Why do millennial men stay at home playing videogames instead of working?

Why do millennial men stay at home playing videogames instead of working?

Why should we work when Jose or Ahmed will do it for less?

Men have stayed home with their hobbies for thousands of years.
Nothing has changed.

Why should he have to work when he gets paid millions for playing games?

>waaah waaah why dont we put more regulations and controls on the free market

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if you want to find something to complain about, look at the neets who dont do anything AT ALL

You do realize you're a fucking millenial yourself, OP?

if i could make millions playing games ill do it too

>he doesn't question his own nature

He's not making millions anymore, Youtube demonetized all his shit.


[Citation needed]
And even if it is true he is still ridiculously rich.

Like he cares, hes loaded with more money than he can spend by now.

Because millennial women aren't worth our time. We'd rather waste it on video games.

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Because UX design is a real thing and its the only non-jewish conspiracy I have left.

You read this post, I designed your experience.

...and in some regards, I just mkultra'd you without the need of a psychedelic substance.

Still reading, still under my mind control.


i stay home and play vidya because i get internet money like pewdiepie, not on his level but still

im 2 years old.


>Why do millennial men stay at home playing videogames instead of working?

Well, he can, because he gets paid for it.

Im sure you would too if someone paid you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Have you tried working? It's depressing. I work jobs just long enough to collect unemployment and the start slacking off until I get fired. rinse & repeat. All you have to do is not be a fucking retard and be outgoing to get hired.

All these people are wrong.
The real reason is because working isn't worth it due to labor over-saturation as well as generally lower levels of education due to the system discriminating against men, especially white and asian men, but at least asian parents push their students to get education. Huge divorce rates don't help either. I was basically raised by a single mother who gave me absolutely retarded advice. My father and my mother both have graduate degrees but she never pushed me to even get an undergraduate. I'm 27 now and limping through the broken and biased education system since I learned how naive and brainwashed I was.

That guy, multimillionaire.
Everyone else, fucking bums.

Because they saw an opportunity and took it. Better than you've ever done in your life. Don't be mad, do something better

I forgot to mention that the working system itself is fucked. I have a high IQ and could easily take a 70k/year starting position with the level of intelligence and skills I have now, but employers are forced to rely on degrees as a roundabout IQ test since griggs vs duke power supreme court ruling. The ultimate result of all of this is that young white males with rich boomer parents would rather stay home and play video games than go work for practically slave labor service positions and have to deal with the increasingly stupid and brown population.

damn he looks hot on that photo.

One last thing...
Men are not as consumerist as women. The primary drive for men to get a good job was to secure a sexual outlet in the form of a partner. Since the sexual revolution the majority of women can occasionally do better than your average man so the average man is finding it difficult to secure a decent quality wife to claim as his own. The woman will see that she can occasionally fuck Chad and will either divorce or refuse to commit in the first place. Since men are not consumerist, their primary drive for achieving success has also been diminished. It is primarily women who are the advancers of the consumer economy.

but they don't

Pewdefag does not need to find work , he already earns money from his sponsors on his jew tubing. Vidya is his work and he also earns monies from the good goy viewers.

Also, some of millenials dont do work because luckily, their parents are rich and cab cover their lavish expenses like the spoiled brats they are.

as someone who actually has worked unlike you OP
if you have the chance to make easy money from retards and it isn't illegal, fucking do it.

Stacy and Chad can do all the work.

You know what, if he had some more muscle tone that guy would be hot as fuck

>Ernie pointing to a blank wall

I don't get it?

Because we figured out that the only winning move is not to play.

Don't talk shit about Pewdiepie, he has swallowed the red pill.

Because there's no jobs for the average person you fucking dingus.

I work 50 hours (10 unpaid) weekly and play vidya most of the time I'm not working.

If you know your shit, you can even make a few shekels nowadays from vidya.

>play games and collect some money on youtube for the videos
>see i dont need a job i make money doing video games and videos
>get to age 65
>collect $500 a month of social security, forcing them into group homes where they eat peanut butter and jelly for 2 meals and horrible soup for dinner
>group television
>group radio
>only thing in their room is a military cot and a shitty walmart plastic dresser

things sure are looking up for them

because if i work it would take 40-50 years to be able to pay off my home loan, so literally what the fuck is the point?

>10 unpaid
Do you volunteer somewhere? Or does your boss cuck you into unpaid overtime?

no, I work at walmart and need to keep my job as CC is $20k for two years and my currently hourly wage of $14 is the best possible situation I could have given my lack of a GED.

>tfw no pewds bf


well at least you have a job

How's he done that?


Video games are fun and work is boring. Seriously though I go to university full time so I don't have time for a job.

You can't do both? I would if I had Trump's stamina and an assurance I would be spending taxpayer funds correctly.

>video games won't sneak out of my house to go get enjoyed by someone else while I'm away
>video games won't shame me into buying them when they're used-up and damaged goods
>video games won't one day steal my kids, pets, possessions, and half of my money
>video games have never bullied me or shown me anything less than reciprocated love and acceptance
>video games won't disgust me the more I get to know and learn about them
>video games won't get me thrown in prison
Gee, I cannot fathom why young men are turning to video games to escape the horrifying reality of women.

This. It's good money for easy work, he lives his life how he pleases. The only thing I might do different is lift more.