The alt right is a new libertarian movement?

can we get some feeback on this video

This faggot kike needs to drop dead already.

Fuck off with your alt-right faggotry.


Haha, unironically using Pepe as symbol of alt-right.

What is going on? Why people have to be retarded about everything?
We are the alt-right hurr durr.

god dammit we largely agree with him but why does he try so hard to be the "leader" of a "movement" that doesn't even exist? He's desperately trying to create this.

Leave us in peace as the silent majority that just has common fucking sense.

Praise kek.

Pepe is serious business now, alt-right is racist group, everything here is truth. We will gas Jews next spring.

thats antifas breh

>alt right
Anyone who unironically uses this term is either subverted or controlled opposition.


The shit he says is either right or wrong. At times, he is wrong. However, he tends to be more often right than not so.......

Fuck off. I only care about the truth of his statements and whether or not he champions free speech.

Does anyone outside of the media even really care about what this kike faggot has to say?

Jewish interracial gay leader will lead alt-right racist armies in march to gas all Jews and hang all niggers. Seems about right.

You don't belong here, stay in your containment sub over at the_donald.

w2c jacket Milo?

kek alt-right is filled with autists and losers

I'm glad to be an-com right now

the whole alt-right wing movement is a cringe worthy meme movement that will die down very soon. reminds of the atheist movement a couple years back.

all you alt-right faggots are a bunch of pathetic losers.

Milo is a kike, that was obvoiuse when his Twitter was banned and got zero support from any alt right memers.
Honestly everyone should have known about this faggot kike long ago, especially when he was "speaking" for us on kikebart.



Who the fuck even came up with that term anyway? The supposed alt-right is literally just faggots from here shitposting on other websites.

>Cred Forums got co-opted by alt-right
>alt-right will be co-opted by left libertarians

>autists and losers
>glad to be an-com right now

>lacking basic education
>lacking fundamental understanding Cred Forums is not one person

if you re-read my sentence you'll actually find out I was talking about Cred Forums as a group of people
take it easy on the Fosters


Implying anything can be as cringe as the alt-right


This is so fucking annoying why the fuck do we need to define anything i think the only reason the name "alt-right " exists is so that those that think it's cool and edgy can do so publicly and and have a rallying cry to jerk each her off just like SJWs do , what's wrong with being anonymous and doing shit just because you feel like it , fucking normies ruin everything

I'm not sure whether he doesn't know what the alt right is, whether he's trying to change what it is or whether he doesn't think it's a PC enough message to market to normies.

This is cringe worthy

hes wrong you stupid mother fucker the "classical liberals" and "anti regressive progressives" like cuckold of blackdad and thunderfaggot aswell as chris gay gun these are the new libertarians

the alt right originated as a revival of paleo conservatism in the western world after pat buchanan lost in the mid 90s that was the last anyone heard of paleo conservatism till it sprung up again on this board its about traditionalism and white nationalism and anti foreign culture and anti multiculture the alt right has always been a paleo conservative upsring in modern right wing politics

>state building walls

the wall should be crowdfunded

That's too long to work as a strawman meme,it reads like it was written by a leftie who hates Milo for all the wrong reasons.

He is just becoming more reddit.

I know a Con-man when I see one, and this Milo fag is a Con-man.

It's going to be crowdfunded forcefully from mexican remittance.

so Alt-Right is anyone that isn't a neocon/neolib?

Milo does not consider himself alt-right, though. He said this quite clearly.

He's just bringing some alt-right memes to the masses, that's it.

i never said he does however he does often speak for it and about it incorrectly and this is why people dont like him hes a subversive jew amazing isnt it how they appear all the time when someone finally gets the ball rolling

>can we get some feeback on this

Fuck off, nigger.

>hes a subversive jew
You could also say he helps the cause by bringing it to the masses, even if it's somewhat distorted.
Good luck being invited on national TV in 2016 by being openly racist.

I'm not sure how accurate this is but the gist is it's anti-globalist pro-every race deserves their own country and the ability to control it how they wish.

Why can't this faggot just drop dead already?

What Milo does or says is unimportant. The rules of Meme Magic dictate that only the will of the mass rules. What one Jew does has little effect. I think you're vastly overestimating his influence in this movement!


>by being openly racist
he literally talks all the time about how bad being politically correct is and how its destructive while openly advocating for reparations for niggers in the USA he is literally PC while claiming not to be hes a total idiot and he doesnt do any good hes just someone latching onto something to make money off it

He isn't bringing our cause to anyone. He is flat out lying and saying we aren't racist or anti semitic and we just do this stuff to troll people. He is subverting the movement.

hes trying to turn it into cultural libertarianism 2.0