Jesus Christ

Just saw this, I'm dieing right now

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Has hillary ever worked a single day of her life?


did 4chins just flipped the word "c.uck" to kek?


interesting KEK

Seems like only if you capitalize it...

KEK cuck KEK cuck

Let me test...



Is slurping down loads considered work?

>american "news"


Meme are knowledge
Meme are power

Kek el cuck o

Fuck this CTR Mods

KEK kek

She use to be a public defender, so yes, quite a bit.
She's never worked outside of the public sector though, as far as I'm aware.

newfags holy shit desu senpai

It's like we're living in a parody.

top kek

Not a newfag, idiot. I don't waste all my time in this website, so I find out things on my own.





> 2016
> not dieing

It looks like only an all caps 'cuck' gets filtered to KEK

>American journalists

You ARE a newfag, c.uck gets switched on the regular and was a part of a run-on joke with moot. fucking gas off faggot


>what is the #2 newfag reply to being called out on their obvious newfagness






lol fucking cucks


Jesus Christ lol. I'm watching this.

CNN is so obsessed with pepe

praise 4 trips. pants down to pee feels good man



fuk glad i got ths rare KKK pepe before this aired

Holy shit, I can't believe they are actually talking about this den of autism.

Either Cred Forums really has tapped meme magic or the media, liberals and globalist really are retarded.

There's no such word as "dieing" you fucking moron.

>from Reddit

I swear to god someone in the CNN newsroom made this shit. No one on Cred Forums is that literally inept at memes



>From Reddit

Alright I fucking lost it. This day isn't getting any better. Off to sleep!




thats a shit tier pepe, I've seen better klansman pepes than that, cnn needs to try harder

How long until Google dedicates its AI resources to banning pepe images?

cuck cuck cuck

>From Reddit

nobody has ever posted this pepe before

Kek, Liberals are getting desperate.


I hope people quoting
>from reddit

don't think that's a bad thing. If anything, I'd prefer it said
>from eBaum's World
but I'll take this as a close second.

This can't be real

>mfw when "rare" pepe's become truly rare


don't you mean

This, they are worrying about a Cartoon Frog of all things.

what a fucking time to be alive

Do they know that Cred Forums is made up mostly of fat neckbeards who:

a.) are still in high school
b.) have a mental disability
c.) aren't from the United States
d.) live with their parents
e.) don't even vote
f.) just want to troll the shit out of people
g.) all of the above

I mean shit, I don't like to think about it but I tick two-thirds of these options.


By the way they talk about it because it's the only thing that gets views. Look at the view numbers on their videos.

Post all Cred Forums smiley memes.



Graduated college.
No mental disabilities
From the US
Live alone/good job
Vote every election
Love trolling the shit out of people
All of the above

I don't care if you're a NEET but that doesn't mean the rest of us are.

This is truly the greatest timeline

Imagine how bored the anons are in the Jeb/Hilary timeline

>This is the first time Pepe has been used this way....

You are a cuck

Because the merchant legitimately characterizes all the real reasons to hate kikes. They'll keep the mainstream in the dark on this one.


KEK cuck


Who needs google? I've got like 800 saved on my computer at home and that's small time.




>I'm dieing
What language is this you speak?

I know this is old news by now.
But that feeling of something being surreal is still genuine.
That screenshot looks like some mock headlines some user would come up with.
It is unreal.

we already have pepo, pepi, pupe all lined up

a) two bachelors degrees
b) been cleared of mental disorders annually
c) born in the good ol US of A
d) owns a single family home in a nigger free neighborhood
e) votes and performs jury service
f) my cock gets veiny & angry when i troll people
g) gibsmedat


have we memed too far?

It's not that hard to figure out what he meant.
Unless, you're you, I guess

I was told that "kek" originated from World of War Craft. If you were a member of the Alliance, the Horde players would have jumbled speech, and kek translated to lol. Cred Forums made it a meme.

please link this when it's up

That is a RARE PEPE.


-went to 2 universities, Law and IT
-starting another one abroad next year
-been married, sold my stuff to move abroad
-always vote
I guess you got 2 right at least, non shart and troll.

I would have seen this Pepe before. Something is afoot.

Op here. My wife and I just can't believe they say pepe.



They are making libel pepes.


No. CNN must lose all credibility before we are done. They must fall to our Dark Crusade.

That's partially correct. First people just said kek, after lel became cancer. Then, there was the food called "top kek". Then, people discovered the ancient egyptian frog god called Kek (or Kuk)

she was a walmart bigwig. consider your record corrected faggot.


a)- Bachelors degree, also certificate to use and operate X-ray and Ct Scanners
b)- lol what
c)- true
d)- lol, I make 90k a year what the fuck are you talking about
e)- oh i voted, but the rest of my country decided fuck the economy they want a canadian popstar running things
f)- true


Now we must meme Moonman into the news.
I will be able to die happy after that.


it was either the NDP commie or le weedman, get real.




She doesn't slurp down loads, dumbass. Why do you think she's with Bill? He gets to sleep around, she gets to eat pussy.

the fact that we meme trolled Hillary into launching a full on ASSAULT on a cartoon frog is legendary. I think her poll numbers sank after she started to attack him last time.

we effected US politics with a cartoon frog

Fucking damnit, why the fuck can't I just be a NEET?

I swear, having student and work obligations and having to go to bed early and getting up early too is fucking suffering.

All I want to just spend my days shitposting the nights away here, at least for a little while.

>From Reddit

>not posting
You had one job, OP....

"Tell me about Pepe! Why does he wear the smug smile!"

b, c , e ,f

How's it going boys.

Done any...
SHILLING lately?

Harper was meh, but meh was better than killing our country.

Add onto that my province elected our first female communist that is killing all the coal plants, shutting down the oil sands whilst also demanding more tax on gas and oil

My entire family worked in the trades, now all but one is laid off.

but HEY! weed right? LMAO?

Noticed this on the finnish news yesterday. Guys, it's not just american media, pepe is a nazi symbol abroad too.

Op here trying to find a link

>CNN newsroom

need a link as well!


>cucknadia votes for dude weed lmao
>doesn't even get weed, just lmao

You just know some kike at CTR headquarters drew that one.

b) no voices or autism here
c) Murica
d) Wife, two kids, own my own home
e) Vote early, vote often
f) Fair enough...
g) n/a

Here's a clip

Is this the moment neurotic Jewish kvetching jumps the shark with normal people?

How will a Jews ever recover and be taken seriously after declaring war on a cartoon frog?








this is the pefect screen.

>not all muslims are terrorists muh billion peaceful



is this real life?



If you kill your enemies then you LOSE LEAF BOY

KKK pepe??? Nobody posts kkk faggotry, its nazi or gtfo. CNN drew that shit

Nice datamine post, reeled in a few on that one

I have been on 4 chan since 2006.
That is a counterfeit pepe. CNN did that shit.

Praise be to Kuk

I am really blown away by this. Have we done it for real this time, Cred Forums?

I thought meme magic was just a meme.

But it is real.

I've never seen that Pepe before. Pepe just got false flagged?


I'm telling you folks, we gotta fix american education, big league.

>Stopped working
>More like shutting up and letting Dolan shoot himself in the foot

KEK kek

Geez CNN shill harder.

From symbol of hate to symbol of war. Pepe is soaring to the top. Praise kek!

Why are globalists still talking about a cartoon frog?

What's going on?

What is this?

When are the raids like pic related happening?

We need to go old legion on their ass.

Behead all that insult Pepe.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

We are Pepe's Army.

I have literally never seen that image of pepe in my life.

Try reading before posting
>American education

It's from the ADL website. Now even the jews are making rare pepes.

They have no idea what they've stepped into with this.

Thanks for crashing the pepe market you fucks.


You're really underestimating how much work went into those 1 hour/$300,000 speeches user.

They are trying to shut down all meme's as a form control. Pepe is just the first.


Pepe was born for memes

Liberals have turned him into a symbol of hate

Lord KEK is biding his time before the cuck genocide begins

>c.) aren't from the United States
Implying that this is a bad thing.

>Police raiding homes looking for collections of dank memes
>Have to ask a shady guy in a alley to trade rare pepes with me

the jews at Cred Forums changed the text in the picture right after i wrote that

speak for yourself, neet.

Fucking KKK fucking pepe up for the rest of us.



It's because CTR drew it for CNN.


i don't want normies to flock here.

She only had that position because bill was governor of the state that Walmart is head quartered in.

She quit the minute bill became president

I'm not fat or autistic.

Think about this. Putting out each pepe, one-by-one. It's like they are putting out a All-points bulletin on fucking PEPES.

An a APB. Be on the lookout.

This is a real thing. Today.

A meme cartoon frog.

I don't think she slurped down any load, Bill could tell you that.

came here to toast this.

Praise Kek!

WE never even seen it here and i have been on Cred Forums pretty much everyday.
shalom rabbi! what gotcha doing!

This thread is being watched by a greater power

Time to make the ylyl banana racist!

I have quite the collection and have never seen that...are they really just making fake ones for shock value?

a. haven't finished college because i moved, am returning next fall when i have no borrowing limits
b. have manageable anxiety, a social life, a job, and no v card since 14 so no no disabilities
c. US of A born and raised
d. live with parents, tru
e. have voted and been politically interested since bill clinton
f. not 15 so no i don't want to troll anyone
g. no

I knew wojaks were the right investment

PLEASE Share it with me, user!

Any of these in return.

is there anybody in there...


>rare Elliot

>Hey Jimmy, looks what I found. A pepe meme!
>Oh gosh Billy, I don't think we should be looking up memes like this!
>"Relax, what's the worst that could happen?"
>Jimmy was found dead two days later.
>A letter was found with this message "Praise kek"
>Don't let your children meme.


When will it be time to dump the pepes, Cred Forums?

as pointed out, that's a false flag pepe

someone call alex jones, WE DID NOT MAKE THAT PEPE

Cred Forums has always been a cultural juggernaut, remember when Fox News called out hackers on steroids? That was like 2008.

kek I hate women so goddam much

Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes, soldier.

gg all over again
>"it wasn't us making insults! it was subversive trolls muddying the waters!"


Bebe iz a hate symbol ebin :DDDDDDDD
I wonder when they'll go after spurdo sparde

What are you a fag?


c and d

I honestly can't believe this is real life right now. The media is so desperate for views they're reporting on a fucking meme frog and making fake ones to drum up controversy. In any universe other than this one, this would be ridiculed into oblivion by everyone.


fukking Cuck m8 fukking kek m8

> from reddit

Damn we're good.

>not 'hillary.exe has stopped working'

Because they worship Moloch. Kek is their true enemy, Kek was rise into more powerful than Moloch and globalists are getting scared of Kek.

praise Kek

"Hey, you want some rare pepes? Not your usual pepes. I bought these from a Mexican meme cartel"

Top Kek

What fools

We are a peaceful country but WILL RETALIATE if you go after our national treasure.

Feels good man.

fucking racist redditors

What the hell? Some of those are real but some legitimately aren't. The Jew one for example why isn't he hunched over and rubbing his hands? The lips are all wrong too. Like two or three of those are real the others are false flagged memes.

Cred Forums sure is getting a lot of attention these days.

How long before it's bought by some wealthy leftist for the sole intent of shutting it down?

Kek started with starcraft. WoW just had a reference to it

This is a work of art. This screen should be remembered as a image of this election for all history.


Top fucking kek my man

"You moron, these aren't White pepes! They're Wojacks! Useless!!"


A) graduated. Tech degree.
B) ehhh you could argue adhd or if you really get saucy bpd. I am neither imo.
C) NC born and bred
D) rent
E) voted for a leppo in 2012 which i dont regret considering choices
F) never really troll anybody.
G) obviously not
It seems you have lumped every Cred Forums user in to a specific category. Granted im 4 years newfag but normies frequent this board as well.

you callin' me a liar, boy?

>from reddit





literally all but the kkk one are legit

we need to switch things up and post more spurdo's instead maybe???


Time for IDF Pepe's to shine!


"You wouldn't download a Pepe"

Yup, that is a fake pepe. I hope this doesn't keep happening, or the pepe market may just crash.

a, not in high school
b, sure yeah I have depression
c,I'm from the US (In Italy for the army)
d,Not with parents, again in the army
e,Voted last election
f,you got me here



I will not rest until we get trump and hillary to address pepe at one of the debates.

In fact isnt the next debate fucking crowdsourcing some of the questions online? We should spam the fuck out of that to get something about pepe to the top

Welp. Journalism is officially dead.

There's never enough


what the shit

Damn right.


This is desperation setting in, and I think the media really is psychotically deluded when it comes to the power they THINK they wield.

The media only has 15-20% trust rating. Normies are going to look at this and say "what the fuck are they going on about now? Cartoon frogs???"

This is fucking pathetic and embarrassing. What a shit show America's "democracy" is. The plutocrats are getting really desperate. I hope Trump cleans house, and in an ideal world, puts all these cunts against a wall and shuts down CNN.



it's obvious that the Brit was joking you retard. The American is just an illegal immigrant from /r/eddit.


>reddit timeline meme





Truly a time to be alive boys



What would happen if overnight, everyone spamed ultra super nazi hitler cat meme pictures?

What would happen?

The left stole cat meme pictures from Cred Forums first, remember?

I believe the reason why the internet is being handed over to the United Nations in October is because the UN wants to make the same laws exhibited in this post enforced on a multinational level, while also having full authority over all internet traffic with full discretion as to whom and what content is censored. SJWs have influence in all first world nations now, and they'll fully support anything which is blatantly bad for them.

I see the newfag detector is still functioning.

If you rewind this stream about an hour and 45 minutes you can watch the segment here:

>Has hillary ever worked a single day of her life?

No career politicians have.

Thanks doc.

What if what they are going to do is divide the pro free speech people into a new, non-default DNS, which solidifies the bubbles that separate the left and the right, permanently?

>from reddit

CNN is so fucking biased

It's fuckin real, I think this is what the Bible actually meant by frogs.

>What would happen if overnight, everyone spamed ultra super nazi hitler cat meme pictures?


i can't believe this is real seriously what the fuck

We'll have to use numbers on the internet again, just like when we were internet ninjas.

fuck them. fuck CNN

CNN is like a tabloid

> it is raining frogs

but don't call it a grave


wait until they find out about pee pee poo loo

>will you look at this shit? This the shitlord that I have to put up with? I could've been here listening to a cultured WASP like Jeb!, a young dude like Rubio, or even a dick like Cruz, but all I got was WAAARRGARBL....

Yeah, dudes, "dieing" indeed...

It's kind of surprising they haven't picked up on that yet. I forget which recent article it was, but I was dead sure by the initial wording that they were going to hint at it.

We still have work to do.


I love how they selectively picked the offensive ones.

Must be an amazing job to analyze memes


What will happen when the media learns about Moonman?

Anons, why do they keep talking about a green fucking frog, when there is pic related up for grabs? Are pretending to retarded on purpose? Do they actually want Hillary to lose?

is your tv curved?


That's entirely plausible. The fact that Facebook records everything that gets posted, has assimilated just about all the internet users there are (roughly 90%), sells their information to third parties, and pretty much forces users to use their real names means that the users who want to keep free speech and speak out against censorship will be very easily identified when heads need to roll. Anonymous users on Cred Forums for example aren't safe in the grand scheme of things since all internet traffic is recorded and traced. Hope you find a way to go-off grid user! Otherwise I'll see you in the FEMA camps.

No respectable tv station would run that story user, they are afraid of the jews- they own everything

>People earned money for finding memes
Why I do this for free?

I have no idea. But I just bought a moonman mask and a frog mask off of Amazon. Thankfully Halloween is right around the corner.

I predict CNN to go out of business.

What is happening to the world?

We mainstream on SC now too thanks to Clinton News Network

never seen this pepe. must be a exclusive hyper rare adl edition pepe that cost 6 million shekels

It's only intensifying.

> perfect in every inch

And it's PROPHESIZED IN EXODUS. God willing.

It's also a top trending topic on Facebook

I want your picture to happen to me during some point in my life...

Time to sleep while hugging a pillow
while holding back the tears

Don't have Jew book. What are the comments like for it.

>from reddit

People are confused. They've seen the meme before, but don't understand how it's associated with white supremacy.

>She use to be a public defender, so yes, quite a bit.

So getting child rapists off by calling 12yo girls liars who fantasize about dick is now considered "work"?

>fuck hillary

cuck KEK Cuck

Yes, you dumb mongoloid ape. It's in the fucking constitution. Someone has to do it.

a.) works in aerospace field building mars hardware
b.) graduated colledge
c.) owns more guns than teeth (I'm armed to the teeth kek)
d.) has two years of food storage
e.) caucused in the state convention for Trump
f.) have met with my senator in his office in DC
g.) owns a tesla
h.) still lives in a double wide trailer (red neck pride world wide)
i.) first year in about 7 that I'm not a dues paying NPR member (because fuck those liberal cucks (but I still listen, cuz i hate am talk radio screaming conservicucks even more))

>it's a "Cred Forums tears the fabrics of reality and space/time" episode

PhD in chemistry
Three patents
Numerous publications
Comfy job in "smart" materials industry

Suck upon it cuck.

They can't stop us from accessing the normal DNS.

Nice job choosing a meme major

How is it meme?
Do you know how deep and varied of a field it is?

a) graduated high school before a lot of people were born these days
b) tests came back ok
c) more provably US than Obama
d) live a full day's drive from my parents
e) old people working the polls are delighted to see somebody coming to vote even for little things
f) well, yes
g) maybe

Best of all which I have seen yet

>from reddit
How do we keep winning this hard?


Don't give up user.


Thank God, newfags will be going to plebbit until they take the redpill.

>it's the constitution that you defend a child rapist and laugh about it later

See, this is why most lawyers belong at the bottom of the Pacific. I would rather be disbarred and working at Walmart than defend a piece of shit who confessed to me that he committed such a heinous crime.

>tfw sipping coffee out of my genuine moonman mug


It's up to the justice system to prove guilt. If a criminal is truly guilty, it will be proven.

Innocent until proven guilty, cuck.



I'm starting to believe I died and this is another world

The genie is out of the bottle.

There's no hits for that image on GIS, Bing, or tineye.

Direct URL is so you can see for yourself.

I wonder who could be behind this.

Put me in the screenshot with the words "from Cred"