Well, Cred Forums?

Well, Cred Forums?

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Wtf I hate Jesus now

eh, belief in God makes me happy, which is more than I can say for more than half of the lovable yet miserable pricks up in this mothafucka


Read this, fucko: voxday.blogspot.com/2016/08/churchianity-and-feminized-church.html

But that is just because you're a retarded American brainwashed (and circumcised) from birth.



nah, was raised Jehovah's' Witness, got rep pillied when best friend got shunned, became militant atheist, found out being right doesn't always equate to happiness, turned back to God out of personal choice. Happiest I've ever been.Grow up kid, live a little, and you will see life is never that simple. Also, fuck you


no arguments here

reminder Cred Forums is not, and has never been, a Christian board

I bet you just seethe with happiness and joy, don't you?

So you admit its not true but you choose to go along with it because it makes you happy. Are you a child or a man?

Why were you circumcised at birth if you were an alleged Jehovahs?

>It makes me happy
>Therefore it must be true
>I don't care if I'm deceiving myself
Burgers, everybody

this retardation again

>hehe good goy worship le jew on le stick
>excuse me whilst I implement communism and a ruthless assault on Christianity
>oh and btw I hate Christianity you silly goy

no, I just choose to have faith. Faith is a choice in all things. Faith is all that matters. one can know the facts and still have faith anyway. You don't get that, none of you atheists do. Is one of the reasons most of your are miserable, low confidence bastards who jerk off to degenerate shit.

>hehe let's just undermine the font of all morality in the west what could go bad haha

you don't have faith though. Deep down you don't believe in God, you are just forcing yourself into denial. That's not faith.

If you had faith would be saying that atheists are just wrong, not that they are correct but unhappy.

Well, yes, of course if there is absolutely no evidence for something, having "faith" in it is just silly.

I guess your argument is that because it provides some comfort to you and makes you happy, you go along with the self-delusion.

Why were you circumcised at birth if you were a Jehovahs Witness?

it's true.

christ cucks will try their same strategy they always use to defend it.

>m-m-muh cultural achievements.

oh yeah, it was totally christianity that propelled Europe to dominate the world and not gunpowder, industrialization, and advanced technology. yeah it was just jesus guys, case closed.

>m-m-muh architecture, muh art
Every heard of the romans? The greeks? Egyptians? Literally every successful civilization has had art and architecture

>b-b-but the degeneracy
Arabs are a million times better at curbing degeneracy. Their woman can't be sluts, they cut the hands off thieves, and they stone homosexuals.

>muh identity, muh nationalism
both concepts go against what is actually said in the bible.

game over cucks

according to your confirmation bias, yeah.religion is subjective, so your own experiences with it have no place in the judgement of others. respect what others believe so long as they do the same to you. Learn to live happy and anxiety free in your own way. fuck these "there is no God, ONLY US!!!" miserable bastards as they endure an ever shittier life.

So you find the idea that god doesn't exist scary? or that it makes you miserable?

>current year
>not unironically worshiping KEK

I sure hope you people don't do this

Actually Yes, i love christ and i am remarkably happy. I believe because of a religious experience i had that stopped me from hanging myself.

Dark times long gone. Life is pretty great

Stay passive goy

But if God were real, why would he let you get to the point of almost hanging yourself to begin with? why credit for good stuff but not the bad stuff?

If you want proper religious teachings find a small church.
Large churches are just arms of the state.

Not exactly religious but its called free will.

too bad we are all irrational beings who don't truly give a fuck about logic. We care far more about what we eel rather than what we know. If it was your way, all of humanity would have been atheist long ago, but its not, religion and faith have always existed, and always will. Its human nature. need more simplification on the basics of life?

>respect what others believe so long as they do the same to you.
Cred Forums is all about making fun of people for having retarded as balls beliefs. Should i just respect people who believe Islam is the true way? Should i respect people who think the white race should be destroyed?

Convincing yourself that something you know deep down isn't true, is true, is a good way to be happy but it's not good for society. This is why liberals convince themselves that blacks and muslims must deep down be good people, just like whites, even though all evidence points to the opposite. They convince themselves of this because it's a happier though. They don't want to accept the reality that it might not be true, because that would be difficult to deal with and provoke anxiety.

If you want to be happy and ignore all consequences, just go on drugs and stimulate endorphin production artificially and have "faith" that there will be no negative consequences in the future that you are society will have to deal with.

>free will
Will we have it in heaven?

But then he intervenes to stop your free will?

You keep dodging my question.

no, I don't have that anxiety as I have faith in God. Tell me, do you have faith in yourself, even though you are well aware of all your own flaws, as we all are? you don't get it, do you?

>make a religion that says you can't lend money and that money is evil

Good goy, let the jew control your financial matters.

LITERALLY a meme to weaken the Roman empire. Oyyyy vey those Romans have gold how can we weaken them? I know! Tell the Romans that their money is immoral ;~)

because it's loaded, asshole. you think I'm a stupid drunk abusive like you?

Yes, disregard everything Christianity has done to the West. Forget about virtues and honour. Disrespect your ancestors for bringing you to a wonderful country.

lol, it auto corrected aussie to abusive, no joke. even Cred Forums knows aussies are shit


>no, I don't have that anxiety as I have faith in God.
That means you find the idea that God doesn't exist scary.
> Tell me, do you have faith in yourself, even though you are well aware of all your own flaws, as we all are?

>le stalin was a le atheist so ur argument is invalid, psh nothing personnel
Not that your response was any better

So your parents got you circumcised for no reason other than a God you believe in and you see NOTHING wrong with that?

I love how the "turn the other cheek" thing was actually a form of a passive aggressive protest. The thinking was, back then, if you actually did turn the other cheek after being slapped, they'd either have to backhand you, which was seen as much less acceptable, or use their other, shit-stained, filthy hand. It didn't mean "be a submissive goy", but rather "bait the motherfucker into doing something unforgivable to you".

your confirmation bias makes that true for you, absolute fact? please man, you know we are all seeking some kind of faith. There are many wildly -held laws and theories in science that have problems and flaws in the narrative, you could say. For example, not even this bastard knows exactly what the feck dark energy or dark matter is. Does that mean science flies out the window? mothers some blind faith mixed in with all that science, you can find faith and the need for it in just about everything.


>doesn't fully understand dark matter
>therefore it must be down to an imaginary sky wizard

Christian "logic"

hey are you that same assize I shut the fuck down in that hate America shitpost? If so, hey, your ass still sore from that dicking I gave you

What's funny it's kind of obvious. If you told anyone to
>turn the other cheek
is response to being hit, that would in just about every situation imaginable be baiting them to hit you. If you were trying being non-violent, you would just ignore being hit. Turning the other cheek literally means inviting them to hit you again.

Why invite them to hit you again? No point in the stupid phrase. How about fight back instead

Discussing your homosexual desires, interesting. What does G-d say about that?

>loving enemies that haven't accepted their obedience to the Christian God

You know, Jesus wasn't particularly pacifist towards the merchants in the temple, specifically because they were fucking with things on holy ground and disregarding the rules.

There is no reason for a Christian to accept somebody who is actively opposed to Christianity and would see it burn. Theologians in the Medieval period understood that very well.

It's lost something of the cultural context, though. Slapping an underling with your right hand was seen as socially acceptable. Backhanding them or using your left hand, not so much. Nowadays it lacks that escalation element.

>not even this bastard knows exactly what the feck dark energy or dark matter is. Does that mean science flies out the window?
Dark matter is not a matter of faith. it is a matter of careful scientific measurements and theories of physics with strong predictive power for observations. There is no faith here. If someone said "dark matter is definitely caused by particles we can't see", that would be a matter of faith, but no one says that. Because no one knows what black matter and energy is caused by exactly, but we know it exists.

So that whole example is garbage.

tell me, happy yet? or are you still waiting for me to validate your sorry ass, much like your waiting for God to validate himself to you for why your life is sheer dick?

In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

The bible is literally meant to be a "bible". Yet everything you read in is massively open to interpretation and christians have have liberal interpretations of every word of it over the generations

>Something makes sense in the bible
It's the word of God! The bible is perfect! Proof of its divine origin!
>Something doesn't makes sense/I don't like what it says
The meaning was lost in translation/changed cultural context. it was just a metaphor! Not literal! Everyone who thought differently than me up to now was wrong!

Even on Cred Forums there are Marxists trying to sever the people's faiths.

>yeah it was just jesus guys, case closed
It was actually. Universal morality in combination with aristotlean morality held the dangerous god emperors of old in check (as all men fell under the moral law not just the common folk)

It fixed romes shit stack and advanced the philosophies to the point where science could be advanced.

Should really learn some history user.

A head full of stale pasta and dreams of being the next Hitchens.

ahh, the beacon of reason in the dark! the light in the Ignore no way science would ever dare spread it s legs for faith! no way! we , the beacons of light in a dark world, would never!

I don't disagree? What does that have to do with what I said?

But its all true.

You can't even attack the argument at this point.

>Can't identity my flag
>Embarrassedly stupid attempted insult with no actual argument
Always burgers.

Hey look it's Ahmed Mahsis Terweht.

What does my choice to hang myself have to do with god. He could have intervened before but why look a gift horse in the mouth. Thats liberal thinking and its fucked.

"oh user, forget that your life is now full of immeasurable meaning, all of that is pointless because it did not happen a few days earlier"


You athiests have a really bad mental illness. I feel terribly sorry for you


Nothing. Just backing you up my man.

>tryhard fedoras can't be from Mexico

>1000s of shit things happen to you


>1 good thing happens



What are you trying to say? Use your words.

Ah, right.

Except he didnt, i always believed in god. I just never "felt the love" until that moment. Then all the abstract texts came alive and i cried my eyes out for a solid 30 minutes. christ really is the savior user its been memed to death but the joy is actually tangible

10/10 would feel again

What aren't I trying to say? You've used my words!

Why can't we all just convert to Paganism and start shitting in leaves, like real Europeans?

Come the fuck on.

matter of perception. you are having trouble following this simple train of thought?

Thanks for the info.

Christianity is a cuck religion. Germanic paganism is the true redpill.

Kek, you're just a fucking spastic, m8. If he was the savior, he wouldn't let your life get to that shit point to begin with.

There are people on this board right now, who use witchcraft machines and take Christianity seriously, while fapping to gay porn and having Jewish injured penis.


Except it was not like i just got a candy. You really have no scope for measuring my experience except your own limited contrivings and experiences.

Sin really does devastate the soul. Materialism just drives man to animalism and shreads the purpose of his life. The only time it does not is when the man is deeply inconsistent and foolish about his beliefs.

What i had experienced was a religious experience that filled me with joy and meaning and very much proved to me not just the existence of christ (in whom i already believed) but it broke the spell of my 3 years of clinical depression and depressive realism. All within 10 seconds.

I dont think you realize just how nuts that is user. Maybe one day you will

Why do you assume man has no choice in his fate?


Interesting, I didn't know that. So it's not an invitation or submission but an opportunity for the enemy to recapacitate. Good analogy, desu

There's no reason to believe the Bible isn't attached to societal and cultural norms of that time, afterall, ir was written by common men. To properly understand a book you need to read it through lenses tinted with the sociological and cultural paradigms of that time and place. Literature 101.

> complete fuck up

can you COMPLETELY control yourself? plan your mood for the next Friday evening?

can you remember all information you had ever gained? at any time?

come on

yet I am happy you are confident

How is letting your enemy hit you again not submissive

> widespread death and suffering
> immoral behaviour
> loss of clay

like it has not been described in the Old Testament (and save the New one)

why didn't you listen?

fucking keked cause none of what you said is even true and your arguments are all rooted in conjecture, not tangible evidence, just like your religion.

>trinidad and tobago

literally a nation of shitskins that got taken over by spanish missionary cucks hundreds of years ago.

how does it feel that atheism/agnosticism is on the rise in pretty much every euro country and you shitskins are going to be still practicing your outdated cuckery?

>tfw no Western equivalent to Shinto

Seriously, every religious option open to a European or American person is shit-tier.

It's not an invitation, read Czechbro's post. It was culturally looked upon to hit your servants with the left hand or the backhand, so when you get hit on the left cheek, you show the other one so now your master has the choice to do wrong or spare you. It's a metaphor.

It's a metaphor that means what? He already did you wrong by hitting you once.

Why are Christians pro-immigration cuckolds?

He didn't. Forehanding your servants with your right hand was considered acceptable.

It's a metaphor about giving people a chance to repent versus revenge.

It's pretty obvious m8

Right Wing politics are concerned with the long-term survival of Civilization

Christianity is only concerned with personal salvation to become part of a nebulous afterlife for which no evidence exists, and for which this world needs to be sacrificed, which is best expressed in the way early christians like Martin of Tours refused to fight enemies of their nations, insofar killing in this world could cost them heaven

When Jesus says "if they take your coat, let them have your shirt as well", "do not resist evil", "I have come to turn a man against his own household", "if you don't hate your self and your own family you can't follow me", "love your enemies, pray for your persecutors", "the meek will inherit the Earth", "those that wanna die will live", "blessed are those the persecuted, for they will be my Kingdom", "do not save treasures for tomorrow", "carry your cross so that you can receive eternal reward", "Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you'll have treasure in heaven", "it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for the rich to enter Heaven", "Woe to you who are well fed, Woe to you who laugh, for you will mourn and weep"...

... he is not kidding, or meaning the opposite, but actually setting down a morality where the world is a lie and only the afterlife is the real deal, so destroying your life in this world, "carrying your cross" as he says, is completely logical

Cred Forums "christians" seem to believe Jesus actually meant the OPPOSITE of all that, and that Jesus wants you to defend your family, that Jesus wants you to kill your enemies, to become prosperous, well-fed and rich in this world, and to avoid persecution and death!

Only a person that does not actually believe in the Heaven bullshit and in eternal rewards for dying a martyr would actually re-interpret Christianity as a cult of earthly power which declares "the strong shall inherit the Earth" and "you must destroy the enemies of your nation"

>This guy says left hand slap was OK
This guy says right hand

You guys are cucks

>when you get hit on the left cheek
>left hand slap was OK

based panamaian

take this (you)

>Not Even Once

The analogy says nothing about being a slave or a slave owner relationship

Your meme about it being OK because of some specific context regarding acceptable slaps in a slave relationship is stupid.

>reading a book in the context of the time it was written in

Christians always claim that in arameic languague "turning your cheek" means "not to pick up pointless insults" and other bullshit, it never means what it says, and I always ask: where is the evidence to such absurd claim?

Never mind, you christians say that as if that was the only suicidal demented thing he said

Right after that phrase, he would demand even more extreme things: "if they take your coat, give them your shirt", "if they force you to walk one mile, walk two"

the bizarrely specific re-definition of "Jesus actually didn't mean you to turn your other cheek" bit is something christians can only use to fool people that have not read the whole chapter, and only know of that particular verse

Here soon they will be telling me that "in Arameic culture, letting your servants steal your coat away was considered acceptable."

Jesus never wanted you to deny your own life and carry your own cross no... Christianity is a religion about being strong and rich in the world!

Here we have "christians" that believe that Jesus didn't promise persecution and death for his followers in this earth, but an ever-lasting earthly civilization of riches and power!

The whole "the meek will inherit the Earth", "the strong will fall", "woe to the rich, for they already received their reward...", he was just meming

The whole Apocalypse thing, "the world is my enemy", was a meme as well

Jesus actually wanted you to prosper in the Earth all along, Heaven is a meme too!

Not slave, servant. And you NEED the context to understand what you are reading. Fuckin hell man, why are Americans so retarded?

nah ur wrong and the guy above you blew you the fuck out

Read the fucking context then

Jesus was not talking about slaves or servants or arameic traditions or any of that bullshit

the whole chapter has one single theme: DO NOT RESIST EVIL

Wait... I know!! "not resisting evil" was an arameic tradition too!!

which meant
Exactly what he was teaching - ways to make your master look evil in the eyes of other people.
"If they take your coat, give them your shirt". "If they force you to walk one mile, walk two". Tell me how those don't make any sense in that context?

If you let people take your shirt and force you to walk 2 miles, you are not making yourself "look like" the victim

You BECAME the fucking victim!!!

> ways to make your master look evil in the eyes of other people.

So Christianity is now about what OTHER people think? Is it about being pharisee and appear holy to others, but even beyond the pharisees: being outright suicidal about that!!

Really makes you think

I mean really, this is what I have been saying from the beginning, Christians are inviting refugees to Europe, not because they have "faith in Humanity", but because their demented cult demands them to turn themselves into victims!!

Only when they are victims, only when they are persecuted, only when they are under the feet of their enemies, then their insane jewish prophet will come back, according to their own crazy jew book

>you christians
I'm not a Christian (well somebody will argue that because I've been baptized blah blah), I'm an atheist just like everyone ITT. I don't deny that Jesus preached weakeness and inaction, but that specific passage (turn the other cheek) is about giving your enemy a chance of repentment and avoid seeking revenge, not a wish to be slapped twice.

>So Christianity is now about what OTHER people think?
It's almost as if you're reading what some oppressed kike taught other oppressed kikes two fucking thousand years ago.

"wishing to be slapped twice" is not out of context

Wishing for double punishment is implies in the verses that follow: two miles instead of one, for example

That you think the context is about slaves and servants when there is no such reference whatsoever in the entire chapter is just weird

that oppressed kike was an hypocrite he was criticizing pharisees for doing what, according to you, he was teaching

>That you think the context is about slaves and servants when there is no such reference whatsoever in the entire chapter is just weird
>what is historical context

Wow, I'm so surprised at this unforseeable turn of events.

> what is historical context

Historical context?

So THE WHOLE GOSPEL is about master-slave relationships, because masters and slaves existed at that time?

I mean really, chapters now don't have context of their own, no... it is about historical context... from a series of books that have glaring historical contradictions


>I'm teaching my fellow people on how to deal with the circumstances they live in, I better explain everything about it to them because they have no idea about their situation

(((Jesus))) and (((Karl Marx))) are two sides of the same coin - they are both jewish figures who preach a utopian society to disaffected elements in society so that civil order can be disrupted, looted and carried off by the Jews. Don't let the homogenized versions of Chriscuckery that have been prevalent the last hundred years fool you. As you can see from the aggressive courting of migrant hordes that Pope Francis has done, these institutions of jewish origin will demographically replace you with shitskins if they so desire.

Do not give them power over you. Question their motives, demand they provide evidence for their assertions, know that "because the bible tells me so" is not good enough, as inanimate objects do not speak. Look within yourself for the truth, and set your self free from the lies and distortions of organized religion.

Redpilled version,

So Christianity is about dealing with the circumstances they live in (most of his advice, like "not saving for tomorrow", would only make their circumstances worse, for starters)... not about sacrificing everything, selling everything away and donating it, to receive an endless eternal reward after death...

that is absurd you know

We've been relying on this book of Jewish fairy tales for hundreds of years, just like the Arabs are relying on their book of desert scribblings. And how well has that worked out?

If God and Jewsus are really behind the bible they should be fired as deities. Utter and complete fucking failure.

Christianity has LESS truth than Judaism and Islam

"Love your enemies", "Do not save for tomorrow" are outright anti-advice that does not exist in any other book

Saul the Jew would not engage in a campaign to convert goyim if he didn't know he was selling them poison

How can you believe that Christianity has more truth than Judaism, when it was subservient to it from the beginning, so much that Jews could use it to give themselves a monopoly of the financing and money-changing markets during the Middle Ages

I don't know where you're getting this "the whole of Christianity is about this and only this" thing when I'm talking about just that part of that "sermon" (which, to be honest here, I'd believe was rather just a chat with his fellow Jews that was blown out of proportion later).

I meant

* does not exist in any other abrahamic book

they are actually other suicidal religions besides christianity

Bow down to your Jew master, cuck. Get on your knees, or be tortured for all eternity, goy. Don't even look at your Jew master harshly - he owns you body and soul, forever.

Love your enemies is a psyop to bring them into the religion. Of course there is plenty of material in the Bible to draw on justifying raping and slaughtering your enemies should they be hostile and foreign


Because your re-interpretations of bits of the sermon try to take them out of their religious context into a historical context that really does not exist

(I mean really, if "Herod’s slaughter of the innocents" had really happened, it would have created such a crisis that it would appear in roman books of history, romans are not happy with local rulers creating unneeded instability by killing the children of whole populations)


"Do not save for tomorrow" is a psyop too? Is "the meek will inherit the earth" too?

Is the promise that christians will see only persecution and death until the Jewish War God comes back a psyop as well?

>Arabs are a million times better at curbing degeneracy
and a million times worse at everything else; they replace every form of degeneracy with something worse.

Don't use them as an example, always a bad idea.

>historical context that really does not exist
Fine, tell yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.
>Herod’s slaughter of the innocents
Jews demonizing their opposition. Again, I am so, so surprised by something so unprecedented.

Nice dubs

They were good enough to cuck christians out of the holy lands tho

Everywhere you turn in this world, there are echoes.

Well you seem to recognize that the Gospel is book we can praise for accuracy, what else is there to discuss?

* Gospel is not a book

I don't know, you're the one who went on an autistic rant about how everybody who thought something you didn't was absolutely and objectively wrong.

But the churches repressed jews for 1000+ years

The Jews are fallen from God and if there was a modern chosen people it would've been whites 100 years ago until we also fucked up.

Literally the only reason Israel was chosen by God was that it is the meeting point between Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean and so it was the best place to spread stuff from. The Jews are meaningless to this task, they were just the inhabitants at the time and got cocky over it.

Mostly because they did without any sort of evidence

I have yet to see a single source on the whole "akthually for arameic people slapping an underling with your right hand was seen as socially acceptable, but backhanding them wasn't"

It is like you randomly decided to travel back to time, and happened to see how that works, but then you forgot to actually bring any sort of evidence back to the future

But here we have you now, an expert on arameic culture

Rome Collapse while Christianity was expanding

To believe that Christianity is somehow the preventer of societal decline (specially given that what it promises IS societal collapse), is to be ahistorical

Okay, I was wrong. Apparently backhanding was the accepted method. My bad.

Eat shit.

> He says that at the time of Jesus

And that is the problem my friend

"He says"

There is no actual source from that time to back it up

Do you want to read the book itself to see if he has a source on that? Knock yourself out, I'm done here.

well, it is nice to know where did Christians were getting that nonsense from

So this Walter Wink guy was the one that travelled back in time

I may look into the book just so I can debunk it more throughly next time, from what I see this guy was some sort of egalitarian that believed all the suicidal stuff in the Gospel was actually demands of equality

Noice, I was right, he was a liberal egalitarian

> Walter Wink, an influential liberal theologian whose views on homosexuality, nonviolence and the nature of Jesus challenged orthodox interpretations, died on May 10 at his home in Sandisfield, Mass. He was 76.
> On the subject of gay rights, he acknowledged that in at least three instances the Bible categorically condemned homosexuality. But he argued that Jesus, who never commented on homosexuality in the Gospels, would have naturally supported a marginalized group.

I agree with him on that

> He repeatedly called for “militant nonviolence.” The idea, he said, was not to be a doormat to aggressors but to turn their arrogance against them. He cited Jesus’ advice: “If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.”

he was as suicidal as Jesus, but justified it in a different way

"yeah, they may subdue you, but you get to be le smug man xD"

This. EVERY religion is a prison of the mind.

> Dr. Wink compared Jesus to the community organizer Saul Alinsky in the clever ways Jesus advised nonviolence to get the upper hand. For his own part, Dr. Wink visited South Africa, East Germany, Central America and Chile to support nonviolent resistance there.

Holy fuck, the guy Christians use as a source was an all-out commie that supported the Jew Alinsky

> _ surprised
> X not surprised


This image is correct famlam, whether atheist or not, Europe's martyrdom is down to Christian teachings.

Rome already almost collapsed in the crisis of the third century, when it was pagan, and by the time of Constantine its life had been extended by 150 years in the west and like 1000 years in the east. The west fell because the Huns pushed the German tribes into the borders of the empire, who then basically pillaged it and took it over.

Literally no modern historian believes in the Christianity killed Rome meme, which was spread by enlightenment thinkers with a bone to pick with the religion anyway. The only thing the Church did was maintain order in cities after the collapse and maintain written work from greco-roman times through monasteries. Later before the reformation it was corrupted I'll admit that, but in the fall of rome it basically dindu nuffin.

> missing the point

I didn't say the Christianity ended Rome, I said that it completely failed in rescuing it from collapse, because that is now what Christianity is about, earthly concerns like the survival or not of a civilizations are not christian

I mean really, Saint Augustine literally wrote a book about that (the City of God) during the period, explaining very clearly that christians, having already a homeland in the afterland, didn't have any skin in the civilizational game

> The only thing the Church did was maintain order in cities after the collapse and maintain written work from greco-roman times through monasteries.

That meme tho.

Given that it was the Church that was busy banning and burning books, that those monks saved anything was completely accidental

So much that the bulk of greek-roman literature would be ironically conserved by the arabs, and its reintroduction would lead to the Renaissance 700 years later !

>Could kill off a ton of Arabs with just a few tactical HIV+ guys
Well Cred Forums, why haven't you gone and given the shitskins all HIV yet?

The Church was feminized from the start. Women have always been eager consumers of the Utopian bullshit peddled by kikes. That's why women figure prominently in New Testament stories, while in reality neither Jewish nor Roman women had much freedom or societal importance.

>yes goy! Follow your animalistic desires, you will get somewhere!

Hedonism, Greed and Animalistic Agression are not what are killing Europe

Pathological Altruism, Utopian Socialism and Christian Passivity are

No, monks unironically not only advocated a part of their duty as preserving books, and also advocated for keeping pagan philosophy. People in the middle ages were not ignorant of stuff like Aristotle, and that's why they thought the Earth was the centre of the universe and that their were 4 elements, etc, etc, as everyone did at the time. And you pulled that book burning out of your ass, literally the only Christian book burning of old roman texts I can find is the burning of the library of Alexandria in 391 because they wanted to kill a pagan cult that had attacked Christians and barricaded themselves inside it.

But hedonism is killing Europe, people just want them because they don't consider them as humans but as cuddly kittens who need protection, destruction of morality killed the WRE and the same will happen to the west now

well, where are the books of Celsus then?

We know monks had them because the only fragments we have of his books is them explaining why they were wrong and why the crazy jewish prophet was the real god

You're not white so you don't get it. Pathological altruism gives modern white people a rush, it's not a selfless thing at all. It's just another thing on the pile of shit that people collect to feel good about themselves. And rampant hedonism has run pretty much from the 60's in all white countries, softening them up over time as they move further away from when they had - guess what - christian values.

> cuddly kittens who need protection

that does not sound hedonistic at all

> destruction of morality killed the WRE

what a strange claim. The Roman Empire at its peak was quite amoral and pagan, with slavery being widespread and romans applying extreme punishment to rebels

You are literally the kids of prisoners so don't try to kid me, niggers are hedons and look where they are now, morality is everything in a society, again WRE got smashed since everyone was a degenerate, while the Christian ERE prospered and actually died valiantly, unlike giving it's crown like the WRE

And yet it fell, without even a fight, since everyone couldn't care less about society that time

Protip: That rush is a christian rush, the same rush that the mediaval self-flagellants felt

Never mind it being selfless or not does not change the fact it is ultimately self-destructive, aka anti-hedonistic

Never mind that saying that the 60s were somehow hedonistic is short-sighted. There is nothing hedonistic about the 1965 Immigration Act or the 1964 Civil Rigths acts, whites didn't get any benefit from them, just like Boers didn't get any benefit from the end of the Apartheid

The "christian values" you speak of: are strong borders, sexism and segregation a christian value now?

That really should be a surprise to Paul "there is no jew nor greek, there is no man or woman" of Tarsus!

You are confusing hedonistic self-interest with christian-liberal self-destructive self-righteousness, when they are the opposite

You do know that when it fell, Christianity was the dominant religion right?

Celsus was a guy who thought Jesus was the son of a roman soldier purely because some Jews had been spreading the rumor (I wonder if Jews have historically spread lies or are known for hating Jesus) and thought he performed his miracles through sorcery, so not exactly the most logical thinker.

You are literally the kids of Turks and I don't know what I said that gives you the impression I said that hedonism is good

> without even a fight

Saint Augustine made quite a clear case of why the survival or not of Rome was completely irrelevant to Christians of the time

And why would it be? What exactly do you think Christianity is?

A civilization project instead of a religion that promises the soon coming of the end of the world? Why would they care about Rome at all?

Still was a pagan government, the winners went to the other side of the empire, that through strong morals survived another 1000 years

You are literally a race baiting pre-sapient and I don't know how you find the connection to Christianity and pacifism, jesus himself fought for his people, he was the first one to name the jew

> Still was a pagan government,

No it wasn't, what the heck are you talking about?

Christianity had been the official religion all the way back to 302, and paganism was actively suppressed

I'm not the Dominican guy

> that through strong morals survived another 1000 years

they didn't survive because "strong morals", they survived because the invaders were not interested in crossing the balkans

As soon as Islam rose in 600s, the Eastern Empire started to bleed land, and within 400 years it was just a rump state

The Byzantines were collapsing, the only difference is that their collapse lasted longer because barbarians were too busy occupying Rome

>jesus himself fought for his people

> he was the first one to name the jew
ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS, including himself, were JEWS

it would not be until 50 years after the fact that Paul decided it was a good idea to convert goyim

I mean, come on, the whole "Jesus was an anti-semite" thing makes no sense when even Paul, the founder of the religion as we know it, when to synagogues to claim that Christianity didn't oppose Judaism, but fulfilled it

>not interested
The Bulgarians certainly did care, just like the Arabs and other nomads and tribes, when Islam rose the empire stayed together till its death is 1453

Religion is riddled with homosexual overtones as well as inherently being for cuckolds.

Why would any self respecting man, true to his path and purpose, willingly submit himself to a higher power?

If you have just as much evidence against the existence of a god as you do the existence and still choose to believe in that god then you are objectively a cuckold.

He named the merchant, not the normal jew, jesus lived in a time similar to ours, he did address him and attacked him at the temple

> when Islam rose the empire stayed together till its death is 1453

But it didn't

It literally ceased to exist in 1204, when it was split among latin state clients during the sack

And by that time byzantine syria was a thing of the past

The "new empire" that lasted for 200 years was literally Constantinople and a few cities, a vassal of the empires of the east, until it was finally occupied

So even though you know it's bullshit you still try and tend to your delusion

Sounds a lot like transgenderism and bluepilled shit to me

Not really, the empire reunited from Nicaea

He attacked money-changers for not respecting the sacredness of the temple, not because of some imagined economical anti-semitism

How do you even interpret as "naming the merchant"?

He did not respect the greedy, spoke against it, and guess who were at the temple, the same people that rule today

The red thing is the "reunited empire" in the 1300s

Come on, you and me know very well Christianity is not a civilizational project, Jesus did not even try to claim his religion was about making empires last longer

He promised Apocalypse "within this same generation", that is his promise, not even-lasting success in the world

The Byzantine Empire collapsed just as the Roman Empire did, and Christianity could not stop it

That its collapsed was slower does not change the fact

>posts the last moment of the empire as the reunion
And you want me to take you seriously?

Those people rule today because Christianity was designed to allow them to do so by demonizing wordly transactions

The whole "le money is evil" thing was used by Jews to make the Church ban Christians from money-lending and financing

Thanks to Christianity, Jews became a banking monopoly during the Middle Ages, and from them they would become the dominant elite during the modern age

Judge a tree by the fruit it bears

> 1367
> the last moment

I am posting the exact midway

I think a greek would know that the Empire would last another century (1453)

Not really mate, Jews were hated all over Europe, this is why they were kicked out again and again, but with struggle comes intelligence, nepotism managed to make them stronger till they reached the place they are in today

Check 1255, that part of nicaea managed to reunite the empire

> this is why they were kicked out again and again

They were kicked out of Spain and were welcomed in Netherlands

They were kicked out of Britain and were welcomed in Poland

That you think that Christianity was this anti-semitic force that expelled Jews out of Europe is outright ahistorical

Temporary lapses of anti-semitism in Britain and Spain does not change the reality that they could simply move to another christian country because Christians had made their economy dependant on them, because "muh greed is evil"

Reunite the Empire, as a tributary state of the turks, only to immediatly reassume the collapse

I mean really, why do you expect Christianity to be this civilizational project that ensures long-lasting success when all Jesus promised was death and persecution to his followers until his coming

An "earthly, strong kingdom" was never a plan of his

"My Kingdom is not of this world"

They were kicked out of multiple places, not just Spain, but when you become rich and powerful your kids do not get to live your struggle, thus they waste your belongings, this applies to the west at the moment, not due to religion, if the Syrians or any Islamic country became rich, they would slowly start to lose themselves as well

He did not wish it but prophesise it, this is happening today you know

> He did not wish it

Come fucking on. What God wishes is what happens

To say that something can happen without the Jewish God wanting it to declare Jewish God is not Jewish God at all

That was the Turks and Kurds. Persians ran the Islamic Caliphates along with Jews and Christians.

Were it not for the Persians and Greeks of the Middle East, Islam would have no beautiful buildings.


* to declare the Jewish God is not a God at all

You really think he wished death and suffering to his followers?

> you become rich and powerful your kids do not get to live your struggle

What does that have to do with Christian Countries welcoming then tho?

You would believe that if it was within Christianity's nature to expel jews, they would not have been welcomed anywhere else in Europe

Then you believe the Christian God is NOT God?

After all, you seem to believe he is helpless when it comes to allowing death and suffering to his followers

A helpless God is not a God at all

I mean that the reason Europe is like this today is because they didn't see the blood and sweat it took to create the conditions they are living in, thus they waste it all on altruism, which is not affected by Christianity as Europe is turning atheist fast

>You really think he wished death and suffering to his followers?

And yes, I believe he wished death and suffering to his followers, because his other promises would not make sense otherwise

Christianity is fucking retarded and by proxy so are christians
I laugh every time you faggots claim to be "redpilled" then make wishes to your kike nailed to a piece of wood.
A thousand years ago Christians were doing the same barbaric shit that Mudslimes are doing now.
They infiltrated Europe and killed its culture just like Mudshits are doing now.
Dont see many fucking pagans around these days do you?

I mean he never wished suffering on his followers, but prophesised it
And it is happening today as well...

That altruism didn't come out of nowhere

Japan is becoming atheistic fast, and while they have become kinda austistic, they have not engaged in a crazy utopian project to welcome the world in

The fact that Japan is not historically christian has all to do with it

After all, it is the Pope himself and the other non-catholic churches that are pushing for the whole refugee welcome thing the hardest

you can't change the fact Jesus is a kike

Let me get this straight:

You think that THE CHRISTIAN GOD, THE CREATOR OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE--- does not WISH his followers to suffer...

... but he can't prevent it otherwise?

Japan can't even repopulate , they are dying fast, and their culture today is based on weird sex toys and whatever, I don't know if this is successful to your standards

I dont have faith enough to be a atheist

Fedoras are as good as kikes. Kikes hate Jesus because he told them to cut their shit out.

Fedoras and LARPagans ignore 2000 years of history.

>choice in fate

I can tell you don't understand what fate means.

>retarded deluded Jew who thinks he's God has a moment of clarity and realises his followers will be relentlessly mocked and punished for following the retarded Jewish imposter Jesus
well I never

> imblying


they are recovering already

Mind you, Japan is an extremely overpopulated country, so a temporary populational reduction is not a bad thing

>my Jew boy Jesus will save the day!
too bad all Christians are idiotic retards who have nothing to show for their devotion to a sick Jew except their idiotic rants

He does not wish it and I have said it again, besides he himself has tested Israel on its faith

Is it?

>Dont see many fucking pagans around these days do you?
Yes you do, in "designated shitting street" India. Welcome to pagan culture, enjoy your diarrhea.

Yes offcourse why do this test of life if god will just control you anyway?, he does not want to end up with another satan

Kill yourself, nihilist nigger. See where you end up. See if there is a special in hell for having white skin.

My full house confirms
To add to this: before all of these eastern sandnigger religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; there were no jihads, no crusades, no religious genocidal campaigns. Pagan gods were all equals, they translated to each culture and thus there was never any fucking conflict.
But as soon as Christianity took over the world went to shit for 600 or so years until the church "rediscovered" the GrecoRoman sciences.


>making fun of your own culture

Wew lad
Hyper cucks r us



But he has the power to change it, does not he?

I mean, if I don't WISH my best friend to be struck by a truck, and I can pull him out of the way in the last second, I DO that, because I HAVE THE POWER, as humans can pull the weight of another human with relative easy as long as they are not fatasses

Does Jesus NOT have the power to prevent the suffering of his followers?

(Mind you, a far more likely explanation, that fits with his other promises, is that he has the power, but does not want to)

Sex != Fertility Rate

The fertility rate is climbing up again

why don't you start killing non-Christians tomorrow
Jesus will surely protect you
unless all you have is a sick belief in a sick Jew

>but he has tested Israel on its faith before

When you are single, that means you don't have your own family...

Soon enough. We'll have another Reconquista. Better study up on the last one and who and why they got purged.


this is how retarded you sound

Brainwashed cuckold
Europe was originally Pagan not Christian
The Celts were Pagan
The Romans were Pagan
The Greeks were Pagan
They built the foundations of the west and everything we take for granted these days
You've been tricked by the jews into condemning your own heritage

exactly, you just said that

Jesus WANTS his followers to suffer and die, to "test them"

The "Jewish God of Love" is a demented sadist

All his other promises endorse this idea that what he wants is his followers to love him to death, that is why he gives them such terrible anti-advice, that they will receive Heaven if they follow

As if insane things like "those that wanna live will die, those that look for their death will live forever" didn't make it clear enough

He was killed by jews because he wanted to change them from their jewy ways.

the jews have been kikes since before jesus.

Lutheranism and Orthodoxy are the most based religions.

Yeah those millennia of theology. It's all autistic garbage. You, the australian teenager, is right.

Well, why did he?

> inb4 le jewish god of love is le sadist that wants to test you to death xDDDD

>completely ignoring the fact that he was a jew

(((Jesus Christ)))
There is no such thing as a good Jew

LARPagans will be impaled. We do not tolerate multiculturalism.

>the pagans built the foundations of the west
Holy shit why are australians so fucking retarded?

Yeah, Jesus was an anti-semite

that is why the Jew Saul, founder of the religion, visited synagogues to explain why Jesus was but the fulfillment of the Jewish religion

That is why the jews used the Christian Church to give themselves a monopoly in financing and loans

>Christian fantasy
christkikes actually believe there will be a holy war against the infidels
zero chance it will happen
all that will happen is there Muslims will take over and the last few renaming christkikes will pay just
the real Jews in Israel are killing Christianity every day and Christians are so weak they can do nothing but stand by and watch as their churches are converted to mosques and the goyim for the deluded kike Jesus

No, I meant this was a test of faith, to see how humanity does without God, it obviously is failing now... Remember, jesus doesn't have to necessarily come back if the world stayed loyal , the prophecy was made for this doomsday scenario

On a scale of braindead to dangerously stupid how fucking retarded are you?

Without Christian ethnics and laws there is no commerce, no trust and no development.

Go to African or South Asian and try to conduct a business.

*pay jizya

The language you are writing right now uses german and latin words, not arameic ones, and your law is based on common roman law

But sure, Jesus, the guy that promised the Apocalypse would come soon and wordly concerns are meaningless, actually wanted to create a long-lasting aryan civilization

Makes sense to me!

Mudslimes will only take over fedora/LARPagan lands. So goodbye cucked Western Europe.

>Free Market

Yeah none of those things are important right?

> jesus doesn't have to necessarily come back if the world stayed loyal

that is... a new, interesting interpretation to say the least

Oh and another major one

Yeah, that is why the Pope is inviting them all to Italy, so much that Rome looks like a cross between Congo and Islamabad with roman architecture in the background

LARPers consist of nothing but virgins on imageboards and white trash who put stickers on lamp posts. The real threat is cultural marxist atheists.

Fucking this. all Christianity did was take credit and profit and jew the fuck out of it. Why do you think almost every Pastor asks for money? why do you think John Hagee has large Churches and all the Attention he gets? MONEY.

If you do not observe a particle while it approaches a double slit, it will go through both slits and make a wave cancellation pattern

this is because there are multiple quantum states. there are states where jesus did save your friend from the truck

No seriously, prophecy doesn't Mean it is inevitable but
>if you keep doing x y will happen
Besides if the world stayed like it was some years ago there wouldn't be a need for a messiah

Yeah, the real threat are cultural marxist atheists that say that we are all brothers, the strong will fall, and the meek will inherit the Earth

oh wait that was Jesus and the Pope

Not the first time Christians desecrated the holy city
This is a minor example

Man, that biting satire must make you popular at high school.

I wish you well Swedebro. Hope you make it out safely.

Are we even still talking about Christianity?

I really don't remember Jesus, Paul or Peter saying anything like "all of this is optional, just behave well, okay?"

Never mind that their "behaving well" is behavior like the one of the Pope, Martin of Tours, Saint Augustine and Peter: welcoming your enemies and refusing to fight them, all while praying for them

Cheers man

> Retard Alert

The prophecy cites some conditions for Jesus to return, if these are not fullfiled he won't come, and if everything stayed alright he wouldn't need to come back, understood now?

In fairness half those things barely even exist anymore. I'll let you guess which ones and who destroyed them.

Well then, I assume he cancelled the whole thing altogether

> "Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened."

it has been 2000 years now, 80 generations

There was no concept of generation like this back then, but he meant humanity will not advance forward till this happens, not literally a generation

>Arabs are a million times better at curbing degeneracy

Those goat-fucking, opium-addicted, small-boy-sodomizing savages take high-octane degeneracy to places that the average casual bar-cruising Westerner could scarcely imagine, you gullible fuck.

We're talking about a region of the world where you find cultural idiosynchrasies like special words for "gang-mollestation" and "crossdressing child sex slave". They keep their women controlled and closely guarded because they know their men are all vile cretins without even a semblance of self control, and your gullible ass takes this as a sign of their piety. Top fucking kek.

Crank every stereotype about outwardly pious Catholic priests up to eleven, and then scale it up from a single institution to the level of an entire society, and you have the entire Middle East in a nutshell. Arabs are a vile and disgusting people, and anybody and everybody with the intelligence to look even a centimeter below the surface of things knows it.

> leaf

> he meant humanity will not advance forward till this happens

But it did

we literally went to space and back

> "There was no concept of generation like this back then"

what a strange claim

Not only the word γενεα carries a similar meaning to our current understand of a generation as "the current stock of living people"

But he adds:

> "Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”

> inb4 immortals are a thing

But the world will always end up this way , god pulls his hands from us , it also did with the flood , and it is happening again, but now get destroyed by fire (nukes) , we always need saving because we are just shit tier humans

You are both correct to a degree. We don't need the desert religions.

It's like people purposely ignore the shit Jesus said after this stuff. It mentions to not let people walk all over you.

Atheists are such faggots

He meant we won't really change as much till he comes back and just like before here we are...

> It mentions to not let people walk all over you.

It does not

In fact, right after that verse, he would go on to demand even more submission to your enemies

> But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them, expecting nothing in return. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

What Bible are you reading exactly?

that does not really explain the immortals, mind you

christians are cucks that dont know anything about their own religion, right wing tards

you are the perfect example of brainwashed cuckservative ignorant burger that is only religious to be happy, no logic at all

Cyka blyat!

>Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”

This is just shit tier atheistic bible trolling, or else you should read why jesus said that

the generation who will see boys turn in to girls will see everything happen

christianity is 100000 times better than globalist liberalism

wait until the major secular social currents are more right wing before tipping your fedora all over the place

atheist =/= sucking mudskin dick

Do any of you legitimately believe that a civilization can function cohesively without some sort of objective metaphysical belief system? In my experience, atheism leads to nihilism which leads to apathy which leads to social liberalism which has led to our current state.

In a Godless world, people are left with a deep spiritual void within them. High IQ, introspective individuals can rise to the challenge and fill this hole with abstract philosophies and individualistic worldviews... but the masses sink far below the state they maintained whilst part of an organised religion. They fill the void with materialism, hedonism or replace transcendental religion with a political or economic system that they believe leads to Utopia.

Religion is the glue that holds society apart; whether it's objectively true is secondary to its social utility.

I read what Jesus said

It seems like Christians didn't, interesting enough

christianity IS globalist liberalism

> the major secular social currents

Abortion is right-wing. It is the christians that want 4 billion nigglets to overrun the world

niglets shouldnt abort their babies either, that has nothing to do with whites supporting them. send them to africa and let them sort themselves out, and ban abortion

This is exactIy what I beIieve and its the truth.

It is a mistake to take the Bible all literal or all metaphorical, this is why creationists are viewed as trash, since they took everything literally...

Why do i even debate you nigger? jesus says that the generation shall not pass until everything is fullfilled.

>Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: 33So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. 34Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 35Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

A religion that promises that your punishment is eternal torment if you don't follow it correctly is a religion that leaves no options beyond either literal compliance or outright rejection

>Still ignorant after years, that it's the churches shilling hardest for Islam.
>Still ignorant to the fact that it was the Archbishop of Canterbury who was the first major figure to tell the Muslims to lobby for their privileges as an instrument against the rising secularism.
>Still oblivious to pope Francis and how he is indeed Christian establishment.
You will never wake up.

Atheism is Left wing. It is egalitarian globalism. Atheism was borne out of communism, and communism was borne out of kikes. Kikes hate Christ, and killed him. Fedoras are as good as kikes. Gas all anti-christs. We'll make sure to take a vacation to Panama to clean up any subversive fedoras there.

God never said you go to hell if you don't follow him like he is a dictator, that is a modern invention, God said the wicked and those who reject to change shall suffer, not the common man

You will go to hell if you do not accept Christ.

Nothing in what you posted even closely implies that by "This generation shall not pass" he means our current one

I swear, Christians have a secret Bible that they have not told us about

athiesm could work if the secular world was better though, its just bad because its used to convert people from christianity to something shittier like communism, it could still be used to convert people to something good if the circumstances were right

You are just cherrypicking verses from atheist sites you never read the bible in a serious matter

>36But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

How could jesus say that it was this generation when he did not know when it was going to happen

> Atheism is Left wing. It is egalitarian globalism

How do you even make sense of that?

> God does not exist
> that somehow enables me to say that all humans are equal

are you insane?

Never mind that it was Paul that said "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

> Atheism was borne out of communism, and communism was borne out of kikes

Do you even know who Voltaire and who Niechtze were?

> Kikes hate Christ, and killed him

Kikes hate Muslims, that does not stop them from using it as a tool to screw with the west

And those who don't are usually the wicked cunts like hillary or criminals and whatever, atheism still follows some of his teachings however even if they refuse him

For the same reason he said all the other contradicting non-sense: he was an insane kike that Paul decided to use as a weapon against the goyim

> atheism still follows some of his teachings

You do know that atheism simply means "disbelief in a deity"

it does not imply any "teaching" that atheists would somehow follow

Heck, what Niechtze wrote was literally opposed to everything Jesus said

Fedoras will be purged. Multiculturalism, least of all nihilism and hedonism, will be tolerated. Impalement is coming back into fashion very soon.

>will not be tolerated

And? Atheism is not organized, not every atheist is a reader of niechtze, they still follow some of his teachings

I guess Jesus was wrong with the whole "love your enemies, lend to them, and expect nothing in exchange"

he actually meant "KILL THEM!!! IMPALE THEM!! ALLAH ACKBAAAARR!!!"

Atheism means rejection of all morality and tradition and law based on opportunity and emotion. Fedoras hate to have people follow them to their logical conclusions.

typical ignorant burger. im atheist and i dont like left wing neither globalism, now what?
if u think all atheists are communists than u are indeed a typical burger

I love my enemies enough to try and save them, but I shall not allow them to destriy others I love.

>Atheism is not organized


I really don't understand what you mean when you say "atheism still follows some of his teachings"

it literally means "disbelief in God still follows some of Jesus' teaching"

> but I shall not allow them to destriy others I love.

I guess Jesus was kidding too when he said "Do not resist Evil"

The whole of the Gospel is a BIG UNFUNNY joke, and even christians agree

Never mind, since when do I wanna hurt your family? It is Jesus that wants you to hurt your family, go and kill him, not me

Yeah I sounded wrong there, but I wanted to say many atheists follow his teachings anyway, some consider him a philosopher than a God

Okay fair enough, that is better

I mean, even I don't disagree with everything he said, but the suicidal bits trigger me

So basicly the next thing he says contradicts with what he just said and people 2000 years later are still fooled by this? .You must be some kind of super smart nigger ,then to have found this out . Maybe i can tell the christfags to edit this .

Matthew 24:34
>Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

Matthew 24:36
>But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

A fool is quick to open his mouth about that which he does not understand. A greater fool would be he who listens to one who claims greater knowledge of a book he despises.

Repent fedora. You have been warned.

>A fool is quick to open his mouth about that which he does not understand.

So basically, what christians always say: "Jesus meant the opposite of everything he said. Do not resist evil actually means Destroy your enemies, you just don't understand that Jesus ALWAYS means the opposite he says. The meek will inherit the Earth? He means that the STRONG will inherit the Earth! He also meant the opposite there. You just don't get it because you are not enlightened enough to know he always means the opposite. For example... Love and lend to your enemies? It means DESTROY THEM IF THEY DONT SUBMIT!! I am so wise"

You would have to ask them to edit the whole "Jesus is the son of God, without intervention of a human male, wait no, he is a direct male descendant of Joseph" nonsense