This is the spokesman of the Alt-Right

>This is the spokesman of the Alt-Right

It was nice knowing you, Cred Forums

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Night of the long knives 2.0 fucking when?

>The only time Milo is ever mentioned on Cred Forums it's some faggot going, "BLEEWWH YOU WORSHIP THIS NIGGER DICK LOVING FAGGOT!!! ALT RIGHT WORHSIPS HIM!!! BUAHH!!!"

Amusing degenerate, makes good funny points.

But go ahead and keep casting the first stone, ye without sin B)

Fuck off Milo

Milo serves a purpose, and while doing so he enriches himself.

Still, saying anyone is a leader of the "alt-right" (a totally made up name for a completely amorphous entity) is like trying to name a fart than catching it in a net.

The alt right doesn't have leader. That Faggot is just a Jew getting money from retards.

Get off this board Milo

There is no such thing as the alt-right.

we're politically incorrect, not the alt-right

Shut up cuck. He is one of us. He has done more for the alt right than you will ever dream of doing.

Why does Cred Forums hate him?

Go on and search Steve King, he has to be the most based congressman.

How about you show me this Cred Forums guy and I have a "talking" to him?

He really looks like shit sometimes.

Those sunglasses don't suit him at all and look awful, his hair looks bad and he's wearing a meme t shirt

is that daniel tosh

milo must go

Cred Forums by it's very nature hates everything, it's just we focus or hate on certain things here and there. It's just common sense though to hate the totalitarian left.

he's a great "gateway drug" desu

david duke is better

This kikefaggot belongs in a oven.

Who is this Alt-Right and why should we care about them? And take your faggot out with you

I would have agreed with you had Milo not decided to deny the existence of White nationalists and Fascists within the Alt-Right.

Fuck Milo, he was halfway decent at first but it was obvious he would turn into this shit.

He is a useful tool, that's all.

Fash The Nation BTFO'd him in their latest podcast. Fag needs a helicopter ride for subverting the Alt-Right.


pls spoonfeed the link

Tfw he's talking at my school tomorrow

scream 'faggot' at him

he'll probably like it anyway

The Milo part is in the Alt-Right vs. Alt-Wrong section, but the whole episode is good. If nothing else you should listen to Lauritz's great story around 1:37:30.

Still better to have a coalburning faggot as a "spokesperson" than a FUCKING LEAF.