2008-2016: First american black president

>2008-2016: First american black president
>2016-2024: First american woman president
>2024-2032: First american muslim president

i will literally swim in Cred Forums tears during next 16 years and it will be so beautiful

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You think globalist will leave you alone?

that bitch looks like a female stalin

democrats are nuts.

Obama is black and muslim the next president will be hispanic.

obama is protestant, you should know better

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-2032: First american muslim president
You mean first president of Free State of New York?

She'll probably kill as many people as him too.

Samefag much?

the only thing you're not wrong with is that they will absolutely unequivocally prop up Huma Abadein as the next Hillary Clinton democratic candidate, maybe not in 2024 but definitely in the future.

The scary part is she has a good chance of winning because she's a female muslim.

When that happens, you think Hillary is bad, think again. Huma Abadein is the literal end of America if she gets into any administrative role.

Your retarded op.
There's only about 10 people on earth at the top once the plan is completed.
Protip- Your not one of them dumbass.


ajde hrvoje ba smiri se malkice

Won't work. The ties with terr.. I mean muslimbrotherhood is in the open. She could only get camel jokey votes. Even if Niggers and Beaners are animal like, they won't vote a goat raper

It'll work if Trump loses in November.

I'm confident he won't though.

Mexicans neo-americans will never vote for muslim

Shut the fuck up, Horvath.

>things that will never happen

Keep dreaming rightful Serbian clay

>2008-2016: First American Black Muslim President.


That would be beautiful. The Obama years have been good to me. I can't wait for Hillary.

That also married a tranny, don't forget that.


>2008-2016: America's First Kenyan Black Muslim President

you're fucking retarded.

-2024: First american woman president
the deplorables say no

>Huma will never dominate you
>She will never tie you to the floor
>She will never step on your hard cock and laugh
>She will make you eat her pussy until she cums
>She will never give you a pity handjob afterwards
>Where she bring you to climax dozens of times but never lets you cum
>She will never order you to clean her cum stained hands with your mouth after you finish

Fucking kill me Cred Forums just do it, why live if I can't have this!!!!!

>huma will never squash you like a roach

How can you people fall for bait like this?

>2032 - 2040 First transgender, lesbian, black, disabled, muslim, furrie president.

>She will never order secret agents to pick you from your home and bring you to her, just to order you to lick her feet

>Creepy silent extremely submissive Muslim Brotherhood lady will become president/SoS/anything other than Hillary's personal cunt whisperer

topkek, I love this meme because it terrifies normies

Has a party ever been in office for longer than 3 consecutive terms?

Not counting FDR

You have "DOge" in your ID!

Such ID, so wow

I still think she looks like Hornblower.

She is ugly...

I like her horse face.

But I wonder if her pussy matches the face.

-2032: First american muslim president


I don't think she can be president. Was she born in the US?

>Clinton lasting another 8 years
Haha good one

>mfw i have a unique meme id for once

Is she openly Muslim?

Like it matters

Nowhere near progressive enough.

You need a black muslim transgender female president.


He's a proxyfag.
No sane pinaple would meme this bad.

>Championed for gay rights
pick one

You plan to be on Cred Forums that long?
I turn 30 next year and I'm retiring.

hurr durr
>Champion gay rights
Muslims are asked to lie by the demon they worship.

holy shit thats an massive butthurt