Why is Eyes Wide Shut considered by many to be Kubrick's best film? I've seen it on many red-pilled-movie lists...

Why is Eyes Wide Shut considered by many to be Kubrick's best film? I've seen it on many red-pilled-movie lists. But I didn't get it.

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it wasn't even in the top five of his best films

I agree, but I thought I might be missing some yuge red pills concerning maybe illuminati, bilderberg, rothschild... idk

it isn't, it sucks and a huge number of his films are very boring

his best is Dr Strangelove where the general decides he needs to blow up the world because it's better to be dead than live in a world where communist jews have poisoned you with Fluoride

eyes wide shut would have probably been amazing if they hadn't murdered him before he finished cutting it

It's not one of his best. There's very little to understand. It was a mood piece based on a story written by someone else.

It's got a good vibe, but nothing too deep going on. Psychosexual mystery thriller. That's all that's there.

Kubrick's best movie was the moon landing.

Rich People Buttsecks: The Movie

Supposedly, it got censored to hell and back even when he was alive. Who knows.
As for why it's so """important""", afaik Illuminati stuff wasn't widely known back then so it was indeed huge.
Nothing he ever made topped 2OO1 and The Shining tho

Barry Lyndon is my favorite of his.

>hues actually believe the moon landing was faked and that one of their monkeys invented flight.

His best film is 2001 obviously.

and second best is Barry Lyndon by miles.


Cred Forums and Kubrick cocksucker here

It was about marriage. The sex cult was a backdrop.

>impotent handsome Doctor is a tease with girls
>wife is not satisfied
>doctor feels girls tits as part of his job
>wife is mad that husband isn't even a jealous husband because he believes she wouldn't run away with someone else
>wife says she almost did once
>Doctor wants to get back at wife
>Doctor finds high society sex club, fucks up and gets kicked out
>tries to get back in, is repeatedly warned to keep away
>breaks down and confesses to wife
>wife says they need to fuck to save the marriage
Also it showed how high society finds amusement in fornication.

Correct Colombia, 2001 in a landslide

Nah, I was just kidding. But that is a very funny mockumentary, ameribro. They got lot's of politicians to be a part of it. Fucking Kissinger and Rumsfeld are in it. It's hilarious.

it's a documentary.

It's not his best. Would have been much better if he had actually finished it. In fact, it looks less like a Kubrick film than any other he's ever done.

The movie is about sex and power. It takes the lead character, a successful doctor, and puts him in a situation where he is nothing but a peon. He is basically just a servant.

Just as he was higher class than the hookers, they were higher class than him, which is why that guy went after his wife in the beginning.

It also alludes that the powerful are also pedos, when the young girl whispers"wear a coat line with ermine".

It's also about naivety in a lot of ways; the way mean are naive about women, and the way people are naive about what really goes on.

It is a very, very deep movie. Too much for me to go into here. I suggest you rewatch it. There are a lot of ways to look at it.

With Kubrick, backdrops are also the main theme. It's like two separate stories.
Your post hits one nail (actually I may have misunderstood, had I not cheated on my gf) but you cannot ommit all the shit Kubrick puts in the (sometimes literal) background.
>Not a single Christmas song
>Pagan symbols and shit
>Red-head women as sacrifice
>Bill's daughter is always being groomed MKULTRA style
I'm sure there are others, but I never bothered to read those autistic analyses

Is it just clips of them from other stuff or did they legit do the documentary? Because that would be hilarious if they did.

Thanks. It was a few years ago when I watched it, and I plan on giving it a rewatch, which is why I made this thread.

didn't watch the orgy scene?


Barry Lyndon
Eyes Wide Shut
Clockwork Orange
The Shining

I remember people fucking on tables with cgi people in the foreground obscuring it because mpaa. that orgy scene? what about it?

It's dog shit. Not even close to being in his top five.

No, ameribro. Somehow the producers and director fooled them to participate and play along. There is a moment in the film where it all breaks down and they realize what they got themselves into. It's a really funny concoted story too. Check it out for some quality lels

Illuminati stuff was widely known then. There were tons of books on it.

Pay close attention to the use of the colors red and blue, and the parallels between the first party and the sex party. Her dream is also very important.

Here's one thing that stood out to me

At the orgy, everyone is anonymous and fucks WHOEVER. Even the guys fuck each other, as evidenced with the tuxedo man dancing with a naked man when the pianist is escorted out.

It's hedonistic sex for its own sake. Tom Cruise was just there to get his own rocks off and didn't care about the cult itself, hence he did not belong.

Everyone is fucking in open rooms but Tom Cruise wants to go someplace "private" when asked by one of the girls sent by Sydney Pollack's character in pic related to see who he really was since he was new.

only Kubrick film I like less than EWS is lolita

most redpilled isn't the same as best

2.Dr. Strangelove
3.The Shining
4.Paths of Glory
5.A Clockwork Orange

Gee, I haven't watched Barry Lyndon yet. What makes it so good?
It wasn't a Mountaindewritos meme yet. Nowadays, even kids in my country go ZOMG DA TRIANGLE CONSPIRACY XDDDD.

I don't see how Cred Forums is overlooking the statement on the innate cruelty of women
>"did you.... fuck them?"
Why ruin a perfect evening
>army man cucking monologue
Despite her life of luxury, just has to emasculate to prove she still can

Pretentious bullshit like all of his filmography. Only appeals to upper class faggots who think his art has a deeper meaning, when it's just made to generate money.

Everything about BL is a masterpiece. From script to lighting (candle lit - suposedly he had access to super fast space lenses), to acting. Anything we say about the film will set your expectations, so better just to shup up. Go watch it.

Ill watch later. Can't believe I never heard of this. I knew there were people who thought Kubrick worked with nasa to fake the landing, but I didnt know there was a mockumentary. Sounds kekworthy