Do you agree with Jill Stein?

Do you agree with Jill Stein?

I don't agree with cancer

green party makes trump look like a genius

No of course not. Go watch Pandora's Promise and you'll learn about the (very little) risk of nuclear, and the amazing benefits of it.

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man what a retard

That's not how shutting down atoms works.

Has she been detained by dog the bounty hunter yet?


They don't work the same way at all, so no.

You need U(235) or Pu(239) for nuclear weapons

Nuclear reactors us U(238) and Pu(238)

No you can't one from the other

No, Nuclear power is clean and not that dangerous, just build it in a safe place.

>a reliable energy alternative? SHUT IT DOWN
t. (((Jill Stein)))

In all serious, she's still better than Johnson and Hilldawg

Fuck she's stupid. Was the last catastrophic meltdown Fukushima? And that was only brought on by a natural disaster.

Might as well get rid of all the C13 as well. We can't keep allowing beta decay to happen on our watch.

yo real dumbass right here

No, Nuclear power is clean and not that dangerous, just build it in a safe place.

It's clean and safe as long as it doesn't have any major problems crop up, but there is no safe place in reality - nuclear plants always have to be near bodies of water so they have an adequate supply, they cannot rely on some public infrastructure to provide water as that could fail at any given time.

But then again something in the plant itself could fail at any given time so...

MSR Thorium-based reactors can be constructed that are literally impossible to have catastrophic failures from, and even if that were to happen there's zero - that's nothing, zilch, zip, nada, null and void - chance of anything happening that would cause any damage outside the plant itself, and certainly no leaks of any kind of radioactive materials or even fumes/gases.

And yet people are scared of the Throium-based reactors like it's the fucking boogey man. We could stop using fossil fuels all together, but the green energy retards don't even know the realistic solution to their problems.

you heard her Cred Forums, they're WAITING TO BE DETONATED

We should try to freak her the hell out by telling her that every smoke alarm in her home has nuclear material in it. That Americium stuff could easily be turned into a nuclear warhead if you collect enough of it and centrifuge it.

In a war every nuclear plant would be a target, and rightly so.
There's no safety feature that could save a plant in that scenario. There would be meltdowns, but maybe even more important than that is all of the spent nuclear fuel which is still radioactive and sitting in cooling ponds. It would be exposed and no one would be in a position to do anything about it. It would be a total disaster. Every single plant that was hit, all across the world, all at once.

They know that thorium is the solution. The problem is that thorium isn't (((their))) solution.

>[_] Shut down dangerous Nuclear power
>[_] Global warming is a real threat driven by CO2 emissions
> sweating greens.jpg

>Jill "homeopathy cures cancer" Stein

I knew it.. China and Russia are building these power plants as nukes in disguise for when the time is right.

It's true, homeopathy cured Steve Jobs.

We either have nuclear power, or we go full coal and oil, unless you desire to live like its 1890, which I am fine with given all the shitskins will most likely die off without having modern stuff.

What if we built offshore floating nuclear reactors?

not, I would take fucking Bernie over her. she is basically commie

If Jill Stein can manage to blow up a nuclear power plant and cause a nuclear explosion, then she deserves a Nobel Prize for her new scientific discovery.

Yes. #I'mFineWithStein

>homeopathy cured us of Steve Jobs.

Fixed that for you m8

Just think of what homeopathy could accomplish in the future.



we do use nuclear plants to make nuclear weaposn fuel and any modern nuclear plant can be converted to breed fuel.

charge your fucking phone

Guess that would be why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the jewnited slaves of america's government don't want Iran to have nuclear power plants eh? Really makes you think.

wtf I love homeopathy now

>Get rid of nukes
>Get rid of a weapon of deterrence.

Dumb bitch. Nukes aren't made to be used. They're made to keep everyone else from using them.

If by "converted" you mean adding an entire refining and centrifuging complex sure.




> Pu(239) or U(235)
> Pu or U
> Pu in U
> Poo in Loo

Why did we let these people have nukes again

Des'u nuclear power is great during peace time but what will happen when shit hits the fan? Nuclear plants may become primary targets during war.

You've seen this picture before, yes? The guy got these lesions when collecting Americium from stolen smoke detectors. Google "The Radioactive Boy Scout" for his earlier adventures.

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as a nuclear engineer, this woman is literally retarded.

>Be italy
>shut down all nuclear powerplants in 1987 because a bunch of Ukranians couldn't fucked up their shit tier nuclear powerplant
>now buy nuclear energy from France and Slovenia

what's the point?

Not a meltdown just a containment failure.

I do like Jill Stein, she seems really sweet, it's just a shame she and her party are retarded

Why do we even need nuclear when we can just make bigger solar panels?


That causes global warming.

>there are literally people on this board that haven't taken the #JillPill.

And yet she complains about the incompetence of the other candidates

>Do you agree with Jill Stein?

No, I absolutely do not agree with her. I work within 1/2 mile of 12 reactors and I'm perfectly safe from them. This woman may be a decent fuck, but she don't know shit about power plants.

she refuses to call out Israel for their nukes because she is islamophobic.

No. And this is coming from someone with plenty of experience with Nuclear Power.

Even if you managed to get a nuclear reactor to go critical (would take a team of a dozen men who knew what they were doing literal days of working 24 hours/day to remove all the physical fail-safes, plus a reprogramming of the software that runs the damned thing), The explosion wouldn't be anything CLOSE to a nuclear explosion. And that's only describing semi-recent additions. Newer gens literally run on nuclear waste, which really wouldn't do shit, explosion-wise.

Nuclear power plants are unbelievably safe.

If Trump gets elected I bet Jill Stein takes her atom smasher to a nuclear power plant and starts a chain reaction that blows up the city.

nuclear power plants cannot possibly cause nuclear explosions.

if this is a real tweet then she's talking about things she doesn't understand
what an idiot


I'm not anti-militaristic/pacifist or something stupid like that. But it makes sense to get rid of any weapon that will devastate everyones living area.

It's only use I can think of is too show off "I can destroy the world 2X over with my nukes" , "oh yeah well I could destroy the world 10X over with MY nukes"

>literally any party worldwide called Green Party
Goes without saying 2bh

underrated banter

best yank bants in a while

Nope, fuck that, nuclear power plants are the cheapest way to get energy and with the least pollution. What we should do, is to bring all the spent fuel rods into and unused mine in either africa or deep into some middle eastern desert, concentrated into one place, far away from the civilised lands. Nuclear reactors powered western civilisation in the past 50 years, we could thank most our comforts in life to them. That given, I still support the first world use of coal power plants (but we should kill off all other races, so there is not too much pollution out of their energy usage), and the research and developement of renewable energy (but should not rely on renewable energy at all yet). But I am also curious about all the "free energy" projects that are hushed away, Nikola Tesla's car, fluxliners, etc...

I thought the power plants were safe as hell.

>"Hi my name is Jill Steinbergowitz and I'm a liberal. You may remember me from popular episodes such as "I don't know the difference between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons" and also "Let's deface and destroy other peoples' property because I don't agree with them!"