You know all these people are just using you right? Milo, Alex Jones...

You know all these people are just using you right? Milo, Alex Jones, the bald british guy you're all just a brand to them they know you'll eat any of the shit they say right up and they're exploiting you faggots they aren't red pilled, they don't have right-wing beliefs it's an act and you're all being fooled.

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Whatever, Cred Forums still exists without those fags anyways

So everyone is Jewing everyone else normal.
Op is a massive fag with bells on.

>trust nobody
>do nothing
Yeah I don't think that would be very effective.

They have nothing to do with Cred Forums just what people think is the alt right

Why would the founder of the alt-right act against us?

They are a lot more fun than the other Jews using us.

Cred Forums is a rotting facade. Remember the CTR shills this place is for Honey potting and meta data gathering after moot sold the website and i bet moot sold meta data too. Everyone in Cred Forums is either a neet or here to fap honestly this place is shit. Theres no where decent to go 4+Cred Forums is over thrown by shill mods.

>they don't have right-wing beliefs it's an act

This is just another thorn in the side of the loony left.


If your political beliefs never leave your smartphone or basement computer, why should they be anything more than a brand?

Why do some people think that being overly paranoid they are about absolutely everything is same as being red pilled.

Milo was saying the same shit long before there was ever any indication that he might get fame or success from it and I would have to admire his acting skills if he was just talking out his ass this whole time about things he didn't really believe.

You realize we're just using them, right? Milo, Alex Jones, the bald british guy (Stefan Molineux?), we listen to them because they speak for us and are untouchable by leftists, whereas we are vulnerable "normies", compared to them. They do our bidding until we succed, and then they'll become obsolete. And they may become obsolete faster than you think.

Also OP is a shill.

I think Alex Jones is legitamenlegitimate. I don't really know why he would have jumped into Bohemian Grove and pretty much become the butt of all jokes revealing his power level in the early 2000s.
Milo's some kike faggot who's in it just for the money and is simply trying to save his own degenerate skin from Achmed and the Refugees.

Here is the list of people you should never under any circumstances give views, time or attention:

>Paul Joseph Watson
>Steven Anderson ("Christian" Preacher)
>Mark Dice
>Ben Shapiro

Here are a few of people who are even lower than ^

>The Black Pidgeon Speaks
>The Aristicrat faggot who got blowjobbed by a chink on webcam
>Arkon the Sargon
>The Blue Reindeer faggot

Here is originality, worthy for redpills or just kek approved tier, can be watched for good entertainment

Alex Jones (not fully redpill but bring keks)
Brothen Nathanel

Maybe, but most likely not

>Bill Whittle (Strong argument when attacking the left, but tend to be too biased also will never ever name the jews, still produced 2-3 worthy videos)

Alt-Right taught me something. Trust no one. Everyone is a shill, misinfo agent, or Useful idiot.

Alex Jones? You mean Bill Hicks

Illuminati posting on Cred Forums when will it stop

So did he actually scam people twice now or are these shills really just this desperate to discredit some random fuckheads who just parrot things we've all already figured out

Really it makes no sense

Lol Milo the Psudeonietzsche poet lol, hes a con.

Not sure what alt-right means, but sure, that makes sense lol.

Why do people like Alex Jones? The dude believes that Justin Bieber is a lizard-person because he's completely clueless about how cameras work. This guy is completely stupid. Props to him for keeping it real when it comes to Trump rallies and protest, though, but still, he's a nutjob.

Just because they are famous and you're not? Don't be jealous.

The alt-right features many former liberals, gamers, anime watchers, "normies". These are from weak stock and will comprimise the structure of traditional and conservative values. Still, its good that people jump to alt-right but lets keep them away from the bays.

Best to constantly remind people, can't let normiescum take over Cred Forums, or even worse, openly proclaim Milo as "based". This cannot be allowed to become norm. God that disgusting fucker smeared his nigger taking fecal butthole all over Trumps AMA on reddit, fucking shameful, no wonder Trump left after 2-3 responses, reddit is shit and God Emperor Knows it.

This. Cred Forums has gone so far down the drain since the Paul era that it's practically not even the same board, just a scrap collection of meme kids, Cred Forums, /r9k/, and /s4s/ who unironically worship a frog

Alex Jones is the worst out of all the people you listed he is the biggest payed shill.

as long as we win I don't care what they do

>they do our bidding

Cringe af. Leave your basement

No one likes Milo, Alex Jones is funny, molymeme was fun for a while but now he's just a sell out.
Stop preaching to the choir.

Milo haets anime. I hate Milo now.

The Alt-Right has made me More Blood thirsty and im waiting for a NeoReactionary movement that destroys the Alt-Right comparatively. Im done with memes and childish shit, i want that real stuff that happened like in Munich in the 20s.

shills really have a hate boner for milo the last few days.

Kek is very pleased with Alex Jones, and Alex has been gifted with meme magic.

Nobody thinks he is especially redpilled, but we like him alot


I'm getting ready to defoo and give Stefan my possessions.

crikey moit

Lol why is everyone posting pics of Bill Hicks top less? Whats the joke?

Well, you're going to be waiting for a long time because the alt-right memers are here to stay and probably more widespread than ever due to L├╝genpresse exposing them to the greater public.

Oh I can agree with that, he's a funny guy.

You know what's cringe af? Saying cringe and saying af. This isn't black twitter/leafyishere's youtube comment section. Fuck off now, I was clearly taking the devil's advocate position to be on the nose about OP saying we did their bidding. I bet you're underaged.

projection, that's what you'd do and what globalist agitators do, you assume that's what everyone is doing

Will you help me burn the Reichstag and blame it on the Alt-Right?

Someone please tell me what CTR stands for. I'm new here. I tried searching google and got nothing.

Yep, this. Go look up "The Culture Industry"; and start to question whether a genuine culture can exist under Capitalism.

I think if that if you still think these guys are some kind of leaders or driving force behind the discussions we have you're doing something wrong. Heck at this point they're probably using us for material at this point.

See told you either a neat or to fap.

Correct the Record is a Organization made of low payed shills for Hillary Campaign.

The Swede is right.

You know everyone is just using everyone right?
You know there is no such thing as a selfless act right?
You know social interactions between human beings are inherently self serving right?

You know what else, there is nothing wrong with any of it.

>we like Milo


Says the Afrikaans Jew.

You think they're using us. That's cute. We're using them. They're useful idiots perfect for communicating our message to the world in an easily-digestible, normie-friendly way. When their usefulness runs out we'll hand them over to the hordes on a silver platter. This is merely the first step of many, my children.

It's a pro-$hillary spam organization named "Correct The Record" designed to correct the record on (((Her))). Personally I don't think they shill on Cred Forums or any of the chans for that matter but a lot of le alt-right xddddd think every bait post is unironically a paid shill

Stefan is a disgusting faggot piece of shit who takes money from dumbasses like yourself.

He is a fucking half-jew who constantly cucks on the jew-topic, he only wants peoples shekels, stop giving this disgusting creatures views. Also there is something repulsive about the creature.

He also constantly self-promote himself on Cred Forums, shilling his 3rd rate copied memes with his face poorly photoshopped on them.

Typical shill from moly-tards, spammed all the time
turns out its fucking nothing

There should be an autoban promoting this kike

Yup Alex has meme-magic, glad that there is someone in this world who is willing to be a like him, rather than only stiff uptight people. He brings joy to people on a genuine level and worth to watch for entertainment sake

Says the american goyim with a mutilated dick.
Good goyim slave, branded for life.

>Cred Forums, /r9k/, and /s4s/
Problem with shitposting sites is that people there seem unable to create anything good and keep recycling old shite.
/tg/,Cred Forums,/diy/ and many others are no worse than before, disregarding newfriends of course.

Not CTR or shill here

But most if not all of the names you listed give FACTUAL information to combat leftist narratives, and with all the shitposting that goes on in our little hugbox it's hard to get that information that can redpill

Should we disregard them just because they haven't named the Jew? They all hate refugees, globalism, george soros, and leftists.

Are they really as bad as you say they are???

Correct the Record is Hillary's shitposter slave legion

Not Circed

> who unironically worship a frog
I'm sure there are better communities for your needs.
Communities where you could have your post upvoted. I'm sure you FuckingLoveScience!

Cred Forums is filled with retards, they think not naming the jew is a sign that the person is a shill, meanwhile leaders in many white nationalist movements across Europe never mention the Jew and encourage their follows to work around them and not to engage with that sort of rhetoric.

Mentioning the Jew has absolutely no strategic importance what so ever, it only serves to damage movements.

Is that fair? No but life is not fair.

Dumb fucks expect everyone to be as retarded as david duke.

In fact they're swaying people away from leftist garbage, so maybe that's why so many people are coming here talking shit about them.

They operate on skewed and disingenious means. Let them capture self-proclaimed "Alt-righters", and hopefully contain them there.

They don't belong on Cred Forums and we should never tolerate their presence or shilling around here, better they capture the reddit audience, and cucklibertarians, furries, bisexuals, militant atheist, jim sterlings etc without compromising the foundation of this board.

Eite-chan is actually beating us regarding quality deeply reasearched content, true redpills dropped daily, just like this boards earlier times, because this board is too flooded by the masses right now.

The new idiots who unironicly considers themselves "alt-right", are coming here wanting us to "tone it down abit" and other nonsense which goes against the very fabric of what made Cred Forums so powerful, allowing them here will destroy this board if they are tolerated

This board and website is a used Cum rag. I done with Cred Forums.

jew gay with greek name and faggoty british accent getting into american politics is crushing your hope??
he should of fucked you up the bumbum.

I have been in this colony of yours for quite a while and I have met few English men and women.

All these deceitfull cunts speak your language. and you fucking do not understand what they are on about. You gonna turn into/ are turning into let us say it cuuuuuuuuunt

Jones, a plant, but speaks proper from time to time

Holy shit. Please tell me iFuckingLoveScience! Triggers the fuck outta you too?!?!

>Mentioning the Jew has absolutely no strategic importance what so ever, it only serves to damage movements

Cred Forums doesnt compromise, thats the main point with this board, we have never sought to be media friendly or publicly accepted, you must be one of the new guys I just mentioned. Anyway you should go back reddit.

also fyi David Duke is working for the feds honeypot style

>"d-dont mention the jews guys! media wont like it! we need to follow the reddit formula if we ever want to be accepted by the mainstream public"

>doesnt compromise
Cred Forums can name the jew because we are user you fucking retard.
a public figure can't unless they want their audience to shrink tremendously.
meanwhile they're redpilling people all over the place while you larp here.

It's the Hillary Internet Defense Force, working for $0.05 an hour

gtfo newfriend

The ruse is on them, it's all satire here!

You're right. They use us. But we use them too. They have the personality to reach the masses. Some of their message is relevant to us. It's not 100%. But still, it's an outlet.

As much as he brags about being a stoic logician, Monny is a great place to learn sophistry from, esepically in an age where emotional arguments have so much power.

His OG fatboy philosophy videos are also pretty good.

Also if you're from Reddit or this is otherwise your first day here


>people don't like based Milo

Fucking stormweenies need to leave

Trusting no grown man with bleached hair seems like a sensible rule of thumb.

Nice flag, nice shit post.

Sorry pimp but you got cucked. Milo tempts our power over differed gratification. On one hand, it's nice to have a popular normie parrot our beliefs to an otherwise inaccessible mainstream audience, but on the other hand, he has single-handedly normalized homosexuality (promiscuous inter-racial homosexuality no less), heavy drug use, and other degeneracy to a sizeable portion of societies most right-wing demographic. Sure, he's "helping us," but he's damaged our ideology more than he has helped it in the big picture.

How can one user be so based?

If you enjoy sassy gay interracial sex jokes then yeah Milo is based.