How come Hispanics rarely chimpout

How come Hispanics rarely chimpout

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Blacks are just on the news more.
I lived in Cali for 17 years. They're terrible people.

Looks like someone missed San Jose which has arguably been the worst chimpout in years.

>chimpout in years.
t. Tyrone

>Worst chimpout in years.
t. Tyrone

I live in East LA. nothing BUT hispanics (including myself). I obviously don't want to speak for everyone but it seems like we hold the values that America AMERICA extremely high. I could be a minority (lol) in that regard though. I see myself as a patriot to this country and will be voting trump. Fuck BLM.

Im black.
Imagine growing up and from birth the democrats keep telling you, "whites hate you, all your problems are their fault."
Chances are if everyone around you tells you the same thing you will believe it as a fact.

I was lucky to grow up in a bi-racial family. In all my years I meet one white guy that was racist. No group of people have treated me better than white people, not even other blacks.

But must black people don't hang around many white people so they just believe what they are told.

Most hispanics don't grow up with the same race baiting.

They chimp out all the time, only they call it 'Revolucion' when they do it.

Well they chimped out at a trump rally I went to in costa mesa,CA I went to. fuckers spray painted and dented the shit outta my car. Screaming "Viva la Raza" n sheit.

In border states they do, everywhere else is alright tho

>Catholic, and value the nuclear family.
is why

a great good came from their indigenous blood culture being stomped

They're too busy working

Because they get deported.

>a great good came from their indigenous blood culture being stomped
Not totally their food has a lot of native origins

at least they are waving the flag and not burning it

Spaniards were already hispanic though

Lakers aint what they used to be, that's why

you niggas barely shoot hispanic, man. I remember the last time a Dominican got shot, was in New Jersey and he was a known drug dealer. Start killing little kids or something, and maybe.

well its that attitude right there, blacks stick together but if the guy who gets shot is some low life drug dealer like they usually are hispanics figure he had it coming and move on.

Too lazy
In mexico they do some absolutely retarded riots though, theres been the laid off teachers riots going on for a few months already

They burn it a lot of times though, or sometimes even change american for mexicans, and place the americans upside down.

>How come Hispanics rarely chimpout
We do, we just don leave no witnesses, mang.

higher IQ

thanks for your perspective user

In LA most hispanics are very nationalistic and love America very much. They're mostly misguided bern-cucks though and want socialism too. But then again LA is full of socialists.

Fuck you nigger you should be killed.

They are essentially half white.

Because most Hispanics still have family values while blacks are well, you guys already know

Cool story bro

this desu
>7/11, 3 in the morning
>just getting off work
>buying booze (I know it's degenerate)
>spic with a motorcycle helmet is behind me in line
>smile and nod in his direction
>"what the fuck are you looking at?"
>kind of bewildered, anger hasn't quite set in yet
>just stare at him blankly
>he shoves me aside and takes my spot at the register
>just grit my teeth and pay after he leaves like the good little goy I am

Why do gorillas kill and mame other gorillas while bonobo's are monogamous, its called genetics

Pick one.

I'll never understand why you burgers smile and nod at strangers. The american rictus is the faggiest custom I've ever heard of. Everyone in the world is annoyed by it.

Because we don't have autism and interacting with other humans is enjoyable to us

because daddy only does handshakes but we wanted hugs!!

People do it here all the time, but only with other adults. Maybe that's why you haven't noticed yet.

It's mostly people walking their dogs though.

We smile and nod at white people cause they're not niggers.
>5.5% of Black men, 0.1% of Caucasian men, and 0.00067% of Asian men carried the 2R allele.
> An association between the 2R allele of the VNTR region of the gene and an increase in the likelihood of committing serious crime or violence has been found.

I don't have the stats for Hispanics though.

Hispanics belong to the human race.

>>smile and nod in his direction
>>"what the fuck are you looking at?"
not responding & saying "a bitch"

u a soft ass nigga cuz

>smiling is degenerate

we were better than you, Spanish armada and shit, James. Hispania will rise again like in 1492.

damn g i feel wuz just hella faded an a bit slow lmaoooo

because we have roman, celt, visigoth, greek,and arab blood. We are human.


ayo all gud cuz

Everybody here could have a gun, you fuckwit. You appear friendly to stay safe.

Because they're in the process of waging demographic warfare on the US and don't want to attract attention.

>Arab blood
Should have stopped while you were ahead, vato

You have to go back.

White liberals are ruining a perfectly good demographic. White men need to keep their women in check

Mexicans are cowards or smart
Depends on the type you ask

Are you autistic? look up the origins of the word Hispanic.

proves how little you know about genetics.

Titanic Sinclair goes full Cred Forums

They're intelligent enough to organize into packs to make money, so they "cartel out" instead.

they do in California

This. Mexican food is dank and anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong.

That mask is shopped onto his face.

Because every nig is up for a tribalist riot by default as they have nothing better to do during the day. Most Mexicans have day jobs.

>How come Hispanics rarely chimpout
They don't spend money on smart phones and set up facebook and twitter accounts just to get trolled hard by activists and anarchists.

Then the rest of the world can line up and suck my red white and blue cock. I'll smile and nod at whomever I damn well please.

They're a little smarter.
A little beanlet was shot by police here in LA a few months back. His close friends tried to organize a chimpout but everyone knew he was a gang member and had it coming. His idiotic gang even tagged their name in front of the vigil.