Muslim woman to appear in Playboy in a hijab


'Playboy' might as well mean 'esquire'
Although esquire is a bit more risque.
Since Playboy stopped doing nudes (she's completely clothed) it's pretty meaningless in the way that they want to spin it.

i'd be more impressed if she removed her hijab for the photo shoot and then flew back to the middle east to promote herself in playboy

>stopped doing nudes
For real? How the fuck do they even manage to stay afloat these days?

By doing a shill piece of claiming to have a muslim woman posing in a hijab it seems.

So progressive and tolerant! This is exactly why people subscribe to Playboy!

because now they can sit on the regular shelf next to Maxim and GQ and other men's mags and be in stores that won't allow nudie mags.

Well will I get to see her tits and will she be fit? I'm okay with it if I get to see some nice tits. Those brown skin sluts have nice nipples.

Hey John, I would like Cognitive Dissonance for 500 please

Why does playboy still exist?

Hugh Hefner is probably rich enough not to give a fuck if anyone reads his magazine at this point.

This is completely fucking stupid all around. Especially since the hijab is supposed to be about modesty. I guess Muslims take their religion as seriously as Christfags here. I guess they are trying to get away with saying something like "MUSLIM GIRLS ARE SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE TOO EVEN THOUGH THEY CLEARLY BLOCK ANYWAY OF DETERMINING THIS" because like all women they need to be constantly reminded they are attractive too.

good, maybe people stop watching porn now

He probably has nothing to do with the company anymore, he's really old and senile at this point. It's all run by Jews and shit.

By being another shill mouthpiece of opinions like gq. There is no money in nude magazine anymore because of online porn.

You guys should false flag opinions as muslim men and call her a whore, muslims aren't supposed to show their face on camera like that.


Good thing.

The Muslims are going to go crazy over this.

Can't wait until she gets honor killed by a family members and then the left sweeps it all under the rug.

Wow, thought provoking.

It wont be for long. Do you know anyone in your age group that buys it? Maybe that one guy that leaves them on his coffee table while he drinks 9.5% IPAs?

Straight man gets assrammed by 17 guys.
Balls never touch.

Playboy has been dead for a long time. Hell, hefner had to sell it because it was doing so badly and had to sell the playboy mansion and now he is on his way out as well.

You might as well be talking about your local newspaper or magazine because no one has read playboy in a long time.

>It's all run by Jews and shit.

NOW it makes sense. Nudie magazines don't make them shekels anymore, since nobody is going to pay eight dollars for images you could google on your phone while waiting in line to buy the magazine. This is probably just step one of their plot to turn it into a left-wing commie rag for SJWs.

Women dressing conservatively according to the laws of their men and saving themselves for marriage should turn Cred Forums on, no?

>most men hate it because no one wants to read a cover story about some fucking Muslim women who doesn't even get half naked
>most Muslims hate it because they feel it devalues their faith
>most feminists hate it because for them the Playboy brand still stands for the objectification of women

Great move, Playboy. You pretty much managed to piss of everyone.

So there are people who have fetish on hijab? What the fuck?

what is the fucking point?

Oh look another kebab attention whore

I can't even imagine living with this caliber of cognitive dissonance.

Same with the "gay Catholics" thing.

Do you intentionally sever nerve connections in your mind or something? How does this work?

>white girl poses in playboy
>feminists shame them for being objectified by the patriarchy
>muslim poses in playboy
>feminists call her an inspiring hero for taking on the patriarchy

Why are women retarded

>Playboy stops publishing nude women
>starts publishing images of women in extra clothes


No one cares. There's more nudity in Maxim.

>it's run by jews now

Wew. A bit late to the wakeup party.

Who the fuck reads Playboy anyway?
I've "read the articles" in Playboys and they're mostly bullshit filler for between the nudes.
Take out the nudes and all you have is another boring magazine.

>piss of everyone

What did Adolf mean by this?

Why bother with this when I can just watch sluts in hijabs get creampied by tiny dick old arab men for free on the internet?

Stephen King had early work appear in Playboy. So have many now famous authors.

Fair enough. I didn't know that.
I knew SK wrote romance under a female pen name though.

so shes going to pose naked only with hijab?
this will trigger the mudslimes...

The point of the hijab is to cover women up and keep them demure. The point of Playboy is to show off women's bodies with the express purpose of titillating men.

Do they realize they're being extremely blasphemous and that The Prophet (pbuh) would not approve?


Liberals and Muslims have a lot in common. Notice how when women protest they always get naked? That's because Libs and Muslims both think it matters a lot when women show their stuff.

Top fucking kek, now we wait until she gets honor killed by her father and the Playboy redaction building gets blown up.

Repeating digits and her dad performs an honor killing
Praise Kek

Choose one

I went to school with her.

Surprise surprise, her family is rich as fuck.

She's literally famous for nothing but wearing a cloth around her head.

She's not a bad person, just a Muslim version of a JAP.

When a little, I thought playboy was about hot chicks in sexy outfits.
I want to go back.

>sandniggers come to Europe and US to escape their shitty way of life
>keep their shitty livestyle in the new place
Like, the fuck?