Kids React to the Presidential Debate

Thread is kill
This kinda made me think

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>liberals use kids as their representatives
Really makes my oy go gevalt


thafdtk id sadat we wrere al thinkin... uopoboated!!!!!!

All these kids are nerds and need a good bullying.

are you canadian or just really drunk?

Wow these LITERAL CHILDREN are fucking smart! Just as smart as all those new posters Cred Forums seems to have gotten in the past two days!

>law and order is just an excuse for racism

What did it mean by this?

I hate how shitlibs always makes these stupid videos. Why would any sane mind give a fuck about of what some dumbass kid think? They don't pay taxes, they don't work, what the fuck would they know about life, let alone politics.

>what same dumbass kid thinks
You mean what the kids parents think?
They've literally indoctrinated their children to thing in this corrupt manner.

Another way to word it would be what their kids think.

>if a kid can see the opinions i agree with then why dont those dum repuglikkkans get it?

they're all retarded. their parents especially.

But, but, the future of Am-m-erica!


Do Americans unironically still think Trump stands a change against your Jew media?

Hillary will win, there's no denying to it. It's unfortunate but it's true

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I highly doubt this stuff sways people. It's like an aggressive street preacher. No one gets convinced from that shit

Rare, with dubs.

Why are we asking 10 year olds for their political opinions?

Shouldn't they be off playing with a stick or having childhood fun? Why the fuck are these children watching the debates in the first place?

1. They are just echoes of their parents

2. They are 10. They should be outside or at a friends house or at the very least playing neopets or something

3. They can't vote

4. What kind of horrible parent volunteers their kid for this?

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>Donald Trump has been raging
Maybe Hitler was right in some respects.

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>"Im with her"
>theres two female candidates

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I don't appreciate that bud.

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#ImWithJill #JillNOTHill

That is your future, murifats.
We are still accepting refugees btw, you might wanna learn arabic.

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also sage

They're children. They're just regurgitating the shit that their parents are telling them.

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I'm honestly surprised this wasn't a FineKikes video. OP's title was misleading.

translate it for us?

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no it wasnt you fucking jew. Kids -> reacted - > to video

What is it with liberals and using kids for their weird shit.

>raw and roarder is an excuse for racism
>said the 7-year old

I don't get where they find these kids. I had to do student teaching at a super black school and when they were asked "really makes you think" tier questions they always answered with reasonable answers.

Yet those idiots do not talk about SMT.

You kill off Yahweh in Megami Tensei 2, SMT 2 and IV Final.

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Kid at 00:41 already looks like the 50 year old cat-lady version of herself she's destined to become.

Liberalism is one hell of a drug.

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>IV Final
What 'dis?

Also, the old SMT games weren't exactly prevalent back then, were they? How much backstory do the games give on Yahweh in comparison?

Kid at 01:43
>"Law and order is just an excuse for racism."

9 year old and already a piece of shit of a nigger. The new generation of basketball-americans will grow up just like the current one.

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>"law and order is just an excuse for racism"
>stupid racially ambiguous cumslut already spouting college memes at the age of 12
end my life

image of mentally challenged person which is posted referring to (you)

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shillary has no problem using retards, kids, and googles to boost her campaign. disgusting

the future is grim

>she must be sieg heiling, filthy cuck parents

Are you implying there's a fucking distinction between the two states of being?

Kid's are stupid and know literally fuck all. There's a reason they can't vote, so why would you let them SWAY your vote? They think "economy" is the term for the extra large box of cereal.

No, But if he was posting was canada then Id know both. Since he is posting as america, Im not sure if its one, the other, or both.

>Law and Order is an excuse for racism
i guess i can already predict the next blacked pornstar

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Jesus fucking Christ. I can't wait if. Once the cheesy piano music kicked in and these little shits are trying to explain it like they know shit I had to turn it off.

Everyone's just a little bit Canadian when they're drunk.

You guys it's fine. Remember what you were like at that age. You changed, it's just the way of things, they're going to change.

Just be glad they get the liberal shit out of the way before they can vote. They'll be bitter that their parents used them as mouthpieces in the future, once they've gained some perspective, and they'll just rebel because of it.

>pay your taxes
>contribute to society

I never knew kids were so hateful towards illegals and the homeless

>progressives use children to push an agenda

or perhaps ever drunk is just a little bit canadian

Ofcourse, kids are the biggest liberals of them all.. theyre the future afterall, and they hate anyone who doesnt check their privilege.

If Law and Order == Racism, perhaps it would be good to be a little racist.

>literal children speak 100% exactly the same as college students

jesus fuck

hold me Cred Forums im too afraid to bring children into this world with the hivemind and brain washing

That's the ticket, now you're sounding true north strong and free.

>Law and Order is just an excuse for racism

Arresting niggers for breaking the law is racist.

Well, SJWs and liberals don't need law and order in their neighborhoods then, just invite all the BLM dindus in there.

I can't tell if this failure is a Clinton add or an false flag by Trump..

Using kids in an political add has been shown to be ineffective, makes you look blatantly manipulative/sleazy and it's painfully obvious that those kids are on a script /coached...

Is someone actually paid to do this shit?
No fucking wonder Cred Forums is beating Clinton in the marketing game..


Aaaaahahahahaha when a bunch of kids BTFO Cred Forumstards ahaaaahahahahahaha. fucking hilarious. Even if they are scripted, your reactions are that of ignorant fuckers who believe it to be actual words from kids.


top kek

>"law and order is just an excuse for racism"
These kids need some serious de-programming... they are so gullible, it's bordering on criminal negligence... This sheepish mentality will get us all killed...

Use the fucking meme right sharts

yeah, HIS law and order is a very subtle nuanced thing

I just need to purchase a homestead, buy guns, and be ready to be self-sustainable once everyone is can-packed in the cities with a bunch of dirty sand-googles.


Someone needs to smack the shit out of that little bastard and take his phone, playstation, and whatever the else you want.

He'll learn quickly that a society needs law and order.

>>theres two female candidates
actually 3, fiorina exists

Dude what the fuck even is this place looks like a place for depressed little kids who cut them selves with daddy's box cutter at 4 AM

>he's so fucking mad!
Cawwwrrrllllos laughs as you, faggotfuck! aaaahahahahahyaha

Notice how it's pretty much all bashing Trump and barely any mention of Hillary's virtues. Literally just kids smearing Trump.

>1:46 Stop and Frisk
>The 10 year old black girl all knows about stop and frisk
Oh yeah this wasn't scripted in any way shape or form Cred Forums btfo

lol, okay. Go onto Xbox Live and ask about the debates, see how sweet the kids seem then.

How did no one notice the channel name ITT?!


>ceo of hp
>layed off 30,000 americans
>ALL tech support is indian even back in 2003
honestly, after my experience with hp, I would take shillary over her any day.

Yep, confirmed SJW JewTube Channel trash, move along folks nothing to see here