Donald Trump Jr. makes a perfect analogy, and Skittles goes out of their way to respond in a negative way.

>Boycott Skittles - It's for niggers anyway.

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Eat shit OP

I'm buying skittles now.

B-b-b-b-but, my "food analogies are bad" meme!

...and you wonder why whites are going extinct?

>Choke on your skittles.


It helps to pick out the Muslim skittles

Skittles are an obvious homosexual candy.
>Taste the rainbow
>gay flag is rainbow
>advertised to young impressionable kids
They are obviously sneaking the homosexual agenda down the throats of young children like the pedophiles they are.

>doesn't want anything to do with politics
>spews liberal rhetoric

This is where profiling is needed... fuck being politically correct!

>Just toss the piss and shit colored m&ms, and you'll be fine, ladies.

Great so now Cred Forums & Our lord and savior Pepe are going to declare holy war on skittles, How much Meme magic can one cartoon frog contain?.


Actually, I've always been a bit perturbed about how the fags claimed the rainbow as they're flag... rainbows are cool.

>Rainbows are natural.
>Gays are anything BUT natural.

The difference is that this one is about rape. Women don't "try" getting raped and see the positives and negatives, whereas we do intentionally try to accept Muslim refugees where some will be dangerous.

In this example, women are personally responsible for vetting and settling with absolutely abhorrent men. In the OP example, refugees are accepted indiscriminately and the people who are effected by them have no say in determining which to let in.

>eating the sugary jew

Praise kek

>Go ahead, eat a handful

I think I found their problem

Skittles rep responded "skittlez are candy. Refugees are people." Not really seeing a big deal

The power of kek knows no bounds.

then don't ''eat'' all the men you fucking sluts! Who the fuck told you to try all men in the world?

Here's the archive link since OP is a faggot.

skittles? what is this? food for fat people?

Basically the same as M&M, but fruity sugar instead of chocolate.

you should boycott that shit even if they endorsed Trump. there is 0 nutrition value in this.

One doesn't eat Skittles for nutritional value.

you could eat other food for the taste. I would suggest fruits.

is a good feeling worth the health hazard and weight gained? Sugar is fucking poison, also you'd have to wash your teeth soon after..

Not worth the trouble, just eat some fruits/nuts you idiot

Actually, this was skittles full response...

"Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don't feel it's an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing."

They're just trying jump on the anti-Trump jealous "celebrity" bandwagon (the same way other NFL players started to sit during the national anthem AFTER the other loser did it first)... they're obviously pro-Hillary, or they wouldn't have posted anything at all.

>They say the analogy wasn't appropriate, when it was actually more than appropriate.

They know who the majority of their customers are, and they're just marketing to them. They're basically saying they don't need us, and my response to Skittles is "right back at you, bitch... I never really liked you anyway."

It's not something people eat every day. Don't you have candy in Croatia?

we do have skittles here but they taste like pure coloured sugar

But I'M not the one that has to eat them. I live in a gated white community. I'm just serving the skittles to the people who live in the neighborhood.

yeah, of course we do. But I'm anti candy advocate.

Just dont buy that shit, or tell your parents to not buy it. You'll thank me in the long run.

>Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don't feel it's an appropriate analogy.

What is it about analogies that make people completely autistic?

I like Skittles, fuck you.

Just ate them for the first time a few weeks ago because you racism faggots keep memeing about them and they're great.

Why do americans hate muslims so much? I don't get it :/

Praise kek

You are 100% right, but the (((advertising))) pushed on us since we were literally infants has taken away our reasoning. It is a hard struggle to get it back and get that sugary shit out of your mouth.

sugar is more addictive than cocaine family. at least according to mouse studies.

they are all sluts and faggots and are scared for their lives. that lifestyle would be gone if islam took over.


Skittles are disgusting and a real waste to eat. Gross!

It's strange, public opinion suddenly changed about 15 years ago for no good reason I can see

We should only let Skittles into the US who are the same colour as Trump. Like this.

That's exactly what they are. Some people here in the USA prefer poison labeled "fruit flavored" instead of actual fruit... I'm with you though. I usually eat ACTUAL fruit when I crave something sweet. Same reason I don't smoke (another form of slow suicide people all over the world are in denial about).

>I do have a weakness for Sour patch kids and pop rocks though, I must admit.

Oops. Wrong picture. But that one works too.

>not experiencing the pure joy of eating Pull'n Peel Twizzlers

why is it so hard for people to understand that is not our fucking problem whether people have it bad on other places of the world?


watch "that sugar film" to get motivated and then simply replace your "sweets" purchases with "fruits/nuts/vegetables" purchases.

If you dont have sweets in your house, you dont need willpower to resist it. You just need a little bit willpower not to buy it.

It gets a little bit harder if you live with your parents and they buy your food.

More like: here is 10 kg of skittles. All but 3 will kill you


illuminati symbolism.

the Bowl of the "rainbow"
the trinity will kill you.

Syrians are the descendants of the Assyrians, people of the city of Assur, an akkadian kingdom once ruled by Sargon of Akkad.
The rest of babylon is trying to genocide that kingdom.

And the gemmatria of maga

M = 13
A = 1
G = 4
A = 1

14 + 5
5 + 5 = two happenings, 9-11 and the next 10-4

the only way to stop this is to meme magic against it.

would you still eat it you fucking idiot? the 3 could be amongst the first 10 you pick.

Anyways, he should have used Muhammed Ali's snake analogy.

They couldn't attack him because he quoted Ali, Ali is black.. and dead too.

>There are many white people who mean right and in their hearts wanna do right. If 10,000 snakes were coming down that aisle now, and I had a door that I could shut, and in that 10,000, 1,000 meant right, 1,000 rattlesnakes didn’t want to bite me, I knew they were good... Should I let all these rattlesnakes come down, hoping that that thousand get together and form a shield? Or should I just close the door and stay safe?

Fruits are just as bad for your teeth as candy, probably more if its acidic

Don't consume the fructose jew

I've never seen the film, but I agree. Just don't buy it, or rarely do. I'm 37 years old, and have already been exposed for too long to completely deny myself certain candies once in a while, but for the most part, I do the fruit/nuts thing. Pancakes with honey or syrup for breakfast will completely nullify my pre-programmed urge for sweets for the rest of the day as well, but can't always do that if you want to stay in shape.

>Donald Trump Jr.

>I've never seen the film
Really? That's a movie specially made for murricans to talk about your issues.

Weird, but you should see it now.

Ali was also against race mixing, and often spoke out against it in an intelligent way... that's why they gave him Parkinson's.

>All but 3 will kill you
Doesn't that mean that only 3 are safe?

>Trump Jr.
>((((MSN))))) purposefully says Trump multiple times in the article
>just mislead the goys, who gives a fuck

>we should stay out of other people's business! Why are we world enforcers!

>well you know we should be involved in taking other country's people to help them. What are you a bigot?

I hate people man

It makes you think, but does it REALLY make you think?


It's a perfect analogy. Even if you don't get the poisoned skittels it's still candy that makes you fat and rotts your teeth.

I read what I wanted to read. My bad.

Merchant please.

>food analogy

Serves him right, moron. Over-simplifying complex issues to such things is idiotic

But men are statistically harmless if you avoid the niggers

That's why your food sucks. There is no passion for what you eat.

If you cannot explain it in simple terms, you dont understand the issue you stupid Muhammed.

Now gtfo of pol and go bow down on London streets.

nice, even the nonpoisonous are shit


But the analogy doesn't work, simple as. If each skittle was vetted to make sure it wasn't poisonous then sure

Never buying anything Wrigley makes again

Skittles had a shit response, what they should have said is
>we make candy, please leave us alone

His numbers are way off. If you had 2 Olympic sized swimming pools filled with Skittles the analogy would be more accurate.


>Over-simplifying complex issues to such things is idiotic

Do you expect cockroaches to know calculus?

>This is why we need analogies.

>If each skittle was vetted to make sure it wasn't poisonous then sure
why the fuck would you do that? skittles cost like $5 dollars, the vetting would take at least $1000 dollars (if not more).

just throw away the bag and get yourself some fruits/vegetables. skittles makes you fat anyways.

I really, really hope she's actually using this.

Hillary declaring war on pepe has been one of the highlights of this election.

Who would have thought that in the earlier years of Cred Forums that frog we've been sharing around would be designated as public enemy number one, by the MSM, and a presidential candidate who was first lady practically when the internet just started kicking off.

He's come a long way.

Wait a minute. I thought the analogy was that "eating any 3 of those Skittles would give you a lethal dose", not "three of those Skittles would kill you if you ate any one of them"? Did I misinterpret the analogy?

also, if US needs immigrants (but they dont), why the fuck take in sand niggers. Just let in more Mexicans.

Which is why food analogies are dumb in the first place, they make it too easy for cunts to ignore human lives

Wow. Rly makes u fink.

I'm libertarian, I never supported any wars and arming of sand niggers. I dont give a fuck if they live in democracy, dictatorship or any other type of government.

My conscious is clear, and the only human live I care about is my and my families lives.

They wouldnt have a war and a problem with ISIS down there if Hillary and Obongo didnt arm the moderate rebels aka ISIS.

Any of the 3 poison skittles could kill you individually... kind of like a Milton Bradley version of Russian Roulette.

>What bothers me is that they aren't just trying to force us to take a handful, but that our kids have to play this game too.

>just three would kill you

No. We just want the whites who will be fleeing Europe to escape the refugees, and some Indian scientists.

>Human lives

I don't need a food analogy to not give a single shit about Muslims in Syria.


How edgy dude, one day you will grow up and cringe at what you were like as a teenager, don't worry.

so, you don't care about her?? you fucking asshole?

you dont need scientists in US in a globalist society family. Also, the scientists would be cheaper if they lived in India.

>so, you don't care about her?? you fucking asshole?


very true

She should be sent back to Syria if she loves it so much the traitorous cunt.

>tfw knowing there's a ton of poisoned skittles voting for Hillary

wtf i hate skittles now

>let's end the politically correct agenda

Jews on suicide watch.

I honestly don't remember the last time I ate a Skittle. Maybe this will redpill more people into not giving in to the candied jew.

Our brains are actually hard wired for sugar. It's literally a drug that makes your brain go, "mmmm. Need me some more that."

Food companies have made fortunes off this addiction. They know if they lace their food with sugar additives, it'll make you eat more. More you eat, more you'll buy and more money they make.

How virtuous of you dude. One day you'll grow up and cringe at what you were like as a teenager and realize liking Huff Po articles on facebook didn't get you laid.

No. Not at all. If you put a gun at my head and made me give a shit about Syrians, it would be for her and her fellow secularists.

But they make up a tiny fraction of the refugees leaving Syria.

Would rather we take in non-peasants with 3rd grade education and head full of religion. Most those Syrians are pro-Assad and are staying put.

The ones migrating to Europe and one's Obama wants in aren't doctors, arent educated, they're unskilled workers. They're worse than Mexicans, at least Mexicans know how to work, and they don't cause too much trouble (until they start breeding and overstaying their welcome).

Could have sworn that every time I hear that analogy it's M&Ms.

>Eat a handful
Thats your problem bitch.

Pick one wisely and stick to him.

The difference between that one and the syrian one is that it's much much easier to assess a man's threat level at a bar long before you get alone in his house. Meanwhile the FBI isn't able to assess the threat level of those coming in, the wife who did the San Bernardino shooting passed background checks and all.

rainbows were the symbol of God long before faggots deliberately co opted them.

You know it's funny, because that picture is actually fake AND gay.

It's only because it's convenient. You'd quit sugar immediately and never look back if anything made from it cost hundreds of dollars or you had to murder someone to get it. The same can't be said of actually addictive shit, like many narcotics.