>Google Hillary Clinton
>See nothing about Combetta


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Scrolling down a page, still nothing


Fucking spam it to msm


Gotta protect the queen.

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You do realize that no MSM organization has even covered anything regarding the Combetta posts, right?

It's still in a stage of gaining traction, therefore it's not unreasonable that it doesn't come up right away when you search Shillary.

Third page of scrolling
Nothing in search suggestions

WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT DO Cred Forums?!?!

Spam the pastebin tho everyone
Create a wordpress showing everything like hillary did with pepe

even on plebbit it's everywhere
don't tell me 'journalists' do anything else but sit copy their fp most of the day

If you google:

"hillary clinton email" you get stuff about it

that's not MSM, you fucking retard

Googling "hillary clinton paul combetta" helps keep it fresh.

For those who don't already have the pastebin, here it is:

What is combetta?

Can someone educate me on this colombinetta character? What does this have to do with HRod?

Hillary's IT shitbag who asked about how to delete email addresses on Reddit.

Read this, it will get you up to speed:


>being this new

The retarded IT working for Clinton that was just discovered asking reddit how to remove email headers when the initial query for the emails was made from congress years ago.

It looks like he could be completely fucked now and have his immunity in the investigation revoked.

Paul "StoneTear" Combetta is the PRN IT guy who deleted Hillary's emails after they were subpoenaed by the feds. Her alibi is she was completely unaware of the deletion and his part of the story is that he did it inadvertently to comply with an order to delete old backups.

However a twitter citizen journalist discovered Reddit posts from Reddit user "stonetear" that occurred during the incident in question (post-subpoena, pre-delivery) asking for advise on how falsify or delete email data to avoid implicating his client, a quote "VIP (VERY VIP)" whom "you would recognize". With the aid of Cred Forumslacks and r/the_donald much information was dredged up that conclusively identified stonetear as Combetta, at which point Combetta began deleting all his posts and other social media accounts to cover his tracks. All this was captured and bundled together and sent to relevant authorities and news outlets, and the House committee is now examining the incident as it indicates intent from Clinton to tamper with data, commit perjury, and obstruct justice.

Yeah, that will surely help combat the censorship. Acting like elitist fuckwits on a website that grabs millions of unique viewers a month, to people that have been posting since before you could likely read, bravo

I stopped using google a long time ago.
Censorship is way too obvious at this point.
If you want a good (((unbiased))) search engine, duckduckgo.

Tell me about the Combetta man.

and up until now, clinton and mills' story looked like incompetent people who had an over-zealous IT guy trying to fix his own mistake - the "oh shit" moment.

but this reddit stuff was way before that, implying that now we know that he was being asked to commit a felony months before the "oh shit" moment.

someone will fall for this. give it time. congress is already aware and they have to see proof, which they can supeona (sp) from reddit.

two articles that summarize the main points:

>to people that have been posting since before you could likely read

but are somehow too stupid the search combetta on the catalog and see the multiple threads on him

Also by giving that story which takes the heat off Hillary he was granted immunity from prosecution.

Now his Reddit posting is proof that his conduct was not what he said it was in his plea, so the deal is off.

Now if he doesn't want to do serious federal prison time he'll have to testify against aghahhagHHAAHAhHAAHaa jk he'll be dead in 3 days lol

domo arigatou gozaimasu


>he'll be dead in 3 days lol

the only way out of this (for hillary) is for him to commit suicide in a convincing and believable way. like talk to his mom about how his life is ruined and shoot himself while she is on the phone.

the best thing for us is for them to give him a plea for about six months suspended sentence if he spills the beans. I really doubt if he wants to spend the best years of his life in jail for Hillary Clinton.

Some people would rather a one sentence summary before giving a shit, if you cant accept that, then you care more about fostering a special club than disseminating info, sorry m8

this is the concise version of why this is significant:

>Some people would rather a one sentence summary before giving a shit
and he got many summaries while you whine about a single post that didn't spoonfeed him while at the same time trying to attack with a reddit tier insult

I think you need to go back.

What does this show in US?

google "american inventors" and "american scientists"

I was in the process of asking why google manipulates searches like this (on the google search forum), then my laptop completely froze and my internet went out for 5 minutes

google, and everyone who works for them, should be publically executed

This is the most MSM article I've seen so far.

If another person dies in this mess it'll seem to obvious at this point.

This looks relevant.

>we need to spread this fast
>muh sekrit club, stay out

Never happened. Nothing to see here.

google faggot or just read the fucking thread.

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Archive dump of previous Combetta threads (backwards order, if that, because I'm a lazy shit bag)

See previous posts for pastebin.

bump for septs

live thread. ignore shills.

goygle will filter this

Are you sure this is happening?
Would searching "Hillary Clinton" on it's own pull up Combetta results in the past?

Google seems to be doing a better job of Yahoo. Not a CTR shill. If I'm wrong, please tell me why.

i still don't understand how he had immunity in the first place

This is the new one

Google Hillary Clinton without the term "Combetta" in it.

Kek, refer to past comments to see why thats ludicrous

But I digress, OP info is the point. is your friend against tyranny and untruth on the web.

Unfortunately we need more evidence supporting this. He could be the "e-mail wiping" guy for everyone. We need a date of hiring to do the job to go along with the date of his Reddit posts.

He was hired in 2013. The initial Reddit post was made July 2014 which was when the whole email/server issue started to come up.



Don't let this slide! Shills are going hard today.

What OS did you use?

>Would searching "Hillary Clinton" on it's own pull up Combetta results in the past?