50% of American guns owned by 3% of population – study


> Half of America's guns are owned by just 3 percent of the population – and those people own an average of 17 firearms each, a new survey says. It also found that the number of male gun owners is decreasing, while female ownership is on the rise.

> The unpublished Harvard/Northeastern survey – which was obtained by the Guardian and the Trace – estimates that America's gun stock has increased by 70 million guns since 1994, with the current number totaling 265 million.

> However, the rise in guns hasn't come with a rise in owners. In fact, the number of people owning guns has actually decreased from 25 percent to 22 percent.

When are guns going to trickle down? :^)

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Nope. I will watch their breaking news coverage but you're a fucking fool if you think I'm going to listen to Putin's propaganda machine

> attacking the source

Good burger.



>I own 25 firearms

I'm above average! Finally!

>70 million guns since 1994, with the current number totaling 265 million

That's significantly lower than most other estimates I've seen, so I'd take this whole study with a grain of salt.

The general consensus is there are around 300M guns in the US

> while female ownership is on the rise

If that's true, then I'd be willing to bet $20 that that's due to better availability of CCLs in more states. Expect CCing women to become the plurality of handgun sales in the next five years

What a bunch of bullshit.

These are typical divide and conquer tactics that anti-gunners use. They want to make people believe that gun ownership is a rare thing in the country that has the highest gun ownership rate and gun ownership as a right.

Basically they want everyone to believe that it's just a small minority of crazies that are holding everyone else hostage on the gun control issue.

These polls are complete and utter bullshit. They are even using the same tactics in Europe by pretending that it's just some hilllbilly living in some lost town with a basement full of guns that is somehow responsible for the record gun sales that the USA experienced for the last couple of years.

If you look at the data...

why would you need 25 guns? do you have them hidden around the house? Like strapped under the table so you are ready for evry situation?


if you look at the data it tells you that 1 in 5 americans is a gun owner.

thats all i need to know.



Why would you need 25 guns? Do you plan to start a militia or something?

Even if I guns were allowed here I would buy like 2 or 3. I don't need 25 TVs for example.

It's my hobby, I collect and shoot. Different guns are different to shoot.

Also this

Yes, like a true American

That last stat is a blatant lie. Gun ownership has risen exponentially. 40% of Americans own guns.

Wheres your flamethrower?

Don't be ridiculous. Flamethrowers are dangerous, user.

Wait, you can actually buy a flamethrower in America?

Can you buy a RPG too?


Nigga you can legally own an M1 Abrams if you can afford one

Ran out of space in that one.

>the number of people owning guns has actually decreased from 25 percent to 22 percent.

I always figured that numbers like that changed based on how trustworthy the current government was at the time.

People lie.

Flamethrowers are useful farming tools, user. Would you make threshers illegal, too?


This. It varies by state but generally this is the truth

God bless Czechs

Senhor Slash and Burn should know this well

This is why you should never trust liberals. They are liars and backstabbers. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and nearly every mainstream liberal constantly says that they are not coming for your guns, that they like hunters, gun collectors, and sports shooters. What do liberals do? Attack gun collectors whenever they can. Look at this bullshit. The sad thing is there are many gun owners that believe these lying sacks of shit when they say things like gun collecting is fine and good and no one is against gun collectors. Do you know what liberals are doing all over social media right this second? Attacking and demonizing gun collectors. Lying sacks of shit.

Their math is way off

4 out of 5 dentists agree that dentyne ice is the best ice

why would you need millions of shitskins? do you have them dispersed across the country? Like waiting in the shadows to rape and rob an innocent swede in evry situation?

Anti chimpout devices.

Nope that's a bullshit statistic, that would mean more people per capita in Canada own firearms than in the U.S.

Bullshit, over half this country owns guns


Explosive projectiles have to be registered as a destructive device, and I think flamethrowers are actually unregulated.



Is there any particular advantage the Winchester gives you over the other rifles?

They're classified as destructive devices in Maryland and Cali, unregulated everywhere else.
They're pretty shit tier at killing things, and way too cumbersome for arson.

These surveys undercount the number of gun owners. Everyone knows that. Many gun owners will not tell a survey they have guns. The question is whether or not this section of people is growing or shrinking. Most evidence points to it growing.

The idea that people are horde guns is irrational. Do people horde guns? Yes, but very few, but the logic of this piece says this group hasn't grown at all, yet the number of guns has exploded. The cognitive leap it takes to believe these numbers are accurate is incredible.

A big indicator that the number of people who falsely claim they do not own guns is increasing is the buying patterns of gun owners. They go in cycles, especially after shootings and gun control speeches. If you are someone who is paranoid about the government, who does not trust Obama, and you go out and buy your first AR-15 after a gun control speech, would you answer truthfully to one of these surveys? No, of course you wouldn't. There is every indication that more and more people are lying to these surveys. Only an idiot would trust the numbers.

>not having guns

+1 to fun

Lever-actions are a hoot to shoot

Cowboy points. Also, feels much better in your hands when walking outside.


Poo in loo doesn't like our anti tyranny sticks

So what stops a psycho from buying a bunch of grenades and throwing them in a theater?

You can fire lever action in one hand Battlefield told me so.

Grenades are destructive devices. It's next to impossible for a regular dude to get one legally.

Please pretty please I need my pretty purple plum pepe

Damn Brazil. You know gun have more utility than being fired right? I have guns that my grandpa gave me that have gone up in value over 1000% since he bought them.

That's like saying I didn't need to buy 100s of ounces of silver when it was 9 bucks.

Its a blatant fucking lie, over half thiscountry owns guns, why the fuck would ownership decrease when its been increasing dramatically over the past decade?

LMAO. Real studies show that 47% of American's own a firearm. That RT article is fabricated bullshit.

So... Roughly 9,900,000 Americans legally own firearms, give or take. I wonder how many Americans own an illegal firearm.

I'm thinking of getting one because they are available without paperwork, here. Are they suitable for home defense or is the mechanism too complicated for stressful situations?

Probably state law. Also there's nowhere to legally buy them, you'd have to ask someone like James Yee, from San Francisco.

Good. The last thing I want is for a bunch of leftists to be armed when the war kicks off.


Checks out

You're a funny man Sally. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

Killing people is banned in the US, so it can't happen.


When asked by Pew Research if I owned a gun, I said no. I'd rather end up in as few databases as possible. That said, Pew reported that the amount of homes with a firearm have actually increased to 44%. That's a big step up.

Now think of all the people, like me, who responded to them by saying NO on the survey. I'd bet my left nut that more than half the households in the country have a gun in them.

Why do you need that shed? Can't you just sleep in the car?

Its a bullshit article

But user, there are no illegal firearms.

> RT article

It's based upon your Havard research and it's on your news too.

Well, I've seen people do that spin-chambering shit Arnie did in T2.

Not particularly good if you're being attacked, but it looks cool.

>bill of needs

10. I need to catch up

>The Trace
>The Guardian

Into the trash.

I didn't know you came on Cred Forums desu

Of course. The number would have to be higher.

I shitpost everywhere senpai

I meant more that gun owners would lie based on who was asking

>hey faggot you hazguns?
"yeah bro i just bought another rifle that cost more than my car!"

>Mr user, what firearms do you possess?
"Just this old 16 gauge my grandpappy left me"

If you get a decent one and keep it clean, the action is pretty reliable. They're not awful for home defense, but they take forever to reload. Most of then come in hunting rounds, so power is good, but also there can be a problem with over-penetration because of that.

Tl;dr they're not ideal for home defense but there are worse options if you know what you're doing


>Start a militia

The people ARE the militia in the United States


If you are going to own guns please know your laws


>buy shitty WASRs
>wait for assault rifle ban
>sell at profit
>wait for gun ban to end


If you haven't figured it out yet I'll tell you
This "report" accounts FFLs as "hoarders"

you have to get really expensive stamps, one each per item

>Half of America's guns are owned by just 3 percent of the population
Keep the hood safe, Hickok.

Makes sense, dont know why RT is blatently lying when research from literally everywhere else shows that over half the country packs something


And all the people whose gun purchases would have never been recorded by other means either.

The whole point of not wanting a national gun registry is so that surveys like this can only capture fleeting information about an incredibly small fraction of actual gun ownership statistics.

Retarded study premise is retarded

Its a bullshit article BJ


>Hickok will never be your grandfather

Not at all surprised if that is true. Liberal academics are the biggest liars out there when it comes to guns. The doublespeak where "legally purchased" means a gun that was a straw purchase with the FFL's knowledge and then resold to another felon was created by academics. They do this shit all the time.

Those are just the registered guns and people who admit they have guns. This does not account for everybody who bought guns from a private sale with no paper trail. You go to those hoarders houses and I guarantee you they will not have all the guns they hoarded, they sold some off to pay for their hobby through a private transfer to somebody else.

Euro, so walls are made from concrete and the number of attackers to expect are 0 to 2.
Thanks for the advice, though. Will look into it.

Np I love you, user. Be safe. Make good choices.

I don't have any guns but there are thirteen flashlights in strategic locations around my house.
I can see many people doing that, easily.


You own a lasgun?

That's a really good plan. Bill did it, if Hilldogg gets in there's a good chance she will too.

Godspeed user.

I'd like to keep it that way. The less information they have on gun owners, the better.

>tfw I'm the only gun owner in my neighborhood
>tfw shot a home invader and no one bothers me anymore

Aye, I had to use one at least once every four years two keep the invasive species at bay around the wetlands near my house


Would be even more extreme here (like 90% to 1%), because no regular people have any guns, while a few shooting range owners have many.

And people are so honest on those surveys ya
Not like people would lie because of the way gun owners are made out to be a bunch of mass murders who eat babies for lunch

kek disapproves of this BS

Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993


The Emperor expects you to be prepared user xenos can attack at any time.

>>tfw I'm the only gun owner in my neighborhood
well m8, the whole point is you can't really be sure of that, can you?

Yeah mang, I find most gun owners don't know how to build their own AKs, and selling ARs at an inflated cost is hard just because they're SO much more expensive than your typical shitty WASR and there's enough info out there for you to build your own with minimal effort.

The sheer number of "muh soviet guns" people out there is ridiculous. The only reason the Mosin Nagant (a fucking awful bolt action by most metrics) is so expensive now is because people just keep on buying tons of nuggets and holding on to them. You ever see those threads of guys with like 10 moist nuggets? Your typical nugget was like 200 bucks a few years ago, and now some faggots are legit selling them for FOUR HUNDRED dollars.

That said, investing in guns for the long term sucks. They hold their value well, but rarely do they see a substantial rise aside from guns affected by intermittent/temporary firearm bans.

Kys faggots

>Your typical nugget was like 200 bucks a few years ago, and now some faggots are legit selling them for FOUR HUNDRED dollars.
Are you kidding me? For as long as I remember in 'muriga Mosins went for a hundred bucks before Obongo and for 200 in gun shops after Obongo.

There are roughly 650 million guns in the world.

Roughly 320 million of those are in the United States.

Roughly 20 million of those guns are US military, police and government owned.

The private citizens in the US own the remaining 300 million guns....

And many other estimates show that America might have as many as 750 million guns in the citizen's hands...

I live in an extremely liberal college town and know most of the people here because we're classmates, so I'm fairly certain that the transgender, pansexual, white-hating "lady" across the street is probably not into firearms.

This is more evidence that gun owners are very sensitive to politics when answering these surveys. Look at the massive drop in the 90's after the Assault Weapons ban!

You currently see the rate rising, but this does not account for the massive amounts of guns that have been bought since Obama took office. The graph looks flat with a slight increase. The truth is that there has been a greater increase! People are lying because they don't trust the government!

Are you a real pizza eater who buys guns from America or just on vacation?

You sure can

>The unpublished survey
user, I am disappoint.

hahaha wtf are you just there for college or settled down? Must be a pretty trashy area if you were forced to kill an intruder at some point during a mere 4 year stint.

I don't need a gun
I have never needed a gun
I hope I never need a gun
And,in all likelihood, I will never need a gun
However, should I ever need a gun, I had better have a gun
Therefore I have a gun

Fuck u amerifags, you have too many heaters, pls share them to your fellow Cred Forumsack.
Send some over here together with bullets, and me and my cousins will go vigillante shit and kill drug dealers.
all we have is our backyard gunshop .38 revolvers, needs more firepower.

Yes, the milsurp market got, and probably will be forever now, fucked post Obama getting inaugurated because of panic buys

A mossin or an SKS for less then $200 is a fucking unicorn

Here in WA state, Mosins have been getting pretty tough to come by. While 400 is in the upper extreme, I've definitely sold one for that much and have seen plenty in the 350 range.

I'm here for college. I wouldn't live in this shithole otherwise.

>have a security camera stream on my second monitor at all times to watch my garage
>occasional dindu will try to see if he can steal my motorcycle
>realizes I have the steering lock engaged
>leaves to find somewhere else to rob
>giggle to myself while playing videogames like the degenerate scumfuck I am

>arming flip militias

Do you think this is a fucking game orang?


How's Duterte on gun rights? Can you legally own rifles?

Then shoots drug dealers for bigger gun

I have ~250 coworkers
Work for a client with ~1000
I have ~1000 facebook friends
and ~2500 Linkedin ones

and they are alll within that 3%?

Smells like another bullshit lefty lie to make it seem like the Constitution is only applying to some of America

It wasn't even a study, it was some bumpkin poll put together by libcucks who couldn't do research for a high school level book report.

youre a fucking dumb cock. alcohol is the same way. everybody uses it, but only a impossibly small percent buy the lot. kill yourself faggot

>needs more firepower

I like you, puchero nigger.

What're you packing right now? Sitting here at my desk with a CZ 75 P-07.

Op your dick is small. That 3 percent hes talking about is GUN SHOP OWNERS. Even though your dick is already too small to be useful i hope it falls off in the privacy of your own home.

>tfw you prove the article right
19 guns here

> Half of America's guns are owned by just 3 percent of the population

You really suck at reading comprehension

I bet you went to public school, didn't you

49 state legal. I can own a 30mm bofors anti-aircraft machine turret if you fork over the $500k

Cred Forums anti-aircraft gofundme when


Reliable and as simple as a claw hammer.

>The unpublished Harvard/Northeastern survey – which was obtained by the Guardian and the Trace

I smell Bullshit!

We'll wait to see if it ever gets published and then we will see it get ripped to shreds upon review.

Still fine here, you can get a sks for 250 anywhere and 200 is not hard to find
I got 2 last year for 160 each on sale
A svt-40 will run you 300- 400 hundred and ammo for both is cheap as dirt, 1500 rounds for 180-200

>need xD

>only southerners own guns
Yeah, nah.
Every southerner owns guns, shit, my girlfriend owns multiple guns.

I refuse to believe Yankees don't own any guns... especially westerners.

But claw hammers are too complicated for me!

America does it since 1900 fatty
Laws allow, but registering the gun is a pain in the ass, but it's the philippines, gun laws are not enforced here and rifles can be even found among jail inmates.


Fucking Chiquita sticker on your banana mag

>implying this has any relevance
We're allowed to collect guns, you absolute fucking moron.

>Brazilian intellectuals

Its still complete bullshit you dumb fuck
If only 25% of this country owned guns the 2nd would be gone by nowm its a known fact that over 50% own guns

Even Massachusetts has guns, pretty much everyone outside of Bostons metro area packs.
This entire country is flooded with them, doesnt matter what state

> I don't read RT because muh propraganda
> your own news also said it
> another user jumps with 'no relevance'

Maybe check before posting?

> Its still complete bullshit you dumb fuck

Wow, those Americans at Havard must be really dumb. Since after all they are the source, I'm just relaying it. :^)

western pa here.
people dont trust you if you dont like guns here.

If you dont have a long arm and a handgun for every member of your household, you've failed as a man.

It's a clip newfag

>tfw I need to make a new arsenal pic
>tfw nowhere big enough for all my guns
>tfw one of my pistols has been missing for 3 months

Think that fucker is in my closet... Somewhere

Yankee here, just bought my new Cimarron 1878 to sit alongside my over-under. Such a blast to shoot and probably the single most basic fucking firearm design on planet earth. I hope to leave it and my rifles for my kids/grandkids one day, assuming they haven't become ultra-liberal, muslim transniggers by then.


You are right.
But it still weakens our attraction to weapons as a form of political defense if/when shit really hits the fan.
If they are concentrated on the hands of a few individuals that would be a tremendous factor in determining who would have the coercive power on that hypothetical stateless state of affairs.

I don't want that power to be concentrated, Better to have a Harvard tyranny than a tyranny emanating from some random hillbilly.

Kano here. Get me a 9mm and a couple of mags. I want to take care of the Nigerian drug gang in Malate.

>tfw only 3 guns

One of which isnt even counted, sonce my grand pappy gave it to me, and he bought it back in the dau where buying a gun required only that you have a wad of bills in your hand.

Yeah, we need to redistribute guns. :^)

We need to tax guns from the rich and hand them to the poor. :^)

>It's a clip newfag

why don't you kill americans stationed there instead ?

>America does it since 1900
>America arming the same people they were slaughtering at the time of their slaughter

LOL and they say Americans are bad at history. What flip militias do they teach you the american army was giving weapons to in school?

Y-You sure you wouldn't prefer something bigger than a handgun? I get that concealability would be important, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to take on a streetgang with the limited range/firepower of a fucking handgun.

Pew is more reliable than fucking Harvard, go read their study you worthless monkey. no gun owner is going to tell the liberal pantywastes at Harvard that they own guns.

That sword looks awesome, homemade?

He's just fucking with you, leaf.

>Nigger please
>35%-52% of Americans own guns
>lol only 3% own da guns! Gun nuts BTFO
is a lie of omission.

God. Bless. America.

>bill of needs

You're a dumb nigger.

Read my post again and tell me where I said any of that, you pathetic excuse for a human being and complete and utter waste of natural resources.

Nah, I can get them while they are sitting in the open air restaurant. They aren't armed, and they are packed in so tight that I couldn't miss.

I am amazed Duterte hasn't figured them out. They are the heroin and coke dealers in Japan and Thailand, and have been organizing here for several years.

It's one of those things that really gets my autism going



That's because there are range owners who offer lease, collectors etc. etc.

I also like the demagoguery.






t. Poland has the lowest gun ownership rate in Europe and unsurprisingly you can get illegal gun very easily, you just have to know some smugglers.

>implying a fucking leaf even owns any guns with more than a 5 capacity clip

Enjoy Bongistan 2.0 while I drive around with my RPK with 40 round clips and a 74rd drum clips

>90% of the population owns a gun
>3% of the population own a lot of guns

How is this news?

It's an earlier model of sword from some guys doing a small blade making operation in Montana. They dont make the cutlass any more, but the saber they do. The name they run with is retarded, but the blades they make are nearly indestructible. Too heavy for proper swordfighting, but heavy is good for cleaving niggers in half.

Im still in process of setting up my own forge.

> butt into another conversation
> but I wasn't talking about that

Then maybe don't butt in? :^)

It's all good mang. I'm one of those guys that'll look at EVERY picture of a person holding a gun and shit myself in pure fury if they've got their finger casually resting on the trigger.

Of course, it is always a good idea to get more guns regardless of any fake studies...

leafs own lots of guns my friend. We are required to have a pin our mags that limit it to 5 rounds, which is why every gun owning leaf has one such mug, plus a couple others with the pin popped out hidden away for the happening

>implying all media isn't just a propaganda machine for the views of its owner

You can arguably do a better job of assessing what the objective facts of a situation are by watching foreign media, since our society has prepped you very well to be aware of their biases, as opposed to how it tries to actively hide its own biases from you in Western media.

Is that a Ural? I've got a Royal Enfield C5 Military for short rides where my FZ1 isn't necessary. That exhaust really turns heads.

Well, I found it funny. It's like those wealth pies charts... but with guns instead. :^)

So he'll have plenty to pass around when shit hits the fan.

>5 round clipacity

Looks like it's time for the government to redistribute the guns.

I just explained to you we don't have a 5 round capacity


The lines of the sword are phenomenal, how much do they cost?

You are proving the american education meme.
During the conquests of moroland (muslim regions of jolo), the americans trained and armed filipinos, in order to help them neutralize moro forts.
They cant kill all the moros themselves, because they hid in the mountains and need local militias to track them down.

The local militiamen and former rebels who pledged allegiance later became the first members of the constabulary force. And engaged with bandits and other rebels.

Sure is. I'm pretty certain it's a tractor in disguise
>sounds like a tractor
>shifts like a tractor
>has tractor seats
>is tractor green

I'm on to you, silly Siberians

And besides, it's 2016, you're a consumer when it comes to selecting what narrative you choose to identify with. You can spend your attention / identification points on the Russian narrative if you'd really like, that isn't invalid.

t. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov

Some people just buy guns for pretty decoration.

No you just explained that you do. You're a criminal for having clips with more than 5

What is that- 100,000 people? Seems like a good fucking army to me

Cant wait till the 2nd ammendent is gone.1


They do international shipping orders, if youre interested.

Am I retarded or am I not understand that only 3% of the population owns the guns but then they say there are only 22% of gun owners? 22% of what?

How's the reliability? I have to work on my Enfield every F U C K I N G week to make sure she doesn't fall apart, and I would love a replacement, but Triumph doesn't make the particular kind of bike I'm looking for and I don't know enough about Urals.

Amerilard edumbcation

it takes about 3 seconds to pop the pin out of any mag. The mags aren't built with the pins, they're added in second. Literally every person who owns a gun here has a few mags hidden with the pins popped out

>it's illegal
at any point where they'll be used the law won't matter anymore

Can't even carry a gun here unless you are a politician or banker and know the right people for a license.

Pls install freedom and democracy america

1 in 20 Adults have a CCW in USA, that means roughly 15million separate gun owners, let alone places where you can CCW without permit like vermont.


Mine is a 2006 but I've only had it for about two weeks. I had to replace the turn signal flasher relay and the idle adjustment screw needed to be loosened; but so far she's been good. Only taken it on like 2-3 mile max trips so far because i haven't had time to register it yet. Put about 40km on it so far. Fucking Odometer is in km....

Thanks bro, very interested, kinda steep price for my balkans type budget, but im probably coming to the US anyway so might get one. Sword duel when?

Millions of immigrants flooding our country and the vast majority don't own guns.
The actual number has increased but not at the same rate the population increased.

I have two LAR-15 10 rounders that are pretty much a loophole. I can also buy 50 beowulf mags that fit 14-15 rounds.



If a well armed militia protects the country, government should arm all citizens.

Fuck off stripey china

CPL applications here in Washington have been rising like fucking crazy. Its not rare to see over 200 people a day applying for a CPL in Tacoma alone. Took me 2 months to get mine, when it should have only taken 30 days max.

Amerilard edumbcation again

You're a fool. We fought a hard war, convinced Emilio Aguinaldo, the rebel leader, to swear fidelity to us. Our honor is tied to the commitments we made to the filipinos, that includes helping them out militarily.

>We are required to have a pin our mags that limit it to 5 rounds
>I just explained to you we don't have a 5 round capacity

Keep moving the goal posts, moosefucker


I'll browse the automotive board at some point and see what those faggots have to say about it. Getting real tired of fixing oil leaks.

I wish USA paid civilians to take fire arms courses so they could basically be deputies.

50% is owned by 3% but the other 50% is spread out to the rest of the population.
Hell, i only own 8 guns.


The main difficulty of buying an rpg is finding someone to sell you one, other than that, as long as you have a DD stamp, it's legal

I just keep a little hand drill with my mags with the right size bit to drill out the pins that way your all legal and every thing

Well, you see... A good set of firearms is like a good set of golfclubs. Except golf is gay and guns are awesome.
I've got over 20 and i'm a fucking leaf. Need a few at the cottage, etc. Target ones for fun, shotguns maybe 1 for upland game bird, 1 for skeets, etc. It adds up. I could downsize to maybe 12 or so, but...why would i?

Noice mate

How bad are your leaks? I find probably a quarter ounce of oil on the ground a few hours after I ride

Of course, some people actually do have a large number of guns.

Don't think that includes arming citizen militias though. We enshrine standing armies to be our partners in countries solidly within our sphere of influence. Armed militias are for Syria.

>A good set of firearms is like a good set of golfclubs. Except golf is gay and guns are awesome.
Why is Canada so based all of a sudden?

>70% of the wealth held by 5% of the population
there's something fishy going here mr shekelstein

There's an RPG-7D for sale on auto weapons for like 8k. Some pawn shop in OK had one a standard 7 for sale for roughly the same price. Demilled are available for $600 or so and some can be reactivated with some welding, a tap/die set, and a $200 DD stamp

Attacking the source is literally valid when talking about news you fucking nigger

>alternative links are a conversation
Why are you still responding to me, dumb shit skin nigger?

>tfw ill never have a gun closet like this

should i move to america guys?

In case of a zombie apocalypse I hope to break into a house like this.

>insulting fellow gun overs over trivial shit that doesn't effect anything because we can pop it out in 3 seconds


Don't worry. Just don't ask how many of that 5% are jews. :^)

>In case of a zombie apocalypse I hope to break into a house like this.

But those are all just little guns...

> a conversation dissing a link
> post alternative links
> not a conversation

Because I like proving you wrong. And that's fun. :^)

Maybe Clinton is right an guns need to be banned.
I don't doubt those 3% are all whites of the 1%.

Are you white?

all of them you silly goyim, they are the chosen people of course

sure am, white as fuck, pale skin, freckels etc.

>implying i'd be a filthy nigger

Agreed. Gun ownership is a proof of white male cis supremacy.

Checkmate racists. :^)

Not everyone here is a chink or complete libfag.

>ywn be this rich

According to this graph blacks must own 15 times as many guns as whites.

because you guys keep encouraging the trolls to use leaf proxies by getting your panties in a bunch. You can see redblooded canucks if you look past the leaf posters, this is one such example

Come home whiteman

Who cares. 22% of 330m is still a fucking lot of people. They probably didn't take into account population growth or included children under 18.

Neither, I'm still a noguns - hopefully not for much longer - buying from murriga would be completely asinine, either because it would cost more (applies to everything slav, for example here SKSes are in the 200-300€ range, Mosins 150), or it would cause a lot of bureaucratic pain in the ass.

We are here somewhere in bulakan.
Small time peddlers and chink drug factories. We cant hit them because they have smgs and assault rifles, and we only have revolvers and blades, all we can do is give the cops info and shit.
But damn, you smoke those niggas. Go ride in a motorbike with a friend and hit them with some drive by's.

hickock45 here

This guy bought up all the milsurps.

Never understood americans collecting fake russian guns. Its like buying Chinese copy of M-16



WHAT? Ak's made anywhere but romania are pretty good quality. In fact i have some bulgarians that make the russian's look like copies.

Sure we like russian guns... but we like ANY guns too... We do not discriminate when it comes to guns. People, yes, guns, no.

I'd like to thank Bud's gun shop.

LOL... and Federal ammo.

these studies are retarded. do you know how many guns are unregistered and out in the public in America? No ones does but there is likely millions of them. as long as a guns taken care of they last almost indefinitely and America has millions of these out there

Ak`s done anywhere, but russia are not AKs, but toy guns made in form of popular toy for retard hobbysts. I understand that Izhevsk and Tula dont sell genuine russian produced guns outside - even licensed stuff is merely permission to use a name. There is a reason why AKs are good, and its the long school of production, testing and techology of perfecting them. None of the "copies" are anything like the real thing, material, technology and gimmic wise.

>12 gauge
I mean I guess you could get multiple guns in each caliber but wtf, why 17 guns average?

Pretty pretty please I need my pretty purple plum pepe

>but wtf, why 17 guns average?

Lots of guns helps increase you car's traction in the snow.

well vladimirino, maybe you could export some

well you need a toilet gun, a kitchen gun, a gun safe gun, a garage gun, a bedroom gun, a front door gun, a back door gun, an attic gun, etc. and then you have all of the guns in your closet or safe or whatever. if you get in trouble you just pick up your nearest gun and shoot your way to the rifles.

I have 2 tula aks74u kits that were demilled and imported then i put them together using new receivers. They're nice but i also have some aresenals that are better. I hear what you're saying but respectfully disagree. I always use real russian handguards and wood on my builds not that new poly shit that russians like to use these days.

>tfw Canada is full of exported Tula SKS but AKs are illegal

I like to think they are preparing for a possible zombie apocalypse or societal collapse.

I kid actually. I actually think those greed bastards wouldn't share a single gun for their neighbors on time of need. :(

it's just for fun

t. exempt from practically every gun law and have 30 guns

>Why would you need more than one movie video game puzzle etc etc etc you can only use one at a time

>I like to think they are preparing for a possible zombie apocalypse or societal collapse.

Nah. We just buy guns to piss off liberals.


You're a moron. Bulgarian guns are regarded in just as high or higher regard as Russian. Egyptian Madis are built off Russian equipment, and I believe the Chinese guns are too.
>hurr if it's not Russian then it's not good
>retarded Slavic slavboo

>357 magnum
arr you even trying

>Each M249s is 8 grand minimum
Need context of this pic because that's well over 50 grand in firearms if it is a civilian with the semiautomatic clone

>quarter ounce of oil

You don't want to know...

I own 15.

My neighbors are assholes, if i were to share with them I'd end up getting shot with my own guns and having my supplies taken by the same neighbors.

My neighbors are also anti-gun, but when the shit hits the fan or in a zombie apocalypse, they would use them, even though now they think no one but police should have em.

Now i have friends,who during shit hits the fan, may come to me and they could use my guns.

Neighbors are terrible bull dykes.

That's what you get for buying bikes that use poo instead of grease I suppose

>and I believe the Chinese guns are too.
The one thing China has alqays taken great care in building of very high quality is their rifles(can't speak for their new plastic fantastic bullpups) and everything from Chinese mosins SKSs and AKs in general are regarded as higher quality than Russian firearms.

Ivan Ivanovich ivanoski is just spewing patriotic rhetoric

No, 9.9 million americans own ~125 million firearms
The other ~80 million americans own the other ~125 million firearms

If you weren't inbred and illiterate you'd have been able to read the article to discover this fact.

thank you for making my CZ 75, czechbro

>buying legal guns
>being registered

If you really are rich, weapons are fairly inexpensive toys to have.


In Canada we have lots of Chinese m14 clones also which are excellent quality, although I've never fired a genuine American m14 or m1a or what ever the civilian version is called

academics are really just people who are better liars

You're welcome. How's it treating ya?


Don't you have a bull to prep, Sven?

Iwas thinking more of the fact that those aren't common in the wild to begin with
>although I've never fired a genuine American m14 or m1a or what ever the civilian version is called
The standard Springfield m1a is of equal quality and allot more expensive

Not a single hiccup.

Too bad CZ USA's aftermarket is complete fucking garbage though. Shit is so expensive.

>new magazines can cost 45-60 bucks

Maybe 3% of city folk in North East where owning a gun is almost illegal due to liberal policies. However every rural person owns at least one gun per person. Suburbia lots of people have guns too,

Guns aren't the evil monster that liberals try make it out to be. A gun isn't going to start shooting up a movie theater or elementary school. While tragic events have become slightly more common, the odds of you dying from gunshot is low. Unless you live in Chicago, a democratically ran city with strict gun controls. Car accidents kill more people per year than guns do. Yet there's no outcry to restrict driving further.

>ywn have Arnie call out enemy positions from the commander seat of the tank while you fire HE shells

That has to do with telling the truth is very easy and lying effectively is extremely difficult to sustain

I have one and I think I made a mistake

It's too big and I should have got the 07 instead of the 01

Haha good movie

Please let my friend sleep, hes dead tired...

>So what stops a psycho from buying a bunch of grenades and throwing them in a theater?

the fact that it's so hard to steal things on a military base


I have an m1a standard, its a nice gun but i wouldn't say its top quality. There are some nicer builds of M1A's which go up in price to like 5 and 6k depending on options and builder.

I'm loving all of my CZ's one of the best pistol brands ever. I carry my p01 omega daily and love it.

Have to agree burgerbro. It was painful buying all my extra mags. Worse than FN FNX45tactical mags...

Some poor dumbass idiot rich people don't have guns....

Makes sense. I'd wager that most people have 1 or 2 guns at most, not 17 fucking guns. Those people are collectors at that point.

This is a lie.

These dumb fucks only don't have guns because they have personal guards that do have guns. Even these fucking idiots understand how important self defense is... they just choose to live by "for me and not for thee"

Right now I only have a converted saiga AK, as well as a shitty .22 rifle and .38 revolver that were handmedowns from my grandfather. I plan on getting a ton of good shit after I graduate and start making good money next year.

Luckily I'm not at all worried about Hillary becoming president, but if that does happen, I may have to resort to panic-buying. But I'll only do that if she actually wins, which I doubt.

I wish I owned 17 guns

>converted saiga AK

nigga why

keep the hood safe H

>There are some nicer builds of M1A's which go up in price to like 5 and 6k depending on options and builder.
Not worth it innany way shape or form when you can have pic for half that and it is a superior rifle in every capacity.
And even those super expensive options will become inoperative if you get even a mild amount of mud or sand in the OP rod track

How do u like that beretta pistol cal carbine?

Very nice.

Just 3 at the moment

I'm actually not sure how many guns I have anymore. I should count them sometime.

No debates there. Totally agree, was just referring to chinese vs springfield vs other M1A's. for 6k, theres lots of guns i'd rather have.

This triggers Eurocucks

>that guns not worth it because of this other completely different gun

I never got this philosophy. I guess it makes sense from a perfectly practical perspective, but still. I have a huge hard on for m14s and I would very much like to own one someday. Some other completely separate gun doesn't affect the worth of the one I want in my eyes

Love it. Got it for 6 hundo 2 years ago (they're like 800 now :^). Mine's in .45 so unfortunately no high capacity mags currently. Besides that it's a soft slick shooter

>tfw I still with 5.56/.223, 9mm, and 12 gauge because I am an autistic ammo hoarder and having multiple firearms with varying calibers gets too expensive.

As soon as I buy a 7.62... I will end up spending hundreds of dollars on 1000+ ammo just for reserves, not even for the range.

Fuck my life.

Of course you discriminate when it comes to guns: some are good, some not so much. Some manufacturers are trustworthy, others are not. If you agree with this kind of statement then you are actively discriminating, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that!

Would you buy a Keltec that 99% of youtube reviews say is an unreliable piece of shit?
Would you buy a $5000 AR when there is evidence you could get the same performance and features from a $1500 model?

Making decisions like that is only possible thanks to discrimination.

Meant to post another pic

Guns are fucking cool, but my mom has always hated them
Once l finish my degree I'm going gun shopping

>shitting on converted saigas
>owns a shitty US century bullshit time bomb

are those all luger variations? never knew they made so many

Higher quality

Yeah, the soft shooting and subsonic ammo of the 45 with 230gr ball is appealing to me. Hunting hogs suppressed with a pistol car carbine is really a good setup for quiet shooting of wild pigs. Been looking at some HK and kriss vector pistol cal carbines but everything is stupid expensive and limited in some way.

Read further into his posts and you'll see he's just being slavoboy and unreasonable.

Nice, I may look into that.

>there are Americans who don't own guns
literally why? First thing I did when I got my citizenship was celebrate by buying the shit out of guns I couldnt get here

>that diversity

And nogs constantly wonder why they feel threatened

Word. Only a fool would openly tell strangers or even acquaintances about what guns or how many guns they own. The only people who know I have them are family and close friends. Otherwise you're just making yourself a target for theft and/or SWAT hit squads when that day comes.

Buy expensive 9mm for $800. Then go out and shoot $2000 worth of ammo through it! :D

Why do you WANT so many guns then?

Like if I went round to a friend's house and he had a cupboard full of different machetes and cleavers I'd fucking avoid the weird cunt.

You should move here. We welcome anyone who loves the second amendment. Just don't tell the govt that until after you get your citizenship, lol. Why don't more eurocucks try to move here? I know whiter countries have lotteries where usa citizenships are given out but, i would expect far more people from europe to want to move here.

Same reason people might own more than one jacket or more than one pair of shoes.

Plus, not all your friends might have their own guns for whatever reason. It's nice to get all the bros together and be able to open up your gun locker and hand everyone a rifle for when you go out.

The problem is that regulations and screaming retard Democrats keep pushing for their ban, so the prices keep climbing, making guns more inaccessible to the people they pander to-- 'groids and the impoverished

so you can arm your friends and family when it happens

We'll at least in my case I'm very happy with the cx4. Probably cleaned it 5 times total? Besides breaking in new mag springs, it never jams; only ever shot 230 gr blazer brass through it (cheaper plinking ammo). One novelty I appreciate is being able to swap charging handle or ejection to either side. Trigger is alright (have nothing but that yugo and p64 to compare) but there's a company that does custom work exclusively for the cx4.

Guns are fun

When WHAT happens??

I shoot for sport.

There's a different dynamic to every gun. Grip, stance, windage, caliber, rate of fire, etc.

It's actually a lot of fun and I'm going to carve a pumpkin this year by firing rounds into it


Niggers and Jews Bad News

I feel like shooting a pumpkin would cause it to explode

Nice. I'm not so much worried about the trigger, i can make most any trigger work for my needs. I shoot a lot of blazer for target practice but of course hollow points of some self defense nature for shooting wild hogs.

What about the barrel, is it threaded? I'd need something that is either threaded or could be for mounting supressors.

different machetes and cleavers are most likely not very different, where guns are incredibly different. I'd say it's more comparible to a rich car fanatic who has a collection of different cars. Some people might want a Ferrari AND a Lamborghini and a few other classic muscle cars. If they have the money who is anyone else to say they can't?

>It's actually a lot of fun and I'm going to carve a pumpkin this year by firing rounds into it

same reason people want to own so many video games and shit. they're fun and they're all different

Already moved to Texas with my missus, just visiting family back here atm.
It's entirely possible more euros would move if
a)it was easier to get a green card. you can't really plan a move to another country thousands of miles away if you can't guarantee to get there
b)if they knew where to go that wasn't shit. when I first moved to the states I lived in jew york and then conneticuck, absolutely worst decision ever desu

maybe I should get an FFl and sell guns at cost for a laugh

I'm trying to understand but I don't get it
>So Geoff why do you have so many machetes?
>Just variety really, they're all different and a lot of fun. You should come up to my stabbing range, let's check out your slashing technique
>No thanks Geoff, bye bye now.