Dubs decides what sign I take to VP debate

I'll be present at the VP debate Tuesday in Farmville, VA. I'm relying on you guys to tell me what kind of sign I should print out (double sided roughly 3' x 3'). I wanted at least one side Trump pepe and I guess dubs can decide the other side. No Israeli flag.
My plan is to get the Trump pepe on Maddow post debate, since they have the outdoor studios and all.

this will likely be one side unless I find something better


rolling for /spicy/

Didn't see u got dubs lol

what did kek mean by this

Rare Pepe


It's rusty


re roll





If you choose not to take that, which would be an affront to shadilay, take this instead.

When they mention either VP candidates name, shout "Literally who?"




Time for OP to delivar it would seem.

you dubbed yourself, you decide

I print tomorrow at noon. Unless I see some 7s or something tops trips,
is our winner

regardless, kek has blessed us here

Based leaf

Leaf going for 7s

re rolling for /spicy/ quads


rr to override this trash with quints


only since kek willed

"Pepe is a meme of peace" with this picture

needs a huge fucking kike schnoz

Roll quite nice!

let me offer you this /adl/ limited edition pepe
in exchange for my saving this

Don't forget to shout 'Pepe' during Hillary's turn

Hillary won't be there but if anyone has a pepe Kaine I will go ahead and do another sign

*racist bork!

Nigga you are crazy if you think LU print shop is going to print that

Fuck it lets do this

nigga you are crazy if I go to cuck LU

Make sure to have your will written

Yep. Glad I graduated before I got cucked by them and their "HURDUR WE NEEDUH BUYIN TO AAA SPERTZ DEVEZUHN" when their only fucking claim was an OK ISH softball and girls lacrosse team for a few years and jacked up tuition by like 5k

Do it pussy.