This is why I'm voting for Donald Trump he is literally the only anti-establishment candidate America has had in a long...

This is why I'm voting for Donald Trump he is literally the only anti-establishment candidate America has had in a long time

Globalism vs Nationalism is the only political spectrum that matters in 2016.

Different times call for different political movements. If we keep marching forward to globalism the blow-back will be so bad humanity will be reduced to the stone age. Imagine if during Rome's fall Rome was literally the every government in the entire world.

Globalism caused the World Wars. I don't want the sun to explode with humans still stuck on hunter gather mode.

Rudyard Kipling said it best in 1919 with The Gods of the Copybook Headings

sage. stop this bullshit, this is considered illegal and could get you sued trust me they can track your IP

How is this illegal?! No really, what am I doing here that can land me in jail?!

Good thing all those living presidents range from mediocre to complete garbage.

Homosexuality is illegal in some countries.

So is being mentally disabled. What's your point faggot

Carter may be the only one in that photo that isn't a criminal.

Fuck them all. Trump is the true anti establishment candidate. I hope the elite and celeb cucks fucking burn

Maybe? What's the worse thing Carter's done

There is nobody in the picture who is not a worthless cuck.

Appeal to authority.

Next argument

>Democrats not questioning why they agree with George W. Bush and his Dad on something
They have no self-awareness.

None of these standing presidents were any good either. JFK was the finale

i love how he's making the establishment shit themselves

Globalism didn't cause either of the world wars in fact it was the exact opposite that caused WWI which then caused WWII.

Prior to the world wars colonialism was the way to be a super power, if you didn't have colonies you didn't have any prestige. Empire building relied heavily on the ideals of nationalism as opposed to globalism.

Globalism evolved partially because empires proved to be less than economical. Aside from the military commitment to suppress the occasional insurrection, there was also the need to maintain a huge military to fend off the expansion of colonial powers, which is why a lot of the major world powers in the 20th century had massive navies.

Economically it is much more expensive to maintain colonies than just trade with foreign nations mostly because the mother country has to foot the cost of infrastructure building. With trade a developed country can build infrastructure in exchange for cheaper materials.

What do you mean?

Look at all that mental gymnastics. It funny that you are trying to argue that things like empire buliding and fucking colonialism are not forms of globalism.

Globalism transcends boarders, nationalism expands them. It's not mental gymnastics that is the literally the definition.

Three Democrats & the bush family

Of course they don't support trump

Well, I WASN'T supporting Trump, but when some faggot tells me what I should and should not do, and I'm sure that person isn't trying to use reverse psychology, I do the opposite of what the fuck tells me.

So you're admitting your retardation?

Go learn what the "triple entente" was.

They are ALL shitty presidents and are hopefully gonna get their asses sued by every foreign country they crossed.

Another mentally challenged trumpfag

>This is why I'm voting for Donald Trump
Same here desu

Thinking Hillary Clinton is gonna be a good president

why would anyone do anything Obama, Jimmy Carter, or Bill Clinton recommends? I think i could talk the Bushes into changing their position.

>liberals suddenly give a fuck what the Bushes think when it fits their narrative