Is Cred Forums pro-Israel or pro-Palestine?

Is Cred Forums pro-Israel or pro-Palestine?

Neither. Anything east of the Mississippi might as well not exist to me

give them both nukes and watch the fireworks


Palestinians are also jews genetically speaking. Cred Forums is not pro anything regarding that problem Cred Forums is simply anti jew


The One Pic Cred Forums Doesn't Want You To See!!!

pro-putting the holy land back in christian hands

I'm myself pro-palestine because the jews are too powerfull and I'm pragmatic.

But the ideal would be gas both

>implying i hate israel
no country has moved more jews out of europe and the americas than israel

Only real answer.

I'm pro Israel. Israel are our long standing allies, we put them where they are. I don't turn my back on my allies.

Palestinians are Muslims and responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths during the Lebanese civil war.

And who the fuck do you think drags our asses into Arabia?????

>Israel are our long standing allies, we put them where they are. I don't turn my back on my allies.
t. Shlomo

The original author of this pic is a Brazilian far left commie literal cuck "artist" named Latuff. But Cred Forums will love him because of jews

Pretty kek but also stupid. Check yourself my athiest friend, we are all very similar in the fact we hate brown people, and last time i checked the Jews are white not brown.

Your shitapple brother is still your brother.

Glass it.

Just give them duds and see who fires first.

I want peace in the middle east

>choosing between muzrats or juden

Id rather just gas them both at once

delete this

Vote trump

>peace in the middle east
No such thing

im sorry but its highly unlikely that theres any way to bring peace to a region that has been constantly at war with either itself the outside or both for 3000 years

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also a fucking leaf.

Lebanese diaspora found

Fuck off back home.
Cronulla riots best day of my life

Greater Syria

Two different breeds of the same asshole.

No doubt the Palestinians have been screwed at the hands of the jews, but islam is a barbaric shit religion that thrives on conquest and violence and shouldn't exist.
The greatest allies however are just as bad, but go about their conquest and domination through lying and graft rather than just blunt violence.

Ideally the whole area would be used for neutron bomb testing and reclaimed by civilized societies in the following years.

Daily reminder that Cred Forums is zionist board

>click the pic

shit i didnt watch it all


Ask her

Yes but you're still peddling your supremacist religion

Too bad the Jew thinks of you as just another type of nigger.

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This leaf knows exactly what's up.

Strong euro genes

Israel apparently has 200 nukes. I would not be surprised if they had a ton more, AND after all, they control the US and NATO basically.

They would make it SEEM like Palestine or some other Arab state/region attacked Israel so that they had a ton of support (even though that support is default). A huge false flag to justify another World War and the genocide of millions of Arabs.

After the nuclear WW3 is over, the UN will have no choice but to declare """"""""""""World Peace"""""""""""" by making a 'World Government'.

They will offer many great sounding stuff but I urge you NOT to join them. DO NOT DO IT. If that means your life in the upcoming Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo, than so be it. But DO NOT COMPROMISE. DO NOT GIVE IN.

Pro fuck em all to death

Jews did 9/11
All Palestinians did was bomb a couple of oppressive buses.


Im pro letting them kill each other.

If it was up to me I would glass the whole region

Fuck off kike

Pro-White so neither.

Cred Forumsistic types are pro demise of anything inhabiting arabic/semitic land


Jews > Muslims

Zionism > Islam

The life of a civilized Israel citizen is worth a hundred dirty palestinians.

This guys know what's up