>ex-GOP Potus will actively vote against him

Trump is finished

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Globalism out in the open now.

Revealed? He literally gave a speech about the coming New World Order. Litterally a total Globalist shill. Buck Fush

So near, but so far. Trump loss confirmed.

Well the Bushes finally killed their own legacy and future.

inb4 he wears fuck drumpf socks in public

the madman

>Voting for the wife of the man who ended your presidency

HW Bush was Regan's VP because the was the inside guy / good old boy in a populist candidate's run.

The guy is about as much of an insider as you can get. Ex. CIA and all.

Trump potentially marks the first departure from the foreign and economic policies put in place in no small part/contribution by Bush Sr.

Every Bush is going to vote against Trump. Trump is anti-establishment! It's the whole fucking point.


>some guy votes for Hillary
>people only waited for him to decide on whom to vote for


No, fuck Bush Senior then. Fucking retard.

This. Picking Bush was Reagan's main folley.

Good, those fuckers are even worse than Hillary.

Holy shit he looks old. Amazing to think he was the president only 10 years ago.

He was "read my lips no new taxes" then he did it lol fucking mongoloid handed it to Bill.


he wasnt even popular with republicans. he raised taxes. he was a 1 term president

the job really ages you

So does this mean Trump assassination attempt is confirmed? Bush did kill JFK after all.

In other news, globalists prefer the status quo.

Isnt it the other way round ?
The meme started when he used that ill advised terminology on one of his final adresses as Potus

Wow.. will Trump drop out after this? It's a pretty clear vote of no confidence. Draft Ryan maybe?

Oh fuck, people with alzheimers can vote?

Gee, it's almost if those Bush, Clinton,Bush ,Clinton conspiracy theorists in 2008 were right.

Once again, this will only help Trump.

His appeal is that he's "outside the political establishment.". This helps with that. It's amazing that these fucking idiots in the media haven't been able to pick up on this yet.

That really shows what a charade it was though. They were both globalist stooges. It was as meaningful of a choice as Coke vs Pepsi.

I too wouldn't vote for the guy that raped my son to death on national television.

Also I can't wait for Alex Jones to talk about this later this day.

Someone do the world a favor and execute the Bushes and Clintons

Theyre all just cancerous parasites.

The final showdown of globalism v nationalism is coming.

>Globalist shill votes for globalist shill


Isn't he still having to go sky diving so he can have a proper bowel movement?

Of course they will. So will Kasich and Ryan. The status quo is good for them. Who the dicks knows what Trump will do. And realistically given Kasichs camp mentioned the Trump camp wanted to give Kasich full policy control and that Pence looks up to Cheney for the VP slot one might assume Pence will be the one doing the policies.

>implying this (((globalist))) pawn is still relevant

Half the country probably assumed he was dead by now tb q h

Even if we lived in a democracy it would still be wise to seek political advice on people which we deem our intelectual or institutional superiors.

>George "Niggers on Sticks" Bush

That's George Bush, not George HW Bush.

The amount of people that just posted >globalists proves the predictable, smart ass nature of this board.
All of you try and impress each other with these funny green text comments, from someone who doesn't spend all their life online, it looks ridiculous.

Fuck this I'm off, don't wanna waste my life on "addictive and funny" Cred Forums.

He didn't fucking care. He held more power as Reagan's VP than he did as President. Of course he's voting for Hillary. They're in the same criminal circles. One hand washes the other.

lied to voters and lost in a landslide. quite the authority on good presidents

Son literally gets BTFO by Trump at multiple debates.

Guy looks like he shits his pants on a regular basis. Hahahaha what a faggot.

There are non-elite Clinton voters who will support this.

Pure desperation from the NWO globalist shills. They've abandoned all attempts to obfuscate it. Just trying to brute force her into office, hoping there are enough blacks, gays, pedos and numales to get it done.

Retards. Trump is going to trounce her sick corrupt ass.

Trump is such a historically awful and dangerous candidate that many people who disagree with each other on lots of vital issues but have in common a sense of decency and interest in progress are uniting behind Hillary because this election could be an inflection point in America's future.

>giving a speech at the end of the Cold War about a new international order emerging is totally proof of muh conspiracy theories

Neoliberal globalism has been the economic model of the western world for half a century. It characterized Bush I's presidency. Have you read Fukuyama? Do you read books?

>I'm off

Don't forget to grab your fedora on the way out the door, pretentious twat

Going on almost 25 years ago math tard

>A German lecturing americans on the definition of a bad candidate

... right

You are so fucking stupid it hurts

fuck off you werent wanted here anyways

t. ahmed or retard.

Trump is finished

HA, you really think that will do anything other than increase Trump's support? You do not know Bush 41 and 43, neither was liked by Republicans other than the GOPe, which is the entire reason that you know the name Trump today!

Persuasive. Very persuasive.

Thanks (as always) for correcting the record™

> not knowing how to read cyrylitsa
>american education

>Supporting someone with a proven bad record and major health issues to be in control of the nuclear arsenal and military
Yeah no.

Pretty sure Jeb did that lmao

>replying to one of the oldest surviving crossboard pastas
Maybe you should go newfriends

wtf i hate trump now

>Hillary is tired and has nothing on her public calendar for days
>Next debate is on in 5 days


Poor guy, dementia is a horrible disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone.


No, GHW Bush is in the OP, it was W Bush who served recently.

Limey shill can't into wit.

What's next for Bongistan? Arresting people for their opinions? Oh wait.

>voting for the guy that brutally humiliated your son on national television for 8 months straight
Is anyone really surprised?

*Grabs your shoulder tightly*

Don't generalise, m8. Or things will start happening to you, understand? *Calmly lets you go.*

the line is drawn
the die is cast
observe the pawns
line up at last

the cause they serve
shall meet its fate
a defeat deserved
come November 8

A member of the Bush family, one of the faces of establishment politics in the US, helping out a member of the Clinton family, another face of establishment politics in the US? Shocking.

True but there was still a slight chance of him running for election for governor or senator and winning. Now it's totally gone for him and his entire family.

>replies to prehistoric pasta
hurr I was only pretending I am neo-wildean king of quips

>is voting for the candidate that continues his crooked legacy and is in deep with the ones that put senior in power and have been in power since 1963

am i supposed to be surprised or something?

Lol, not really. In the end this is a win/win for the bushes. When (Not if, but when) Trump will fuck up badly enough and lose everything, they can take the moral high ground, and be like, we knew it.

>old fart with brain disease even more severe than Hillary is backing her up

Wtf i'm a #Clintoris now

>implying one vote of an old man panicked by the prospect of all the things he and his globalist (((friends))) worked so hard for the last decades crumbling before his very eyes matters. :^)


nigga, u the fag here.

I thought ex presidents weren't allowed to vote? Isn't that a conflict of interests?

>be single term president
>be single term president that lost bid for reelection
>be single term president that lost bid for reelection to the husband of the person you are voting for now
How fucking bad do you have to be?

top bantz

>for all intents and purposes senile
>his vote should influence who you vote goyims!

No one cares who Bush votes for. Democrats and republicans both think he is a piece of shit.

why does he look so british?

Didn't he stroke out during a dinner with the Japanese prime minister in 92?

That would be more the case if they stayed undecided instead of endorsing a candidate of the other party. I think Hillary is the one that you definitely know is going to "fuck up" with her bad judgment visible in her bad record and her major health issues.

>Trump is finished
because the bush family is one of the most popular in the states

Bush was a shit president tho. Both of them were

Good point. I think however they are making the guess that Clinton will not win, which is a fine bet in my opinion. The earlier they claim this, to more they have to gain on it.

>war criminal
>universally hated
>status quo ex-president
Is voting for Clinton...am I the only one that thinks that this will help Trump?

You're a fucking idiot. Trump and Clinton are both in the running, why do you even care?

>liberals are proud to be on the same team as the Bush clan and other warmongering neocons

kek, this is just priceless. Liberals are now pro war in the Middle East and pro American nation building all because they feel like they have to support Hillary.

Lol they're so salty about how trump rekt Jeb

Thanks Dad, let's try for 2020.

The cuckservative really live up to his reputation


neocon voting for a neoliberal

you don't say

Meh they were disappointed in Jeb far before then, and didn't like him ever. The Bush's won't vote/endorse Trump because they know if he wins they'll be on the wrong end of a firing squad.

>voting with a Bush

no, only yours got deleted as far as I can see.

isn't it right that even most republicans hate the bushes?

Honestly, this is a good thing for Trump.

I don't see republicans abandoning Trump because of this, I see democrats (especially the Bernouts turned Hillshills) feeling more uncomfortable votinng for Hillary.

This thinly veiled endorsement just heats up the establishment vs. anti-establishment aspect of the race.

That's the joke, idiot.

This isnt news. Of course the man is gonna vote for his sons rapist.

Effeminate English"man" touches American.

(Several days later...)

Funeral services will be held at St. Luke's Anglican Church on Mohammed Literally Did Nothing Wrong Boulevard in southwest London. Nigel Ahmed Al-Penisworth was 25.

I dont really like animu
But Serial Experiments Lain was good
You're okay

That and banning "assault weapons" and giving amnesty to illegals.

he was the fucking CIA director you dumbasses. of course he's a globalist.

shut up you pretentious little prick

>Having a hated and despised globalist back you
>Further proving Trumps point.

Vid related is the truth of the Hillary campaign.
She can't even get volunteers let alone crowds with that greenscreen appearance the other day.

Jeb 2020! Please Clap!

He ate bad food, passed out, and threw up everywhere on live tv.

I've read the Bush family is related to them, and not that 6th degree of separation either.

This will only help Trump

Trump's biggest hurdle for the Republican primary was the fact that he was openly shitting on the Republican presidential dynasty that was in power for the last ~30 years.

Many Republicans disagreed with Bush's policies, but felt compelled to agree to stay on the party line. Hearing Trump call out the globalist policies for what they were was refreshing and liberating, which is why so many Republicans openly embraced the criticism of the Bush dynasty and of Jeb!.

>implying a demented cuckservative's opinion matters.

There are ex cia directors ojn info wars and RT who are hated and black lised from TV because they speak oout against all of this.

sauce pls

>Bush Sr. still mad about his son being a low energy loser
If I had to give someone the definition of "SAD!", this would be it.

This guarantees that every Bernie supporter will NOT vote for hillary.

This is big.


>expecting anything else

Guy's senile. He'd vote for mickey mouse if you told him to.

Neocons for Hillary.

Really makes you stink.

>withering old man trying to avenge is retard of a son, Yeb, from that fat orange bully who stole his nomination.

hah!! I will vote for the enemy!! take that Drumpf!!

That guy probably doesnt even know what year it is.

>man healthier than clintons endorses hillary

Oh father...

>1 term


>son Yeb

A totally corrupted shill votes for an other totally corrupted shill and Brit tard is happy.


it's literally this

What did George H Bush mean by this?


It means he wants to enslave us all

I think if we kidnapped GBS and put him in a lab and tested his dna, it wouldn't all be human. You can see as the thing aged, their attempts to continue to make it look human just got gradually worse. As lizard as they come, and very in bed with the NWO, like the whole bush family. And the NWO candidate is Clinton.

Anyway regardless of all of that, doesn't having the bush's backing only hurt clinton? Last I heard they're not incredibly popular with the average republican voters, and incredibly unpopular with the average dem voter.

>We love republicans, we're the party of Reagan
t. Demoshit

>Bush was the worst president in history!
>Bush family is a bunch of incompetent conniving lying criminals!
>Hey guys, Bush likes Clinton. Be more like Bush!

Based Drudge

They definitely will be if they keel this shit up

How the fuck do you "actively vote" against someone?

To be fair, Cred Forums, would you vote for the man who raped your least favorite son?

If that son was Jeb!; yes.

b-but he is adopted

Of course he is they want to set up a Bush/Clinton dynasty he's got to follow the plan like a good goy.

More dem and indie votes for Trump!

an entire family of nation-wrecking neocon kike puppets


I guess this would matter if 150,000,000 people were voting for Trump and 150,000,000 were voting for HIllary

Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California, Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back


House panel looking into Reddit post about Clinton's email server


Trump Raises $100 Million From Small Donors in Less Than Three Months


CNN falsely adds 'racial' to Trump vetting comments