What would you do if your husband wanted to circumcise your son?

What would you do if your husband wanted to circumcise your son?

If you are not Muslim or Jewish and still practice circumcision you are a cuck


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This is why gay marriage should be repealed

I'm a homosexual.

Depends. I'm 31, and my parents who are both atheist had me circumcised because the medical opinion in Canada at the time was that it was cleaner and reduced the risk of disease.

It was not done by a kike, but a surgeon. I don't really have a visible scar, and my sensitivity was not affected even remotely. It was never weird growing up, because literally all the other guys in my classes were also snipped, and girls in highschool and even college thought uncircumcised dicks were gross.

I know there are guys out there with botched snip jobs or ones done brutally by Jews that turned them into scarred wrecks, and I can understand the anger. I guess I was blessed with a no-issue circumcision.

If I could guarantee my son's benis would be without issue as mine was, sure. Elsewise, just leave it.

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Asking myself why I'm gay.

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take him to court if he tries to mutilate your son

I would kill myself because I'd be gay.

>excising an extremely nerve-ending-rich portion of tissue
>sensitivity unaffected in the slightest
Did the nerves migrate into your glans or something? I don't understand this line of argument.

Don't know what to tell you, lad. I still cum normally from handies, oral and sex. It isn't difficult for me to get off, still feels good, etc.

Frankly, it seems like if I was even MORE sensitive I would just prematurely bust at a gentle breeze.

You're still a cuck if you do it for religious reasons

This is a Christian board. Fuck of faggot give the child to a proper functioning family instead of 2 mentally ill rats.

Sounds like a personal problem pal.

I don't see how having totally normal sensitivity is a personal problem.

He's implying that my sensitivity WAS affected, but I can't see how. Obviously, I can't, because I was never aware of how it felt to be un-circumcised but as I said, one of the lucky ones I suppose.

Would simply tell him that there is no way he is going to mutilate my son unless there are real, medical reasons to do so. Which I doubt there is given that the son in question is still a child.

I honestly can't tell whether the men I've been with have been snipped or not. I'm guessing that they weren't, but honest to god, I couldn't care less about that matter anyway.

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