What could the motive be?

What could the motive be?

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radical video games.

We may never know.

muh oppression

looks like a fucking white skinhead to me


It's all white people's fault.

A desire for peace, like all muslims

Bad service in mcdonals



maybe he just had a bad day


When we build bombs they all fucking work, so that's not likely.

Probably something along the lines of
>he lived a life of sin for 25 years
>he felt bad so he asked the saudi funded iman what to do
>kill infidels and all will be forgiven
>trys to kill infidels

>left pic
He's a big guy

World peace

What a maroon

mental illness from not enough hugs.

The issue is both those claims are equally true.
Im not sure why we started to assume they have to be conflicting explanations.
I wonder if anybody will be able to make the synthesis. Seems hard as is.

It will be this in the media.

Made trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan, I'm sure they had nothing to with these events.

KeK'd at one of his bombs being nignog, fuckers stole the bag

There is no way for us to know. We will just have to wait for cnn to tell us.

Another one.

He was driven to it by fat shaming, heightism, and islamophobia. Shame on all of you cishet, white shitlords who made him do this.

It's white hetero-patriarchy. Women are not responsible for anything.

What they really need is a guy to just outright get in front of a camera and say "every Muslim in your country believes this to an extent, this IS Islam, stop denying us for what we are and stop denying the Quran."

Depression when Oprah rejected his winning Weight Watchers eating strategies.

>don't say islam is violent or i kill you
islam in a nutshell

His family had a lawsuit against the local city, their fast food fried chicken place stayed open after-hours and attracted undesirables to the area. In the lawsuit they claimed discrimination.
>In 2011, Rahami and his father attempted to sue the city of Linden for discrimination after numerous court cases involving allegations of noise disturbance at the family takeaway.

>Rahami had travelled several times to both Afghanistan and Pakistan, people who knew him said on Monday night, and on his return appeared to have been radicalised.

>Rahani "would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home,” she also told Fox, “How there weren’t homosexuals in Afghanistan."
Yea, they just keep a harem of dancing boys and have pre-teen boys as prostitutes there.

He accidentally left his backpack behind, which had his Galaxy Note 7 in it.

Could be literally anything at this point. There's something I want to make clear about this and I hope it won't be lost on everyone. Think back to the Munich shooting. It involved a shooter from a middle eastern background but the motive was completely divorced from radical islam. This could be the exact same situation, we really don't know what his motives were and they could have been anything. The larger point is that singling out all people of middle eastern appearance, or with arab names, is exactly the kind of divisive islamaphobia leftists point to. This is the real life example of it in action. In this day and age, and especially in a melting pot such as the united states, people need to be more united under their flag, not divided like these prejudicial assumptions and movements like BLM are spreading through society.

teenager influenced by columbine massacre

This. I'm sick of all the hate going around right now. Fuck the hate, we all need to come together as one people. I can't stand to see people hating on each other because of their religion or their race, it's just plain sick.

pretty disgusting watching all the cuckservatives on TV say he is an American

if some afghan retard moves here and murders people he shouldn't be considered a countrymen imho

>Rahani "would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home,” she also told Fox, “How there weren’t homosexuals in Afghanistan."

When we stop getting killed by the dozens by dumb zealous sand niggers, we'll be more welcoming of them.

Nice circular logic though.

You're telling dead people to stop hating the people that kill them. So stupid. The thing about idiotic leftists like you is that you'll never get it until someone you love gets killed, then you'll change your tune. No one cares about your virtue signalling, gtfo

Why care?
They will keep defending muslims until their own end.
>a-and remember.... The crusades... and shitz!


Exactly, in that whole region they prefer boys. They literally cucked themselves with the stupid religion and listening to inbred religious leaders and feel more comfortable fucking boys.

>What could the motive be?
Americans were oppressing his muslimeninity by claiming 54 year old man(pbuh) who marries a 6 year old child is a disgusting pervert and a criminal, a pedophile.
Those privileged Americans didn't change their dictionary definitions fast enough when he said his feelings were hurt, so those damn yankees clearly had it coming.

You didn't address anything I actually said in my post, I knew that would happen. I'm not saying to love your enemies, I'm saying don't label people as your enemy when they aren't It's too easy to jump to conclusions, and terribly reckless.

I love the focus they have on him trying to tie him to ISIS. Even though his father, brother and him went to Afghanistan and Pakistan together multiple times. It's almost as if the US have forgotten about the Taliban and their IED expertise building.

Doesn't work on liberals.

The important thing is, Muslims will spend all day erryday buttfucking small boys but they'll still claim to be totally straight.

Poor bait but nice dubs. The Munich shooting is even worse than the full blown acts of terror: it was a result of shitskin tribalism and the fact they've inbreed'd themselves into dumb cunts (Islam and marryin' cousins). Still wouldn't have happened if the Turkroach wasn't in Germany to begin with.

he was just a confused young man left alone by society of course. capitalists who not at least gave him 4000 $ a month for doing nothing are to blame!

Toxic masculinity.

just trying to take down the patriarchy lad

But it's not the fault of Islam. That's the point. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I would have to assume you are 100% sure this man was motivated by radical fringe Islamic politics, correct?

they do it everyday. western governments and our traitor politicians just don't listen. just watch a ISIS video. they declare that only they are the true muslims, and to be honest, they are right. they live their holy book to the purest

No one here is out killing Muslims over this. We're making guesses that it'll be Islam. If it sounds like a duck, looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

I DID address what little substance was in your post:

> I'm sick of all the hate going around right now
Wow, you think you're a special snowflake? Why do you think we instantly blame Islam? Because we're fucking sick of Islamic terrorists. Do you see anyone blaming Aunt Jemima for this? No? Why do you think?
>I can't stand to see people hating on each other because of their religion or their race
We think that too! You act like white Christians are killing black Muslims. Are you fucking dumb? Who is killing who here? Stop victim blaming you dumb shithead, pat yourself on the back, you're a better than all of us. Now gtfo and take your soap box with you. You literally samefagged yourself.
>divisive islamaphobia leftists point to
Fuck the left, they're racist and sexist, and you're fucking blind if you don't realize it. They egotistic self-centered egomaniacs who look for excuses to destroy people's lives. Fuck them all.
> united under their flag,
Who's out there burning American flags? Muslims, niggers and leftists.

This board has IDs you fucking moron.

he was born in america no?

but yeah, whether you're talking about islam or leftism, children of migrants are always more radical, always less patriotic, somehow, the fucking little shits are ungrateful for the country and what their parents did to come here

>in the muslim world it is common to engage in homosexual activity without being considered gay if one is the active parner in the act

They make it sound like the koran literally says "you're only gay if you're the one GETTING fucked"

Holy shit my sides

Why would they do that? They want to keep their sleeper cells safe in western countries.

As long as liberals keep believing these are isolated and "totally not in the spirit of islam" then they can keep attacking us from within.

The only way to stop this is a nation wide purge. A literal civil war.

Well put. The most likely motive so far is being a butthurt raging faggot. The second most likely is radical Islam he encountered when visiting Afghanistan or Pakistan. We honestly don't know at the moment, though people like Trump are pretending that we do. This could backfire on him badly.

It has to be heavy metal... what else can it be? Islam well we all know thats the religion piece, how will we ever know this guys 'complex' motives

#GamerGate advocate and climate change denier wanted to kill thousands of Muslims in support of Donald Trump, he also has links with white supremacy boards and pro-life supporters


>Wow, you think you're a special snowflake?
He's right that there is too much hate going around at the moment. No need to attack him for saying what's true.

>You act like white Christians are killing black Muslims.
There's a long history of white Christians killing black Muslims. This is a fair point. There's also a long history of Christians killing people for reasons of religion. Religious hatred sucks, as the original user suggests.

>Fuck the left, they're racist and sexist, and you're fucking blind if you don't realize it.
No, we're the racists and sexists. Don't let someone else claim those titles.

>Who's out there burning American flags? Muslims, niggers and leftists.
and southern white separatists.

>You literally samefagged yourself.
He's new. Maybe even has a life off this board.

Are you in this picture?

it's probably a tradition that dates back to before the introduction of islam. probably got it from alexander just like those funny hats they wear.

workplace violence, non availability of halal food, his sister was talking to a white guy, his mother was talking to a white guy, ....cud be any reason.

also because american women around him wear shorts.

Well, he's clearly a white male, so I'd say his problem was just BBC envy.

Fucking white males, man.

What's up with this fucking troll?
What people refer to as "Christian violence," such as Timothy Mcveigh or the KKK, were not actually motivated by religion; the former was associated with anti-government activism and the latter was a racialist movement. They didn't kill people for not being Christians in the way that Muslims kill people for not being Muslims.

And in any case Islamic terrorism has claimed far more lives than the KKK could have ever dreamed of killing. Bending over backwards to pretend this is not a distinctly Muslim problem is intellectually dishonest and a waste of everyone's time.

is this the sand nigger who tried to bomb people in New York?

>He's right that there is too much hate going around at the moment
Wow, he's a genius. He's the only one who's realized this. What would we do without his brilliance? He's so much better than us lesser scum.

>There's a long history of white Christians killing black Muslims
Specify a date.

>No, we're the racists and sexists.
>Don't let someone else claim those titles.
You accuse me of being a skinhead Nazi and then wear the libels "racist" and "sexist" with pride? Are you stupid?

>southern white separatists.
Proof needed. Who gives a shit anyways, they're not killing Americans, and way to completely side-step my argument. The hate-mongers here is the left, niggers and Muslims.

>Maybe even has a life off this board.
A.. l-life? What is that? He really is a unique snowflake.

HEY GUYS, HE HAS A LIFE. WHOAAAAAA. WHAT IS THAT OH MY GOD HOW UNIQUE. Quick, update your Facebook status, let everyone know he has a life.!!.!!.!.

Yeah got to watch out for those right wing death squads. Last I heard they shot up a minority concert in France, oh wait.

what you think afghans can't get mentally ill too????????????????

they were pressure cookers of peace!

>An isolated case, a crazy man.

He was a gud boy, going to mosque trying to cook the kids some lamb halal stew.

My damn, and it's not an albanian either but some shitskin.

Fucking saved! I must read more this goyim

Totally not Islam which tells him to kill non believers. That would just be racist.

>Proof needed
Here's your proof.

>>There's a long history of white Christians killing black Muslims
>Specify a date.
How about 2014? White Christians in America are funding this shit all the time. "Christian militias take bloody revenge on Muslims in Central African Republic" theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/10/central-african-republic-christian-militias-revenge

You clearly don't like being wrong but frequently you are wrong. This must create issues in your life, such as ongoing butthurt rage and also faggotry.

You keep jumping to conclusions. This could be a blonde guy from Sweden and you wouldn't assume it's radical fringe islamic politics at play. But if it turned out he supported those views, you would be surprised! That's exactly how you should feel about any suspect motives.

"White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States"
"Almost twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than have died in attacks by Muslim extremists."

You get it nice. Some idiots at work were like isis drink and drug how're they muslim.

I told them within Islam matyrdom is the highest honor it transcends all other acts sinfull and none, and even if he smashes a bottle of whiskey before he kills in the name of allah. He's still a Matyr for the nation of islam. Most people aren't capable of theological discussions.


again.... I think we have to cut out this price of peas....

I bet it so any have anything to do with his religion, nope, nothing to do with Islam at all.

Australia, everyone!

>extremist related police officer killings
>police officer
Wew lad.

>Here's your proof.
wtf i hate the south now /s

>How about 2014?
So 2 years ago some Christians killed Muslims in Africa... also notice how it says it was a "revenge" killing. Way to conveniently ignore the fact that the Muslims started it by being violent first.

>butthurt rage and also faggotry
Ad hominem. Ah, logical fallacies, the main weapon of the left. pic related

PS. for someone that tells others not to assume things about Muslims, you sure do assume a lot of things about me. Liberal hypocrisy at work, as usual. Keep virtue signalling.

Wow, life must be wonderful for you being that you have the brain of a 4 year old child. You must be surprised every time a cat meows or a dog barks.

"I didn't know that cats meowed and dogs barked, it would completely racist for me to assume they would do such a thing!" - you

I envy you to be honest, I wish I was a simpleton like you, life would be simpler and I would probably be happier. Ignorance is bliss, after all.



You do know the number of terrorist events is extremely likely to be linked to Islam. It's like believing in blm shit when you know that blacks do a large percentage of violent crimes. It just goes against reality and the statistical majority. Even their opinions about subjects, """moderate""" as they may claim to be, is usually against western values since in Islam there is no law above that of God's law and that law is Sharia.

So by your own analogy, you believe that all muslim or arab people commit their crimes for islam. That's the whole problem you can't seem to see. I gave you the Munich example. What if a muslim steals a car? Did he do that for islam?

>Wow, life must be wonderful for you being that you have the brain of a 4 year old child.
>Ad hominem. Ah, logical fallacies, the main weapon of the left. pic related

Pic one. At least try not contradicting yourself in consecutive sentences. Disguise it just a little bit by putting some shit in-between.

i wonder just how much of a rat bastard kike one would have to be to write such a thing

So does that make blacks even worse then both (they are) in terms of violent crime and likelihood of it occurring?

Lack of education
Lack of opportunity
Mental illness
Xenophobic host country
Take your pick

the quran

Do people listen to this guy? He literally had al-Qaeda in Iraq trying to murder him for several years for being an atheist. That probably doesn't give him any credibility with liberals because he's so critical of Islam.

One a Muslim does an action of terrorism, it's highly likely to be linked to Islam. This ass set bombs in a city, a terrorist act, not steal a candy bar, or a car.

Becuase Allahu Akbar

Idk, but you take yourself very seriously and are less fun than retarded Canadian user.

He's fat he ate pork

Well they've clearly gotten the wrong guy.

I get it op bravo

Here's what's funny, apparently he was upset about being harassed and insulted by neighbors because he was a Muslim. They said that Muslims were violent and dangerous. At one point they alleged discrimination against the county or something because some busybody reported them for keeping their restaurant open too late.

Best way to combat the perception that Muslims are violent and dangerous and you don't want them in your neighborhood? Blow stuff up and try to kill random people. Of course.

This guy's biggest crime is being one of the dumbest fucks to ever breathe.

It wasn't Ad hominem, I explained my reasoning behind it, which is based on facts, and you failed to argue my points as to why I believe you are a simpleton with the brain of a simpleton with the brain of a 4 year old. Do you get surprised when water comes out of your water faucet? Do you get surprised when the sun sets at night and raises in the morning?

No? Well I don't get surprised when I see a brown Muslim that committed a terrorist attack did it in the name of Islam. You'd think at this point your bleeding heart, emotional arguments don't work on people like me. But it's all you have: emotions. You're like a woman, in that sense, you feel, you don't think.

Have you ever heard the concept of suspicion? You know how a cop can pull someone over for swerving in their lanes and pass a field sobriety test. FUCKING PIGS, HOW COULD THEY ASSUME I'M DRUNK JUST BECAUSE I CAN'T DRIVE STRAIGHT.

Because as I said earlier, if it sounds like a duck, looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

Nobody is claiming that they know for a fact it was an Islam-motivated attack. But we're free to bet. You're just virtue signalling because you think you're better than everyone else. You're not. So to answer your question: do I believe all Muslim crimes are religiously motivated? of course not you imbecile. Do I believe a majority of the terrorist attacks are religiously motivated? Yes. Because most are, it's just a fact. But whatever, keep living in your bubble.

Also way to ignore my fbi chart that tracks all events in that period when overwhelmingly perp is the very thing you deny.

What is taking oneself seriously? You didn't she'll to answer the question? Blacks kill more percentage wise out of anybody yet you think these right wing death squads are a huge danger.


Still ignoring the higher amount here still.
At this point it's simply ignoring numbers and choosing small categories that fit your view instead of all terrorism as a whole which is all categories (even things like elf etc).

Muslims believe that will be teleported to heaven and have endless orgies with virgins forever, if they fight and die for Allah.

Sounds crazy but these are low IQ sand apes, and they actually believe it!.

>40,000 killed by Muslims
>4 killed by white supremacists
Racists BTFO

Pederasty is perfectly manly, what he means is that there are no faggots.

ISLAM u piglet....ISLAM, Khalid El Midhar was a DOLLAR MILLIONAIRE....and he slammed a plane into the WTC.

Marwan El Shehi was a Muslim UAE national ALSO A DOLLAR MILLIONAIRE.

he too slammed planes into buildings on 9/11