I hired this mexican from one of the "mexican nests" where like 20 of them stand there all morning looking for work

I hired this mexican from one of the "mexican nests" where like 20 of them stand there all morning looking for work

He doesnt speak much english but he said he crossed the border 3 months ago and he had no place to stay anymore because he got kicked out

I own a farm that I inherited and Im building a house on the property so I told him he could sleep there until I finished building it

I gave him some magazines to keep him entertained and im installing an old tv there tomorrow, what type of movies should I give him?

Im trying to teach him more english and maybe some videos would help. I'm really just doing it because I'm bored and dislike dogs, always wanted a son but never found a wife

I dont know why im doing this actually he just got to me I guess. What should I teach him?

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Teach him what direction south is.

Teach him to suck your D.

>mfw this thread

He is going to rob you and disappear.

Call INS.

While you're at it, make him into your wife's bull and let him fuck her.

I love you.

This user is 1000% correct.

>Teach him what direction south is.
I almost had a Hillary-seizure laughing to that shit

>What should I teach him?
Start with simple stuff like sitting down, rolling over.

He's gotta back user. You can't keep him.

teach him to tenderly love the only way Americans know how

This. He belongs in the wild, where he can be happy. If you keep him for too long he'll forget how to graze for tacos

Teach him about (((them)))

>Tell him "Pedro, you are like a son, and wife, and dog to me."
>Get punched in face

At least pick up a decent looking Mexican woman and keep her in your rape barn

Lol OP caught him a mexican

That beard, and he doesn't look very Mexican. He looks like a fucking ISIS infiltrator. What are you doing?

Are you gay? Why are you taking pictures of him? What kind of man takes pictures of a younger man he hired for under the table work? It's one thing if you're documenting the construction progress and he happens to be in some pics, but this pic is 'basement dungeon faggot rapist' esque. Creepy bastard. Leave him alone.

only 1 post from Op...its a bait thread

teach him english and make him your farm hand. If he has a phone tell him to download duolingo. Also veryfy if he is mexican, if he is call ice

>Cred Forums hiring and raising a fedora tier looking illegal Mexican as an American.

I'll watch it.

Teach him aout how globalist russian defects like soros infiltrated our country and used media retorhic to justify terrorism and the importation of more syrian refugees. Im cool with pablo or whatever because he not tryna blow us up.

Teach him to hate his own race

>God I hate mexicans, always working all the fucking time

Include me in the screencap.

He's an immigrant.
He already does.

Not hiring an American. You are part of the fucking problem , traitor.

Make him blow your fat cock and tickle your scrotum with his neckbeard, OP
It's not gay i promise

He just fled the poverty doesn't mean he hates his people

Teach him to play fetch and give him a treat when he does a good job.

Looks like a sand nigger

Make this spic dig a hole 10 feet deep and 4 feet wide, tell him it is going to be a well.

When he is in the pit near completion remove his escape option, rope, ladder, what ever he has, and tools.

Now you have your own spic prisoner, that no one knows exists.

I would feed him a lot of greasy food and soda for a few days, then force him to survive off eating and drinking his piss and shit for the following three weeks. After the third week I would start this cycle over again, unless he died from me forcing him to eat shit and drink piss at which point I would just fill the hole back in and go pick up another spic day laborer.

You're right, he could be a clueless subhuman that can't connect the dots to save its life.
Sorry for my rashness in assuming.

Im not gay I just I dont know he reminds me of myself I guess.. I just want to help him

He's sleeping there in the second house right now Im watching him from my living room he's looking at a playboy magazine I gave him, i should probably look away

I know that but the house wont be done until spring next year and hes got nowhere to go during winter, i figured he might make for some good company until then, i feel better when I talk to him I guess because he doesnt understand much, its another person I cant tell anything to and he wont judge me he just listens. When he looks into my eyes I can feel him listening to me and Ive never met anyone that doesnt have judging eyes, he seems like a good fella


Make him white and pretty. Paint his hair blonde, give him blue lenses and teach him to whiten his skin with make-up. No stay in the sun. He'll stay indoors to study French and play the piano. Like the little European princess that he will be.

op you have your own personal slave, cool. make him do special tricks.

>looking at a playboy magazine I gave him
take pic and post it or gtfo faggot


Best guess for this photo-
Are y'all ready for Google skynet?




Don't you come crying when he calls his buddies in suddenly one night and you end up losing all your valuables and maybe even your life.

I know my people well, you're just asking to get looted

Dude, they're not retarded... I work with illegals everyday and they're the best employees I've ever had the pleasure of working beside. Far better than opiate addicted white kids who show up late everyday.

Why are first generation illegal Mexican immigrants so hard working, but their kids are generally shitbags?

Dude that is not a fucking spic that is Abu Muhammad al Mexicani, top 25 on the ISIS most wanted list. Turn him over immediately

>he gets to have a pet mexican
>mfw my mom never let me have a dog

Kek, the hookers working the bathroom stall next to you aren't your employees


Turn him into a trap and pound his boipussy every night. Start by giving him magazines with trannies and female clothes.

>but their kids are generally shitbags?
I think us Americans are just lazy shitbags.
Atleast I'm not a spic though

got em

Isn't it against code in most places to use PVC and not pex indoors?
Pleb tier plumbing

delete this pic

Don't be such fags, the guy is probably legit looking for a better life. Mexicans aren't niggers.

This sounds like the start of a 2016 CBC-awards-nominated novel written by Maylayawa Al-Muhammad Ta'lahackbar.

I actually got a good laugh here. Someone screen cap the thread for future keks please.

Get that fucking beaner outta my MURRICA

I don't think that's a mexican. Looks more like an arab.

Christfag reporting.
My pastor took in some illegals from the Yucatan. A few weeks later they took everything but his dog when he left for a conference and left them a key.


Just looking at the state of labor in this country makes it really easy to see how the jews have destroyed our people with their degenerate media


I was going to say.

Prepare you neck OP.

That guy looks familiar, what city did he say came from? Also, do you know how long he's been inconus? LOL I'm just curious. Also do you have a higher quality pic LOL need it for the lulz

Hey, OP, I hope both you and your pet like jail.

So your cuck pastor got the red pill suppository? Has he changed his attitude toward cultural enrichment at all?

Fedposter pls go and stay go

have him set up a program amongst his friends where they get paid to go vote for trump. $15 and a ride should do the trick


OP, watch Swiss Army Man. This will give you an idea of how far you can really take this whole thing

>also, sage

i just reported this, have fun in the pokey, faggot

Pls close the thread mods

Teach him how to mosey on back to meh-he-co

> Never found a wife
OP really is a faggot

Watch the greatest story never told with him

I have similar problem with loitering Latins looking for work. Some of them dress with almost gang style clothes but most seem honest enough.

For 2 years now I've toyed with the idea of striking up a conversation and seeing if I could persuade one of them to teach me spanish in exchange for me teaching them english. Maybe a little cultural knowledge (how they live, origin stories, common routes and methods for smuggling themselves in, etc).

Surprised I haven't done so as I am a neet. guess it's too much work.

I won't pay enough to employ reliable American employees.

You are so fucking cheap that the only people who will work for that pay are drug addicts.

So instead of paying more, you hire illegal workers.

You are everything that is wrong with this country.

Fuck you.

That fucking pose, he looks so cute. Make him your waifu. (?)

What the fuck. i want a pet mexican now. Surely more useful than my deadbeat roommates

Yeah that was retarded of him.


Prep the bean

Jajajajajaja vete a la verga brayan crees que todos son como tu

you should have got a cat.


shave him, cage him, make him a trap, and rent him to anons.