This post is intended for every American who represents his shameful nation. All say war coming from Iraq or the southern states, but the fact is the constantly ONLY Americans with every start and especially war. It is time these wannabe police to curb! I myself am from Europe and am fed constantly and everywhere to read shit about this country. on your hands have the blood of the children who died for Americans due to financial reasons!

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Why are you making spaghetti with my flag?

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>Being this Turkish

Lern schreiben du amerikanischer Bastard

You fucking krauts are the reason why Europe always goes to shit.
I wish you would all commit mass-suicide so that more competent people can take over.

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you guys were so based in the 40s what happened?

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>Whining about Americans waging war

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Before someone "American education"s you, I'm just going to go ahead and point out that's a meat grinder.

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Conquest motherfucker, don't like it? Do something about it.

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Your country has ruined Europe 3 times in the last century. You're in no position to criticize ours.

your children your women and your entire families should desecrated and decreased be. for each Americans a ball in the heads for this verdummten people


America is evil.

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No, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to represent a traditional spaghetti maker. But the real question is why do Germans hate spaghetti???

hey, how's Turkey 2.0 coming along.?Will I be able to worry about neo-nazis AND radical Muslims when I next spend my money in your degenerate nation? Fun place I heard


>the real question is why do Germans hate spaghetti???

Stop writing like a mental patient.

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Kids kids, you're both destroying Europe currently
USA starts pointless wars and makes people flee their countries and Germany is forcing everyone else to take more than enough of them

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Hes probably black and doesn't know his dad.
How old are you anyway?
Your English is worse than my German and that's bad.

American here.

I say we don't start enough war. Only when the earth shines brighter then our sun from our self immolation will I be satisfied.

Are you talking about the JEWS?


Watch what you wish for, because you may well get it.

Most of us don't want to defend Europe from VPutin either.

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> but the fact is the constantly ONLY Americans with every start and especially war.

Fucking retard.

Dude, every country has it own dark history. Don´t blame the american for their last wars. We all aren´t saints.