Red pill me on aussie economy

red pill me on aussie economy

my suspicion is without the natural resources we'd be fucc'd, there's nothing else going on here.

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The Australian economy is basically

>sell rocks to china
>pay chinese people to by land

It decrease long term national prosperity in exchange for short term

As far know Asia is your biggest econominc partner but militairy wise the west is your biggest partner. So a conflict between Asia and the west puts you in a bad spot.
Caspian report has a video about this on youtube
On phone too lazy for link

Yeah, yet you bitch about 2nd best HDI and says you're unfortunate to not have oil like us.

We're mainly a service economy, meaning that the bulk of our income comes from investments such as hotels, casinos and public infrastructure. Beyond that, we have rich mineral deposits, expansive gas reserves and a booming tech industry in the making. Best predictions are within 10 years we will be a top 3 tech exporter in the world.

we have shale oil and natural gas

what kind of tech?

Computing, medical, and others

Why don't you dig up irigation canals through whole Australia and plant trees? It's not like majority of your continent is used anyway. Irigation on such scale could be considered world wonder and you'd get additional cash through tourism.

Can't do it. The desert is so compact and sun caked it's like concrete all throughout the red centre. It would cost literally billions of dollars to even survey the site. This was a hot topic in Australian politics for a while but it became clear it was infeasible.

Your quite right we have never needed to develop the economy because we have so many natural resources.Spoiled country

>biggest uranium reserve of the planet
>shitton of empty land to store radioactive waste
>not allowed to use nuclear energy

>the service economy meme

This will be our downfall

>what is Chernobyl
>what is fukushima

Yeah I think I'd rather have my air and water be injestible. You almost had terrorists in your reactor!

It's worth literally hundreds of trillions of dollars. More so with the opening of Mr. Packers future entertainment hot spot at Barangaroo, Sydney.

We're at risk of Dutch Disease because our natural resources sector is beginning to dry up and we didn't invest the money it generated into other more permanent sectors.

Our technical trades and manufacturing sector is gutted, as is R&D because the cucks in Canberra didn't want to support it.

I can tell you that I'm working on the media team for a non profit organisation aiming to revive our manufacturing sector with a focus on high skill high tech factories. Hopefully it takes off.

Our agribusiness sector is rooted, our pollies mostly don't support our farmers. Murray Goulburn showed that.

Basically our major parties want us to move to a service economy - which is fucked. It will make us over reliant of imports while destroying our exports while we all work part time as waiters and retail staff.

fucking dog cunt greens and their fearmongering

we could LITERALLY be a superpower by 2020 but shit eating lefty hippies who dont know anything about nuclear power are stopping us from using nuclear power

Might as well ground all airplanes and stop air travel then because of 9/11.

You can't possibly be this stupid.

You produce 3 times the ammount of CO2 of the average french citizen

Makes sense with all the gooks we import

>expansive gas reserves
15 years of gas left with planned expansions going ahead

Total not sequester. Guns should be illegal because they kill, cars can kill, cars should be legal. It's about intent and transfer of possibility, not the extreme examples. There has been exactly one 911 in all of aviation history, how many good flights?

And? Is that some warmist alarmism or just a random statistic of the day?

>tfw we havent got nukes yet

Why is this

>implying co2 = global warming

Not after we tap the north shelf caps when technology allows, hundreds of years worth of gas untouched. It's on track to happen within that 15 year window people like to parrot.

Fun fact, 'French Citizen' includes all the 3rd World Niggers in your bullshit 'colonies'.

They don't even have electricity.

>red pill me on aussie economy
What economy?

Everyone else but the 1% of tax dodging cunts are absolutely fucked.

Banana republic since late 2000's

But it does.

It also = global greening. So it's the only way we'll ever be able to produce enough food to feed 7 Billion people

What is the solution? Will we all have to one day revolt and kill politicians?

Didn't they just find like $4 trillion in oil?


fuck off, frog merchant

global warming is for cucks. it's the ultimate example of globalist bullshit

yeah, but it's in the desert in south aus and it'll require a huge amount of water to extract

>High Corporate Tax Rate
>High Minimum Wage
>Excessive Regulation
>High Personal Tax Rate
>High commercial rents

Gee. I wonder why no one wants to open a business here.

also, the company that found it - linc energy - just went broke

this is why people are heading to NZ - it's basically australia, but without the bullshit tax rates and etc

pretty much, we have a huge reliance on whoring out our universities and tourism as well, meanwhile fuck manufacturing hurr cause we will come up with enough ideas jobs.

your best bet at good reliable work is a trade.

Probably the best example of how unsustainable cradle to grave welfare states and nationalized utilities on top of a great example of how pseudo-privatization of those utilities to stem the tide of government debt due to increasing inflation is a horrible idea.

Pray the housing bubble pops soon, then invest in commodities and beef, when the Brexit goes through you'll be rich.

That's my plan anyway.


Where do I apply to be a tester?
Only the chick ones though, I'll leave testing the bloke ones for people who live in Melbourne
join the australian discord
talk with fellow aussies about politics/economics or whatever

We have salinity problems from rising water table. The outback used to be an island sea, it's not just a desert now because of heat and low precipitation but because there's so much salt in the subsoil

> literally hundreds of trillions of dollars

Hire soviet scientists. According tot hem everything is possible, including flattening Himalayas with nuclear bombs and reverting rivers.

But on a serious note, is there anything that can be done with abundance of wastelands in Australia, except maybe selling sand?

>Christian Porter talking about welfare reform today
>NEETs everywhere complaining they won't be able to afford a city apartment to themselves on newstart anymore

just cut the program and let them all die

australia doesn't attempt any large 'nation building' projects anymore

any aus-user know why? whitlam pretty much built everything as far as i know

I would like to do some crazy geo engineering stuff actually. There is a way to flood the interior of Australia and make a huge inland sea there. But Australians are too pussy to do it.

Whitlam didn't build anything except the death of Australia.

>work in high-tech
>all new hires are chinese
dudes literally slurp when eating a sandwich that's how fresh they are

No one tries it anymore. It's usually private corporations or bunch of corpos/universities work together to make something. I think it's because governments don't have as much power over economy as they used to in centralized systems like monarchies or soviet system. Aso growing incompetence thanks to political correctness, corruption and other reasons. Before king could order something, and even at the cost of lives, amazing stuff like pyramids, chineese wall was being created. Soviet Union dug up white sea canal almost barehanded using their gulag slaves (–Baltic_Canal).

Also things were much less connected before. Countries were more self-sufficient so leader know how much he gets, how much he has to spend and how much surplus he has.

It's important to know how to use chopsticks. I use them every time I eat out at a chinese restaurant, like a yum cha. I really find it uncultured when I find someone cant use chopsticks.

the only thing propping up our economy rn is the importing of 200,000 cashed up migrants a year that purchase a family home while they're here.

>that pepe

China has all resources it needs from Australia at home, but prefers to import from Aus to have reserves and not fuck own ecology.

you're not ASIO are you
you wouldn't be a dog and not tell me rite m8?

Also an excuse to shuttle in chinks to blow the fuck out of our housing market / protect from decline in China.

c'mon now m8

>Whitlam founded the Department of Urban Development and, having lived in developing Cabramatta, most of which lacked sewage facilities, set a goal to leave no urban home unsewered.[103] The Whitlam government gave grants directly to local government units for urban renewal, flood prevention, and the promotion of tourism. Other federal grants financed highways linking the state capitals, and paid for standard-gauge rail lines between the states

>booming tech industry

i work in the tech industry and this is the biggest meme. Malco and other Coalition frontbenchers need to stop shilling this forced meme. Our innovation economy is a joke, it's all uncritical euphoria of technology. The majority of technology Australian's technology illiterate baby boomers keep investing in will be vaporware within half a decade.

>Oh my god wow Malco wears an occulus rift for the press! A device that has barely made any software developers any money and looks like the virtual reality fad is already dying out again for another decade! INNOVATION!

>my suspicion is without the natural resources we'd be fucc'd, there's nothing else going on here

and that is it, you win

Aus should create Union state with Japan. The only logical path.

>>work in high-tech
>>all new hires are chinese

this is what Malcolm means when ever he says innovation economy

yeap this

it's embarrassing what tech 'innovation' gets funded here, literal mum-tier apps and knock offs

does he have a plan for incessant slurping though?

to be fair, aussies with the same level of skill have probably pissed off to LA/London/NY so i dunno, the whole shit is a cunt

dubai too, heaps of aussies have fucked off there


tell your mates not to slurp when they eat food

ur chinese is awful.

>cut welfare to the white NEETS
Nah fuck off, cut the welfare to Mudshit immigrants and (future) single mothers with more than 1 kid instead (As in, don't dump the ones on it now but don't let any MORE single mothers with 2+ kids on it).



Will we get our low skilled jobs back or have we forever lost that to the chinks?

You cannot blame everything on chinks
Isnt construction still done by bangladeshis/indians?

Even here for constructions i only see chinese site managers, maybe an odd few specialists

Nah man, I'm bitching about outsourcing manufacturing to the chinese. Bring back the jobs!

Why manufacture in australia?
More specifically,why manufacture low grade goods in australia

You should look for products consumers dont trust china producing

Nah dw cunt, russia was fucked cause miscommunication. fukushima was fucked because it was old as fuck, and there retarded for building on a tsunami zone. australia is pretty fucking safe getting a reactor, and modern ones physically can not explode.

>a booming tech industry in the making
not even close people are still on dial up

>Why manufacture in australia?
Because I'm looking out for my own country
>More specifically,why manufacture low grade goods in australia
Because I'm a fucked up loser who cant do anything beyond simple manual labour
>You should look for products consumers dont trust china producing
What products? Everything is made in china now apart from food here.

if only

we're too apathetic
Lol as if we had tonnes of tax heavens here and we still havent cracked down on them.

That shit only effects smaller businesses that are all dead


Fack off ya cunt dont talk shit you know nothing about

Without Medicare, Dole and Chinese/asian relations we'd be merricuh 2.0 cunt fuck off ya stooge

>apart from food
You answer yourself
Australia has a well known food industry, china is potentially becoming too polluted to grow safe food

Now do you see?

Push for high grade agriculture.

Memes aside, why not try something that involves growing crops?

>Push for high grade agriculture.
>Memes aside, why not try something that involves growing crops?
Chinks own 13.6% of our farmlands, mostly the best bits.
And that number is growing rapidly.

Whitlam ended the White Australia policy you fucking retarded cunt. Hope you die fucking painfully, traitor.

>Implying the next cunt after him wouldnt have done it anyway
Lol fuck up cunt nobody after him reinstated it.

Besides the country would have already fallen into deep depression (economically) without gook cash

Well stop that asap and rebuy it, if you cannot even reinstate policy to help build a sector of the economy that australia can use to its advantage in the world then closing immigration would be even less plausible

Shut your fucking traitor mouth, cunt. Hope you enjoy hanging from a rope.

>Re-buy anything under Liberals
quiet down Singapore, the Liberals pretty much sell the country off every time they're in power

there's no buying back

>Well stop that asap and rebuy it
Right sure mate, I'll just walk right into the Senate tomorrow and demand they kick the chinks out.

The government of Australia is corrupt and does not serve the people. They're all chink puppets besides based Pauline.


LM FUCKING AO. There is no rebuying it. The government practically endorses selling it off to the chinks. The pollies want nothing more than more money and aussies owning lads isnt going to achieve that.

Why not make a party that looks into the future

Does'nt that mean you guys are screwed

>aussies owning land
>no money

What makes you think that?
Don't you guys believe in yourselves?


listen kid, you're a good kid, go outside, run around with you friends, everything is fine, nothing personnel, adults will sort this out ok sweetie

Plus the abos would have a fucking field day if we touched
>muh sacred nunga land

Belittling aside you should really do something about it
But whatever your country

Will I be safe if I join the ETU?