Deutsche bank is in free fall again! Down 2.2%! The bubble is about to burst!

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let it die!

I hope you own gold and bitcoin user


When will the DB meme be over.

Must be soon


question is how can user profit from db getting bailed out by the remnants of the working german population?

there is no way they will let it crash&burn taking € down with it

Literally nothing is going to happen




meme magic to the rescue

yeah because banks never fail.

shut up idiot

yeah because that's what I meant
you're the idiot here

reminder that Deutsche Cuck was worth 100€ in 2007
investors sure must be happy

Everyone needs to pull the plug.

I could list all the banks, and even governments that have failed financially, but I can't be bothered.

>now down 2.3% fuck yeah!

so that the german taxpayer can pay for it? no thanks

Crashing the economy is a surefire way to generate civil unrest. It might be the only way it'll happen

>My mum is mates with the CEO of Deutsche Bank

Wat do?

you might actually be right famalam

ask her to suck his dick so you can get a cushy donothing 6 digit salary job

Oh great, how did they fuck it up this time?

does ANYONE have the gif of this?

Getting a job high up in a large company due to nepotism is a meme surely

the germ gov will bail them out...

I invested in pounds i read the UK would become a financial corporate safe haven.

And Rothchilds have even bet on that and soros.

I buy extraBritish goods every weeknow and transfer my saveings to the uk.

We still got year before total collapse

Should I be buying DB stock? If they get bailed out, does it mean the stock price will return?

Didn't it fall several percentage points previously with nothing happening? The daft human population isn't paying attention until they announce such things.

Probably not the best idea famalam. I'd buy American

You can do anything if you're friends with the president

Nope 20 Trillion Debt money from big Banks corporations sent to Bermuda then on to London to avoid American tax system.

Bermuda is the British Bull which cucks America of it's tax sends it on to London.

The DOJ fined them for 14 billion a couple days back, I assume this is related.

I also want to see it.

Who are you?

too big

>On Friday it was -8%

SO this is literally nothing right?

My money is on your island. Please survive.


sea hues

yeah, literally nothing

One of the problems they are facing right now are fines from the US that they simply cannot pay.

Not sure if you will go through with it because if we collapse so does the whole world economy, but who knows. Might be one last act of revenge from the establishment that realizes its time is over.

Which will be great once they adjust interest rates and the US economy collectively sharts

At which number do we reach happening level?

It is currently 11.43

Surely if it went below 10 it would be all over.


once it goes under 11 there are no more dubs

Hmmm really made me introspect

>literally nothing


Oh god


Kek, GBP is on it's way down. Good job throwing your money out the window.

>once it goes under 11
>those digits

Not seeing how consistently shit the GBP is.

It's doing worse than the crash of 08. That's got to tell you something

that's a big IF, in case of bailout the taxpayer will recapitalize the bank and take bad loans off the balance sheet into a nationalized "bad bank"
this could, although not necessarily, raise the stock price

Again look the Rothchillds and Soros and were people are betting.

Collapse European union and euro is pretty much invertible.

Leading to uk being financial bussiness safe haven.

But short term pound will drop more .
Could be year or so yet

>free fall

Only few billion betted on European collapse now.


>Collapse European union and euro is pretty much invertible.
If it happens, it won't be this year. And very unlikely next year. You have plenty of time to transfer your money elsewhere. But investing in GBP when it's in freefall is extremely dumb.

>Leading to uk being financial bussiness safe haven.
Yea, until the next financial crysis happens. UK economy usually gets the biggest hit when this happens.

Call me when it's under 10.


Deutsche bank will crash this month.

>this post
>these numbers
>"LukY" in the ID

wew lad



The Gov cant bring up that amount of euros

Article from 2012. EUR went down against USD. And who cares, it's all part of multy decade long swings. It might go further down in medium term future (and is likely to do so, especially if FED actually raises rates), then it's very likely to go up.

Article from January, the opposite is happening now.

Stop reading yesterday's news faggot.


Germans gonna get assfucked, which is good.



Checked and crash confirmed

>once it goes under 11


No more dubs? These truly are the end times.

>nothing to see here

Crashing this economy - WITH NO SURVIVORS



Total notional derivative exposure is meaningless, since most derivatives are covered by equivalent, opposite contracts.

What you want is the net derivative exposure, which is probably a miniscule fraction of that.

>last two digits in post - 11
># that reaches happening level - under 11
An omen?


What the fuck is happening?


Germany getting fucked is what's happening.



>mfw a family member is working in a high position at DB

Shit is getting real. Hope he doesn't lose the house. And the wife.

He'll probably lose the wife to some deserving refugee "children". This is what your silly politics have wrought.

>mfw this will bring forth the glorious 4th reich

Hyperinflation when?


>Bailing out anything with a meme currency.

The Euro will be dead within a decade.

>High position at DB
>Not outright owning at least a flat so that when shit hits the fan you won't be fucked

Well at least Ahmed can have his wife.



>owns gold


Im a chef also part icleandick

This is brilliant leverage for Brexit renegotiations.

Haha German cucks. Mehmet's kebabs won't help your banks.

I hope it takes the EU with it.


Some user predicted that if it goes under $10 the bank collapses.

> Some user

And this is why we don't have to worry at all :)

Holy shit

Praise Kek

Happening confirmed 11 then 00000

You know me so well, user. A little too well.


Germany did tell their citizens to stockpile supplies

Die Germans die


> the germans the

Really causes my neural cells to depolarize by opening gated channels in the membrane and passively diffusing potassium ions out of the cytoplasm down its concentration gradient leading to a sequence of action potentials to stimulate in accord with long term potentiation pathways developed through the release of seratonin at key moments of sensory input.

>tfw your building a wall in Calais just in time

>hover over flag
>no need to reply

they won't bailout shit

even IF they could, current eurozone policy prohibits government intervention

thanks user. saved me from dumping a couple of grand into it.



kek implying private banks havent been saved a few times already by every governement in europe.
especially during the 2008 crisis

>concern intensifies

What is Total Derivative Exposure?
>64 tril.

Looks like they're doing pretty good

I'm not an economicfag.

>net derivative exposure
>net immediately becomes gross derivative exposure hen just one counterparty in the collateral chains fail

>highlight what he said
>paste on google

And what happens to those failed banks..?

Oh yeah, the taxpayers bail them out.




I bought the other day some actions thinking It would go up, but apparently I was wrong. Luckily I had aouto close on, but I still lost 125 Euros
Better sell low and expect the crash to keep going to gain something out of it

I agree with this user. I've made tens of thousands of dollars going long on the pound post-Brexit. I've also recently made just as much shorting it due to the decline lately, but I am confident that, while the pound is bearish in the short-term, it will break out into a bullish market in the long-term (perhaps not medium-term, since I suspect the pound will continue to sink after Article 50 is triggered). My advice: continue to sell the pound until Article 50 is triggered, then stay off the pound market for a few weeks, then go long. But of course, anything can change between now and then. You ultimately need to do your own analysis.

t. full-time currency investor living the neet dream

Has anyone crunched the numbers to see if we're on track to hit octuple 9s by election day?

I think I worked out that we needed ~20,000 posts per day, but I haven't slept in a while, so I'm too tired to do the basic math and confirm.

Essentially it's the total notional value of the derivatives held by the bank.

For example, the bank might have sold a $11 call option on a stock worth $10 for $0.80. A single contract usually covers 100 shares of underlying stock, so the actual exposure will be $80, while the notional exposure will be $1100

Then they'll probably also have sold a $11 put option on the same stock, meaning that they're pretty much covered no matter which way the stock moves.

This is how they can have these outlandishly high notional derivative exposures while having a net exposure of like half a percent of that.

we need 99999999-89602863=10397136 posts in 49 days

thats about 212186 posts/day or 8841 posts/hour or 147 posts/min

Any tips for someone who is trying to live from investing? I have some savings and I have been practicing with the stock simulator. I was doing well until this last fuckup, mostly gaining "money" just by playing on the very short term with raw materials and metals
I spend a lot of time in front of the computer so I figured it would be a good way to make money

We need a good Kek thread to summon enough meme power to crash DB.

you don't need master kek

it will fail by itself and the entire global economy with it


use index funds, everything else is betting

I think we actually surpass those numbers on average, so that's nice.

Board traffic will be up with the debates and such too, and apparently some economic happenings.

There is such thing as pushing an open door though.

IF we can speed things up a bit then more entertainment for us.


>while having a net exposure of like half a percent of that.
should be noted that 0.5% of 64 trillion is still 500 billion, which is roughly germanys government budget for 5-10 years.

It's tough to give advice because, if you ask a million different investors for a good approach to the markets, you'll get a million different answers and a million investors disagreeing with each other.

Getting into trading is a lot like learning how to box, if you're into that. When you start boxing, you can't just start sparring with people right away. You need to take some time to learn how to move your body, first. Learn the footwork, how to block, and so on. Then, you can slowly start learning how to, slowly, start hitting things. You don't actually fight people until well down the road.

Learning the markets is a lot like that. You need to decide which market you want to trade (stocks, equities, futures, currencies, etc.. I personally do currencies only), then you need to familiarize yourself with what causes that market to move. (For currencies, things like Fed meeting minutes, inflation, unemployment and non-farm payroll reports, etc.).

If you're looking for a simple place to start, I recommend subscribing to Wall Street Breakfast. It's a daily email that breaks down what's happened in the past day, what's coming up, and how markets are taking the news. Read that every day. If you don't understand a term, then look it up. Keep going until it all starts to make sense, a lot like learning a new language. Then you are ready to take a crack at some trades with some fake currency (most brokers will let you open a demo account to try your luck)

Also, don't discount technical analysis. You don't need to have a million lines on your terminal like some people do. All you need to know are Fibonacci retracements and expansions, support and resistance levels, and an oversold/overbought indicator.

It sounds like a lot but, once you start doing it, you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Like with anything else, it's all an investment.

good luck user

>500 billion
*320 billion, dammit.

that is almost exactly our current budget for 4 years.

Or this too. Index funds are by far the safest for more long-term investments. I would never trade my retirement money on the foreign exchange market, after all

solid advice user, thank you


Praise kek

There are 4 types of derivatives, the majority are forwards, essentially a promise on a future deal, let's say between a big shop and a farmer for simplicity's sake. If they front the cash and pay for 5 years in advance then it has a really high value, let's say 30k per year = 150k value. That can be sold on the market, perhaps, meaning that the derivative value is 150k +/- the value based on what it is deemed to be worth upon sale. If you think the weather's gonna produce a good yield then the price goes up, for example.

If DB goes under it is really bad, but the 64Tn figure isn't going to be wiped out to 0 in any way. What is a problem, however, is whether other businesses get in trouble because of DB going under. This is a kind of chain reaction that spreads out a load of toxicity into the market and can affect an awful lot more than you might initially think.

But yeah, the takeaway really is that the derivative exposure is best considered to increase the "fragility" of the bank. That is to say that if shit goes bad, the bank has so many areas that it can get hit.

Learn about Elliott Waves. "Invest" (hedge) your capital in the Forex market. Try to get a broker with high leverage in the hundreds.

Not even 2016 low (back in Aug)

I actually got into boxing for a while, so that example was helpful
The only think that I have managed to understand so far about the flow of the market is that everything seems to have a domino effect, and that while I mostly cannot predict a sudden trend I can benefict of the end of the trend
>Also, don't discount technical analysis. You don't need to have a million lines on your terminal like some people do. All you need to know are Fibonacci retracements and expansions, support and resistance levels, and an oversold/overbought indicator.
So far I have the DMI, the average true range and the relative strength Index on screen when I´m on the demo, and they kinda help.I can see how the date of the charts somehow reflects on the market. Any other Indicator/Oscillator that is worth checking?
I lack of the awareness of how news affect the market, so I will check the Wall street breakfast as you have said
Any recomendation on online brokers? so far I like alot the interface of Markets, but I don´t know what pros or conts it may have aside from that
by the way you are putting it I assume that index funds are like puting your money on a fund managed by others while you recieve some benefict with very low risk? I´m using investopedia to guide myself but all the terminology is still confusing
Again, I don´t understand some of the terminology, but I will save and investigate what you have just said


>So far I have the DMI, the average true range and the relative strength Index on screen when I´m on the demo, and they kinda help.I can see how the date of the charts somehow reflects on the market. Any other Indicator/Oscillator that is worth checking?

Those should be all you need. I would also add an indicator to look at the volumes. High volumes but small bar height suggests a short-term tug of war in the market and a potential reversal, while high volume and high bar height suggests a strongly growing trend. Just some technicals to help confirm whether the news is taking a toll on the markets or whether it has been absorbed by Dow theory

As for brokers, always go with an A-book broker as opposed to a B-book. B-book means they are a "market maker," a.k.a. your trades don't go directly to the market but rather to the broker's pool, so they can bet against you and manipulate the price to engage in what's called "stop hunting" if they want. A-book means it goes directly to market and there's no conflict of interest with the broker.

Also go with an ECN broker so you have a minimal spread. You have to pay commission on trades, but you ultimately save a lot of money in the long run.


let's hope it bursts and take all the krauts down with it.

Sick dubs, but this won't save Deutsche Bank. It's fucked.


please don't buy right now


I was already saying that Global Markets Crash will happen at fall 2016/winter 2017
Deutsche Bank stocks went from ~25 in Sept 2015 to ~15 in February 2016

It's over
Stock on food, water and ammo
Please don't kill and people, when money can't buy food

yeah, the funny thing is that even if the US would halve the fine DB still wouldn't be able to pay for it.

Last year their net income was -6 billion euros.

inb4 trump is blamed for this

>wants short-term gainz w/ large cap
>does not appear to be talking about options
How much have you lost this year so far?

>implying DB doesn't own ECB
>tfw they crash on purpose
can you say bail-IN?

If Deutsche bank goes bankrupt and I own ETFs that are managed by them, do they just liquidate those?

And when it does, I will buy in. They are "too big to fail" and as such, are looking good to investors.

I made good money on AIG and Bank of America in 2008. I sold AIG too soon, and that cost me some money, but I held onto BOA and have seen great returns.

I expect to do the same with DB

You should read the prospectus of said ETF to find out how much lube is needed

>which is roughly germanys government budget for 5-10 years.

The hell are you on about. Its almost the amount of money the government spends per year.

not happening.

have a nice day.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk...


Every time Cred Forums mentions Deutsche Bank the stock goes up again over the next days.

Coincidence? I think not.

>ecb injects cash into dax
no, it's not a coincidence


i hope May pulls the article 50 trigger soon and give the EEA banks its coup de gras

invoking 50 shouldn't even be a consideration

the lisbon treaty was a violation of all the constitutions of europe. (minus belgium, probably)

.t Eugene Fama

(P.s. the efficient market hypothesis is bullshit. Long precious metals, mining stocks, and bitcoin. Short everything else.)

the market is ultimate and efficient price discovery

ban the central banks from engaging and you'll agree

Well, I know where I ain't investing in the future... (not that I was going to)

They're marked-to-market, so their value depends on market fluctuations.

>get in both id and post
what did he mean by this

I have a question for anyone who browses /biz/ or just knows what wil follow suit when this happens. Should I withdraw all my money from my bank the second Deutsche bank falls?

>that image
I know that we have low standards and such, but come the fuck on now

Yeah, but since central banks have been running the show for years now, and I don't expect that to change for many years to come.

Fucking Bank of Japan owns half of all Japanese sovereign bonds, and has a huge position in the stock market.

They said communism had ended, but what I see is state ownership on a massive scale through QE

your bank most likely has FDIC insurance. This means your deposits are insured up to $250,000.

Wtf... this makes me buy gold FUCKING RIGHT NOW!

>safe from a global financial collapse

>almost 15% of GDP is comprised of financial services

Oh shit....I'm scared now.

Install the plus 500 app or something similar and short DB.

depends on what kind of returns you're getting.

You won't have time to withdraw if DB fails. That's an overnight thing, and you'll wake up to a bank holiday.

If you're not getting returns through interest on savings, CDs, other fixed income products, and have no need to have money in the bank, why is it in the bank?

Sell your t-notes at a loss if you have any. You shouldn't have ever bought them.

FDIC lol good goy

If you don't have gold and silver already, you're doing it wrong. Before you have gold and silver, you need extracted water and food supply, guns, and ammo.

The walls not for the money m8, it's for the migrant hordes Germany let in. Where will they go if the Euro collapses?

Do not ever short a financial institution. You're asking for it if you do that. Buy puts instead.


Soros did it.

Yeah, you do not want to short DB, only to have to commit suicide when king Crony Dragio saves this piece of shit with European taxpayers money

I was replying to the video actually, which seems to imply the UK, in the event of a global collapse (financial?), would not be affected.

You think Soros will get margin-called? Wtf

Soros is king of the Jews, and has a lot of insider information. The moment the ECB makes the decision to save DB, Soros will have the info. You will only find out when trading is halted, and your position is deeply underwater.

Make him commit suicide by two shots to the head.

Merkel attempted to destroy christianity

Now God will strike her down

Well, thats a rather nasty drop there.

Odds on it closing sub-11 today?

You think I will?
Good point.

Are you on the (((inside)))? Y/N
Gimme good option play
Highly likely unless you know wtf you're doing. You're not buying puts, so you don't know what you're doing.

In euros? Possible

In USD? No. Not today.

German military will coup that ass

lol you shouldn't DB is not crashing, the EU can't afford to let an IB fail like the US did with LB.

politically your correct, but I wonder if the can afford it to save it. Getting money for Greece was already a huge pain in the ass, let alone if whole europe will have to find money to save fucking germony

We don't have Euro :^

It's out of the ECB's control. They can't QE with negative rates in place. They can't raise rates without causing contraction and slowing economy worse than it is.

>Fed steps in, covert helicopter money
QE4 incoming, but not before rate hike tomorrow

don't forget Ireland

These assholes own my mortgage.

Sure hope it's true.

DB will probably sell all their failing shit assets to SPVs which will sell their securities to dumb hedge funds who seek for yield, cleaning up the balance sheet and fucking everything those securities will touch.

One thing: if you have money in funds which want to speculate on DB-sold derivatives or shit-rated debt, seek financial help from pros asap.


Are you sure they haven't sold it already?

>Back up to 11.28


Literally nothing will happen. This thread will quickly slide. I can already see it now - the awkward shift from excitement to disappointment, the gradual realisation that nothing is happening and the annoyance that everyone here wasted their time posting in another nothining thread. The second I click 'Post' I will forget about this "happening" forever, because absolutely nothing will happen.

Elul 29

Nothing will happen today
Nothing will happen tomorrow
It will be over until it will be too far gone to do anything

It will start happening in 4 months, but I believe it will start in October/November
Government will try to contain situation, but we will be hitting new lows day by day
It won't become complete chaos on the streets one day
Every day madness will become stronger until you will face swarms of niggers killing farmers for their food


Lmao are you retarded or trolling?

Hahahahahahahaha how the fuck do you fail at banking Hahahahah you just lend out other people's money and charge for it

Requesting that graph with "you are here".

govt regulation puts community banks out of business

negative rates cost banks money to hold reserves

central banks manipulate your market cap according to their will

>15yo swedish shitposter getting learned today

It won't happen, sadly. Not any time soon.

Germany will not burn today, but have hope. It will happen sooner or later.


GBP not a bad bet for short term

GBP is still fiat

Don't hold too long. Sell the spikes, buy the dips, win. Anything else is a loss.

From zerohedge posted today

Also on 16th Semptember 2008 crash have begun

what if you just lent out money that doesn't exist lol

US Treasury bond futures have been rising

>china, japan, fed selling bonds
>yields increase
>you think this is good

Even admitting that they'll bail out DB (only chance is that not all derivatives crash in a short amount of time and even in that case the amount of money is insane), there'll be repercussions nonetheless.
The EU cannot survive such a bomb, no matter whether DB fails or not, repercussions would be huge nonetheless.

Who's comfy here

>mfw db empties customer accounts to pay debts


No, they will just get the EU to bail them out. All they have to do is get the courts the EU controls to override the laws that block them from doing so. Purely democratic, not favoring banks and corporations and fair to the people im sure.

Aaaaaand close 11.27

Well, now we wait for tomorrow when the ride resumes.

By the way, at what point does the shit finally hit the fan and all hell breaks loose?


when you hear about this shit everyday on mass media.
until then. nt happening

Below 11 will see some panic. 10 should be full on happening



holding WEAT

waiting on Dollar Index to tank when tomorrow's rate hike has to be reversed within 24 hours

also 8x gld sep23 119 puts just filled at $0.06
>to the moon tomorrow

I can't wait for the chimp out, it's gonna be fucking biblical

So hyperinflation or deflation?
What would it be?

The point when the government bails them out?

The point when the government relocates it's assets to other banks making them even bigger?

Neither? A financial crisis is not necessarily accompanied by rapid changes in the value of the currency.

There will be deflationary tendencies due to economic slowdown, but the devaluation of the euro due to lost confidence will lead to inflation.

So it balances out.


It will be a bail-IN and a bailout at once, resulting in short term contraction (deflation) as (((ECB))) tries to recoup (they can't) and then quickly followed by hyperinflation when the liquidity vanishes.

>that sucking sound

Nothing is going to happen Italian pussies. Germans will lie and everyone will continue to play their part.

>México do Pacífico
que país de merda

The real question is, will PLN go up when EUR goes down? Germans hate us for having our own currency.

>Marseille also known as Marseilles in English

Can we get a screen shot of this? Add me in it

Should something serious happen to Germany, the rest of the Eurozone goes down with it.

>mfw db has lost 90,4% from its highest point in 2007

We are not in the Eurozone, fag.

Wait until I sell my polish shares. Then I will buy DB. I still have PKO BP and JSW

That still answers your question. Every time the USA experienced a downturn, the rest of the world followed. Germany is a local USA in Europe.

This sounds about right. Deflation at first and then hyperinflation.

>Germany is a local USA in Europe
Nah. You are finished.

Tomasz, they can't pump in stimulus forever.
Obviously the common person will pay, who said the contrary?

what would one do when deflation hits? buy?

hyperinflation hits? sell?

Should I buy a flat and rent it to people now?

>Cred Forums has another DB HAPPENING thread
>go check /biz/
>not a peep just like every other time i checked

it's not happening

>they can't pump in stimulus forever
Sure they can. Economy is as real as magic. It's all about psychology and lies.

>trusting /biz/

dude, I don't believe on Cred Forums happenings, but >go check /biz/

thanks for the laughs


You're either insane or its a poor attempt at trolling if you think the Eurozone going under will not take your economy with it (especially since it largely depends on EU investments and gibsmedat as the single largest recipient EU wide)

>So hyperinflation or deflation?
Deflation...per Martin Armstrong's prediction.

You need to get while the getting is good. Because time is running out. Renting is not something to jump into. Buy gold and silver instead.

america invested in britian, they wont take the majour hit. the Euro is getting pwn'd by british jews

It won't do jack shit to me. My money is secure. If shit hits the fan I will move to Cambodia and live like king. My friends did that.

I've spent some time thinking about deflation in relation to USD, but I have never spent time thinking about it in terms of EUR, so I'm not sure but I do think if €50+ trillion evaporated it would be different than if $50+ trillion evaporated because USD is the reserve currency.

when deflation hits, buy commodities

when noticeable inflation hits, sell 1/2 of said commodities and hold the rest. Then sell the other 1/2 on the news at the time

>Buy gold and silver instead
>Renting is not something to jump into
In Germany.
In Poland the government doesn't steal flats from people just to give them to the refugees.
We have no refugees, the renting market is fine.


>Trump president
>Shillary in jail soon
>Banks collapsing

Is this it lads?

Is this the one true happening?

The only reserve the USD holds over the Euro is oil.

ECB is in negative territory and deflation basically can't occur until a policy shift or until bondholders call at once.

And guess what. ECB isn't going to stay negative for long. Contrary to what you've been told, the Yen is SHIT and is not a working model of negative rates. It's a working model of price-fixing.

I disagree. If 'hyper' deflation in USD terms hits I would want to be out of equities and commodities and in physical cash.
Then once the Fed bank starts to overreacts to stop the immense deflationary forces by massive printing then I expect inflation and would move from physical cash to physical bullion.

>Banks collapsing
Israel will nuke you for this.

Then do it today and get a year's rent up front with a deal they can't refuse.

And fucking buy gold.

There's really not a disagreement there. I didn't specify what type of commodity. The USD is a commodity :)

Sep 23

Sorry lad, Petrodollar collapse means all that "reserve currency" will become worthless and rush back to USA. You get hyperinflation.

9/30 elul 29. But sneaky jews. Probably tomorrow/thurs. Fed rate decision.

The majority of the worlds assets is denominated in USD.
The entire forex market is structured around USD as the majority of the liquidity is focused in the USDxxx and xxxUSD pairs (the majors), not EURxxx and xxxEUR pairs.

You're right, though consider we have IOER in place which keeps M1 at the Fed. Which will save us a bit.

You don't think that can change overnight?

current eurozone policy prohibits all kinds of shit, nobody gives a fuck.
>de facto eurobonds

time to give in to mountain jew


When hyperinflation hits it's too late for buying with money, cause everyone would want to spend it
You will have to barter then: swap goods for other goods

How many assets are denominated in USD? At least a few hundred quadrillion? How the hell would people all over the world going to get their creditors to exchange their USD assets into another currency overnight? Where is there enough liquidity in the forex market to do such a thing overnight?

historically the currency is worth something for a couple of days once hyperinflation has set in. but not afterward.

my dad has 4 million euro in the bank
is he fugged? :DDD

>where is the liquidity in the forex market

I read
>My mum mates with the CEO of Deutsche Bank

This. Invest in Rubles!

>sure goy I'll share my tricks with you, just follow my example

Hah! Apparently, recession is also due. It's going to be the longest cycle if it doesn't happen within next term.

One for Deutschland sinking with their shitty bank

There isn't lol...

No one who speaks german can be an evil man.

Back to the cuckshed m8. Your bull is waiting.
According to that calendar Elul 29 is on Oct 2nd

Yes, but I wanted to state that after that if he has a lot of goods, that people need then he is golden
He can charge them other goods to gain a lot of goods that aren't needed at the moment

If people are starving he could sell food for gold and jewelry for example.
Luxury goods like that don't fulfill basic needs, but are worth a lot when chaos ends

>This. Invest in Rubles!
Yes, do this!

Muh masterrace!

No. We're looking at what could be a collapse in few weeks or days even.

I agree with you that there are many reasons that the dollar should be worthless. But,
the entire forex system is build on the USD as the reserve currency.
And most of the wolds wealth is in USD.
And anytime there is a risk-off scenario wealth flees towards the USD.
How could the people of the world transfer most of their wealth, which is in USD, over to some other currency over night? And what currency could absorb such a huge influx?
I dont see it happening over night.

>hebrew calendar leap year
careful there, you're trusting jews

also, the debts wash before the new year. sept 30 is a friday which is the last day before year 5777

in the last 20 years it was run by a swiss, a poo in loo and a brit.


Problem: chaos. If people are hungry, people will die to get that stock of food. This is not something you prep overnight.

>and a brit.

valid points

can happen overnight because bank holiday

one thing - most of the world's wealth is in gold.
Here says it too, unless that's also Jew-run.

But yeah, you have a point about the Friday before thing.

I heard on the news about how the sdr is going to be the new world currency don't know much about economics is it true


SDR is for bank-to-bank trade

with Trump, new world currency = us note

>tfw want to star working for the Deutsche Bank
Should I not?


why would you want to work for db? Better yet, why would you want to work for anyone at all? The money is in owning your own business.

With recession in russia and low prices of oil and gas, brilliant idea...


The capitalization of gold is only about $7.8 trillion
if you add up all the USD that people think is owed to them the total is in the hundreds of quadrillions of USD, as in total when people look at their balance sheet and they are owed 100+ quadrillion USD.
so gold is a very tiny drop in the bucket.

GBP is the smartest move right now, although I'd start buying it up once Article 50 is actually triggered and the value drops even more. Then after negotiations have been completed it will begin to climb.

Do it.

Better rev up those printing presses!


hes anglo. the day of the rope will come soon

doesnt at least a part of you want to be a fly on the wall to witness the greatest credit implosion in history?

>market cap of world's gold is $7.8tn

Did you get that number from the last time they publicly measured? Which was, what, 1970-something?

>the day of the rope will come soon
For EU!

Honestly, no. It would crash MY company.

I'm hedged to max, though. I'll be okay as one can get, but my people will not be in such good shape.

Does DB own high rise offices? If so now would be a good time to invest in safety net businesses.

You really are on the right side of history on this.
Cant argue with Article 50.

The EU must be run by the people, for the people fritz. The bureaucrats must burn. Join us and rebuilt the German nation once more, hand in hand with other sovereign peoples, free to choose your own laws and trade with whoever you wish, undemocratic globalism has caused this chaos you can no longer deny it, they are the plague and we are the cure.

Nah, we'll get fucked and we'll have to bail out our national banks (as always) it's irritating as fuck because they get to spend MY money on goodies whilst I have to ration.

That is one of the reasons why you do NOT want our banks moving to Frankfurt, you don't see any of the profits, only there to clean up the mess they make. It's a cunty system.

Fucking Germancucks need to get a fucking grip on their fucking country. Hasten the fucking coup so the world can get back on fucking track. Yes, it will mean that the US will fucking fight you again, but it's a sacrifice you must take for the sake of humanity.;end=3:06;autoreplay=true

>Deutsche bank crashing
>bundesmisterium are giving them a
punishment of 12 Bn dollars on top of that