Roomate of a Friend Likely Works for CTR

I am going to be attending a party at the house of (very likely) CTR shill in a few weeks. His computer will be in his room. What do I do?

I may be paranoid. But it's worth the chance.

dont be a little rat fuck and snoop through his shit

I will faggot I just won't have a lot of time. Can't copy his whole hard drive

See if you can find a paystub or some indication of how much these keyboard jockeys get paid by her.

>Can't copy his whole hard drive
You're fucking retarded.

Find some kind of incriminating evidence, then post here.

Alright dick. Let's say I have 30 seconds at his computer. What do I go for?

Enjoy your time in prison. Cyber police are always watching.

Install a rootkit, worm, or keylogger to record down his correspondences and transactions. However, it's probably illegal as fuck and you're fucked if someone manages to trace it to you.

How about you just steal the laptop, if theres nothing on it, mail it back to him

Someone who wasn't stupid would probably get the idea setup a rat and bring the .exe on USB. I wouldn't reccomend doing this if someone suggests it.

It's a PC with 4 monitors. I've seen it before. I can "use the bathroom" in his room and probabaly have a minute or 2 with it.

Do you have his name? I have a list of every CTR employee

>Install a rootkit on his computer
What is good a rootkit without a payload you mogloid.

damn I wish I had a chance to pull some spy shit like this

You need to get a friend to help you fake an emergency, just in case you're caught, you can say you're looking up allergy reaction info for your friend on the phone who thinks he just ate a peanut or some shit. Act distressed and have that allergy searchin tab ready to go.

Post it up please

Keylog, dumping the logs to a clean disposable email account. If you pre-configure it all on a USB you can deploy it in about 30 seconds.

Do not sign up for the email account or ever, ever log in to that account using your own ISP. Always public wifi. Best to use a Live-CD on your laptop, too, so no traces are left behind. Windows is filthy as a nigger and tracks literally everything you do, every file you open.

But don't do this, because it is illegal, and illegal things are wrong.

make sure he's pretty drunk or occupied with something

keep your phone charged, it might be faster to take pics of the screen or special papers lying around.

I highly doubt this person would check his computer at his own party, so you really only need two 30 second winows. During the first window, pop a discrete USB into the laptop (pic related). Assuming he uses window, begin transferring his user profile folder over to the USB and leave the room. I'm on Linux but I believe the path is %USERPROFILE%. For the second window, come back half an hour later and pop the USB out.

take a leak on it and say you were drunk if questioned

open his browser, see if he is stll logged into his email. search ctr in his search box and fwd yourself as much as you can. he isnt gonna check his email sent box while you're over

>I highly doubt this person would check his computer at his own party
Might if he's a millennial.

I think screen shots with phone will be quick and easy.

Perfect thanks


user, you're gonna need to use VB to hack a GUI backtrace to prevent him from VPNing his DNS.

He has a phone then. Laptops are just for movies, games, and typing papers bro.

Bring a doobie to smoke for cover. If asked why your in there, just say wanted to smoke a j by myself. If caught on computer, say you were just checking your email, sorry to be rude but you're expecting something to come in at any minute.

Or pull a clinton and discover him committing suicide by smothering himself

post all his ctr email contacts

>May be paranoid
You are on Cred Forums


I won't. He's a typical fedora tipping slob. I feel sorry for him actually.