What do ya'll guys think about the Freemasons?

What do ya'll guys think about the Freemasons?

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Recognition of their existence, sometimes.

The only freemason I have encountered was a fat, smelly hispanic.

I'm not sure yet

Jews and their slaves.

They have a very dangerous ideology too

They ruined Mexico desu

Seems like a good networking group

>tripfag wanting to be taking seriously


Very anti-Christian group. And (((coincidentally))) has a lot of Jewish members.

Matthew 5:34

I have little trust for people who do things in secret


Threadly reminder that this is a datamining thread and IF you speak out against masons you WILL be targeted, harassed, and eliminated.

He doesn't lie, there's at least a freemasonry building every corner over here

o fuc

I think masons should be enslaved, not free
slave masons built pyramids
freemasons do not build anything at all

Secular enemies of Christianity masquerading as a folkloric guild. Mostly globalists, comfy with the idea of drowning the First World under legions of low-skill immigrants.

So, what the fuck is their royal secret?
Is the royal secret really that there is no royal secret?

Jewish pawns

this video comes to mind everytime


Pretty sure it was the Mexicans who did that. And now the CIA isn't really helping matters.

Funny you say that. It's 90% Christian (because it's basically Christian morality told via plays), and the next largest group is Hindus, thanks to India.

SJ and NMJ have different ones, but they're both lousy like, "Truth above all" shit.

Fake and gay

Wasn't that what George Carlin once called "The Big Club"?

Many who are Christians end up being led to believe, christ himself was actually lucifer.

tl;dr bunch of jewry that means nothing



Harry Potter LARPers IRL. That may actually have some modicum of power.

The goodest goys of them all.

>christ himself was actually lucifer.
Only because the Bible says words to that effect.

They are not free.

Nothin' ain't free, you gotta fight for it. HEH!

take it from a burger foreign flags

Gone, forgotten, and needed, nowhere to be found.


One of the oldest LARPing clubs in the known universe.

LARPing as what?

Why does it seem like there are much more mason lodges in the US compared to Europe?

It really is a shame we know what the stars and sun are. No more god magick, bringing back God's dead sun on command for the masses.

10500BC when?

Fucking pagans man. Deus Vult.

From about 1933 to 1990 there were some people who weren't keen on Freemasonry in Europe.

Templar bro?

They're troublemakers with a long history of sticking thier noses where they don't belong.

I drunkdialed a Rosicrucian order near me by accident last week, leaving a message that was probably embarrassing, and how I'm interested in esoteric/philosophical stuff.

What are today's Rosicrucians like? Like Masons but cooler and more based?

The symbolism in their art is pretty cool

>What are today's Rosicrucians like? Like Masons but cooler and more based?
Depends which one. If TRF, yes (chill, helpful, decent people). If AMORC, no (cash grab scam. Buy their shit online instead of them gouging you for years). If it was SRI[CF], then absolutely, but you'd need to be a Mason anyway.

Nice way to shut discussion about Freemasonry! Isn't it boy?


You the french bro from the other morse thread?

You must be the guy from said thread too?


lol, turns out they were AMORC. So they're not really affiliated with the other 2? like a gift shop or smthn?

Thanks again Aussiebro

Naw, they're independent. They can be worth it if you're near their headquarters in California, but otherwise they're just happy for you to pay tonnes for some photocopies.

Freemason's founding father (who was a Scottish guy living in England) linked them to Pagan historic origins, but that's all hogwash. They're just a Euopean movement that think God is a great architect and so it makes sense for humans to be great architects to praise him. I also find them to very much persecuted and hated upon because they're rich and successful and non-mainstream, which makes me feel sympathy towards them. Their religion is by far superior to Christianity and Islam and hasn't cost us half of the problems the other religions have.

Ruled by Satanists who are ruled by Illuminate

>Freemason's founding father
Who are you thinking that is? Honestly curious here.
>Their religion
Masonry is non-sectarian, but predominately Trinitarian Christian.


dont know if they where created by kikes, but they are certanly ran by kikes now days

100% gassable

How long 'til Men in Black pay a visit?

You guys are the ones who believe in Heladean right?

no mate, they are ruled by illuminists who are ruled by satanists.

Quit spamming your little gay men's club, freak!


Victoria certainly was last term. But it's on the road to recovery.
Funnily enough, Israel has been headed by a Palestinean Muslim for the past few terms.

Do you really want to know?

My Dad's a knight of Lazarus, but he never really talks about it but its like the Freemasons.


Fine. When you wake up.

Google brought up Hela/Dean Winchinster, so you might need to explain. Or if it is Supernatural, sure.

Yes, but it appears you need to be Christian to join (I just beloeve in God and stuff is all)

(and not the AMORC one as Aussiebro said)

But yeah, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say on it.

If they really are an all powerful white man's organization...
They need to step the fuck up

Met a guy that was a member and I asked him about it. He basically asked if I believed in something greater than myself (God) and alluded to helping the community and stuff. Overall I think it's mostly a club to meet people that aren't faggots that want to improve the community and mostly guys that want to get away from their bitchy wives in menopause. Probably would be cool to join when I'm older since I'm a good citizen and all of that.