Church calls to war! Deus Vult!

Rough translation of the article below:

Bishops' conference: "Effacement" threatens Christian in the Middle East

"The effacement" threatens in wide parts of the Middle East according to appraisal of the German bishops' conference (DBK) the Christianity. The number of the Christians of North Africa to Pakistan sinks by terror and expulsion questionably, said DBK expert Ulrich Pöner on Tuesday with the autumn plenary assembly in Fulda.

Bashar Warda, archbishop of Erbil (Iraq), appealed as a guest for performing support for the last remained Christians there: "Please, do not forget us. It is no more time for words. "

To be able to exist in the fight against power, suppression and expulsion, it needs strong military actions against the terror militia Islamic state: The only language which the IS understands is a WAR, said Warda.
Because of war and terror the Christians are strongly decimated in the Middle East: In Iraq the number of 1. 5 millions has sunk in 2003 on meanwhile only 300,000. In Syria two thirds of them would have left the country, reported Warda. The people would need help, possibly stately living space, health basic care, support in the educational area and jobs.
Warda thanked for the present financial assistances from Germany. They are so big, as from all other countries together. The Catholic church raised according to own information last year 42 million euros for the churches and people on site.


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>Migrant leg licking pope
>Church calls to war

Choose one

Then let´s choose war. Francis is all chill and stuff but he is not the right one for the current job that needs to be done.

>german translated his link
Is this bizarro Cred Forums ?

Can we overthrow a Pope?

They put fracis as a PR pope so the globalists dont attack the vatican and young cucky people dont leave the church.

Pope is not the boss.

There strong evidence that suggests that Pope Francis is the Antichrist. Or as St. Corbinian's Bear put it: "If Pope Francis is not the Antichrist, He'll Do Until One Comes Along"

We can declare the pope is a heretic.


With the marxist faggot in charge the Church is waging war on its own members right now. Luckily here everyone ignores him

soon lads


>'Muslims want to eradicate Christianity' and conquer Europe claims potential next Pope

Based Austrian. pretty sure that at the time he gets elected Sweden will be a muslim country.

Haha, what a sore little bitch Juncker is

Could the eternal Kraut btfo Catholicism for a second time?

>please do it

>Wanting Lutherans to BTFO real Christians

>Implying faith alone works

Well make Catholicism great again.

Right now it's a dumpster fire.

I'm ready

Current candidates for after Pope Francis' death includes American Catholic Cardinal Tim Dolan, ArchBishop of NYC.

Refused to have the gay pride parade pass by the cathedral since NYC started the parade.

An advocate for defending Christians abroad, at a last resort, with military force.

He's also chubby and lik s hamburgers. Who ready for the based pope?

I would still prefer the Austrian candidate. Austrian leaders always delivered.

Tom Woods already sold me on the South African cardinals that sound really hardcore and traditionalist. Overthrowing Vatican II is winning half the battle.

We're gonna make Jews the great enemy again!