Teenage daughter has wisdom teeth removed

>teenage daughter has wisdom teeth removed
>pick her up from dentist
What do?


This is getting weak CTR

stealing perfectly good organs from a growing child's body is fucking satans work

keep falling for the ((dentist)) jew you fucking faggots

you get what you deserve when you let strangers cut up your children like its somehow normal

>recording people when they're delirious from medication
>uploading it onto the internet to publicly humiliate them
What is wrong with people

Oh brother, how fucking deep that porn had to sunk in her head. And her parents. Absolutely disappointing

>obnoxious ugly white girl likes black guys

good, we could use a culling of genetic blue-pills

What the fuck do they give you over there? Have you not heard of local anesthesia?

Targeting someone vulnerable is an act of degeneracy.

Because they're fake and it's free viral video internet points.

This is fucking fake

its really weird how they seem to want to put everyone into a coma to remove teeth in the statea

Damn girl, you a mufugin knight rider.

Dr. Rosenblatt insisted on putting her on "special" anesthesia. Now she's craving BBC. Coincidence??

she's clearly doing this on purpose

She looks older

at least late twenties

typical Cred Forums poster

really makes my neurons fire

Does everyone get their wisdom teeth pulled? I must be one of those freaks that have mine grow in fine. And didn't people have them grow in for thousands of years before (((dentists))) said they need to be removed?

I don't know if they would be using nitrous oxide or some benzodiazepine, I would guess the former based on her behaviour. Either are pretty harmless if used in a medical setting.

wts is wrong with these americucks?
when i got my wisdom teeth removed i was fine, i only felt tired and i could walk back to the cab i didnt need no faggot wheelchair and i didnt act like a cocaine whore i was just tired and sleepy

Punch her in the fucking ovaries so she can't procreate. Then punch yourself in the ovaries for making such a shitty daughter.

it's just getting jewed desu

i do wish i didn't have wisdom teeth though, since they always catch my cheeks on their sharpest points and they've come in at an angle anyway

Fucking kek. It's like something out of a neo-Nazi propaganda cartoon.

This is at least 2 years old CTR. Come on.

Whats all this about removing teeth? Can't you just wear em wonky?

Poor nutrition and lack of jaw muscle use is making peoples jaws smaller than they should be genetically which means that there usually isn't room for the wisdoms to come in

They should have space to come in if everything goes correctly

But on the whole dentists and orthodontists are propagating the works of satan and should be deleted en masse

>Brit with messed up teeth



Cred Forums is beyond gullible

The mindset is different here, it's all about looking like a movie star . It's the wrong mindset in my opinion and ruins lives.

I haven't gotten mine removed either. Might explain why I get random ear pain some times though but nothing I can't bear.

someone please cross-post this on Cred Forums

they'll go nuts for it

i'm laughing myself

How can you be a poster on Cred Forums and not realize that this is fake?

roll her into traffic and go home.

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Wisdom teeth removal is the least necessary bullshit. Dentists tried to scare me into getting them removed for years and they ended up coming in straight. The same goes for my brother.

Dentists are worse than used car salesmen.

this is prob a normal shitpost.
It doesn't benefit a party, and is just more "BBC/BTFO" level shit.

you used to lose a tooth or too, so there was room for them to grow in

I had all four pulled

I remember after I was given nos, a dental assistant complimented my hair
>why is it only old ladies that compliment it
>never a woman my age
the rest of the staff laughed and then I passed out

dental surgeons must hear all kinds of stuff from patients

They are satanists

They destroy the godliness of men by mutilating their bodies and disconnecting them from the holy ether

>American culture and education