Welp, here it is boys

The single greatest piece of anti-BLM propaganda is going viral


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Is anyone mentioning that the Jews are funding the movement?

Who the fuck cares, let the niggers kill each other. Population control by other means.


the problem is that blacks are trying to get all the kills themselves and not wanting the cops to get any

bumping my own post so u guys can see

If the cops were not there a hell of a lot more would die.


>muh feels
but puddy gud

This is exactly why as a black male I do not support BLM. The organization makes me sick if only they would use the man power to try to encourage youths to be proper members of society instead of cop hating idiots. Teach kids the value of education, the benefits of trade jobs, enlisting in the military, fucking arts I don't care. The main objectives of BLM should be to

1. Get kids off the streets
2. Get drugs off the streets
3. Getting kids educations and jobs

Black people yet again had a nice opportunity to do something positive, and they fucking blew it on attacking the police

>that cop yelling when a nigger is trying to grab his gun

That made my stomach churn. I fucking hate niggers.

Aw look, normies are finally having their equivalent of "____ ETERNALLY BTFO! HOW WILL THEY EVER RECOVER?" threads. Cute.

>black and on Cred Forums

I like you.

How is it from your perspective? like how do you express that to other blacks?

>"omg justice for treyvon martin and michael brown"

how would you respond?

alsi blacks are violent by nature and can't be reasoned with. Cute videos won't do anything.

Just curious did you grow up with your dad in your life?

faggot music

Shh, you're being ridiculous

Summary of video please. What happens? In work.


I dont like cops nor niggers, cops and the government force niggers and immigration on us.

shows a bunch of cops getting shot and BLM doing dumb shit

with pretty feelsy but gay music

for you non believers


You are a gem good sir :)

Have a bump!

you guys act like culture is the thing causing blacks to struggle. it's not cultue. it's the low economic standing of black families in America due to years of keeping them down. economic determinism, look into it.

I bet you do, prob want him either deep in your own ass or your wifes

imagine those numbers if it was niggers and lationos both that left merica.


most latinos in the US are probably not included in the stats

I was going to share this video on my facebook but then I remembered I have black friends, with deadly weapons who are ignorant enough to fuck with me because of posting said video.

Simple answer is to unfriend them, or filter the post, but is that really a simple answer?

They are 1% if the population here and we still see them act stupid quite a lot without the excuse of muh slavery. I wouldn't buy a house in an area with a significant black population but that's a self fulfilling prophesy. If they always have the cheapest areas to themselves because people are afraid to live near them it creates a niche for them as poor fags that don't need money or jobs and have free time to get themselves into trouble.

No its entirely race

I can walk through irish ghettos without fear of violence. They are just poor retards but not particularly violent.

I tell them straight up treyvon was a little iffy with Zimmerman looking for trouble disregarding being told to wait for officials, but Michael brown was a model citizen, he volunteered, went to church on Sunday, top of his class he was a good kid

I did, although he and my mom split due to his job forcing him to travel a lot. He was still in my life as much as he could be. I understand it can be difficult for kids without father figures to get the same kind of teachings I did and without someone physically in their life they turn to "OG's", rappers, or celebrities to be their role models, but that is exactly where BLM needed to step in and create youth programs to give those kids positive support

>posts video of jew slave black performing for the goyem to push the blacks are human agenda by the jew
Why didn't you just go for straight propaganda?

fuck off plebbit



red pill me on aussie economy

my suspicion is without the natural resources we'd be fucc'd, there's nothing else going on here.

> but Michael brown was a model citizen, he volunteered, went to church on Sunday, top of his class he was a good kid
Wait, what? The guy who robbed a store with brute force, physically assaulted a cop and tried to grab his gun was a model citizen?

how did jews convince us these were humans?

my wifes son is black so chill bro.


It is called evolution, dumbass. We adapted to different environments. We are not all the same. Goddammit.

Where's the extended video of that cop talking to the press?

wasn't Brown the nigger who robbed that store and punched the cop?

oi mods you fucc'd me for the last time i swer on me mum


Youd be pretty on edge walking through tallaght or ballymun estates to be fair.


Just stop posting and fuck off. you are making me cringe.

You're a good bloke, mate.

Not just any jews, George Soros. Even Liberals hate him.

holy fuck that was emotional

I'm getting muh guns, but at this rate it will probably be used in support of the police sooner than against police

I wonder if you believe that literally every Jew in world is funding those niggers.
I believe that whoever funds those assholes has an agenda but by just saying "the Jews" you lose all credibility, even if all the funders are Jews it doesn't mean all the Jews are funders.

and I'm not offended as a Jew by what you say, I'm talking as someone who understand PR and media.

somebody's mad.

there a been billions of these already won't make a diffrence

>irish people think they have rough ghettos

Well played sir.
Best post in weeks.

How is this relevant?

>PR and media
What ever gave you the idea that we care about public relation? We are just shitposters on a Russian ice fishing board.

We have our own niggers. Except they dont have guns, most of the time.

George Soros is the jew in particular.

Can't speak for anybody but myself but when I talk about Jews I'm not talking about Israelis. They're not jews.


You're right in that most jews are normal people and not guilty of any of this shit so don't like when people talk shit about jews.

We're right when we say the group of people running the world are jewish though.

And from a PR and media perspective I think things are turning around now man. For better or for worse people are coming to Cred Forums. If I were jewish I'd be doing PR to let people know I too was against those in my religion that are aiming to make a whole race go extinct.

America doesmt have a cop problem. Or a gun problem.

It has a nigger problem.

Who is George Soros?

No nigger means black person. You have like one black person in your entire country. You don't have niggers. You have nigger role players.

Just think if yall ran out of potatos again how many guns yall would have drawn and pointed at eachother.

That's what its like out here, except instead of potatos, it's intelligence.

We're hoarding intelligence. Cool Introverted Associates, is all.

The worst that happens is that some teenagers call you a nerd and if you ignore them they don't follow after you.

If you can wait a while I might be able to find what you're looking for.

i dont know if this is good or bad.

All of these videos with text on the top and bottom

This video will ______
Share if you ______

Are making me cringe hard

I don't know what you were trying to prove with that random Ethiopian-born Canadian broad? She is payed to be cute and nice, good for her.

Poor white people are poor all their lives without chimpiing out and acting like stupid niggers. JUST SAYING!

They do act stupid but they are less quick to life threatening violence.

SOME JEWS YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. SOME, NOT "THE". You are as much the fucking problem, fucking moron.

Source: Jewish Ameircan volunteer fire fighter, Sherrif department volunteer, war veteran decorated for valor.

Get fucked.

Was on board with the video till that faggot song started

Is it sad I actually got a bit emotional at this? The dead kid bits and the people murdering cops

Goddamn frag hunters! There's a fucking objective to do for a reason but NoOO!

Self bump doesn't work here bud.

That video was fucking impactful. Thanks for the link

well said mate.

I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with them taking their anger out on cops who are trying to protect them. It's fucking disgusting.

Includes the "what do we want? Dead Cops!" chant that isn't from a BLM protest. People who are for BLM will immediately switch off at that point.

Stfu you dumb hebe

W-we need the black vote though... r-right?

Don't be mad at us for trusting our instincts.

Get lost, nigger. And fuck every white faggot who gets a hard dick every time a nigger says anything against blm or any other retarded nigger shit. A nigger is a nigger.

It isn't the people already supporting BLM we need to convince they're too far down the rabbit hole it's the people in the middle.

Fuck off, kike.

Can we just make clickbait illegal already? Clearly freedom of choice was a mistake.

Just like how you'll always be a newfag?

Tell me again what anonymous means to you?

Not at all. This shits sad.

Here it is;
The man speaking is Edward Flynn
youtu (dot) be/T7MAO7McNKE

Guys, that video made me very depressed
I feel that I'm not doing enough in this world when cops are dying left and right, leaving families and children behind

Meanwhile I'm a NEET being coddled by the state, just kill me senpai

Take what he said
And put it into nigger speak. He was making a joke.

"There are blacks and there are niggers.... and the niggers have to go"

how many times has this shit been spammed here? I didn't care for it the first time and even less now. fuck off nigger

Yeah, yeah. It's the extremists fault, not that of the normal jew. Just like in islam.
Yes, with all the implications that this brings. The jewish faith, is still the root of this problem, extremists or not.

I guess we should say that us whites are all slavers and mass shooters, right? Because that's the same logic being applied here

>that music

turned it off as soon as the nigger music started.
make a better one


Stfu you dumb hebe

Thank you.

It's to make more black people watch it, so it's for a noble cause

Killing men is not effective as population control. Just leaves single mothers behind.

Powerful stuff

>that last shot with the blood splatter and the chunks of flesh
me gusta

youbare correct & checked.

he was a druggy thug. stole from & assaulted the store owner & then assaulted Officer Wilson.

deserved to get blasted.

They were rapists right?

Beside being niggers why did they burn them alive?


Get removed quite often I think. Has less views than the original time I saw it.

>going viral
>over a month old
>going viral


I saw this earlier yesterday and I could feel my tear ducts welling up too

This video is more popular and doesn't have nigger music


I had to dig waaaay back in my viewing history to find it.
Never thought I'd see manners on pol, you're very welcome!

there is a concerted effort by the (((globalists))), to push for martial law in America in order to institute more draconian legislation (like a new patriot act) that will take away our rights.

Many media organizations are using their public platforms to attempt to inflame hatreds to create situations that will bring about nationwide riots with the ultimate goal of creating a strong desire in the American people to BEG for martial law type conditions.

Then martial law will be used to basically finalize the globalists endgame of a total tyrannical regime where dissidents are hunted down and killed, much like the Stalinist purges in the Soviet Union.

This is their social engineering game plan, but they NEED public support to bring about martial law.

So, they use social engineering to create these situations of violence, inflaming the anger and hatred of various demographics in order to fully divide and conquer the populous into separate warring camps.


The Department of Justice, under Eric holder, has been linked to the creation of taylor made rap videos that call for black people to kill cops.

George soros, the globalist, has been funding the BLM movement, and providing "Instructions" to them on how to organize protests, with probable (((agent provocetuers))) placed within these "Protests" to steer them towards the globalist agenda.

The (((Globalists))) are literally TRYING to get black people to kill cops en mass, in order to force a responce from the rest of the population; to call for martial law so that they may proceed to turn the United States into a dictatorship.

This video that OP posted is.... haunting, and i'm glad that it finally came out so that the people can finally see what is truely going on in these areas.

It looks like a god damn WARZONE.

And that is precisely what the globalists want.

apparently you didn't even read what i wrote.

but i expect no less from somebody who voted remain.

Literally a stereotypical Jew as painted by the Nazis.

Essentially the money man behind a lot of this rabid radical left bullshit infesting America at this point in time.

Fuck off kike. Not Welcome

>you guys act like culture is the thing causing blacks to struggle.

Any black during their teenage years who tries to be an upstanding citizen gets criticized by his kind as an Uncle Tom.

If this is not culture, what is?

He's got a point.

BTW Nomadic people have been the bane of civilization since it's founding: Jews, Mongols, Gypsies, the Sea people, Arabs, the Siyi.

As if blacks try to be upstanding citizens. Blacks are evolutionary on the same level as apes.


Ship them back to africa first, then they can do whatever

Yah, yet the fucking Lebanese sandniggers who showed up from the 50's to 70's here in my town already run the real estate show.

Lots of other "visible minorities" can make but they can't explain that.



Of course, the media only selects for broadcast the bits and pieces of media that will help them spin the story to provide for their agenda.

Chosing which specific perspectives to display to different media viewing demographics.... inflaming hatred in black communities, and fear in white communities.

All while using infiltration tactics at the local and state political levels to effectively place these cops directly in the line of fire.

The globalists WANT riots, they want deaths, they want chaos, anarchy, and massive bloodshed.

And they are engineering events to unfold in a way that delivers all of these things.

it is basically the higelian dialectic: Problem, reaction, solution...

The globalists create the problem
An expected reaction is achieved from the populous
And a pre-made "Solution" is offered to "Fix" the problem

However, the solution isn't about fixing the problem, it is about consolidating total power into the hands of the globalists.

They are now trying with all of their might to bring about martial law before Trump can be elected, because they fear that a Trump presidency will unravel all of their efforts to consolidate total political power.

The black community is being manipulated like pawns by the globalists mainstream media platforms, and it appears that they are taking to their chosen role with aplomb.

Truth be told, this is actually related to the mass importation of islamic "Refugees", because apparently the weaponization of the black community is not moving as fast as the globalists desire.

So, they are attempting to import islamic terrorists into the United States, disguised as "Refugees", in order to make thousands of sleeper cells that will activate at the chosen time.

And if you have noticed the events of the past few days, with all of the recent bombings, you will realize that some of these sleeper cells are being activated NOW.

Shouldn't the moderate jews be condemning the actions of the extremist jews?


niggers don't care. they want to commit crime freely. thats what they want.


>This video that OP posted is.... haunting, and i'm glad that it finally came out so that the people can finally see what is truely going on in these areas.


Israeli Jews =/= Nomadic Jews Diaspora obviously



I believe that some of these sleeper cells were triggered early, in order to attempt to sway votes towards the globalists chosen candidate, hillary clinton (Obama 2.0), in order to continue the globalists plans for at least 4 more years....

The target of "Chelsea" particularly strikes me as a subtle psychological attack, chosen to gain a form of vicarious sympathy for Hillary Clintons campaign.

Make no mistake, the people who are crafting these events, and social tensions, WANT Hillary Clinton in the White House, so that they can push even more violence, draconian legislation, and Tyranny on the American people.

Fighting back against them creates footage that the media WILL spin for their agenda...

But NOT fighting back will embolden them to hunt down regular citizens and kill them, as has been happening in Europe for the past few years.

The secondary strategy is complete population replacement, with the ultimate goal of making the total population easier to manipulate, over time, through propaganda and media manipulation.

In any case, you see how easily the mainstream media makes unwitting pawns and soldiers out of the BLM movement, and the muslim "Refugees"

And it is precisely this ease of manipulation that the globalists desire in their slave populations.

Density-dependent population control is a pretty fucking terrible thing to bank on.

Best counter argument to BadSelfEater.

This is true i grew up half black i grew up in the suburbs and any time i tried to have any black friends besides other ones that were fucking thugs all we would do is get called uncle toms and shit the blacks create this problem because of black culture saying that its cooler to be a dumb ass thug then to actually go to college and get a decent paying job

So which one of them actually got the pair of Jordans?


>it's a burger talking about something he knows nothing about episode
You wouldn't be able to point Ireland out on a map inbred. We got a shitload of fucking niggers thanks to the EU. Muslims and gypsies too.


An interesting thought that occurs to me, is the situation in Zimbabwe with Mugabe....

A few years ago, he ethnically cleansed his nation of white people... Farmers mostly, and took the land and gave it to his lackeys and friends.

Several years later, the situation in Zimbabwe has reached a point where food importation is absolutely necessary for the continued survival of the population, as the farms that once provided sustenance to the population were mismanaged and neglected to the point when their agricultural output dropped to near nothing.

Mugabe is now PUBLICLY BEGGING white farmers to return.

Just a thought.







hahah Funny in some way to watch this. What the fuck did you burgers do, why didn't you just deport niggers after ending slavery?




These violent situations WILL NOT DEESCALATE until the globalists lackeys are removed from political office, and their mainstream media stranglehold is broken.

Whether by education people that the mainstream media is TOTALLY not their friend, or possibly giving the FCC back it's teeth to enforce anti-media-monopoly legislation....

But the globalist lackeys in political power will not stop in their attempts to escalate these situations toward martial law.

This is not the first country they have used this strategy in.

Pretty catchy, isn't it?

And then you wonder why people hate them.

I will never vote for any program that caters towards these fucking animals. Not with my fucking tax dollars. Ship them back to fucking Africa but sink the boats half way.

It was careful not to leave its fingerprints before it left, but forget to not leave its fingerprints when it arrived.

>Posted August 13th
>Only 12,000 views since then
It's not going viral

pic related.

It's eric holder and his cop killing rap video.

They cut BLM's funding once BLM tried to spread to Israel. Their Broadway play was immediately cancelled and all media praise stopped.


... Jewish people defending themselves xD


I don't give a shit. Hitler should had gas the fucking kikes

Do nigs think real life is GTA?





You sir, deserve a medal, the money funding BLM and your own charity, or since I lack both of those, a Katy Pepe.



And this is why I'll never feel sorry for black thugs. If you want my help, help yourself first.



They are playing both sides against eachother.



wtf i love black people now

Do you also differentiate by race?
I have Jewish blood in me (father's side so according to the Jewish faith I am a goy) but am not religious. Is it generally accepted on Cred Forums to discriminate based on race or religion?

I don't think Jewish faith and Islamic faith is comparable with the extremist to moderate situation. Moderate Musims know exactly what extreme islamists do. Moderate Jews are as blue-pilled as anyone else. The people in this country who know who George Soros is are probably around 0.1% of the popuation.

When a culture rejects progress that much, it ain't the "poverty and opression" who keeps it population down, its the culture that is shitty.

Even spics get happy when a friend or family member tries to go far in life.

>video killed
i don't think so tim

really gets the think tank filling up


>moderate Jews

Like the ones who crucified Christ? Nice try, Schlomo. No one here is gonna fall for it.

"When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. 'I am innocent of this man’s blood,' he said. 'It is your responsibility!' All the [Jewish] people answered, 'His blood is on us and on our children!'"


why call youself a 'jewish-american'? why not just american?

americans of german descent don't go around calling themselves 'german-americans'. hence they dont get any shit


I can't tell if you're memeing or really that clueless.



god damn it :/

damn that's a good vidya.

Ive seen this video before but it still manages to piss me off. Even completely outnumbering him they cant take him down, fucking animals

All the special snowflake wannabe victims in this country go around looking for labels: "African American," "Jewish American," "Mexican American," "Transgender Khazar Non-cistypical genderxir American," etc.

I could call myself a "Finnish American," but I am not a massive faggot, so I just use "American."

>trusting a jew
Expose your fellow jews in public or get the gas you lying kike

You're not wanted in Europe. Stay in Israel and there's no problem

Yeah a bunch of black people shutting down city streets and yelling about killing cops...totally not BLM related.

Does Un-Nig the Record pay out in foodstamps? KFC?

The thing is, if you had to nuke either Israel or America, most jews would pick America. That's why there are issues.

Jews have been kicked out of almost eveyr country they've conducted their business in and it's always for the same reason - they prioritize capital gain even to the demise of the host nation, they remain loyal to their own instead of the host nation and they use nepotism to get power in the host nation while not identifying with the host population.


wtf i love lil wayne now

>You're not wanted in Europe
I'm probably whiter than you are, Paki.
Not that Europe is a place any sane person would want to live in right now.

das waycis

ay hol up

das waycis

imma repawt you tu de jewtube

I'd happily give my wife's virginity to a black man if I knew he was redpilled.


No, I'm not memeing. When you kikes murdered Christ (probably because he was so against your beloved usury and shady merchant activities), Pontius Pilate understandably didn't want to kill an innocent man. Your ancestors shouted "His blood be on us and our descendants!" This is the basis for the Jewish blood curse. Sad!


Didnt Cred Forums try to find out the identity of those two thugs? what ever came of it?

based nigger

off with the head, leaf

>le socioeconomic factors meme

Please stop, this shit has been so thoroughly debunked that even some moderate left leaning people don't buy it. If it was due to the economy and their poorness, why did crime fall significantly during The Great Depression? Or during The Great Recession? Why would economic factors influence someone to rape? Why does the poorest white county in America have a lower crime rate than some the richest black counties? Why crime rates now higher today than they were in the 19th century? Etc etc

Shut up nigger, the point of your shitty movement should be to address the black on white crime rate. You shitty nigger


Kek will strike you down, desu.



There are some based black men

This dude pumped and dumped a Rothschild and is making a new album about the illuminati music industry and how they are corrupting the minds of everybody with jewish music producers

You're on the right track

But you went way too far bro

White cucks are worse than black niggers. You're kind should be lynched by good black men.

supposedly witchcraft practicers as far as I know.

fuck right off m8


fucking niggers


a jew got btfo


So does that mean that all white americans will be genocided since they prepped a bull into power?



Btw, thanks for completely destroying any chance America had for a traditional culture based on its past European heritage. We all really appreciated the century of (((Hollywood))) brainwashing that turned Americans into brassy sluts and drooling sports fans.



thats gotta be a troll account


We should rearm all our ICBMs with niggers instead of nukes

Shut up nigger, the point of your shitty movement should be to address the black on white crime rate. You shitty nigger
What about that bar graph that shows murders? I'm surprised it hasn't been posted, I don't have it to hand.

The black on white murder rate is roughly equivalent to the white on white murder rate. Sure, that's still too much considering the black and white proportions of the US population, but it's still nothing compared to the huge number of black on black murders, and tiny number of white on black murders.

I don't know the crime statistics but I would imagine they're not too dissimilar.

Queen Titanisha

(forgot to greentext that first line)

Sounding pretty racist there cleetus.

Don Lemon: The Younger Years

Theres nothing wrong with being a racist

I've seen that video years ago. I agree with Morgan Freeman entirely. Nothing in this video ties in with all kikes being Christ killers.
user, I wish Jewish culture, one that I don't really consider myself a part of, stayed in Israel, and that Europeans got to keep their beautiful culture instead of getting invaded by marauding rape parties. I wish the elite Zionist Jews got ousted, but not in a moblike way where all Jews get needlessly murdered when it's only the Zionist elite that really plays the cards.

Some people in Cred Forums refuse to accept that the common Jewish man, besides celebrating Pesah and Hannukah, is exactly like any other common man in the western world. It's a shame because it really hurts the otherwise legitimate points that are often raised here.

No matter how many times I see this it still enrages me

>how much that bitch worth?
Less than the world's money supply I'll tell you that much

Nigga spilling gasoline almost always sets himself on fire lul


About half probably should be

All these white liberals need to be culturally enriched in the hood




Michael Brown wuz a gud boi.

Aside from everything.


Racial supremacy is jewry

Being proud of your own race is good though, just dont be a supremacist




these are the same people who breed, have 7 children, stay on benefits, and don't pay into benefits because of thug culture

it would be far more population control to prevent births through stable families, than to kill off those who are born and have already sucked down hundreds of thousands of dollars

>american education
don't have such a small mind


tfw no empire


Why don't they ever portray a black women with a white man?

point to ONE thing he said that was racist

Quality shitpost.

This makes my blood boil



buy the new Apple Iphone 7 goy

Also, white women should fuck black men

That's not how it works. It's white men marrying black women. Black men fuck all the white women they can, but they never marry.


I know user, I'm just venting frustration. Unfortunately the Jews in the US confirm the stereotypes in almost every case. They're either full on anti-white liberals or they're neoconservative shekel-grabbers who are slightly more polite about being anti-white. A Jew authored the 1965 immigration act that made the US a nonwhite country, Jews brag about controlling Hollywood and Wall Street in Hareetz, Jews run the thought crime industry with organizations like ADL and SPLC - you see where the frustration comes from? Most of them of course are just ethnically Jewish, but nonetheless you can't help but recognize a pattern of subversive behavior

>yfw those numbers are from 2013

Because those couples are significantly better than Black Thug White Whore


>show the pair most likely to end in divorce



Anyone that falls for this deserves what's coming to them at the hands of you sand dwelling trash.

How can you work when you are busy fucking swedish women, learning how to use snipers and being given castles to live in off the white Swede's tax dollars?

These BLM idiots drive me nuts. I just don't get how guys with a BBC are always so fucking stupid. I have an SPH and don't care because at least I have a brain. Even then I still cuck plenty of guys.

Why would you marry trash?

Black men actually spread female redpills through degenerate music

By white they are talking about anglos and aryans

why are they still butthurt to the master races

Here we see blacks in their natural habitat doing their annual "Dindu" dance.

It's a magnificient ritual indeed, however, often these dances can bring forth casualties to many of the percipients. That's why we can see zookeepers getting involved as to minimize the casualties to these truly remarkable and unique animals.

I'd agree if the fuckers weren't dragging the rest of us with them.

Are you trying to tell me mainstream media is trying to push black man white women pairings even if they don't naturally form in very big numbers ?


No it isnt black on white murder is 16% vs white on black being 5%.
When you adjust for population you get an approximately 18:1 ratio.

That is what we address not criminal scum niggers killing eachother

No no, media and entertainment could never shape young women's views. That could never happen!

Women follow the herd

Media directs the herd

Are you honestly trying to tell me that America's culture is slowly devolving towards fetishizing black culture?

Unless that nigs looks are very misleading, her father should probably bring a bomb to thanksgiving

I think this video is faked because all those black women and not one of them lost their hair

Porn is a powerful weapon

post jews_in_nushell1.png


>most of the vids of whites shooting cops
seems like some pro police and thinly veiled anti gun garbage to me

>keeping them down, economically
>choosing to commit crimes, not graduate high school, having a child out of wedlock as a teenager
>being poor makes them commit anti-social behaviour
>never mind all the other poor in other countries who don't behave this way

Are you trying to tell me that white Americans not having babies and being demographically replaced has to do with their culture degenerating into nothing but consumerism while white women get assfucked by a pack of niggers as a statement of feminism&empowerment and white men watch niggers play hand-egg while stuffing their face with carbs?

What a ludicrous idea!

How long till BLM turns into a new set that runs drugs on the street corner? Will we soon have BLM gang signs and its very own color scheme?

Years ago the Vice Lords were founded in Chicago as a community organization. They went around building community centers had peer programs. Now they are thugs.


stop dude. anyone can clearly see "most" are black.

There was like two white offenders in that whole video

>civilians are in charge of what the government does

Porn is just one side of it. American films started sexualizing the negro nearly a century ago. By now the myth of black virility is ubiquitous. What is really unfortunate is that white American behavior now shows noticeable negro influence - a laugh similar to the hyena displaying both rows of teeth, a swinging stride in place of a more reserved European gait, an obsession with sex and big asses. It's amazing what (((they))) can pull off with the power of television.

Do you think this is new? Whites been with blacks and vice versa for decades. Just the use of social media has brought cucks like you in your little somalia rape bubble to see. Its nothing new. Stop fantasizing over it.


This is the original version, more powerful in my opinion with less gay ass music.

yeah. Show them statistics and they assume they are false. Appeal to emotions and they listen. Its the opposite of what it should be

Now people are turning off television they move on in the internet. Expect censorship laws soon goys the final boss fight is about to begin

Are you trying to tell me that there is a downside to young white girls having a mulatto baby at 21 and becoming an obese mess of a human being and dying alone with cats at 35 when high quality men don't even consider marrying you? Proposterous!

Yeah so maybe we should just embrace cultural Marxism and all be poor. No more economic determinism if we're all in the ghetto right?

So was Nelson Mandela the bad guy?

you have a cuck fetish go home your drunk

>Do you think this is new?
Considering I have seen maybe 5 coalburners in my life in Finland, yes this is absolutely novel and yes I think your country is getting jewed to shit with mass entertainment promoting racemixing.

Also don't confuse us with Sweden, our rape rate isn't through the roof

Yes. I love how people praise him like a saint when he was a terrorist.

I think its what (((they))) are trying to pull with ISIS. They are freedom fighters hurr durr.




What terrorism did he do and why have I never heard of this?

holy shit

you fucking stop. this is pro police state garbage and still doesn't address all the instances of cops legitimately murdering people. fuck you

It's an interesting stat actually

I feel like it has to do with most nigger women simply being so fucking nasty in terms of looks that when white men do pick them they only take the good ones

No. Youre wrong dude. Its been this way forever. Stop fantasizing over it you fucking creep. This is nothing new. You dont go out and see white women with blacks all ovet the place, its like i said.., you seem to be hindering on a fetish yourself?

OP why do you show me this - you just made me fucking angry, making me wanna shoot black people up

No dude, I have whatever is the opposite of a fetish. I fucking despise seeing that shit.

cause thats not what its about retard. the subject is black lives matter protesting pigs instead of worrying about the criminal activity in their own neighborhoods.

i agree that cops are quick to shoot someone but that doesnt take away from the fact that blacks are disproportionately violent. whatever that reason may be its true.

im not a big fan of the police but i still recognize the need for a police force.

so no, fuck you buddy. take your childish ancap shit to fb groups. faggot.

Finn is right. You're too blue-pilled to realize that race-mixing propaganda didn't hit its full stride until the 70s or 80s. It has NOT "always been like this." The races should remain seperate, but breeding between ethnicities is fine. A Slav may breed with a Nordic for example, or a Dinarid with a Caucasoid. But Nordic and nigger? Well that's just a lose-lose.

>Yank tries to rationalize the death of white America and BMWW rates of 10x to that of Europe
>Yank tries to tell me there is no mainstream entertainment leaning towards promoting black+white interracial relationships

There is something deadly wrong with your country, James. Raging at me won't make it go away. It's unique to America. Literally every photo I posted is from America.

desu 2 million views isn't big

niggers are animals, i'm not arguing this. i'm saying that this video simply seems to be justification for shooting. this brings up the argument about gun control

>m-maybe police are so quick to shoot because everyone has guns

it's shit. this video is shit

>No it isnt
>black on white murder is 16% vs white on black being 5%.
Re-read what I said. I didn't say black on white and white on black are equivalent.
>The black on white murder rate is roughly equivalent to the white on white murder rate.
>it's still nothing compared to the huge number of black on black murders, and tiny number of white on black murders.

Your point being?

let me guess, nigger babysitter kills white baby?

stop projecting, buddy. you can't hide the fact that your women love niggers. the difference between finland and the usa is that we actually have areas that aren't corrupted. finland is too small so this shit spreads far deeper than it does

No, thank god

If you let a black babysit your baby you pretty much deserve to pay the toll though

they are quick to shoot because thats how they are trained.

that and when youre a cop you hear all these stories, see all those dashcam videos. it gets engrained into your mind that you can possibly get shot out there simply walking up to a car.

and they are correct to assume so.

there was not one single mention of gun rights in that video, dude. i understand the important reasons behind the second amendment and i fully agree with it and would defend it.

youre just spazzing out over something thats not even there.

How many times you been to the states?? To witness this firsthand?? Or do you go to your cuck folder, fantasize about it, then post on Cred Forums?? When you ACTUALLY have a real opinion and have been here firsthand.. Then come and talk. Stop gawking at social media pictures of a country of over 300 million. You seem like the one with a creepy fascinated cuck fetish

>stop projecting, buddy. you can't hide the fact that your women love niggers.
Dude, you can recognize that a thing is wrong without it reflecting poorly on you. I'm not saying you've done something wrong, I'm saying you should probably acknowledge the role that mainstream entertainment plays in ruining white America.

that honestly just looks like a pest infestation.


Fuck off, kike. See for reasons.

>How many times you been to the states?? To witness this firsthand??
Once. Was pretty true desu at least for west coast.

> Stop gawking at social media pictures of a country of over 300 million.
Absolutely not. You guys have a massive issue that deserves to be corrected

>You seem like the one with a creepy fascinated cuck fetish
Is it a cuck fetish if I feel disgust looking at it?

FFS yanks, I'm trying to help you fuckers out but you're in full blown denial over this shit.

>Not naming the .webm Simone Biles 1998

The Holocaust should happen for real, this time. Gas all the kikes and be done with the curse of all Semites, once and for all.

Sometimes things really are the way they look

Classic blunder: relaxing around blacks

I live right outside nyc and dont even see all these "interracial" couples you speak of??? I go weeks, shit maybe months! You literally have to search for it..., whick it seems you are creepily doing. Get with it nigger