WTF I Love Millenials Now

'Hillary Clinton Could Lose the Election Because Millennials Don’t Like Her'

>Polls show how young Gary Johnson and Jill Stein supporters could hand Donald Trump the White House.

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I thought the millennials made up the majority of her voting demographic?
how is this possible?

Maybe instead of getting the endorsement of Bush-era neocons in the vein attempt to garner some Cuckservative support, she should have instead tried to actually act like she gives a damn.

Niggers, spics, and white women make up her main voting demographic.

wtf I love millennials now

>mfw Bernie is the main reason why we get 8 years of Trump

Bullshit, I'm a Trump supporter but Hillary and her """""""supporters""""""" have no one to blame but themselves.

They rigged the DNC and colluded with the media to nominate the queen of corruption.

The Democrats nominated a fucking criminal.

Her husband is the won who sold out the millenial's future by sending all the jobs overseas, and her and obama flooding the job market and draining our resources with illegal immigrants.
They should hate her.

And the truth comes out. The only reason everyone shits on millennials was all a ploy to shame them to do what the left wanted because they were too conservative.

In reality all the millennial are shit was just propaganda.


post yfw you realized both parties have imploded this election year

How can liberals give up so easily?

And some people actually think there will be a civil war if Trump wins.

this, bernie got people vote. hilary? top kek.

Hillary will lose elections not because milleniall retards dont like her but because NOT ANYONE like her, she's as charismatic as damp rag and induces people emotions as much


Liberal white women.

The rest of the white women are patriots and on the Trump Train


Jill is based at trolling but Johnson is just an idiot.

wtf i love green party now

>Rely on left wing fresh out of college kids to vote for your ultra left wing policies.
>Left wing fresh out of college kids want even further left wing policies and don't vote for you.
Trying to please liberal indoctrinated kids and minorities at the same time isn't going to work in >2016.


Who else is planning on leaving this place once trump wins? knowing that everything is going to be alright despite some harsh times might come

very few millennials are on the Hillary side.

Most of them flocked to bernie Sanders because his promises of Free College was more pertinent to their current interests. Also they dont like Hillary because of how blatantly corrupt and flimsy she is. she only started talking about trade reform AFTER Trump and Sanders made it central themes in their campaigns, for example

So why did Bernie give in so easily? I reckon it's because he discovered how corrupt the DNC is and decided Trump is the final solution.

Took a fucking long time for Libshits to get to this point

pic related

Don't think it's because they're pro-Trump. It's because they vote for the one with the most memes. Trump has ten times more memes than Hillary.

he didnt want to be found dead of apparent suicide with his hands tied to the radiator and 15 bullets in the back of his head


Millenial here. We live in the "any excuse to lash out at men, from how they pee to how they sit" generation.
We're really starting to hate women.
You see how Germany has a growing strong right-wing support as a result of radical leftism?
We the pendulum swings, and by the end of it all, they'll wish for us to oppress them by sitting with our legs too far apart again. They'll pray for the return of "mansplaining".
They won't even make housewives.
They'll be "single mothers" who had to get an anonymous sperm donor, had the children raised by the state because she got no free gibs, and still had to work.

Seriously, millennial men really do not like women. They don't trust her, they think that she's a feminazi looking to steal their right to due process, etc.

He was taking too many plane journeys that were having suspicious circumstances.

We are now entering the ACCEPTANCE stage

Kek be praised.

Because it was never about actually running for president, but taking money from schmucks in the form of donations.

Remember, you can't sell Donald Trump to your dumb millenial normie peers, but you can convince them that the intellectual "cool" choice is to vote third party and they will do it

Hillary Clinton is going to lose the election because of Hillary Clinton.

I did consider at the time that Bernie was a puppet from the get go considering that Clinton was going to run 'uncontested'.

Stealing the primaries would then be a result of the plan going awry.

If only a certain exiled Aussie would indulge us... Assuming he's got proof ofc.

If I was a gay dumbass liberal, I would vote Jill Stein over cunt Clinton 100%

Out of 5 of my 6 close mates all of them got married pre 25. By the time they were 27 all are divorced with kids they see once a fortnight on the weekends only and pay child support.

Its not a meme. I grew up as the middle child between two sisters. I saw first hand when my older sister became a vapid self centered bitch and then my younger sister doing the exact same thing 4 years after. My only close mate who also skipped the marriage trap also has 2 sisters. The rest had brothers. Guess who isn't fucked over by the modern powerful independent woman?

hint: it isn't the 2 out of 7 that avoided anything more than pump and dump slurries.


One of my mates tried to hang himself 6 months ago because he doesn't know what to do with himself. All he does is work and drink. His bitch of an ex has remarried and his daughter of 3 called her stepfather: dad in front of him when he went to pick her up.



Damn, that must have stung.

But it's true, and with the rise in things like MGTOW and MRA groups men are becoming more aware.
They are going to college and seeing how they are despised just for being men, worried they'll be kicked out on the faintest of accusations.

Colleges that teach LAW are setting the example to future lawmakers that "due process" can be ignored. Men have every right to worry that we'll lose our right to due process if a woman is voted in.

That's what happened to India in the 70's when they voted for a woman (It really hasn't helped their rape statistics...).

Men, even black men, even spic men, even mudslime men, all have good reason to be worried about giving a woman that much power.


The GOP sidelined evangelicals and neo-conservatives. For a centrist on social issues, a pacifist on foreign policy, and a populist on economic issues.
>evangelicals going third party, implying
>neo-cons formally joining neo-liberals, implying

The Democrats fucked over a progressive who resonated with the young, for a war hawk globalist that shifts on social issues depending on the weather.
>progressives that don't trust government can vote libertarian, TRUE
>progressives that trust government can vote green party, TRUE

If either Gary and/or Jill get 5%, they get federal funding, becoming a permanent thorn in the democrat's side.

TRUMP saved the Republican party (and soon the republic, itself) and the Democrats sold out their future and made an entire generation of young voters consider going third party on principle.

All this was done with cartoon frogs.


>hillary clinton could lose the election because NOBODY likes here


Shit like this is to mobilise democrat supporters out of fear and make Trump supporters complacent.

It's so god damn beautiful! I'm so glad I lived to see this election!

>They fell for the "Have kids early" meme
Your friends are idiots, no offence but having kids at your prime age of living (late teens - early 20s) is the most retarded shit millennials fall for.

I look at the men who had kids in the early 20s (or even teens sometimes) and they are all a bunch of useless alcoholics that work a shit job and play video games

I aspire to be an alcoholic who just plays video games but unfortunately I am saddled with a career. I am miserable.

>fighting a war

They'll politely wait in line for their turn on the rope. These people are nothing.

Jill is just a few good dickings away from maga .

Hilary is losing for the same reason the 'Remain' camp lost the EU Referendum. Instead of promoting their own policies and convincing people how good their side of the argument is, they spend most of their time pointing at the other side and screaming 'RACIST, BIGOT, RIGHT-WING XENOPHOBES!'

Classic example. Last week Trump announced plans for mothers to have 6 weeks of maternity leave. The left and right-wing media jumped all over it in an attempt to criticise it. Lost in the commotion was the fact that Hilary published her medical leave plans MONTHS AGO on her own website.

He's a cuck. In his view a strong, indipendant woman always has the right of way.

Hillary will lose the election because whatever she touches turns to shit. Let's look at her accolades

>Loses Bill to a secretary while being First Lady

>Loses Democratic Party nomination to some greenhorn black dude

>Loses position as Secretary of State due to failing body


>Loses presidential election to a fat business mogul who spouts outrageous stuff and has no political experience

The people behind hillary are right wing capitalists. Free movement of labor. Not free people living in a free society.

>A vote against Clinton is a vote for Trump

How fucking stupid are these people?

the earliest anyone should be having kids is their late 20s

>colluded with the media


ABC News executive
producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security

CBS President David
Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National
Security Adviser for Strategic

ABC News correspondent
Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay

ABC News and Univision
reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama's Deputy
Press Secretary

ABC President Ben
Sherwood is the brother of Obama's Special Adviser Elizabeth

CNN President Virginia
Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary Tom

Do you think there might be a
little bias in the news?

This, but stay fit. A 5 year old has a hell of alot of energy.

Women can't act for shit

as per my previous post, it doesn't matter.

she had the resources and the makings to be something huge, but time has proven that she has failed again and again.

she seems to always have a tendency to fall on her own sword at the most uncanny of times.

the larger the sword, the larger the wound she inflicts on herself

Giuseppe is right for once.

I only started to like Trump after Hillary started to bully him. You rip what you saw bitch.

This shitty generation is perhaps redeeming itself, but not for the reasons imagined. They probably turned their backs on Shillary because that old commie fuck that would make taxpayers works for them and give them all state-issued nigger dicks was cheated out of the nomination

It's true. My sister was a hardcore Bernie supporter who's now planning to vote Green. She has no interest in voting for Hillary.

Really, go read the Green platform and tell me who you think all these little leftist millennials and ex-Bernie voters are going to go for, crooked Hillary whose downsides we all know or Jill Stein, whose platform contains nearly all of Bernie's policies?

>this thread

Yes good goy never marry and have children yes yesssss

And they call Trump controlled opposition....jesus christ....

Well it's a little late since they kinda ruined me but I guess I could go though an unfulfillling relationship to spread me archaic and corrupt genetics


I wonder hjow many jews have done the paperwork to get Israel passports, when Trump wins it will be annuda shoah.

So let me get this straight, i was born in the last generation full of reckless sluts who all went and fucked chad and got addicted to drugs and got pregnant and divorced

And now the younger girls are all prudes?

And so im just stuck alone?

This is great

Is a vote for Johnson/Stein a Vote for Trump or Hillary?

Just import more foreigner Schlomo, it sure will work well for your brothers and sisters of your faith in the countries they live in. Look at Sweden, such a successful multicultural paradise.

4 years of drumpf so that green and libertarians have a bigger hand next election

Why not?

Does anyone like Hillary besides middle aged housewives?


If Trump wins = Party of Trump vs Democrats
If Pillory wins = Clinton landslide against a dying GOP, which disbands after getting rekt again.

>So why did Bernie give in so easily?

he didn't give up he was a plant, just the people who planted him were retarded

>Niggers, spics
They are leaving to become Trump supporters.

yes but we should really be upset by this obvious media collusion in government, we need to blackout boycott those networks and their parent companies, we also need to fuck with the rest of government financially by making it known if your influence on legislation and politics be known your business will go down

why should big pharma have it's own government police force?

it's just absurd, we need lower government spending and the money we do spend should go towards persecuting violent felons, murderers and rapists

Johnson is pulling more Hillary supporters


I don't think he was a puppet, but just trying to exploit putzes for money. Bernie has been a politician for most of his life, accomplishing no real big changes and running as an independent for the majority of his career. He probably saw the lack of competition (besides Clinton) and the fact that socialism is a lot more popular now due to academia as an opportunity to get some quick money.

The killer millennial strikes again!

/pol is made of retards. Instead of denigrating Johnson you guys should be encouraging people to vote for him. He'll only hurt Hillary.

By acting like ass hole to these people you're pushing them toward Hillary.

>tina ---nguyen---

>civil war if Trump wins

Wouldn't that be over almost immediately?

>overwhelmingly skinny nu-males, millenials and women who are against gun ownership and violence
>mostly actual adults, some ex-military, they have a gun for every day of the week, will use violence if their way of life is threatened

This is definitely something I've noticed. I don't know many trump supporters my age (24yo), sadly, but they're all bernout cucks. Haven't met anyone my age that likes hillary.

The thing is, the office I work in is full of boomers in their 50s, and they will talk to the younger peons and interns my age about how important it is to vote for hilldog. But even though everyone around me is 100% libcuck, there's this huge disparity between the older boomers and the younger millennials. The millennials also despise her, whereas the boomers like her for whatever reason. I'm still not really sure. Even when I was young in the 90s, I remember everyone hating hillary back then too.

>Millenials won't vote for killary...
>The most degenarate generation in history of the universe won't vote for degenerate scum name hillary...
>Generation that loves unlimited genders,feminism,multiculturalism,tumblr,plebbit,pervertion and the rest degenerate shit won't vote of bitch that supports all that...
>The same scum that will rule us in the future jut like boomers.

Hang urself my man.

No, they won't vote for her. Not overwhelmingly, at least. A lot of them will be too lazy to go out and vote for anyone, and the Bernie or Bust crowd will go third party or write the old jew in as a protest.

An important thing to realize as well is that the college-aged crowd typically has the lowest voter turnout anyway.

So this is really just the norm instead of being anything unexpected.


They didn't even vote for the guy they liked in the primaries! I remember reading statistics on Brexit where it said that more millions of Over 45's voted to Stay (a "Leave" demographic) than the amount of Millennials who voted at all.


Too many are too lazy, or don't perceive there vote as having an effect, thankfully.

I'm so glad I'm one of the few, who went to vote, and voted for Brexit.