Well this is my last post on Cred Forums. By the time this is archived I'll be on my way to the canadian wilderness to start a new life with 50 other people.


dont come back faggot

>Well this is my last post on Cred Forums.

you just cant make this shit up. fuckin canucks

Enjoy getting eaten alive by a fucking bear you fucking faggot ass cuck waffle.

you Canadians make me sick

Are they all inept neets like you? Can't wait to hear about you lot on the news.

I hope you're taking more leafposters with you

Good luck and dog bless

First post best post, we don't need anymore canadians

You'll end up needing rescue in 4 days like those faggot hikers that always get lost on their trendy nature walks down by Vancouver

Going full mick dodge wouldn't be all that bad if Killary is elected

We'll never forget you, anonymous poster

Are you going to drink the kool-aid if it's offered?

who cares? just go faggot and don't let the door slap you on your ass on the way out

>this is my last post
>ask me anything

leaf shitposting folks

Good on you leaf. All of these societal niggers giving you shit wouldn't survive 3 minutes away from their obama phones and welfare checks.

Who are these 50 people? What do you represent? Why are you doing this?


have fun at your leaf orgy

really is the best post ever

just make sure not to die like that one dude who went out in the woods and died in a bus and they made a movie about it

These are my questions as well.

Go to bountiful, bc with the Mormons dude

Why?... What??

How does the maple syrup taste this time of year?

I got a serious question. Does your father know what a huge faggot you are?

Don't do it in Canada. Do it in Alaska, where you won't be arrested for guns.

See you tomorrow.

I hope all 50 of those other people take turns sodomizing you to death for three weeks straight while your screams echo throughout the landscape of the Canadian wilderness falling deafly on the ears of the maple trees.

That's a great idea leaf friend, you're gonna have a blast out there! Pic related will be you!

Jeez man, be careful with that edge

guess what, nobody cares.


delete the thread pls?

Where exactly will you be.

Are you going with an experienced guide?


can I come :)

If you need acknowledgement from user site for this, you probably won't even do it, or won't make it.

Cool story bro. I hope the wendigo turns you all into rape cannibals.

*tips fedora*
Ch-check'em f-fa-friendo

Kumbaya my lord Kumbaya

>last post

But if first post is last post, how can next post answer AMA post?

>living anywhere without internet

you are seriously fucking stupid

bye bye. If I see you in the hills, you better be white, I shoot on sight

good point

How do you plan on refrigerating and heating up your chicken dino tendies?

See you tomorrow