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Will Hillary pull a sickie or be wheeled out on a gurney for the most watched event this year? How bad would it be for her if she pulls out of the debate?

Can't wait. Trump is going to absolutely DOMINATE her after the NY attacks.

Yes six days till splattergate begins. Get ready Hillary will know have massive diarrhea and Trump will call her out on it.

Trump should talk over the moderator every chance he gets to trigger Hillary's seizures.

She still has """"""pneumonia"""""

She will die onstage at the debate

Trump will rip her titties out and fuck her onstage

Doesn't matter at this point, she lost already, not unless she can debate for 1hr+ and not lose her shit. She's a sick woman, pneumonia, fainting, shaking, seizures, shitting herself and lets not thrown in all the mental problems he suffers from. Trump is going to destroy her in the debates if she has the balls to show up. It'll be downright pathetic when she has one of her coughing fits or rages and screams, or both even. A lot can happen in the 1hr+ of the debates and you can be sure something will, its inevitable.

It's time to pay the piper bitch, and you owe bigtime.

In before Clinton doesnt show up and is reported to have won the debate, i.e. "Clinton is strong and wise to not debate with the racist Trump". Just you watch.

Watch them try to pull some shit like having them separated so they can pre-record Hillary's segment like they did with her last rally

Reminder that NO MATTER WHAT is said or done during the debate, anything short of Hilary having a seizure (and maybe still then), the media will declare it a landslide win for her praising her poise, smart policy and experience, while bashing Trumps "dangerous rhetoric".

Trump will need to absolutely crush it so bad that it gets embarrassing for her for it to have an impact.

All the mindless drones who watch it and absorb it all without being able to interpret in any meaningful way will immediately turn to MSM for their analysis and the "fallout" from the debates. Probably coupled with a "highlights package" which shows Hilary being so sensible and smart and Trump being such a menie pants omg :'(

Best case scenario is she coughs her whole way through in which Trump asks the moderator to stop and he goes over to her and asks if shes ok before asking for a doctor as shes so sick and has to be lead away for medical attention before Trump goes back to the podium alone talking about how much he loves the USA

Are anons taking a flash to give her seizures?

The most watched event in human history will be Donald trump telling at a women until she dies

Pretty based desu

looking forward lads.

Trump should eat chili the night before, let a bunch of nasty farts out while they're up there, and coordinate beforehand with the hvac guys to make sure she's downwind.

>Trump should talk over the moderator every chance he gets to trigger Hillary's seizures.

Shake Shake Shake.
Praise Kek for it will be.

Praise kek

I think they will cut Trumps mic if he brings up certain issues

There is no way Hillary looses this race. I don't want it, but libs have shown that the narrative stands above all else, including the truth. We're doomed.

Media has been bashing Trump for more than a year. It clearly ain't working. That's why they're probably so confused and desperate, every trick they had on their sleeve doesn't seem to stop the man.

Hillary will receive an anonynous tip that russian pro-Trump assassins will be waiting for her.

She won't attend and the media will blame Trump.

I genuinely don't know what to expect.

Trump better know his shit. Rubio made Trump look like a dickhead when he got questioned about his healthcare plan. And there's no "LOW ENERGY JEB" to insult.

Also, the crowd will be massively rigged as well to cheer Hillary on. Trump better be on his A+ game.

Have a little hope, Trump hasn't lost yet and the debates will make a big difference


If you don't think for a second that this election will be rigged you are an idiot.

Hilldog has literally killed to get out of trouble. What makes you think she won't try to rig this shit?

If they did, I imagine there would be a large backlash

One of the biggest nights in the history of the country. This is literally life or death for Hillary. It is written that Trump will crush her and push her rootless international clique out of our great country.

Hold your horses for just one second here, fellas.
Let's not rush into baseless accusations without evidence. What we need to do now is to wait for the processes provided for the people, where representatives of the people investigate circumstances just like this one, to judge whether a wrongdoing has been done or not, and take action based on the findings.

The Jews will only go so far before they flee like cowards and regroup. They've taken Europe and will work on turning it into Brazil 2.0 over the next 8 years. They've also started slither their way into Japan. Throughout history, the serpentine Jew always slips away right before they are defeated. Trump will probably win, but the battle is far from over.

Can't wait for this debate. Lot of opposition to trump, but I can be assured that he can deflect stumpings like him dodging rain.

I am going to host a panel directly after the debates and you can be assured that I am going to spam it here for you all to tune in!

Rubio: *swirls index fingers in a circular motion* "Yeah, the lines around the states. We're going to make America great again. We're going to win, win, win."
That's when I fell in love with Rubio

I have the worst fear that Donald Trump will actually say something incredibly stupid or Hillary will try to "stump" him with an "Aleppo" and will turn the silent majority away from him...


Cursed by Kek. Fuck off and die.

First time?


Only one of them collapsed in the past month

killary is seriously ill. but her big advantage is that she has all the media and also probably most of the media's handpicked audience on her side. this even helps her or, like most times, backfires at her

As if anything of this matters. He will get shot by 1 mexican that can run at lightspeed and shoot from 6 different angles at the same time.



Let's not rush into baseless accusations without evidence. What we need to do now is to wait for the processes provided for the people, where representatives of the people investigate circumstances just like this one, to judge whether a misconduct has occurred or not, and take action based on the findings.
What we do know is that Trump - if elected - will have the entirety of the US nuclear arsenal at his fingers. Would you trust the security of the United states to the whims of a madman? How much do you really know about trump? His whole campaign is clouded in secrecy. He hasn't even released his tax returns, for gods sake.

k. this is decent enough, b

Everyone is expecting to see the same Trump they saw in the primaries. All Trump needs to do is stay calm and collected and he'll be deemed the winner of the debate.

Not a concern troll here, but is anyone else kind of scared Trump will blow it?

This is most definitely a make-or-break thing. I'm just hoping he's preparing behind the scenes, and he comes out with a classic Trump 4D chess move.

Its unlikely but i'm hoping he will release his taxes during the debate.


his digits weak
a re-roll I seek
o kek the wise
expose her lies

nah she will in2 coughing fit tho

This is how the debates will turn out.


Kek is no longer interested

>They've also started slither their way into Japan


Cancelled due Pneumonia.

Trump is finished.

The Clinton team is currently putting in an escalator up to the dais.

It has to happen, she looks to bad if she does a no show. Especially after redditgate


Hope she shits her pants live



Damn the time goes by very fast. I remember when it was still 3-4 weeks until the debates, it's less than a week now.
I hope Trump is well prepared to talk about foreign policy.

Other countries care about American politics. Funny, I dont even think about them.

Kek is not pleased.

Just look at my digits.

Okay, if Kheket blesses me with dubs, this will be memed into existence.

Kek has spoken

I don't think Trump has a chance at all desu. Nbc news wrote in an article this morning that Hillary is regaining her momentum against Trump. It's unfortunate but true.

All we need now is for Paul Heyman to come in and promote Trump for the match. I could die happy.

I don't think people should be so sure about the fact that Trump will BTFO Hillary. Hillary can be Adolf Hitler himself and the crowd, moderators, questions, everything really, will still be rigged for her. I believe Trump will win these but media will still call her the winner. It will be a shitstorm, that's for sure.