egyptian papyrus painting website.

Well only on this site can you find people similarly pathetic who know what kind of situation you're in.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I should go to uni and maybe do some volunteering or try to get a job until then. Question. Does the uni year start at the beginning of the year, and if so, is it too late to apply? I guess I will have to wait until 2018 to start then. Another year wasted.

lol im 25 and ive been looking for work as in full time work since i was 15

ive been on seek for like 10+ fucking years

>tfw NEET with crippling depression

The sad thing is is that I want to get a good life with a decent paying job I love with a nice family, it's just that I've been let down so many times by my family and friends and my education is worthless, i just want to die Cred Forums

at my recent meeting she was leaning forward while rubbing her thigh, you think she wants the deck? she's in her late 30's

I didn't make that cap.

At 11.30?
Seems pretty normal actually.

Its really demoralizing thinking about the stats that some 100-1000 people are applying for the same position that you are.

My natural logic makes it obvious to me that im not going to be in the top 1%. Theres always some photogenic, gapless, forever employed, turbonormie who will be the preferred choice.

I hate to say it but we need mo money for dem programs. Some kind of real system to help people gradually enter the workforce that isnt a fucking centrelink wash cycle.

Getting a job does not "work towards the betterment of the cuntry" when you have jews appointing prime ministers.

holy shit, you look like my faggot little brother. toplel

>Going to uni
Dem digits mate dont do it.

There will be no jobs in your meme degree-masters when you get out anyway.

The amount of grads without work is skyrocketing.


paint her deck with ur dik bru

>keep trying my bro. the industry in general is in a down-swing but you'll get there.

Thanks for all the tips.
The people at the various places that offer traineeships did say the industry was in a down swing (kind of backed up by the news about global shipping being down) but at the same time I was a bit wary they might just be trying to fob me off or let me down gently, but without giving a real reason. Thanks though

Its op, m8

>education facilities
What does the gov't have to do with a bunch of private institutions, they're well funded enough to rake in billions as well.

>mining industry can't keep us going
The mining industry is not the huge monolith underpinning our entire economy, some miners are actually doing exceedingly well after tightening up their all in sustaining cost during the bust now that resource prices are starting to bounce back

>Some kind of real system to help people gradually enter the workforce that isnt a fucking centrelink wash cycle.
Lol like America?

It feels like "America Works" from House of Cards is actually sound political advice at this point ai

Did you read my post? Or just reply like you're so hard done by and people over 30 could never understand.

Well I was thinking of CS. I can already program so I figure it shouldn't be that hard. I know better than to study English or social science. Or is CS also a meme degree these days?

b-but i have depression and anxiety desu

>I hate to say it but we need mo money for dem programs. Some kind of real system to help people gradually enter the workforce that isnt a fucking centrelink wash cycle.

good luck with that. the gomment likes it like that, keeps you hooked on dat mumma milk.

shut up cunt
you don't even know what you're on about

NEETs like you are a drain on public coffers. You all need to go out and get a bloody job.

>was virtually NEET for 18 months after finishing uni
>12 months on make 62k and feel optimistic

It takes time, if you have no exp it's very hard. I volunteered at a few places, got a good reference, some experience and skills which I was able to turn into paying jobs and things to talk about in interviews.

Day by day, week by week it can look hopeless. But every month you can find yourself making real progress.

Good luck lads, it's a jungle out there.


Who doesn't?

ive tried working for free

>the businesses shut down
now fuck off
>Studying IT
The bubble burst 10 years ago now its basically 100% india mate
Tell her having sex with her would help then

international shipping is fucked right now.

we've had to let off a few of our office staff and several other big companies are in the same boat.

Hanjin line going under is the example for everyone in the industry at how bad the international trade market is for everyone. Hasn't been this bad since 2008 (maybe even worse?)

Swings and roundabouts this business, but you'll break through eventually if you're persistent enough.

Try 9 years mate

Ive always had meme experiance and whatever else bullshit employers think they want but they are just too many jobless for me to statistically get fucking employment.

Outside of the Capitals this country is literally falling apart especially regional because LOL decentralization didnt work

Uni without HSC is still get your HSC equivalent at tafe/college.

If I were you I would try local small businesses who might be willing to give you a go as most HSC people can learn most jobs in a few months with dedication. You'll see more of the ins and out, the whole service, and be asked to do more varying stuff than a corporate setting which is always very dry and repetitive.

>Get $800 odd dollarydoos/wk for doing nothing
>Punt for a bit extra

Livin da lyfe ya wagecucks

>9 years NEET

wow just WOW. at least go and study or something... christ.

>I lack information. I don't really know what my options are.

You're connected to the greatest source of information mankind has known. Use it.

You sound kind of stressed. I've been there. It makes it hard to make decisions.

You need to make a list of things you do and don't want. Then break down how you're going to achieve those things.

Your plan is going to change over time as you acquire more information. You don't start knowing everything.

Start by getting to sleep at 10pm and stop fapping. Seriously.

>Does the uni year start at the beginning of the year

Depends on the course, but again, you're connected to the internet. Also it's fucking September.


The only private school lads I've heard talk like that were the no-hopers, cuckolds or faggots. Even the ethnics don't want more of other ethnicities. The white Australia policy being around for so long and us being called the lucky country aren't coincidences.

It's obvious you're just roleplaying because no one capitalises "The North Shore", and Mosman is just the go-to suburb for every pleb that doesn't know northern Sydney suburbs.

Enjoy the west ;)

holy shit, i had to count twice to check what the 6 other states were, well done!

Studied while i looked for work

4 years at tafe

Still no work 6 years after the fact mate

n1 dude, totally corrected my record with that response!

Also m8s, just another aside;

Some of my mates who run building companies keep wingeing how they can't get enough brick layers.

It's hard work, but you're well compensated.

Get off your arses and earn a living, lads.

Classic weasel response. You avoid the argument and question the credibility of the speaker. The lucky country isn't based on civil disturbance, and that's where hateful drongos like you and the far left want to take us. I remember Cronulla loud and clear and it was a fucking disgrace.

I figure if the public doesn't mind funding refugee intake surely they won't mind sending a little towards their own kind.

Dont worry they are just saying that so they can pay some paki curry chink cunt.

Me perosnally i'd love to do physical work but nobody wants to give me a chance

>>Studying IT
>The bubble burst 10 years ago now its basically 100% india mate

I also have EU citizenship. I assume that there are more opportunities there. But maybe not. At least if I have a degree I will be relieved of some shame.

Thanks for the advice.

>You're connected to the greatest source of information mankind has known. Use it.
>You sound kind of stressed. I've been there. It makes it hard to make decisions.

You are right. It's not that the information isn't there, it's that I don't look at it.

>Start by getting to sleep at 10pm and stop fapping. Seriously.
I usually don't stay up very late. I did stop watching porn. I tried nofap before but I didn't see much benefits and I had wet dreams every fucking week which are very annoying to clean up in the middle of the night.

>Depends on the course, but again, you're connected to the internet. Also it's fucking September.

I meant too late to start in 2017.

Employers are always whinging.

Look closer and you'll know they are being right picky cunts when it comes to actually hiring someone.

depends if you think earning a living is in your best interests or not
we live in a world where you don't really have to work to earn a living
you can keep getting welfare handouts and not work a day and live a comfy life with a woman and kids (more money)

So you were there then?

>I also have EU citizenship. I assume that there are more opportunities there. But maybe not. At least if I have a degree I will be relieved of some shame.
i can get a pommy passport mums half one

Didnt see a point since they are more fucked than us

It's pretty comfy. I'm second year uni and in an amazing internship. Just don't get shitty marks or be some sperglord and you'll get a job. Everyone who complains about not finding anything is generally completely fucking hopeless.


I lost friends because they went. I was in my last year of private school at the time. It was disgusting seeing peoples true colours at the time.

Yes it's probably better to be in Australia in the general case, but perhaps there are some industries where there are more opportunities in Europe--like software.

Thanks for the positive view. Gives me some hope. I worry about my age though--I would be 28 by the time I graduate. I worry that I might have missed the boat.

>You avoid the argument and question the credibility of the speaker
Haven't avoided any argument. Being some NEET dole bludger isn't the Australian way and is degenerate as fuck.
>hateful drongos like you and the far left
haha okay buddy.

You're either some poor kid roleplaying or one of those faggy activist kids who turned gay out of necessity. Please respond.

>tfw 21
>no hs education
>never worked 50 hours, because i insulted some cunt and she charged me with insult and i had to work at a graveyard when i was 13

>I was in my last year of private school at the time
Confirmed for poor kid playing rich kid.

listening to midnight oil

>Some of my mates who run building companies keep wingeing how they can't get enough brick layers.

>Hello mr builder, i would like a job doing labouring or bricklaying on your site.

Do you jave experience?


Sorry mate, not interested.

Search seek for bricklaying job:

>Must have own tools, transport, ABN and 5 gorrilian years experience.

>Being some NEET dole bludger isn't the Australian way and is degenerate as fuck.

That's exactly my point you idiot! You have the reading comprehension of a gold fish mate.

>hateful drongos like you and the far left

Idiots like Reclaim Australia are the same idiots as the commies, just different ends of the horse shoe. I'm sick of either side stoking up tensions in what is meant to be a peaceful country.

28 is a little on the older side of things but there's always opportunity for highly capable people. Most employees suck and companies clamour for talent.

I'm not sure if you're too old for grad positions but give it a google. Even if you are, tech is very easy to work your way up from entry level positions


>search for labouring job
>must have 5 years experience
>6 different tickets
>must live 10 minute drive from bosses house
>must have own car
>must have ABN
>must be available 24x7
>no guaranteed hours
>own tools

A lot aren't that bad but some are rediculous

Peaceful countries inevitably get subjugated. Surely you're smart enough to know this basic fact.

>tfw volunteer at workplace for past 6 years
>crippling depression
>come to tears during casual conversations, even occasional suicidal thoughts
>can't bring myself to talk about my feelings because i literally do not know how
>doctor doesn't want to provide any certificates without proof, gave me anti-depressants which did fuckall in the end
>spoke to therapist for 2 years, no change
>centrelink thinks i'm perfectly mentally healthy
>40+ applications a day as per jobsearching demands
>never get responses

You're an idiot. I got a labouring job at 17, working brickies labour out in the sun. I got the job because my friends father owned a construction firm. It's all about making connections.