What if Trump loses?

What if Trump loses Cred Forums? What if the election is rigged and we get 8 years of globalist assfucking? Will we form our own nation?

>pic fucking related

I think regardless of who wins, we will have violent riots. Or if HRC wins, she will make Trump supporters lives miserable.

Memes and shilling aside, it's highly unlikely that Trump will loose because he's very strong when it comes to fixing the economy and putting people back to wrong. If he gets Ohio and the rust belt onboard, it's virtually game over for Hillary.

>back to wrong
back to work*

Or actually, I'm going to edit that post. I think regardless of who wins, we will have violence. If Trump wins, there will be riots around colleges and in minority areas. Or if HRC wins, she will make Trump supporters lives miserable, and most likely hunt down all those she perceived as affiliated with the "alt-right." It's a fabricated front with fabricated enemies.

Kind of reminds me of liberal historical interpretations of the communist witch-hunt during the McCarthy years.

Fingers crossed for Rust Belt.

2018 will be a bloodletting and automation-related job loss will topple Hillary's re-election. She will be impeached by the House by February.

This is a change election and Trump is the change candidate. If Hillary wasn't so crooked, it'd be close but Trump will get in unless assassinated!

I'm really nervous that Trump will lose, even by legitimate means. I'm nervous that Hillary will get just enough votes to pull it. I really, really hope Trump can compose himself for these next debates and really hammer his messages home. It's time to stop talking about the birther shit, and the tax returns, and start talking about real problems like immigration.

I really want to believe he'll win.

>YFW she unseals voting records and doxxes Trump voters

it doesnt matter when you have shills pushing both candidates.

CTR faggots are just a rebranded JIDF and want to see the nation burn under the guise of globalism

Trump shills I honestly believe are Russians using proxies in order to influence the election. I don't know what their end game is.

so yeah, we're fucked either way boys.

Agreed. They will do something big to disrupt the election if they know they're going to lose..whether by organized riot or some other false flag.

8 more years of Obama/status quo. You seriously don't think all politicians ever are corrupt traitors?

She's that vengeful, she would do it too.

>we will have violent riots

We already have violent riots.

>What if Trump loses?



alt right grows into actual political resistance

Just like her husband did. What with everyone having a job and plenty of money. It will be terrible!

If Trump loses we'll have to stay on board until the ship finally sinks. We're heading into a globalist Utopia.

civil war now, you guys would win: I would join the first alt-right nation.

leak is proof that you guys would win:

I meant widespread, violent riots not necessarily tied to BLM or cops shooting blacks.

I'll look into emigrating to Russia. Better to live in a 2nd world shithole than a 3rd world shithole.

She'll probably die of another brain stroke or something and Caine will take over. And from all I've seen he's the blandest globalist that ever lived. The collapse will eat him alive.

>Implying trump can only lose if the election is rigged.

Trump is going to lose, user. But rigging has nothing to do with it. That debate performance has sealed his fate and you autists only made it worse by rigging those online polls.

Cred Forums, and very like Cred Forums, is definitely on the list for the hatespeech purges that will come.

But then, with Syria invaded, we'll be falling into World War 3 and probably have to worry about other things like finding food, shelter and water.

Interesting times, user, interesting times...

>Sitting in empty classroom w/ friend studying.
>He mentions Black Lives Matter. Calls them a "hate group".
>Agree and say "Yeah I don't understand these Niggers and their hate group." to try and fit in.
>He calls me out for being racist.

>Caine will take over

I know it's a misspelling, but god, I would love to see that.

Pretty much. I cant wait.

>If Trump loses
If Trump loses then I'm RedFor

Should flip it onto him by telling him you felt threatened by his racism of calling BLM illegitimate and just tried to fit in with him because racists are violent and irrational.

>showing your power level

you fucked up.

>voting once in an online poll is voter fraud
>voting three times at the polling station in your name, your cousin's name, and your dead great grandfather's name is not voter fraud

Record status
□not corrected

>Being an autist and showing your power level



no first guerilla actions begin next year.
the media will not publisize it. because it will just be missing persons.

then many missing persons.
then powerfull missing persons.

at which point the govt will lash out.

popular support swings to the rebels.

read turner diaries for spoilers. it wont be exactly like that. no honorary aryans in that book. but there will be irl