What happened to leftists and communists...

What happened to leftists and communists? How did they go from strong masculine nationalists to weak pussy numales and faggots?

Hippies happened


If the left were still like it was back then, would you be a leftist?

Communists had some good points desu


you don't know what you're talking about

stalin threatened to send an army division to help black people in the south, and the communists all supported reparations, after supporting giving black people the south decades after they were no longer the majority.

name one you faggot feminized leftist piece of shit

If we did socialism properly with only white people and no minorities or jews to fuck everything up it could work.

Probably because America was his enemy and he wanted to destabilize it which sounds like a logical tactical move.

If he did something like that in his own country it would be different.

We almost did.
But Hitler wanted to kill Slavs, and Stalin didn't want competition.

Wasn't Hitler part Slav himself? He definitely did not look completely Germanic.

Autonomous nigger republic of Georgia or Mississippi would be ok though. Because at least them they'd quit fucking bothering us. And would have their ghettos destroyed for commie blocks.

Hitler was literally anglo.

both of these

thought he was part yid

Identity politics (disregarding social class) and aggressive female exceptionalists.

That's really all of mankind
Trump is fat and balding and he's the closest we have to a strong president

They molested Stalinism, taking tradition out for degenerate behaviors.

Ever since Stalin died and no purge going on, the weak will prevail and destroy on what we hold dear.

Atheism and anti-God systems is the root of all these evil.

Try looking at North Korea, the only based communist government left in this retarded world of globalism